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Help for the living from the other side

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posted on Apr, 9 2006 @ 11:09 PM
I wasn't quite sure where to post this, but I thought this forum was appropriate, as even many religious people do not believe in those passed over having contact with the living.
Question--have you ever been helped by a dead relative (or friend)?
My experience involved my deceased mother helping me out by guiding me through an interesting time in my life. The "proof"--a shirt bought in a thrift store and given to me by a friend, who bought it at random, not knowing the significance of the name of the obscure city printed on it. Until then I never would have believed in such help from those passed on.

posted on Apr, 9 2006 @ 11:21 PM
Yes for sure!

I have a problem with water getting trapped in my ears and usually have to get them painfully drained. This time around I was unable to hear from October of last year. I wouldn't go to the doctor because it really hurts. On my birthday Feb 28th 2006 I went to bed unable to hear from my left ear. I had a dream I was talking to my mom and she asked me what was wrong. I asked her "Mom please fix my ear" and when I woke up I could hear for the whole day but later that evening I bent over and it covered back up again. The next morning I woke up and have been able to hear ever since.

There was another incident involving money but Ill let other people tell their stories too.


posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 05:57 PM
I had what I think was an experience.

I had a rough time with my grandfather dying. In short, I wished his death upon him, he was a terrible man here on earth, and tried to do inexplicable things. I was truely terrified of him

After he passed away, I was covered with guilt. Day in day out guilt that I wished he'd died and he did. it made his passing very hard.

About 8 months after he died, I finally brought out his picture, It was on top of a 7 foot book shelf in my living room. When I picked it up, the TV turned off, my computer turned off, and all the lights went off, accept for the lamp that was lighting the picture. A huge wave of Warmth filled me, and I had a "feeling" that this was OUR good bye, our "truce".

I have felt better from that moment on. I honestly think it was him saying "sorry I messed up kid, forgive?"

posted on Apr, 11 2006 @ 06:01 AM
A ghost of an elderly man saved my life when I lived in student accomodation!

No-one in my house ate garlick and some days the stench overpowered the house. It appeared in different rooms at different times. On occasions it was so strong we had to open ALL WINDOWS AND DOORS to get rid of the smell.

One day I saw the old man responsible for putting sugar in my bed, (an old time war wind up) !! I was mezmorized, he sat in his armchair gazing out of the window. He was a lonely man in his day. He loved us studants in the house we were company for him.

One day i thought i caught a wif of gas but i wasn't sure. Anyway the next day i got home from college and the house was absolutly STINKING of GARLICK again. I had to leave my bedroom window open over night the stench was so strong. I got another wif of gas so I called out the gas board. They sent someone out whoCONDEMNED my gas heater in the bedroom.

HE RAN A CARBON DIOXIDE READING AND LOOKED AT ME. He had turned gray in the face and told me. " I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU ARE ALIVE" If I hadn't opened my window over night i would have been dead!

I owe my life to a gentelman who had passed over! The day we moved out, he slamed a glass onto the kitchen floor to let us know he was very upset we were leaving! He was a great soul, very friendly and loved to play jokes on us! He looked out for us at the same time!


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posted on Apr, 11 2006 @ 07:56 AM
Right after my Dad died, I had a dream where he was crying and begging me to "get away from "him"(a boyfriend) as he was no good for me".

It was very intense and weird, but, I thought it was just a dream

A few months later, my boyfriend's *girlfriend* called. I understood the dream then

I do think my Dad has hung around and looked over my kids

posted on Apr, 14 2006 @ 04:14 PM
Your dad was definatly looking out for you! Sorry about your loss, I am sure it is reasuring to know he is there for you at the same time!

I had a dream my best freind and boyfriend to be was holding out his hand telling me "I love you" repeating it over and over. He said "hold my hand Kaz I love you" He faded away into the distance.

This was Saturday night i had the dream. I thought it was very very odd but i tried to shrug it off as nothing. I was telling my other mate on the way to college on Monday. When class began we were told Trevour had been killed in a road accident. He was drunk walking home on backroads in the pitch black. A car hit him, the driver was devistated as he didn't see Trevour. He did in the Ambulance on the way to hospital. This was 12 years ago now!

I realised that he did not say GOODBYE in the dream because I am a medium and I know I will see him again and have done several times since. There is no goodbye. But once i knew he died I realised my dream wasn't just any dream, Trevour had to tell me he loved me!!

A few nights after his death ironically i sat and watched TRULY MADLY DEEPLY about a widow who's husband was a ghost and helped her to overcome his death. Thats when I saw Trevour. He was so chuffed I could see him with his big grin all over his face.

I thought because i was in grief I was going mad. I could hear him say, I know you can hear me! I got so upset i left the room for several mins and came back to see he was still sat there in the armchair opposite! I said prove to me it is you then and i am not going mad.

Trevour told me his best friend will be in the paper the following week for an offence because he of past event such as loosing his child etc.

Surly enough a week later his friend was in the paper for stealing a bottle of Vodka from a store. I probably wouldn't have clicked it was Trev's friend if he hadn't pre warned me.

I had an astral travel experience where I spent the whole day with Trev in the spirit world because he wanted to have the DATE HE PROMISED ME! He kept his promise in passing over bless him, he gave me his word and he really meant it!

Now i knew i wasn't imagining Trevour. He was around so much as if he was still here joking about having a cup of tea with me and it would go right through him. He pissed himself laughing at my mum doing areobics in the lounge. Trevour helped me to get over his passing just like the husband in the film. When I was able to handel it and i met a new fella Trevor told me he had to go, but he still did not say goodbye.

I felt TRULY MADLY DEEPLY had been written about me and Trev, it was so spooky, we weren't married that was the only difference.

12 years on I still keep a photo of Trevour on my dresser. I am married now, I love my husband loads and I still have room for Trev. I haven't seen him for a while now. He is a happy free spirit!


posted on Apr, 16 2006 @ 06:45 PM

Originally posted by llpoolej
Right after my Dad died, I had a dream where he was crying and begging me to "get away from "him"(a boyfriend) as he was no good for me".

A few months later, my boyfriend's *girlfriend* called. I understood the dream then

yeah it was probably your boyfriends girlfriend telling you to get away from him in the dream, sounds like something she would say.
Never had a dead relative help me, most of the living ones don't either

happy bunny rabbit day

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