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Japan Threatens Pre-emptive Strike!

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posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 09:22 PM

If NK is bound and determined to start a war, then Japan and SK will get the worst of it.

No question in the outset.

North Korea cannot gain anything from a war. Only nations such as the United States can even attempt to gain anything from an aggressive war these days.

Agian, no question except what would the US gain?.

They are a catspaw of the Chinese and when the NK's want something or some attention they will rattle the saber.

Actually it's the catspaw part that bothers me. None the less, when you believe someone is bluffing, you call them on it. If you don't. They just keep winning and other agressive players will adapt their tactic. Eventually you lose. Unless you're a mindless sheep, NK was developing nukes all through the 90s. It's not something that happens overnight

Based on what intelligence? Well you know how the United States has basically called off military action against Iran's suspected nuke program? Thats because they know they would not be able to destroy everything and the very act of trying will be a self fulfilling prophesy.

Really? Do you normally believe everything you're told?

Japan does not have any where near the military capabilities and technology of the United States. The US cant pull it off ergo the Japanese definately cannot.

Based on what? Is it even possible that since we are the protectors of Japan that maybe some of their tech makes it's way to our military or even our corps.?

Japan does not seriously consider using military means against North Korea. They know all too well that North Korea is a state sponsor of blackmail. Japan's reasoning should well be that if they start rattling sabers they can reduce how much yen it will cost them to put North Korea back in their box. If the North Koreans get so much of a wiff of their saber rattling spiralling out of their control they will be willing to accept much lower pay offs.

Maybe that's why we are beginning to see Japan do some sabre rattling and I agree with them. They shouldn't be held prisoner by the north koreans and china. There are those who question our willingness and ability to defend Japan in their country. So, I say let them have their military. Why should they be singled out, racism? I'm not saying I shouldn't help help defend them. They are an ally. I'm just saying it's ridiculouse for us to defend a nation I think still could defeat nk, china and russia.

Japan is a major contributer to financial aid and energy assistance to North Korea. They are showing North Korea who's the dominant power in the relationship and unlike the Bush preponderance of using force to assert that power, Japan doesnt have to.

Then why 6 party talks? Why just us and them and well, looking at current events, Japan might be thinking it's kind of getting old? Look at what they've been trying to do in that inept institution we lovingly refer to as the United Nations.

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posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 09:35 PM

Originally posted by the_sentinal
The UN seems to be a neutered dog with no teeth they have yet to make a real difference on any pressing issue of the day, they should be disbanded or at least moved off U.S. soil IMHO

In annoys me when Americans talk about the UN as if it is something over and above the petty squabbling of nations.

One has to remember that the UN is impotent due to the very way it was setup. With the power of vetoe, the member countries make it useless and that includes the US.

Prime example being the situation with Israel, a recent UNSC resolution was vetoed by the US.

It isn't inherantly a bad idea, but when you have conflicting interests on the UNSC, with 5 countries having the power of vetoe who historically do not get on, it becomes the toothless beast it is today.

posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 10:41 PM

the UN is impotent due to the very way it was setup. With the power of vetoe, the member countries make it useless and that includes the US.

I gree with this 100% with the exception of the US. We only fund it to be 90% useless.

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