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Characteristic of the "Shadow People"

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posted on Jan, 27 2006 @ 10:51 PM
when i was about 10, 11 years old, i had my first encounter with "shadow people". I remember it was a rather cool summer afternoon. I had just woken up from a short nap feeling that something were watching me in my room. My family lived in a apartment in a very dense neighborhood. Because of the closeness of the buildings, sunshine is always blocked from my window. It was dark, but i could still see two shadowy entities standing beside me right against the wall, as though their blackness was darker then the corners of my room. They appeared human but 2-dimensional;one of them was stretched in a way shadows are under the setting sun, the other squished in a almost comical way. But, it was no comic in their presence. I felt depaired, a total loss of hope, and death. These were the feelings that I had never experienced before in my life ( and never again after that, even when I had a near fatal car accident a couple years ago. ) I ran out of my room and found my father there in the family room watching TV. I dont remember what I said to him because I was so incoherent under hysteria. My father took me back to my room just like any father would do to show their kids that there is no monster in the closet. But, there they were, still standing on my bed making strenge gestures at me. I kept telling my father "there they are! Right there on my bed!", but he did not see them. I was so stressed, so I closed my eyes. But, the strengest thing happened. images of an event unknown to me were shown to me like a short movie projected in my mind over and over again... It took me quite awhile to finally calm down. I dont know when they were gone but they werent there the sceond time I looked into the room. After that incidence, I had to sleep with my parents for quite a few months....

From this experience, and the encounters followed, i came to the following conclusion of these entities:

1. They're 2 Dimensional
2. They're darker in shade than normal shadow.
3. They project fear, depair and dread in their presence.
4. They choose who can see them.
5. Fear seemed to excite them.
6. They communicate through gestures and mental projections.
7. They are not always in "shadow" form. Sometimes they can appear as other objects, for example, a doll.
8. They appear more to children but wont go away as you grow older. They just manifest themselves in different ways.
9. Its possible to defeat them if you confront and challenge them.

I've not seen these entities since puberty but, they do still come to me by projecting sounds and images in my near-asleep state.

What are your experiences of the "Shadow people". Please list what you think are their characteristic here so we can understand these entities better.

posted on Jan, 27 2006 @ 11:04 PM
What images they projected in your mind? Can you remember them?

And what about following encounters?


posted on Jan, 28 2006 @ 12:08 AM
RedHare, I address this shadow people or cloud energy in my healing energy post here on paranormal studies. The attributes match.
These shadow beings, when I opened my eyes each morning for about a year, always retreated back into a similar shadow form in the bedroom.

They are Negative Telepathic Incoming Vibrations (NTIV) or Negative Advanced Telepathic Incoming Vibration Entities (NATIVE).
They appear because the mind can see at times, brainwaves from living people who disperse a great deal of negative emotions in their sleep.
Your mind puts these dark clouds to shapes it recognizes as a defensive mechanism when you see them awake. In the dream state, they are also put into terms of people you see, although the people in dreams seem more colorful. They may look like people you recognize, but they are not usually the NTIV from that actual living person.

Also people who get hypnotized to reveal previous lives are recounting incidents from departed people whose memory was discharged at the time of their life and most likely supercharged in an outward burst at the time of death. These are not lives the person hynotized actually lived contrary to some peoples' opinion.

The contact with positive or negatively charged memories discharged by others can cause confusion, tiredness, sickness and death. Your anger dispells the appearance of shadow people because they enter your mind through this emotion. They have not disappeared, they have simply become part of you. And as such, it is rather different to be scared of yourself.

This is a natural thing that happens, people casting out bad spirits like Jesus did to heal others. It is done by your subconscious naturally. My attitude now, is to remain calm and happy and go about my business, forgiving these evil spirits, and forgetting them. I have noticed that the effects of seeing them and seeing thousands of them has died down quite a bit in the last months.

