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Hollywood/Tv Show/advertisement triggering and brainwashing: Identify and possibly re-create

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posted on Apr, 13 2006 @ 09:31 AM
I have been studying many sources of information with regards to techniques used by hollywood/disney/tv shows, to trigger or subliminaly indoctrine (subconcious imprinting) of the human mind. There are many movies with these themes, and within these movies, they actually "use" the techniques "more so" and more blatantly than other movies which are more subtle.

The beginning of this research started off by a movie insider with some basic concepts of the techniques. From that point forward, it has branched off into many other methods which myself and others (not involved with ATS) have come across. It was quite interesting to find that the kind of techniques used surrounded an almost identical theme. Most of which will be discussed later on, but first I need members who are truly interested in this topic, to u2u me, and ask for some 'basic' principles which I will divulge (after a type of interview process), and then ask for their own research into movies which they've already seen, or want to see which may bring up such themes.

The triggering are actually quite simple, but to someone whos watched movies such as these all the time is conditioned to not pick up the subtleness of the triggering. People who are more sensitive, or anxious can pick up on these more so than the average person. I simply would like the average person to 'consciously' pick up the subtleness, more so the researchers and report findings, so people can open their eyes and see for themselves what may be really going on in the minds of directors or producers (or whether they've been told to do it on purpose by the hollywood bosses)

1) Identify use of Hollywood/Tv Show/advertising subliminals / brainwashing tactics. What are they, and how is it used.

2) Identify which movies/themes/shows/adverts are used for such tactics

3) Re-create in group projects for 2 low-budget films/adverts, one positive, the other negative. (long term goal)

4) (removed 4, as it may be quite sensitive to some...Im sure it will come across later on through out the thread)

To allow all readers of the project to 'consciously' identify such activity in movies and tv shows/adverts, allowing to encompass and collaboration of possible global agenda using movies.

None so far, requiring members to u2u me, an inteview process will occur, then some 'simple' techniques mentioned, and later the more involved techniques will be discussed with members as they progress. Will post as interesting information arises. First task just for an advance if you are interested, I will give you the basic ones, and ask what movies you've seen this in, and why you think it was used in this way.


posted on Apr, 13 2006 @ 09:44 AM
One movie to start it off, is the movie 'based' on brainwashing. There are 'two' versions, a 1960's one, and a more recent one. The movie is titled the same.

I realised about the 1960's version due to an instruction given about the use of avatars on ATS. This is what got me thinking, and thus when I came across the 1960's version of this movie, a particular scene which may have affected many sensitive and anxious people, would be the reason why this is a strict rule on ATS (not BECAUSE of this movie, but because of the technique used). Then the further but similar techniques was passed onto me. This will be discussed later on.

Again, I will not post what I find, more so what others find. So if you're interested which movie im talking about, don't hesitate to u2u me.

posted on Jun, 20 2006 @ 04:34 AM
New Member has jumped on board this project - Maria_Stardust, will most likely introduce themselves very soon.



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