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Shadows and Children

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posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 11:24 PM
Hello people,

I was wondering if anyone 'knows' anything or has any ideas about my experiences. I have a one year old daughter and at 11pm every night I feed her a bottle of milk.

Experience 1: When she was around 6 months old, I quite often used to see shadows in her room. I did not see 'shadow people' as have been described elsewhere on this board, I saw shadows exactly like the ones you would cast yourself except they werent from me or my daughter or my wife (as she was in bed asleep). I know they werent from me because when I would finish feeding her, I would stand with her in my arms and 'burp' her before putting her into bed. Whilst I was doing this, I would be standing still and the shadows would be moving. Another way to describe it would be to use the example of when someone approaches a door, you quite often see shadows underneath before the door opens. I would sometimes see the same thing except the door would never open. At first I thought it was my wife but I later learned that it wasn't. This happened for a few months and has not happened since.

Experience 2: When my daughter was around 3 months old we heard from her room a whistle. It started high and then went low and lasted for abount 2 seconds. Another convoluted way to describe it would be to say that it was like the first half of the whistle that 'builders' do in the street at pretty ladies except backwards (ie high to low instead of low to high). She had no toys with her that made that noise and both my wife and I heard it and commented to eachother about it that it was pretty strange.

I'm not the sort of person who gets freaked out by things. My wife and I are very happy, we have a solid relationship and we nearly never argue. I would describe our background as very middle class and would say our lives were pretty normal or average. Our daughter is VERY healthy, happy and she is incredibly intelligent. Our house is relatively new, no-one to our knowledge has died in it and we do not believe it to be haunted.

When any of these experiences happened, I never felt freaked out or scared or anything but on reflection I still cannot think of anything that could cause such a thing.

Does anyone here know what could have caused this? Could it be paranormal? If so, what are the shadows? and what was the whistle? Were they related? Finally did it have anything specifically to do with my daughter or is is something to do with the house or something else?

Nothing else has happened since then and we are still happy, healthy etc...

What do you people think?


posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 12:47 AM
Some questions...

- Does her room have any mobiles (the things with toys / animals hanging off it)?

might explain the shadows?

- Does your daughters room have a wall that is an exterior wall of the house?

maybe the whistling was coming from outside her window?

- Do you live in the city or rural?

posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 04:05 AM
moving shadows and 6 months old... that might be sleep deprivation talking. Its amazing what minimal sleep can do to one's senses. Any minor sources of light near her room? maybe a blind on the window moved awkwardly, etc...

As for the whistle, not sure, depends on rural/Urban situation of the house.


posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 04:30 AM
these shadow people are bad news. No needless worry here though.
If the kid starts speaking a foreign language fluently all of a sudden about age 3 or starts to play the violin like a pro early on, don't think it's cute.
One of the shadow people have tryed to relive their life through your kid. Just discourage it and get the kid to refocus on other stuff that interests the kid. In fact, if the kid starts speaking Japanese, and you tell the kid to stop it, you are really telling the shadow person that is not cool trying to relive its' life through an innocent babe.
another thing, if the kid exhibits any behavior like a 8 month year old I saw pick up a basting brush and twirl it in her chubby little fingers like a pro drummer, I would pay a lot of attention to the clues and try to figure out if you have a drummer friend who sees her/him. These shadow people can be representatiove of live or departed individuals. In the case of the baby girl I saw do that, her father is a drummer. Don't know if you are male/female whether both parents of the child see the shadows. I'll wait for an answer to make further comment.

And in case, the shadows get this communication. you ever heard the phrase hell hath no fury like a womens scorn. React my friends with a great deal of scorn at these dangerous invasive shadows. I am right now.

