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Visa Process not effective Australia

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posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 06:27 AM
This got me pretty agitated when i heard what a friend of mine told me.

Last year, he got married and went home to his country. He had known this girl for long and they took the step to marry. Both families agreed.

They put in an application for a spouse visa. It is clearly stated that the process will take 6 to 9 months to process[u must be kidding me right]. On Top of that, those guys have to give some proof of their relationship prior to the marriage. This could be letter, phone bills anything that can say that they knew each other....and they had a relationship. The guy is waiting for his wife to join him and they are in regular touch. To speed up the process the government has started some new process and they give the medical forms when they apply for the visa, giving the impression that indeed they will get the visa before 6 months...

The story doesnt end there, i had a chat with him recently and i asked him how things were going and he was quite hipped about the issue. He said he called up the embassy in his country and the guy told him that it takes 6 months for the application. He inquired about the reasons for the time duration as it didnt make any sense to him. He wanted to understand the logic behind the judgement. [fair call] The guy said she will get her visa 15 prior to the expiry of 6 months. He tried to inquiry more but he was just refused information.

I am quite stunned by this. The first question, i would ask, is how would any person newly married feel of being separated from his wife? The guy is a geniune citizen of the country. He should be given the right straight away? If there is a problem with the business of marrying for the sake of money, come on lets not kid ourselves, there are ways to keep an eye on that. They can for example a file which they would and analyse the movements of a person. if within two years, if the person is applying for a spouse visa again, then it is a suspicious movement. Take time and analyse and test the water. The guy is from India and arranged marriages are common there. Here according to him he knew her wife, what if somone had an arranged marriage? Are they eligible by the great righteous people analysing his file to judge if they will have a successful marriage or if it is a fake marriage or a geniune marriage.

Like everything else, this is just outrages and i wish the chap finds a way. I guess...

posted on Mar, 25 2006 @ 01:46 AM
Just adding to the note, yesterday, my friend contacted the australian immigration office, to request support for this. I thought he would have managed to solve the problem, however quite interesting enough, the immigration office said that they could not help as the application was applied overseas? But isnt it THE AUSTRALIAN EMBASSY?? sorry for being so pationate about the dual characteristics of the government which represents the double standards quite evident in the country.

The chap was offered a national number if he wanted to complain. He mentioned to me that this was the first time, that as an australian he was afraid to put in a complain for the fear of the application being delayed. The sympathic words given by the operator were, thats fine, we understand? Such grace in the words, if they understand, then they know the challenges, if not here is a case and should not the process be reviewed.....
Welcome to the world of Democracy, double standards is a standard quality.

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