Oh and I hope that people who think hypnosis for the purpose of finding out who these evil spirits in their mind are, realize that enjoying the attitude you falsely believe to be someone else, does nothing for the happiness of your own life. These are evil spirits that have to leave the body and mind and not be encouraged to stay.

take care
Honor Seed

posted on Jan, 28 2006 @ 12:39 AM
I am 26 years old and had my first experience with Shadow People recently. I had never known of these entities until then. I assumed it was a form of a spirit, though I thought it would be evil due to the darkness of it, I did not feel threatened or fear, just paralyzed. I could not move at all. It did not stay long before darting behind a wall and disappearing. The same thing occurred in both incidences. The figure was 2D, like a dark smokey mist (not solid).

Just before seeing the first Shadow Figure I had my first "paranormal" experience with a "floating" cup (I know this sounds weird, even as I write it I am thinking the same thing). The cup "floated" into the room and then for a few seconds just "hoovered" there. Then the cup tilted on it's side as to pour the liquid out, but it didn't spill onto the floor (I thought it seemed to be mocking me, I have a "thing" about wet floors). I also could not move in this incident either, though I'm not sure I would have anyway due to fear/weirdness.

I'm not sure if the cup and the Shadow Figure are connected, I just assumed they were. I have never experienced anything "paranormal" before. I am currently nine months pregnant and was wondering if that may be a factor in this at all. Are there any other incidents out there with Shadow People and objects moving?

posted on Jan, 28 2006 @ 12:54 AM
HS, I was very interested in your reply about the "shaow figures" however I had a little trouble comprehending exactly what you meant by it all. Could you maybe put it into simpler terms for the "simple minded."
Maybe this could better help me understand what it is I have experienced. This was by far the best explanation about this phenomenon I have read. Thank you!!

posted on Jan, 28 2006 @ 02:49 AM
I can still remember the images that were projected into my mind from the first encounter with the "shadow people". I have no idea of what it meant, but they also seemed so familiar like they were part of me, perhaps from my past life?

When I closed my eyes I saw a hand, a man's hand throwing hundreds of small slips of white paper into the air, repeatedly. I could also see a part of the roof of a building and a cloudy sky behind it. Alough, I heard no noise but I got an impression that people were crying in the distance. These sequences of images were so vivd, they seemed almost like a movie being projected in me instead of a screen. I was wide awake and during the whole time I could still hear my father trying to calm me down.

The second encounter happened a few weeks later. It was getting late and my family was getting ready for bed. I was on my parents' bed (still afraid to sleep by myself ) reading my favorite story book. All of the sudden, the atmosphere in the room changed, I could feel my heart sunk and my body started to shake uncontrolably. They were here, standing right next to the bed in the corner of the room. There were more of them this time, probably four or five. Before I could react, they started to morph. As if to mock me, they changed into toys from my childhood a doll, a drumming monkey and some toy trains. They marched around like they were performing a show. Similiar to the first time, they made gestures that were anatomically impossible for a human to perform. My parents told me that I had feinted after scraming for a couple of minutes. After this incidence, my parents were truely concerned. They even sought help from exorcists to drive the "demons" away. But, they were not successful.

We live in a culture where people are hush hush about this kind of things. To protect their children from being ridiculed and scrutinized parents often forbid their children from talking about it. Even though shadow people and other paranormal activities still happen to me after the exorcism. When I was asked if I were still troubled, I would always say "I am okay now" just to keep them happy.

posted on Jan, 28 2006 @ 10:56 PM
i am fascinated by this! i never had heard of anything like it but at the same time, it doesnt surprise me at all. do we all know but years of denial have pushed it too far out of our minds to see the obvious?


posted on Jan, 29 2006 @ 12:40 AM

Originally posted by reyna4fitness
i am fascinated by this! i never had heard of anything like it but at the same time, it doesnt surprise me at all. do we all know but years of denial have pushed it too far out of our minds to see the obvious?

The obvious tom me is that peoples' sexual drive is self-repressed. I got into it with the shadow energy on a sexual level and was in a state of orgasm for more than an hour at a time. That changed at the end to a paralyzing sense of a 6 foot spider behind me I did not see biting me on the neck. Had the feeling that that two pincers bit into me on each side of the neck. Had a pain in the neck for about a year or so afterwards. That was the last time, last October, 2004 I meditated into their realm. Had the feeling also the stuff between my legs was in mortal danger of being chomped off.

