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Serpo - Shawnna and a friend's closing thoughts

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posted on Jun, 11 2006 @ 03:50 PM
I did not write 100% of this, which is why I’ve attributed it to my friend as well. It reflects my sentiments at this moment in time.

The spirit of "disclosure" means that people must work diligently and effortlessly to separate fact from fiction, given the amount of fiction that surrounds this 'field'. It doesn't give anyone any joy to have to put the final nail in the Serpo/Seinu coffin, nor does it give any of us here – especially me - pleasure to have to publicly embarrass those involved.

The only intention ATS and Reality Uncovered ever had in any of this was getting to the truth.

The truth has been found.

With any hoax, there will always be people to blame -- and the most vile of such people are the parasites that cling themselves to the story so tightly that they are willing to go to any lengths to protect a lie, against those who simply seek truth.

With Serpo, we have witnessed the usual denials by those perpetuating the hoax. We have, however, also seen vicious attacks against the truth seekers from those who would go as far as to resort to criminal behavior by infecting people's computers or disabling their websites in their despicable efforts to conceal the truth. What's worse is that some of these people infect the community under the deceitful guise of being a 'journalists'. No journalist would ever attempt to bury the truth or mislead the public, simply to protect 'their story'. These people know who they are and what they did.

So now we've seen how they act. We've seen who they talk to. We've seen the tactics that they use to attempt to harass and discredit those who see through their wordsmithed statements and carefully crafted half-truths. We've seen how they attempt to divide the community by playing on our desire to move the "disclosure" effort forward -- by telling us that those who could expose them are stifling disclosure.

We may move on, but we will need to be ever vigilant of the trickery and deception that these people are capable of. Web pages have long memories and CD's with archived documents can sit in drawers for years.

In closing, I note that the thread on that got our attention on Serpo was entitled "Postings by Anonymous -- Breaking News?" ATS got it right months ago – this was a hoax – and a very poorly managed one at that.


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