Honor Seed


posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 04:32 AM
whoops, with a s/n like actionman, I guess that doesn't make you the mom
unless you're a director.


posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 04:57 AM
oh yeah, glad I mentioned director. If the kid at about age 5 has a real strong desire to be a movie star, gets in a plane by her/his self and flys around the airport and lands safetly like one true report or otherwise exhibits any symptoms like a shadow person is influencing her/his life, try to get the kids life on tract by refocusing interests into unrelated catagories. Reincarnation is a crock of baloney. I wish these shadow spirits would leave kids alone so they all can grow up innocent, playing under the sun. There is nothing so sacred as the wisdom of a child and I would listen carefully to every word this kid has to say when he/she starts speaking. It may be the difference between a happy life filled with joy, or an unhappy one as so many child progidies report later in life.

there is going to be hell to pay, if I ever go there again. seen thousands of shadows, some like people, and when I asked them their name, they told me to 'go home' I was sitting in my home. Now you can't tell me that these clowns didn't know that, if they have approached a child. There is one possibility, the bible does mention children that are born evil, I'm sure Hitler must have been one. I dunno, ask them their names, if they tell you to go home, you have it going on. They are just visiting. I seriously doubt with the joy of a new baby you believe you live in hell on earth. Although I have heard getting up and changing diapers can be tiresome, it is a heck lot more tiresome dealing with shadow people, let me tell ya

my telepathic blessings on you and your family and your home, blessed be.

posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 05:07 AM
i think personally that kids see things that we just dont.
I remember when my oldest son was about 18months old, i used to catch him "chatting" to "something" in the armchair next to his.
And one particularly freaky time, i was reading to him at night and he started to follow something invisible (to me) going around the room....his eyes went right round the room and then he turned his head to one side , then the if the thing had gone around the back of him.

Creeped me out somewhat.

posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 07:07 AM
Hi people,

Third time I’m posting this. My computer keeps crashing.

With regards to the whistle. It sounded to both of us as though it were coming from her room (ie inside the house). We do live in the city although this happened on a VERY quiet Sunday morning and we also have double glazed windows which let in almost no outside sound.

With regards to shadows, I try to be rational and therefore cannot dismiss the possibility of sleep deprivation playing a role. However when I saw these shadows, I was fully awake, fully alert and fully in control of my faculties. I can tell you from experience that I know you can see shapes and see flashing lights when sleep deprived. I can only do my best to assure you that this was not like that. This was like…well seeing shadows.

Do children have psychic energy? Could she have brought on a poltergeist type thing? Or is it something else? Or is it just something rational (ie sleep deprivation)?

Nothing like this has happened at all for the last 3 months. I know this sounds really strange but recently, I have just after feeding her whilst I ‘burp’ her before putting her down, I have been trying to ‘give’ her some of my energy by sort of willing it towards her to try to protect her. I also say little prayers for her (although I am not religious) for her protection and I also tell these ‘shadows’ (in my mind anyway) that they should p*$s off otherwise they’ll have me to deal with and that I would chase them to the ends of the earth to protect my daughter from harm!!!

I wonder if this has anything to do with why it has stopped or whether I am merely getting more sleep now!

I apologise if this stuff sounds kind of weird. It does to me even. I consider myself a totally rational person and think there probably is a rational explanation. I guess I am just looking for an answer.



[edit on 20-1-2006 by ActionMan]

posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 07:37 AM
My computer desk is near the front door of our apartment and I too have thought I saw shadows under the crack and no one is out there. But it could be my eyes playing tricks on me after staring at the cpu screen too long at night. LOL!

Do the shadows you see have a human form or are they small?

posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 11:40 AM
The shadows I see are just small

posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 12:34 PM
Sounds to me like your daughter might be being watched by some entities.
Its not uncommon.If you happen to find that your daughter does not pay much attention in class and has a hard time concentrating in school and such or has alot of questions and not be alarmed.Your daughter might be a hyper sensitive.Many humans do not understand one iota of our exsistence.Looking at the materialistic world of interconnecting humans at a physical level.

Childeren are not succeptable to what we deem is reality.That is until we tell them what it is.In many cases hyper sensitives or Indigo children as ive heard them be called do not understand the importance of guidelines and restrictions for what is and what isnt thereofore being labeled as unperceptive or overactive or they cant sleep and end up being medicated for it.I was put on ritalin for all of public schoiol grade 2 to grade 8.Because I couldnt concentrate.I am too receptive to many different things and ritalin did help tune those out so I could perform better within this scociaty whether that is truly proper or not was apparently nort up to me to decide so I leave it to fate hahahah enough of me already im out...