As far as the cup floating, I danced into a position I saw half of a camera
with cloudy enrgy in front of it making it look like it was jiggling. On the back was just a still firm regular camera. Also seen screws turn, and keys in the lock in the door move. Looking closer I saw that the cloud energy was all around it. Looks like a lot of little black dots, kinda fuzzy with vibration. The cloud energy also got around a Ken and Barbie doll standing in a hi ball glass and made it look like t hey were fondling each other all night long. Looked at that real close and the faces looked like they were having a great time, smiling, winking and blinking. I'm pretty sure by morning after I went to sleep the vibrational energy turned them in the glass about 180 degrees. I thought I turned them so Ken dolls back was to the door and it reversed about 8 hours later. Also had an object continually vibrate off a shelf in thet bathroom after several hours. So as far as seeing things float, it is possible, but if you go up and look at it close, it may be that the cloud energy is like a magic translucent screen and there is nothing behind it. That happend lots to me.

The interesting thing to me is that a lot of these experiences are coming in now from ages 16-26. I had mine about 45-50. But then I been a soul rebel all my life.

Conspiracy wrote, 'The figure was 2D, like a dark smokey mist (not solid).'
But when I viewed it from the side it was about two inches thick. So it has depth.

Also it can make up images of pieces of colors and shapes from all over the room that are in color. Like it is a bunch of tiny mirrors in a cloud. I saw a person who was like this. Looked pretty solid.

We are at the early stages of this phenomena being recognizedby the general public. There are going to be a lot of people who come along and say it is a projection of your own mind. I can assure you, it is not. It is amazing how hard and long some people try to convince you of this. These people will not even listen long enough for me to explain everything. If they start to get into it, they are interrupted by a phone call, other person or jsut cut me off like the evil dark cloud does not want the knowledge of its' existence known. In fact, it told me flat out in mindspeak words, it will kill me if I tell. lol
Like Crazy Horse said to his braves, "It is a nice day to die."
My opinion is this stuff eventually kills some people.
The dark energy has lied to me so many times after having sex with it, I seriously doubt the mindspeak "I'm going to kill you" is the truth. I think it wears people down to the point they give in and think to themselves they are better off dead than alive.
Let me relate to you I had my share of being wicked in the sense I appeared to people as someone I was not. The bible reads "do not bear false witness", well there I was fooling people I was somebody I was not and enjoying it. Then it changed and is changing. Point is I was putting up with people who were false witnesses to me.
It was no wonder that I went into this shadowy realm so easily, I was accepted as one of them.

With that in mind, how many people living in the world do you think project the self to others as someone they are not? A lot. Could it be that these living people are sending out Negative Telepathic Vibes? You bet. Could it be that the Negative Telepathic Incoming Vibrations (NTIV) are a projection from other people? You bet. Not your projection. Maybe the problem is the older some people get, the more they see themselves different from that wise child of 4-5, a result of peer pressure and plenty of people and situations to blame for their own change. However, they need not blame the real people they see, just blame the projections they send.

I'm a happy soul rebel.
My friends are 30 years younger,
my self image is the same.
My wisdom hidden behind that veil,
in the minds of young children.

Honor Seed

read some of my healing energy post if you have time, ask questions if you like....there are no dumb questions.

posted on Jan, 29 2006 @ 02:14 AM
link I'd like to relate an experience to you, and maybe you can tell me what it might have meant.

First of all before I begin my story I want everyone to know that I'm not crazy. I also want everyone to know that this story is going to sound fantastic and I don't expect anyone to believe it. I would not believe this either, had I not experienced it myself.

This was the summer of the year 2000. Myself and three of my friends were at one of our friend's houses late one night playing Street Fighter Alpha 3 on the Playstation. The time was roughly between 11 pm-12 am. First of all this particular house was a very old house and a hot bed of paranormal activity. So much so that it seemed downright other worldly. I can't quite explain the sensation, you could just feel it when you entered. This house was known by my friend and the rest of it's occupants to be haunted by a ghost named "Bill". I was highly skeptical of this until one night my friend who lives there said loudly, "Bill, come out and say hi to everyone!". In that instant an ornamental beer stein on a shelf up near the ceiling at the back of the room fell off the shelf and onto the floor. But anyway back on topic...

