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Thick v/s Thin

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posted on Apr, 3 2006 @ 06:30 PM
I have seen your picture Duzey

You are a perfect example of curves being better than lines

I was always afraid I would break the skinny ones

[edit on 3-4-2006 by Amuk]

posted on Apr, 3 2006 @ 06:40 PM
Lets just say

more cushion for the pushin'

posted on Apr, 3 2006 @ 10:06 PM
I think it's unanimous here. The thick wins.

I know a guy and his wife is on the verge of looking like she's anorexic and he thinks she's the most sexy thing that's ever walked this Earth. He'll ask me what I think and all I can say is that she's not my type (he thinks I'm crazy for not thinking that she's sexy!).

She needs to gain about 50 lbs. and then she may start looking attractive.

That's beside the point. The little lady I'm with now is perfect for me and all I can say is that she does make me happy. She's not skinny (thank God) and she's not fat (thank God again).

posted on Apr, 9 2006 @ 07:05 PM
One word:


Curves make me a happy man.

posted on Apr, 9 2006 @ 10:18 PM
Curves for me, I gotta say......... cannot be having none of that stick-insect action

posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 07:59 AM
I see an awful lot of "curves for me" in this thread, if I took count, it may be the majority.
Makes me wonder, albeit this is only a few responses on a forum, being the perctage of "curves please" reponses, could this be indicative of a larger poll result?

My ponder being, why is toothpik the norm in fashion and Hollywood?

Where's Marylin Monroe when ya need her !! heh (albeit it I thougt that thin style waistline was a negative trait to the rest of that form - the sand needs to actully get thru to the bottom of the hour glass, lolol)


posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 11:06 AM

Originally posted by Oni x x
I am a Girl and i say Curves all the way!!!

But i think.... where is the meat... how can they keep warm.....

FYI they invented coats or jackets in case u haven't heard of them...

posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 11:11 AM

Originally posted by NoNik

But when ya really get down to true attraction - imo - it's all in the eyes !!


yo, where's dooki? (no one liners)

sorry for double post have too much time on my hands right now and i just had to agree with the above.

posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 11:30 AM

Originally posted by Country Soul
I have no idea how anorexic runway models make a living.
This look became very popular years ago, and it has led to the death of many young women that tried to live up to this ideal.
I don't find anything attractive about skinny people.

Butt the other extreme is just as deadly, and just as unattractive.

Sight is usually the first way that we have to judge a person, and that's too bad, I've read some great books that had drab covers.

i dont really find it upsetting. not even close to the tv program that i watched a couple of days ago, where they go through this operation to have their d**k enlarged to antronomical sizes and also the part where they show the operation of a woman being downsized by a syringe that goes in a hole punctured through their skin.

*off topic -- but shouldnt programs that have too much gore be censored? thank god, im not living in the UK. two thumps up for Singapore where everything is removed.

posted on Apr, 11 2006 @ 11:34 AM

Of course there are jackets but they cannot wear them everywhere.
It may not effect you personally, but it effects many of the younger children teenagers and adults who want to look like these very skinny supermodels.
To be honest i think the lady with the big bum has been modified.

But i believe if people think they are happy by the way they look then it is good, but if a person is very skinny and it isn't in their nature or structure to be that way then i believe something should be done to help this person.... this goes for obese people as well.

Oni x x

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