Here is the thread to my latest podcast!
PodCast 4 goes up in three days!

posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 04:27 PM
My opinion and personal experience....

I MAY sound nutty, but this is a true story.
This past summer, my son(then 8), daughter in law(9), and husband were home, I was out...

When I got home later that night, my son said he had seen 'something'. He said is was DUSK, and they were all outside on the deck. He was looking across the field and saw, what he first thought was a 'kid running' (as he stated), then he realized' A kid couldn't run that fast and it was too small to be a parent(adult). He told me it was solid black and darted across the field, appx. 25 yards infront of our deck area.He said it 'ran' so fast and that NO ONE could run that fast. As he said, " No Human could move that fast, Mom"

He said that was really weird. His eyes got HUGE and he was scared, this look was something I had never seen before in him. I believe him.
He said he thought it was a ghost or something and that my daughter-in-law had seen one too. He swore it was real, and really scary.

He hasn't seen one since.

But, when he thinks of it , he gets scared. I think it was some kind of Negative Entity. Judging by his reaction, I doubt it was an 'Angel'...

I searched the Net after the incident, I was a bit concerned. I found ALL KINDS OF SIMILIAR STORIES & EVENTS all over the world and here in the US too.....

Displaced energy, maybe?
Your 'New' house could have been built on a 'old' ground, where many ppl passed away or where many dramatic and tramatic thngs have happened.

I suggest (which is what I did)
sprinkle salt around each room and at each outer wall(from inside apt), go clockwise.
Do a complete circle. It worked for us.

I would also have weird feelings at night when I was outside, like I was being watched. It was before his experience and after it. Since the salt, I think it has gone.

I also surround my house and family with white light, during a quick 5-15 minute meditation, this will also help. Whether you are religious or not.

Am I crazy? No, Are you crazy for NOT believing in the paranormal?


posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 02:01 AM
I saw my blinds swaying quite a bit, and was sure my cat must be brushing up against them, then I saw two shadows move across the wall just behind and above my pc monitor. I look down, and the cat isn't there. I see he is sleeping across the room. I said, we have ghosts here, and told them to leave.
What about ancestors? My stepmom felt that a presence in her infants room at night was his grampa.
And finally, what about walk-ins?
Are they able to enter regardless of the person's state, or only if the persons open to it?

posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 04:41 AM
That is such a weird thing. Ancestors is potentially a v. interesting idea. I have not told my mother about what has happened but she told me that when I was a baby, she saw my fathers mother (who was dead at the time) watching over me in my room.

I thought it was a pretty cool but pretty strange story.

Speak soon,


posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 11:07 PM
Havent been on this board for awhile as I havent really felt the need.

Two years ago, we moved from the house and have not had any issues with shadows or anything like it. The house we are in is a lot older but no shadows, no strange vibes, nothing.

Whether it is because my child is older now or something to do with our old house, we dont currently have any issues.

Anyway, just thought a follow up might be interesting.


Action Man

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 11:11 PM
Thanks for the update. Glad to know you're not having this problem anymore.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 04:32 AM
Had the experience as well mate..

Is the link to my first post about it.

I updated it later on as well, with a new thread..

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 05:34 AM
As bad as it may sound this happens quite often. Children do have energy we all do, but in a child it is not "tarnished" so to say. It is bright and more times than not will just attract the curious spirit.
As far as the earlier post about child prodigy's most likely being possed thats just bunk! My son was saying momma at the age of 1 week and he wasnt taken over by some negative spirit either. All three of my kids are just smart like me and are able to pick up on things easily "alot of kids are now days".
My children have also had problems like this and everytime as their parent and "guardian" you must stand your ground.!! PERIOD!! When they understand that it isnt going to be easy they will move along and leave you guys alone.
Sprinkling the salt is a very good idea, but it must be natural sea salt (am not sure that was mentioned.) Also purchasing or using a small glass or crystal container and keeping sea salt in the room helps to.(no lid replace like every other week) I got my 2nd son a salt lamp for his room.when he gets "bothered" as he calls it, it works like a night light basically but the lamp its self at the same time helps to clean the air. win win with that one I have found, he used to get mold in his window faster than I could get it cleaned up ,its been gone for years now.
It also wouldnt hurt to get some holy water and put it over the door on both sides her crib and the window. BUT start at the door with the window OPEN so anything in the room can "leave", do the window last but before doing it say I am going to bless this window you must leave through it NOW before I close it. And by all means dont be timid about it! Its your house and your child they must get that.
Above all is simply the fact that when YOU put your foot down with an intruder and let them know you arent going to stand your child being bothered with it they will almost always move on.(99% of the time) Just remember that until she is old enough to stand her own ground its up to you to stand it for her. They know this and would rather not deal with it.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 06:21 AM
reply to post by ActionMan