This particular night as we were all sitting around the playstation in the front room, the front door flew open. An all black, semi-transparent creature, that had the shape of a human but appeared to be down on all fours ran into the house. It instantly got everyone's attention as it ran through the living room, through one of my friends sitting on the couch, through the couch, and back through the kitchen door in a straight line. As it passed through my friend on the couch he looked up and said, "Huh?" and seemed to be very disoriented. It moved at an incredibly fast speed, and as it exited through the kitchen's back door, the back door flew open as well. My friend's dog, a black labrador by the name of "Ace" was barking furiously and gave chase to the creature right out the back door. One of my friends, fearing for the dog's safety ran into the back yard and brought the dog back inside. We were all in a panic, we quickly shut and locked all the doors and windows in the house. We then gathered and were trying to figure out what just happened and what the creature might have been. At the time I knew nothing of "shadow people".

Minutes after this creature ran out the back of the house someone pointed out that it was visible crawling across the large picture window on the front of the house and could also be seen crawling on all fours across another large window on the side of the house. It appeared to be crawling all over the house but we could only see it when it passed across one of the windows. It was night outside but the sillhouette of this thing was darker than the night itself. Also when it crawled past the front window, it's sillhouette became very apparent as it blocked out the lights of the city. Now not to brag, but all of us that were there are fairly large, tough guys. But we were all terrified. None of us had ever seen or experienced anything quite like this.

There was a hospital near this house by the name of St. James Hospital. This is a very tall building with a large neon lighted crucifix at the top. This neon crucifix which is always lit up at night is always visible from one of the windows in the living room. Someone noticed during this incident that the crucifix was for some reason being blocked from our view by what appeared to be a large column of very thick black smoke that seemingly came from nowhere. Also, in the front yard another one of these smoke columns could be seen, but this one appeared to be rising straight out of the ground. We couldn't tell how far up it went, no one dared venture outside.

This lasted all night and well into the morning. At one point during the night, my friend who actually lived at the house, and was sleeping in the basement bedroom at the time this was all going on, could be heard talking with someone. We listened closer and sure enough there were two distinct voices that were clearly audible, although individual words could not be made out. There was no one down there other than him, and everyone else was accounted for. We all wanted to stay together out of fear, and no one wanted to go into the basement to see who or what he was talking to. Because he was sleeping in the basement, he was not aware of what was happening to the four of us. And later on in the morning when he woke up, he had no recollection of talking with anyone.

There were times during this occurrence where the original creature's head was visible at the sides of the windows, as if it were peering in watching us.
At around four in the morning one of my friends pointed out that reflections of people could be seen in the television sitting on the couch. The tv was off at this point. There were even indentations in the couch cushions as if people were sitting there but they could not be seen other than their reflections in the tv screen. And the reflections were not a crystal clear image. Facial features could not be discerned, and the images were completely stationary but there is no doubt about the fact that they were there. This discovery only added to the terror of the event.

A few minutes after this was noticed, voices could be heard coming from the kitchen. There were many voices all talking at conversational level and it sounded a lot like a busy restaraunt. One of my friends suggested that maybe the voices in the kitchen and the reflections of the people in the tv screen were spirits that came into the house to hide from the creature outside, just like we were. If I remember correctly the voices only lasted a few minutes.

Fast forward to around 8:30 am. Everyone knows that in the summer time the sun comes up very early, between 5 and 6 am. It was about 8:30 am and it was still completely dark outside, as if it were night. Now all night this creature had been crawling on the outside of the house(it never came back in after it's initial run-through), the 2 columns of smoke, and ghostly reflections and voices abound. This is probably the strangest part of the story. At right around 8:30 am the night became day instantly. In an instant the sun was shining brightly, the column of smoke in the front yard disappeared, as did the one obstructing our view of the hospital's crucifix. No more voices were audible, no more reflections in the tv were seen. Most importantly the creature outside the house which had terrorized us all night appeared to be gone.

