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New Recommendations for FEMA

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posted on Apr, 28 2006 @ 03:02 PM
There have been stories today and yesterday that have discussed what to do about FEMA.

I believe these new recommendations are coming directly from the "three civilians" who took over recently the positions held by military generals in the event of a national emergency. I posted my concern and requested the help of others on this site to track down Internet stories on this topic...

The president has long had the authority to to "commandeer" the country in the event of a national emergency...'national%20emergency

Many worry (and rightfully so) that these powers can be misused by a traitorous president or a planted undercover spy president who works for the "New World Order", or even just an ignorant patsy president who believes he is doing "God's work" but in reality is being duked into doing the bidding of Satan. Just look over this site for these concerns. Here is just one that might be related...

These camps, which have been reportedly being built for at least ten years that I am aware of, could be the relocation sites for displaced peoples in the event of another staged 9/11 type "terrorist" scheme, only this time with those infamous "100 missing nuclear suitcase bombs" which mysteriously vanished from the former Soviet Union's arsenal.

Despite the countless stories about these bombs and who will use them, the truth eludes the net. And that is that these bombs have been planted by Satanic Agents. All the little details like Bin Laden, secret commie plans, or little green men are all just low level pawns or cover stories. The real culprit is Satan himself; the master behind all political conspiracies, the one nobody blames! And that is mainly because nobody understands the nature of this political master.

I report this stuff not to frighten people but to empower! The good news is that Satan fears humans because we can stop him. We can become like one of them, to control our own destiny and defeat those who would enslave us. To steal two sci-fi platitudes "the Power is Ours" and "Use the Force". Corny, I know, but political conspiracies thrive when we are lead by fear, impotence, and ignorance.

FYI, I do not necessarily endorse any of the writings on any of the web sites I included for this thread. I only provided them as a supplement for people who want other people's ideas and comments.

I do believe, however, what I have posted on this site, particularly...

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