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I would like to introduce myself.

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posted on Nov, 3 2003 @ 11:11 PM

I didn't follow this all too well, but about the search engine issue, maybe you should look at this link

There seems to be evidence that google might be ommitting certain pages from it's search results.

Also .. "Matthew Cutts is an ex-employee of the US military's National Security Agency who works at Google. It is crystal clear that he, or someone else at Google, has skewed Google's search index to stop people finding out about his military origins. For someone working at the 'heart' of a globally relied upon search system as Google is simply not compatible with democracy and the free flow of information around the world. He is also an adviser to Consumer Web Watch which may either be incredibly slack and ignorant or simply a 'front' organisation. "

This is what the webmaster thinks but i wouldn't be surprised if he were right, and i have confirmed that Mr.Curtis did work for the NSA.

Also, cold fusion has been around for a long time, it is my belief that there are technologies so advanced, so beyond cold fusion, that we can not even begin to comprehend them, and they are indeed being used at this moment.

posted on Nov, 4 2003 @ 10:51 AM
Now we are getting down to the discussion I really wanted to have. I have a friend whose wife works there. I wouldn't want her to get into any trouble but I have been thinking about asking her if she can find out anything. Maybe I should just ask what it would cost for me to override the other parties payment. At least then I would know what it is costing them. I would think the government would try to sanitize the internet of email addresses of people, etc.

posted on Nov, 4 2003 @ 10:59 AM
Welcome ITV.

I hope you find your stay here enjoyable.

posted on Nov, 4 2003 @ 11:31 AM
Thanks ITV. I will work on a list of key phrases that appear to have anomalous results across several search engines. I think the proposition that the 2 or 3 most popular ones would be the targets of big money to keep secrets is a good one. I just need to find examples that are not personal ones.
thanks again

posted on Nov, 4 2003 @ 11:32 AM
Hello and welcome to ATS
hail the new member

posted on Nov, 4 2003 @ 10:45 PM
Apparently, what I stumbled upon in my daily stupor is the exception and not the rule.
But, nonetheless, I think it is a real concept to be considered.
That is why search engines are blossoming at the rate of 25%
per quarter. There is gold in them thar hills. It is not how fast or accurately
you can deliver the truth (well, that is a loose term, I mean can my site
be considered truth? What credentials do I have? Absolutely none)
But, they are flourishing profit-wise. There must be something besides
extraterrestrial life that pushes someones button. I have tried numerous
searches like ancient text and crop glyphs, free energy like cold fusion,
and apparently the oil companies or religions aren't behind search engine
'filtering'. What other subjects can we think of that would be a big
no-no? Maybe, what John Lear said the other night on C to C about
757's and 911. About the Penn. flight being shot down or maybe flight 800.
Does anybody else have any other ideas? I have been at this for 3 years
and it never occurred to me until the evidence was in my face for over
a month. (I am pretty slow as you will learn). So, I am waiting for inside
info. In the meantime, use your imaginations and find some anomalous
search results between popular and (un)popular search engines.
Maybe, planet X, maybe volcanoes (Yellowstone, Rainier, Shasta, etc.) There
must be something else they don't want public.

posted on Nov, 5 2003 @ 08:28 PM
This forum is certainly popular. If I type yellowstone research forum
thenit shows up on any search engine. But, who would type that?
I must say that I have had second thoughts about my theory while
trying to find 'key phrases' that someone may have paid to have blocked
from 'less qualified' websites. 'War on terrorism' doesn't bring this site
up readily, though. Still no word from the insider at google. But,
that is to be expected,I guess. Some other topics worth trying is
'life on venus', time travellers, teleportation, tesla technology,
heavyside equations, or cures for diseases. Anybody else have
any'brilliant ideas'?
Oh, I think the next CME next week when 482
was it?, comes around again could be devastating, as in 'down on deck' as Major dames would say.
1 million degrees is just a bit too intense for Earth, I think. According
to the 'Mother Shipton Prophecies' the United States looks like the surface
of the Moon by the end of this decade. But, what did she know?

posted on Nov, 6 2003 @ 10:00 PM
Well, I just wrote a whole paragraph and it was blocked. I don't
remember everything I wrote either. It says I was posting a news article.
You tell me what I did wrong. I simply finished with the question,
"does anybody think my hypothesis that search engines can't be trusted
is valid" as I have not read any responses that agree with that

posted on Nov, 6 2003 @ 10:05 PM
welcome to ats
Do not simply post news articles in the forums without comment. If you feel inclined to make the board aware of current events,
please post the first paragraph, a link to the entire story, AND your opinion, twist or take on the news item.

posted on Nov, 7 2003 @ 10:14 PM
I was not posting a news article or current event. It was all
my own writing that was blocked and gave me that erroneous
error message. That is what I was complaining about. Now, I want
to try to post what I typed that was blocked. My title was "What if"?
I started with if I end up dead there isn't anyone here that
would become aware of it or the circumstances. So, if I am taken out
with a heart attack or whatever and you never see any posts from me
again will any of you even wonder? Well, if I were one of you I certainly
would not. We know the CIA has the means of inducing heart failures.
By the way, my blood pressure should not change by 100% over a couple of months
from normal causes now should it? Well, it has. Perhaps I have already
been subjected to the permanent ticket out of here and it is only a matter
of time, now. Since the thread still has not been deleted then I will
bother to mention that there are free books available for those who have
followed the thread and know where to go to find them. We are also planning to sell
sets of collectors cards with the pics of 6 of them. I am also considering
plush martian animal dolls/pets for christmas or spring. What do you think?
As Howard Beal would say, "that's a 50 share,.. easy!"

posted on Nov, 11 2003 @ 11:22 PM
I have created a disconnect between discussion and rational
peoples interest in my subject. So, let's start again, shall we?
I would like to introduce myself. I am psychic occassionally,
and involved with remote viewing assisted software. I have found
many anomalies on Mars and the internet relating to cold fusion
and fossil fuels. Iwant to raise the IQ of the planet to the level
of personal ability of individual thought. I know I have been
too dramatic with some of my posts but, I'm not a qualified standup
comic. I must therefore apologize for my sense of humor or lack
thereof. Does anybody consider that website may be under the control
of the powers that be? It would be a standard operating proceedure
to set up shop and try to control the opposition by leading it.
Just a passing thought and nothing against those who are putting
in so many hours to bring this site to us.Do I sound paranoid? Yeh,
I guess I am. I better change my barometer reading.

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