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what are the chances of canada falling under Homeland Security?

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posted on Apr, 12 2006 @ 05:42 PM

Originally posted by alphacenturi
Yo, smoke and a pancake, you are right , once upon a time there was no greater past-time than sitten on the fence , dreaming about a stanley cup win,washed down with a couple of quart btls of icy canadian, but sadly those days are long gone.

We could re-coup those days if we so desired, honestly, how difficult is it just to wake up and make a contribution to your own front yard.

Paul Martin and the Liberals stood, and still stand, for more power in Government control.

Stephen Harper and the conservatives, have stood, and stand for more power to the people.

Why is this so difficult to comprehend

I'm sure that direct ties to the LPC (Liberal Party of Canada), and the UN crowd can be easily shown even today.

Despite all the problems in the US, I will still prefer to align myself with them for the simple reason that most of the American public still believes in freedom and democracy.

Also, I'm not making excuses for him but I think that GWB is not the world's boogey man as many want to see him as. He ain't Jesus or even Judas for that matter but he ain't the anti-Christ either.

posted on Apr, 12 2006 @ 05:57 PM
Probably for the same reason it is difficult for you to comprehend that we can't blame every single thing wrong with the country on the Liberals.

The point you might be missing in what I'm trying to say is this: I am a Conservative. There are many financial issues that I agree with the Conservatives on. My problems stem from social policies and distrust of the former Reform/Alliance members in the party.

I am unimpressed so far because of the muzzle that has been put on MP's, which no party has ever done before. I am also displeased with Fortier's elevation to the Senate so he can have a Cabinet position. That doesn't make me a Liberal supporter, it makes me someone who is keeping track of election promises of openness, accountability and a lack of patronage appointments.

posted on Apr, 12 2006 @ 07:07 PM
I have no misconceptions of our past parties, and I dare say neither does Harper, he could have very easily been leader of each party but was once again dissillusioned by both the reform and alliance.

I guess the difference is how much you want the spotlight, as opposed to being content with the diffused limelight.

If I wanted to elect an actor from Hollywood instead of someone I would prefer behind the scenes , albeit doing their job, I would have recruited Mike Myers, much as I like the man, celebrity status, and how slim your waist line is, just doesn't cut it in my book. The way the media in this Country has treated him, I don't blame him one bit for being so untrusting.

It just goes to show his integrity when he refuses all questions during his
press conference regarding the Accountability Act, to the scrum of biased reporters, and instead actually refers to the freelance reporter who in his naivette, didn't realize that there was a lineup for his response.

This man cares very very much about our undesireable underdogs, for the simple fact, he has always been one himself.

And yeassshhh... I want to keep this thread going, after all"All dogs go to heaven, and so they should, I would like to know there is someone there that I know, or at least I can throw a bone to.

posted on Apr, 12 2006 @ 08:11 PM
WOW, k you guys certainly know alot, i was worried when i first posted that there might not be much interest in canadian politics. thanks alot for the info.

i do want to clarify though that i hope i didn't give the impression that i was pro-libral, anti anything. I really dont know a lot about which party stands for what. i'm a trades person, and if i could have i would have voted NDP, but that shows how much i know, i couldn't believe the results they got. obviously they could not have won, but i thought they would at least beat the BLOC. Layton seemed fiesty and willing to stir the pot a bit, maybe thats not good, but that seems to be the values i respect.

My concerns were only really about Harper, and what are his intentions, and what are his promises to those that have not only funded his campain, possibly twice, but to the mass media attention that he recieved well before the election was "rumoured" to be called? I could be trippin, but never fallowed politics untill i saw Harpers face, they made him out to be a real "fighter" for whatever. Now i know he means to fight for acountablitly and justice. But he claimed Canada has a responcibity in pursuing the "terrorists" that attacked on 911? is that where his term is going? because honestly the guy reminds me of Bush, he seems too sure for his age, and what i mean buy that is that any "man" IMO who can still consult his father for advice, is not a big enough man to head a nation, and it looks really bad to me watching them pretend.

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