Before this incident, I knew the house had a strange feeling atmosphere. After this incident I never went back, but my friends who did never reported anything else like this.

To anyone who's skeptical, I completely understand. I can tell you that if someone told me a story like this, I flat out would not believe them. But it happened to me and I have three friends to corroborate. We all discussed this incident a few times after it happened but never in much depth. I don't think anyone really wanted to re-live it. This is one of the few times this story has been shared with people outside that original group. I had no knowledge at that time of shadow people but now that's what I believe it was. I believe that particular entity to be very evil based on the feelings of terror it caused.

I'm sure I've left myself vulnerable to ridicule, but to those of you that seem knowledgable about this subject, I would love to get your input on it.

(EDIT: To fix spelling errors and to apologize for the long post)

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posted on Jan, 29 2006 @ 07:32 AM
Montana, spelling errors and long wordy posts trying to explain the shadow people are par for the course. What most people fail to give as far as info are the dimensions of the shadow people and the distance from them to the shadow people. It seemed to depend with me on how much room in the place there was, like I was in a 10x50 mobile home, so the shadow people seemed less then ten feet away and lots of times less than a foot or two away. Outside, the creatures with grilla sized bodies and the horns of cows standing in trees were about 50 feet away and 12 feet tall.
The people with the heads of tabby cats were standing in tall grass in the daytime were about 20 feet away and 4 feet tall. The Revelations beast with 7 snakelike necks and flat human faces on the end seen thru binoculars was about 70-90 feet away but sensed my presence as soon as I looked at it through the binoculars. The swat team that layed around my patio all night I talked to holding assault rifles were mostly 3 feet tall. My dog who poked his head in the dog hole in the door had the head of a human, he was life size. The ghosts 100 feet away in the trees on the branches I saw thru binoculars that diverted the whole direction I was looking through the binoculars at and disappeared were 15 feet across. The portal near there that had moving concentric circles that seemed to be unlocking the opening to another dimension was 5 -6 feet across 40 feet away and round like a safe door. The shadow people that walked up tres near there sideways were regular height, about 6 feet, the last 3 mentioned were in broad daylight. So were the 60 foot people tht came out of tall evergreen trees in the mountains where I camped, in broad daylight. So were all the 45 foot piles of pure solid black oily writhing snakey looking stuff 5 feet from me, in broad daylight near dusk.
There aree no rhymes or reasons to shadow people energy and the clouds and things that are part of that realm.
There is no time of day that makes a difference. There is not 'haunted' place thgat is special for it to appear. Anyone looking for a reasonable association is going to assume whatever fits the bill. The superstious burn Ouiji boards and throw out halloween costumes, burn candles for protection, sprinkle salt around or whatever. Maybe yo gonna freak if you see a 5 foot spider crawl in front of yo speeding car on the hiway and swerve off the road killin yo passengers and yoself. ? maybe yo have no idea yo can run on through these visions tut guys.......

keep a head on homie

I see a spider yo can ride on crawl in midair right by my bedroom window, 8 feet from my face. This energy mass just as easily come in and sit on my face bruddah. Get a gription track on yo gut befoe yo lose it. it feels like big hairy spidah legs touching yo body all oveh. Now what ya gonna do?

naw yo right on making dat mass of dark energy look like a person, yo mind being kind to you. Whatcha gonna do when a white light ghost you see crawls right into your eyesocket and into your brain like happened to me?
Suggest you kids practice having stark raving fear for 4 hours straight like I did to get a grip on, feel the fear for no reason at all other than you getting ready to go into the nasty vile evil realm and sit aroun wit duh buds and go ewwww, and ahhhhh did ya see that one, like you munchin on popcorn at a horror flick.
Only this ain't no horror flick you sit back and watch, dis a horror flick you in.
So you know, deez ain't no clowning aroun evil spirit chumps, deez mofo gonna try to kill ya duh oldah yo get, in a dream, in a flash vision speeding along the road at night, climbing a mountain, whereevah. They everywhere all the time. And once you seen em and feared em you on line, caught in dat web of deceit. May be decades you don't see then again, may be a day,
you never know. The only way to make sho nuff stomp on righteous merry f*ck there existence is git yoselt a right on tood.