Hi there Actionman,
I can share an experience I have had with one of my kids and another reoccurring one we used to have when we had just had our first child.

When my youngest daughter was still in a cot, not long speaking, she used to wake up about 6am every morning and talk for a good 1 - 1.5 hrs just like she was having a conversation, then she would go back to sleep and wake 8:30 ish.
It was great, every morning she would chatter away for a while then fall back asleep!

Anyhow, one night after my wife had finished bathing her in the bathroom, she walked through our small 2 bedroom flat to take her into her room to dry off and get dressed. Upon entry my daughter really freaked out, very hysterically, pointing out and not wanting to go into her room. After attempts by my wife to convince her to get dried off and dresses and failed I asked my daughter why she wouldn't go.
She replied that there was someone being mean.
After asking a series of questions, which I deliberately made sure were not leading or simple yes no answers, I got out of her that there were 2 little boy's, dark skinned with white paint on their face, in her room being mean.
I then, mainly for her confidence, told her that we would go into the room and I would speak to them and tell them not to be mean. I proceeded to move to the bedroom door and asked her where they were. She pointed to the corner of the room, so I then pointed in the same direction and said something like " Hi guy's, how are you, I hope you are not being mean, we can all get along, don't be mean etc".
My daughter then pointed also and said "don't be mean". I then looked at her and started to comfort her and could see the plan worked.
My wife then though wise to point at the corner at that moment and start to say something to the little dark skinned, white face painted children when my daughter pulled her up and said "no mommy, not there, there" as she pointed to a now different spot in the room.

While I was in the same place I remember I used to wake up at around 3am often.
There would be many occasions where I would hear a noise, wake my wife who would always just miss the tail end or hear the noise, but not remember it later. Very often we would have intelligent conversations that she would not remember later.
Anyhow I remember at one period in time, often, but not always, when it was raining I would hear children playing outside the window around this 3 am time. It would usually sound like there was a school a block or 2 away and it was lunch time and you could hear this mingle of kids voices playing happily, every now and then a voice would cut through the rest and you could nearly make out what they were yelling. When this would happen, many times there would be another more predominant voice of what sounded like a 16 r old girl, like an older sister or something playing with, but still supervising the children.
At least, this is what it felt like anyway.

We thought it was a bit strange.

Now all that is fact, as I know fact to be in my reality.
The next bit is also fact, but what I have been told I cannot know if it's of a genuine source, or if these 2 people I know, who do not know each other, somehow came up with the same basic conclusion about both incidents based on pretty much as much information as I have written above.
One part of me thinks "sure, it's possible" the other part thinks "not on your life buddy!”


My wife knew a lady who does kinesiology. The last sort of person you would expect to be into that sort of thing. 55 ish yr old, sheep/cattle farmers’ wife. Used to live on the land etc. Farthest from a new age, crystal wielding mystic in a caravan.
Anyhow, herself and another friend I have both gave an opinion and concluded that on these 2 occasions there were 2 Aboriginal children who were I suppose playing or interested in my daughter. Apparently they were pushed off a cliff (we have a sordid history of the mass murders of Aboriginals in Australia) a few km's from our town.
I have also been told there are traditional song lines that run through locations through our town.
They both also told us that the girl I would hear with the kids was a great grandmother with a message for me.
Neither of them could tell me the message, but both said it was a grandmother of mine from generations ago.

We only lived in this place for about 18 mths and never really found out much more. We just sort of lived with it.

So I don’t know if this will give you any answers, but at least you know you are not the first.

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