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Three awesome fights

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posted on May, 30 2006 @ 09:14 PM
First off, we have GI Joe vs. the Ninja Turtles. the verdict on this one is surprising, as the votes are foten very close in actual numbers. my belief is that only commies could vote for the turtles. go joe.

Next, Thundercats Vs. He-Man. This one is a very tough call, but due to a narrative given by an assosciate of mine, i'm going with the Thundercats. HOOOO!!!!!

Finally, an epic battle that has been going on for ages, and has been contested by millions.

X-Men Vs. The Justice League.

X-Men pwns. deal with it, DC fans.

what do you think?

posted on May, 31 2006 @ 04:55 AM
G.I. Joe, with several hundred members, easilly trounces the 4 turtles and their rat master.

The Thundercats - again - there are far too many for He-Man to handle on his own, though it may be a decent fight.

The Justice League would easilly trounce the X-Men. Heck, Batman would take out the X-Men on his own.

posted on May, 31 2006 @ 11:28 AM
Agreed, G.I. Joe can out number and out tech the turtles.

If He-Man had his crew, I'd bet that they would be more than a match for the Thundercats. Lionel V. He-Man, I go with He-Man.

JLA v. X-men..... There have been a lot of X-men, and a lot of Justice leaguers. The member to beat though, would be Green Lantern.

Here's the square off..
Superman- Xavier would psyche him out
Batman- Wolverine is smarter, faster and stronger
Wonder Woman - Rogue- good battle, don't know who would win
Flash II - Quicksilver. Flash would destroy him
Green Lantern II- Jean Grey? - Lantern would win
Aquaman- Iceman
Ice man
Martian Manhunter - Darwin would be a pretty god fight. No matter what happens, he addapts
Green Arrow- Kitty Pride could beat this wuss.
Atom II - anyone with a foot can beat him
Hawkman II - Angel would fight and lose
Black Canary II - Banshee would beat her easily
Phantom Stranger - I bet the Scarlet Witch could beat him.
Elongated Man - Iceman
Red Tornado II - Storm had his powers, plus more
Hawkwoman - Rogue could beat her.
Zatanna - She's adorable, but almost anyone could beat her
Firestorm - .....dunno, depends on the X-man, and their state of mind. Legion for example could probably beat him, but he's insane, and dead, so...


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