Live a righteous life and love as much u can, cause every bit of anger, hate, jealousy, greed, fear and meanness yo have fo yo fellow person and animal, bug and bird is nothing but that vile evil sahdow person in you. The shadow knows and light in you is casting that chump out in front of yo face, casting others shadows out in front of yo face too. Be a bad a$$ and project someone yo not to other people around you and show no compassion for those lessor than yoselt, yo gonna get caught up in the massive swamp of living evil energy going down the drain, wasting a life.
Your life. the evil dark energy that sometimes appears as white light angels want you in the web of deceit fearing like kids sitting at a horror flick and all feeling together being scared togetha. I did it alone, with jsut my dogs hidding out around me, the evil killed a few of my dogs and cats in the battles I had, the air smelled burnt after i was done. You go as deep into the hinterlands of hell as I did on a vision quest for years and come out after getting hit by parasitical pyschic energy with a bad case of supposed terminal cancer for a year. And recover from that without chemo or radiation pullin yo overweight by a hundred pound extra water on the stomach aroun wit chu and tell wha up den.
You gotta believe there is a God if yo seen the demons of hell? right?
Okay then, go for it. Just don't think it's a cute show with no after effects, the energy hit my stomach so many times
I'm still throwing up more than a year afterwards stopping that shadow people coming. Dey still showed up every morning fo a year up till about a month or two ago. Takes a long time to recover from a trip through hell that started off jsut like yours. I don't think yo haz the stuff to go into this realm and be kind enough, forgiving enough tah pull out and live long enough to share what ya learned wit otha people the rest of yo lives. Certainly giving a tinkers d*mn bout being embarrassed saying what yo kno is no good start.

But in all due regard for the inner spirit of hope and peace that many of my brethern have shown lately online, I shall write now in my true language instead of a bad act.

This has been a blessing to me. I had thought through the years that I was the only one to see the force that I saw effect everyone I met. Shadow energy everywhere like a terrorist. I thought that no one would ever understand like I do. There is coming a day, all will understand.
You people here are the beginning of a new dawn. Your stories bring hope to me. You can't deal with negativity in yourself and that projected by other people in real life unless you recognize it as something apart from you.

be cool to everyone and chill for now

Honor Seed - a soul rebel

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

posted on Apr, 29 2006 @ 01:55 AM
I had a experience with the shadow people a coupel of years ago.

I was awoken by two black figures, darker than night can not really even explain how dark, they did not seem to have any facial quailities. I would say they were 2D and one was standing probably about 3ft away while the other was futher probably 10ft against a wall. They were solid not smoke for me and did not have red eyes(didn't seem to have eyes at all), but for some reason seem to think they were male and could almost sense that the one against the wall was younger than the other which seemed to be like a old man type. The one standing closes to me seemed to scared and was telling, not vocally speaking to me, so I personally do not know how this happened, he told me to come with him. Well to say the least I didn't I put my had in my pillow and started to beg God for this to go away. About 30 seconds later I lifted my head and head a lot of loud noise in the kitchen like people walking around and cabinets being opened, almost as if they were in some kind of rush. This happened about five years ago.

Here recently I was awoken and saw shadow person that was more smokey like, but still no red eyes, they just disappear apond me seeing them, said nothing did nothing, I do not know the width of this one, it happened very quickly, they were standing over me very close, I don't know this one was real because it happened so quickly, but the 1st time was very real

posted on May, 7 2006 @ 12:32 AM
I've also seen a shadow figure,it happened about six years ago ,it seemed to be listening to my conversation that I was having with a cousin . When I started to point at it and bring attention to it's presence , the figure ran into another room.I've been looking on the internet and have came to the conclusion that this figure is a demon/evil spirit.I;m not the only one who has seen this shadow other family members have seen it also.

posted on May, 7 2006 @ 12:59 AM
Demon/evil spirit. Went to several ghost pic sites and all the people who seem to see them say they had some experience with the occult. You know, there are plenty of stories of "Shadow beings"/ "Shadows that live" out there. Hans Christian Anderson wrote a pretty good one btw.

