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Will there always be a War on Terrorism?

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posted on Aug, 24 2006 @ 09:15 PM
This may be a simplistic approach, but I think the WOT is a replacement for the Cold War.
During the Cold War, the US had an identifiable enemy: Communism and the USSR.
Then the Wall came down and we said the Cold War was no longer

Terrorism against the US is not really such a new event. I saw a time line somewhere that there have been terrorist act against America and/or its citizens for many years, and surely before we declared War on it.

So, we know have the WOT with a new identifiable enemy.
I'm sure there is more than one reason for the label WOT, but I do think the country's need to have fear among the populace is one very big reason. And, and also to create an us VS. them situation to mobilize the nation.

posted on Aug, 24 2006 @ 09:23 PM
Wow. Great post DTOM. Can I WATS you? lol

posted on Aug, 24 2006 @ 09:40 PM
No, but thanks.
I just wrote what I truly believe.
I think the government has a much easier time "ruling" a large number of people when those people are paying more attention to the FEAR that what the governrnent is doing.

I would really love it if anyone could provide convincing proof that what I said is NOT true.
But, I won't be holding my breath for that revelation

posted on Aug, 24 2006 @ 10:04 PM
DontTreadOnMe, I agree with SteveR, excellent reply. I believe the use of the word "terrorism" in the future might boil down to semantics and linguists will fight over the type of war against evil we are fighting. Life is frequently, if not always in conflict, between "good" and "evil" and these two words will probably never be deleted from anybody's vocabulary in this Life or the Afterlife.

Those who seek good, earn God's grace; those who seek evil, pay for their sin(s)!!!

posted on Aug, 25 2006 @ 09:04 PM
But the reason there will always be war you'll see in this thread here:

War is MONEY. Hundreds of billions or even trillions are made in war. For certain people in power that has more value than the life of any human.

posted on Aug, 25 2006 @ 11:15 PM
TheBandit795, rich people frequently have a substandard definition of time; they frequently cannot grasp the concept of Eternity. Poor people communicate with and understand God almost always more than rich people. This is not due to a lack of intelligence, but due to a wealth of Spirit. Money distracts a person from God worship to Earth worship. Many rich people forfeit everything when they realize Life is for Eternity. Worship the Spirit, not the money!!!

posted on Aug, 30 2006 @ 10:56 PM
War and suffering will continue unto thoes who will not accept the light of the New World Order...

posted on Aug, 31 2006 @ 12:12 AM
Maban, what is the light of the "New World Order." What are its implications? Does it create greater peace throughout the World?

posted on Aug, 31 2006 @ 06:27 PM
this isn't a war on terror, it's a war on bad poll numbers

using it to justify any and all action by the current administration is horrible. unlike the cold war, there is no centralized enemy. there are no true terrorist nation states (iran may be seen as one, but it is merely a muslim extremist nation) so it can never end

posted on Feb, 20 2008 @ 12:56 AM
The New World Order is not what many think it to be, many have misconstrued it's actual notion. The very name was not even constructed by the Illuminati shards, is is a notion we hold most dear, It is the unification by outside means. We are only the stabilization force.

posted on Feb, 20 2008 @ 01:05 AM
reply to post by steve99

Because so far the "islamists" number MAYBE a few thousand poorly-organized religious yahoos, while America has a highly organized, well-funded military that has already conquered two Muslim nations for corporate interests and is seeking war with a third, while spending several billion to fund another nation's war of conquest and ethnic cleansing in the region.

You might # your pants over the thought of "islamists," but if anyone's out to conquer hte world, it's hte people who are actually trying to conquer stuff.

posted on Feb, 20 2008 @ 01:28 AM
America funded the Taliban to drive out the Soviets in the 80s. Now they're fighting the ones they gave money and weapons to.

So, Soviet communism, bad, because they didn't officially believe in God. Now, Muslims, bad, according to right wingers, because they believe in the wrong God and/or don't believe that Jesus is the Son of God.

Listen to the Reagan 'evil empire' speech of '83. There's many similarities between that and the Bush rhetoric leading up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, even talking about chemical and nuclear weapons, both of which the US already had.

There'll be some sort of war as long as the US wants to protect its 'interests' in all corners of the world.

posted on Feb, 21 2008 @ 04:23 AM
I think my signature says it all.

There always was a "War on Terrorism", its just that for the main part the US ignored it.

On 11th September 2001 the US had a wake-up call.

posted on Feb, 21 2008 @ 04:28 AM
As along as America is a top level power there will be those who wish to kill us. It is as simple as that.

posted on Feb, 21 2008 @ 12:52 PM
there is no war on terror. terrorism is a tactic...u don't fight wars against tactics. thats like saying we are in a war against right flanking. our leaders are using the threat of terrorism to unite the ppl around a mythical cause(sort of like the cold war hype before) so they can continue to control resources and stay the lone super power. terrorism actually works very well since it's always been around and is impossible to defeat...

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