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Israeli Ground Forces Take On the Hezbollah

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posted on Jul, 20 2006 @ 12:53 PM
Israeli ground forces take on Hezbollah forces Thursday in a series of battles. There have been at least three Israeli deaths and one Hezbollah fighter was killed, more casualties are expected throughout the day. The firefight took place right inside South Lebanon where two Israeli soldiers were killed and more wounded. There are many battles incurring on the Lebanon's soil and the death toll is rising. The Israeli Elite Forces have been launching small raids to take out the Hezbollah positions inside Lebanon.
Al Jazeera television said three Israeli soldiers had been killed.
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Hizbollah fought fierce battles with Israeli troops on the Lebanese border on Thursday, as thousands more foreigners fled the nine-day-old war in Lebanon, including 1,000 Americans evacuated by U.S. Marines.

An Israeli military source said there had been Israeli casualties but gave no details. He said one Hizbollah fighter had been killed. Israeli media reported eight soldiers wounded.

The firefight took place just inside Lebanon, near an area where Hizbollah guerrillas killed two Israeli soldiers and wounded nine inside Lebanon on Wednesday.

Photos of the current conflcit

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The U.N. Secretary General called for an immediate ceasefire for the troops, but the call would take time to implement. There will not be enough time to stop the fighting behind the lines now. Israel is closer than ever to vanquish the Hezbollah from there area and take the fear of further attacks away from the people. This current offensive seems to be an act to keep the militants to not get any closer to main cities in Israel. The further efforts of evacuation of the foreign people in Lebanon have shown success.

Slowly but surely this ground attack would stabilize a position to further drive out the Hezbollah rockets. There is possibly and with no doubt going to be a full scale attack on the rest of the Hezbollah forces. There still has been no release of the Israeli prisoners and rockets continue to devastate the Israeli people.

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