posted on May, 1 2008 @ 05:29 PM
reply to post by RedHare

I just had an experience with a shadow figure, and that's what brought me to this site. I am an adult 48 yo, my experience was at 6:05am just 1 day ago, and this is my first experience of this kind. I saw a shadow figure 4 feet in front of me, straight on. I was walking down a hall after leaving my bedroom, as I approached a small flight of stairs(7 steps) I saw a shadow figure, small almost child sized, with arms and legs, no discernable features, almost solidly dark charcoal gray to black, starting to climb the stairs in front of me. I stopped, and it then appeared to turn it's head to look at me, and as it did, it seemed startled and walked backward and off to the right immediately, very quickly. I stood there, shaken, startled, and wondering what I had just seen. There were no lights on at the time, I live in central time zone and it was past daybreak. There is no way it was my shadow, because it was coming up the stairs in front of me. I didn't get a feeling that it was bad, only that I had startled it and it was avoiding me. Is there something I should do to avoid this again, I don't want to experience this again, it has me a bit freaked out. Any suggestions?

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posted on May, 1 2008 @ 06:04 PM
Welcome to ATS Freaked_Out1.

Although I have no idea what shadow people are or how to avoid them I can say that you are not imagining things. I too have seen a shadow person once. It was an odd experience because it interacted with me.

I was about 17 at the time. I'm in my late 20's now. I was in my parents backyard on the far end of the the yard beyond the deep end of the swimming pool. near the back wall. It was about 8:30 9PM as I recall. I live in los angeles so it never gets really dark out and it was an overcast night the city lights were bouncing off the cloud layer and the sky was softly lit. A low watt flood light from the edge of the house cast light across the pool area. I was by myself, just hanging out, when I got a weird feeling like I was being watched. I looked over to the side wall that separates my neighbors property from ours. As I did so a black blob like shape emerged from the wall like it was spilling through it. As it finished spilling through it came to be a shape of a man crouched down with his arms wrapped around his knees. It then stood strait up and looked right at me. It was in the shape of a well built but slim man about 6 feet tall.

The man was solid black. Like a black hole no light seemed to reflect off of him or could you see any contours just the outline of the man. it wasn't fuzzy or out of focus but had a strong contrast in darkness between the semi lit backyards ambient light.

My shadow person wasn't 2D like some others have said because when it moved and it did do a little walking (about 5-8 feet or a few short strides while making eye contact-couldn't see any eyes but it was obvious that it was looking right at me) I could see a 3D shape to it's out line which changed like a 3D object would if it were turning or twisting. It just had no contours because it was devoid of light.

The man after looking at me and walking taking a few steps turned right around and calmly ducked down and sorta crab walked right back into the side wall and presumably into my neighbors backyard. My neighbors at the time were an old couple who turned out the lights early and went slept like logs, so I doubt they saw anything.

The shadow man I saw was moving slowly, confidently, and wasn't scary, just out of place and strange. It knew I was there and seemed unconcerned. It made no noise and did not interact with the foliage or surroundings although the part of the wall it came through was devoid of vegetation. It did however seem to make contact with the ground. Each foot steep was placed seemingly onto the cement patio where it manifested it's self.

I simply stood stunned for a few moments and made my way back inside. My dog was inside and never noticed a thing. I didn't feel scared or threatened by the shadow, but it seemed like if it wanted to be menacing it could have easily, but chose not to be. It seemed more like it was just passing through.

To this day I have no idea what on earth this thing was.

So you are not alone in seeing a shadow person nor in it not having reacted in a malicious way.

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 07:59 PM
link folks have helped me put some context on an experience I had as a young boy...

I was around 8 yrs. old when a buddy and I were out in the wooded section of my grandfathers ranch in Arkansas, and saw what is being described here. I remember we had been zipping around on 4-wheelers for a bit, and stopped by a pond in the trees. I remember throwing rocks, and sticks and things in the pond when I saw this real black person about fifteen to twenty feet away from us. It seems now like it was watching us, but then I just saw it and froze. It "looked" at us for a minute or so, and took what seemed like two or three steps toward us...we split. I ran like a rabbit...My buddy Robby ran another direction...after what seemed like hours of running, and hiding, I came across Robby. We went back to the pond and got on our 4-wheelers, and got the hell out.

