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Palestinian Camp is Attacked By Israel

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posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 09:40 PM
The Israeli Military made a large attack on Beirut’s' most significant target yet of refugees. The Palestinian Refugee Camp in Beirut was bombed earlier today and there was one death. The efforts of this attack were to abolish any more Hezbollah forces in the surrounding area. The main attack was also for a supposed Hezbollah training ground in the camp.

BEIRUT, Lebanon - Israeli's military targeted Lebanon's largest Palestinian refugee camp from the air early Wednesday, killing at least one person and wounding three others, officials said.

Lebanese and Palestinian officials said an Israeli gunship shelled the Ein el-Hilweh camp, but
Israel's military called the attack an airstrike that targeted a house used by Hezbollah guerrillas.

The attack was the first against the camp since the fighting between the Jewish state and Hezbollah began more than four weeks ago.

Palestinian and Lebanese officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media, said Israeli gunboats fired two shells, one landing in the camp on Sidon's outskirts and the other hitting the city's amusement park,

The officials said the casualties in the camp came when the shell crashed into location manned by the
Fatah militia, which used to train guerillas there.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

This camp was a refugee camp, home to some 75,000 Palestinians. The Israeli government saw this and more as a possible threat and acted upon it. The refugees have been displaced the since 1942 and many families lived here. The good thing was that the refugees’ death toll was not high at all.

The attacks on Israel only rise and the death toll for both countries has not slowed down. The death toll all together is very high, and Israel plans to keep bombing all of South Lebanon. South Lebanon is sure to not be inhabitable after this rain of attacks to rid the Hezbollah. Even though the Lebanese government has asked for a cease fire, Israel has not ceased at all.

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posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 09:15 AM
Nor should Israel cease fire. Israel is at war. Why should it surrender? Because the enemy nation suffers???

posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 09:56 PM
Considering the size of the population this camp was holding and the duration it has existed, this is not merely a tent city. It is without a doubt that there are solid and private structures from which hostile forces may be coordinating and plotting strikes. Considering the resentment that these refugees have towards the current invader, it would be probabl they support these hostile forces which plot and contrive. It must then be reasonable to assume the Israeli intelligence identified and targeted a location within this moderatley developed refugee city that held individuals responsible for coordinating attacks on the enemy.

It is very well possible this was a legitamate target, and hey excercised due dilligence in carrying otu this attack.


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