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USSS DHS, arent they supposed to be secret?

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posted on May, 19 2006 @ 02:05 AM
Okay, I've noticed a severe flaw with the department of homeland security, US secret service division.

I work for a technical support group until my status as a robotics engineer becomes solidified through the educational facility.

I had a customer, a US secret service customer, working for the department of homeland security. Basically I have, (or rather had), every bit of information I could need to identify him personally...

Now, if they really wanted to keep their wiretapping division agents anonymous, why would they introduce them and then tell us to keep the information classified before beginning the call.

I have no interest of exploiting the knowlege of who works for the electronics interception divisions, which is lucky for them, as I could have easily written down his personal information and credit card/account information if I had an interest in doing so.

I initially thought that their agents arent supposed to be known... so why is it that they made it absolutely clear that the person I was talking to was a part of the electronics interception group?... Why wouldnt they have simply not introduced that information to me at all, instead, they could have introduced him as an everyday citizen.

It really doesnt sound like the US secret service is... well... very secretive at all...

It sounds to me like a flaw that could easily be used against them, should the wrong technical suppport agents have recieved the call from them.


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