When we got back to the farmhouse we told my dad, and grandfather. I remember my dad making fun of us, calling scaredy cats and what-not...and it was just a shadow or something, but I didn't think so. What has been described here by some of you is dead-on for what we saw.

I still feel a little spooked when I think about it. I am not sure if I would say that I felt it was malicious, but I know I would say it was quite startling, and that it caused instant fear in myself, and Robby as well I'm sure.

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 10:00 PM
reply to post by HS

So now you mean to decieve us?

"The obvious tom me is that peoples' sexual drive is self-repressed. I got into it with the shadow energy on a sexual level and was in a state of orgasm for more than an hour at a time. That changed at the end to a paralyzing sense of a 6 foot spider behind me I did not see biting me on the neck. Had the feeling that that two pincers bit into me on each side of the neck. Had a pain in the neck for about a year or so afterwards. That was the last time, last October, 2004 I meditated into their realm. Had the feeling also the stuff between my legs was in mortal danger of being chomped off. "

You went through this, and you're trying to PREACH out to the masses that these demons deserve forgiviness? It sounds to me like you were foolish enough to be with a demon, and this makes it sound much to me like they are incubi/succubae, not mere negative energy vibrations, as you say. And you're saying "someday we'll ALL UNDERSTAND!!!" Well, what does that entail? Huh? Does that mean you think we're ALL, each and every one of us, going to be stupid and have SEX with demons like these?

You think those monsters DESERVE forgiviness for threatening your life, lying to you, and attacking you? AND wanting to chop off your... stuff? That is just stupid. That fails. Failure. And what is with the "people are sexually repressed" BS? So what if they are in SOME cases? Existence is not defined by having sex. Or are we all to "understand" that "life" is only about sex? Is that why you would go have sex with one of those things? Out of nowhere, just blurting that out, it is too bizarre, and negatively. We're not ALL loose enough to go have sex with demons! That's a bad thing? Why would you want to have sex with a huge, deadly, evil horned beast anyway? And if you really did that, WHY are you taking such an authoritative stance, with the way you say things?

Are we not to be angry at ALL when attacked? It shows how much you must NOT know, age regardless. I don't care how long you've been around, your mere suggestion of weilding in ANY way to the vermin, it completely discredits you in my book. And that said, if there really is something "we" all "don't understand", but will as you claim, why not just blurt that out too while we're all here? Whatever it is, how many more things could sound more foolish than wielding and almost getting your own **** chopped off? What could BE more foolish?

What were you thinking? What do you WANT us all to think, posting up such messages? That we should all envite those vermin to rend us all... partless? I bet you think they're almighty shadowbeasts, and you are just powerless, and infact, designed to be their sex slave? Okay, maybe that's going a bit far. But that is going ON here? Are you really that much of a fool? You're not fooling me.
You are not fooling me, "HS".

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posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 10:18 PM
reply to post by HS

Keep a head on homie? I could barely read a word of that. That was another bad idea.
Oh, and the following:
"naw yo right on making dat mass of dark energy look like a person, yo mind being kind to you. Whatcha gonna do when a white light ghost you see crawls right into your eyesocket and into your brain like happened to me? "
Am i to understand that it is US who control what form they come in? Am i to understand that it is each one of our faults when a shadow beast attcks us or someone we hold precious? I do not think so. If you were put through hell, literally for what is possible on earth, why? What did you do, and why would you give in and have sex with one of those slithering diseases? Orgasm nothing! What would that matter if you were going to be hurt that bad? It is just foolishness as far as i am concerned. Though feel free to explain and change my mind, but as these posts stand, i won't be inclined to believe in anything you'd have to say. And i wouldn't recommend anyone here would either, not from someone who has sex with those vermin! Are you possessed by those demons?

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posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 10:37 PM
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