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Lucid dreaming and.. spirits or something? Help!

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posted on Jan, 17 2006 @ 10:28 PM
Hello everyone, this is my first post. I.. don't really know, I guess I wanted somebodys opinion on what's happening to me.. I guess..? Well, here it goes.

It's been about a year since I had my first lucid dream. I once experienced sleep paralysis when I was twelve years old (I am 19 now) and when that happened I freaked out, because for what seemed millenia to me (and it must have been five minutes at the most) I was hearing interrupted and extremely strange noises.

Anyhow, about a year ago, I started having lucid dreams, and occasionally OOBE. Since then, I experience both at least 3-4 times a week. It seemed very cool at first, having OOBEs was a great experience (even though I wake up more tired than when I went to sleep) and lucid dreaming was interesting at first. But now things have changed. A couple of months ago, I was having a very weird lucid dream, or maybe it was an OOBE, I really can't tell because in this dream/OOBE I was completely lucid and at the same time I was sort of floating around without control, except it wasn't happening in my bedroom like all the other times, I was like.. high up in the clouds in what looked like an early morning sky. Then I started hearing a male voice which kept saying to wake up, and which was VERY distorted. It then said something I couldn't understand, because the voice was extermely distorted. Then I woke up and I was hyperventilating and was almost in shock.

I laughed at that afterwards, because I am used to dreaming wicked stuff and I simply disregarded it as a weird dream, perhaps influenced by the movie "Donnie Darko" (which is where my nickname comes from). But now, on to what happened very recently. Yesterday night, I had a very very weird lucid dream. I was in my kitchen, and my mother was sitting in the chair she always sits in. She was talking to me, and I was "asking" her questions mentally, because I knew it was a lucid dream, so I didn't try to talk, I just.. thought about what I wanted to ask her, and she answered me. Suddenly, faces of people I had NEVER seen before in my entire life started appearing in front of her face, almost like a hologram, they changed in rapid succession, they only lasted like 2 seconds each. They must have been 4-5. As soon as that happened, my mother changed voice, and It was all distorted, I couldn't understand what she was saying. I freaked out, and tryed to wake up. As I managed to do that, I saw some kind of shadow (while still dreaming) covering up the entire scene. I then opened my eyes, and for about five minutes, everytime I closed them I kept seeing those faces, and one of them was a body of an old woman, a dead body. It scares me to even think about it, it was damn horrible.
Anyhow, I couldn't sleep last night. Tonight, I went to sleep late, it was about 3 AM or something. Again, I had a lucid dream, only worse. I was in a shop I know very well, which is near where I live. It was night and I was alone in the shop. The moment I was there, I was lucid. And then, the moment I actually realized where I was and that it was a lucid dream, I started floating around the shop in a circular pattern, without control. Then I got close to a wall, and I looked down and saw that I was wearing short pants. I NEVER wear short pants, and have never wore them before, I have always hated them. They also looked to tight on me, as if they were a female model. As soon as I thought "hey these look like they're female pants" I heard the "WOOOOOOOOSSHHHHHHHH" and the "BUUUUZZZZ" that I always hear SO hard in my ears/mind when I'm having a lucid dream or OOBE. It's so loud that it almost hurts, I can even sense my whole head vibrating. At that point, I tried to calm down, like I always try to do. Then my body started.. well this is hard to explain, expecially since my english isn't that good. Anyhow, I started penetrating the wall, I was like rotating to an axis centered in my body, and I was rotating through the wall there. Then something very weird happened, I felt like my "space" was being invaded, like there was somebody with me who was trying to make me do something, and I didn't want to do anything because I did not know what was happening! So I tryed to concentrate and I started repeating to myself "you are myname" and so on. At that point, just when I stopped repeating that, I heard a female voice, which shook the silence all of a sudden and repeated something I again could not understand like 10-15 times in a row, with her distorted voice always louder as she kept repeating it, as if she knew that I would have difficulties understanding what she was going to say. This time the voice was different, it was a little more clear than all the other times. I also noticed that it appeared to come from "behind my head" - this is so difficult to explain, believe me. This time the distortion of the voice was randomly going away, and the voice was clear for like 1 second at a time at random intervals. And this time, instead of passively standing all this, I tryed to focus and understand what she was saying, and I calculated that it must have been 6 maybe 7 words in total. I also tryed to see wether she was talking to me in my language (italian) or if it was another language, but I couldn't figure that out. The ending letter, or at least the ending sound of the phrase was "o". What really freaked me out though is what happened next. After about 10-15 times of her repeating that phrase I woke up and opened my eyes, and I saw - this time with my EYES OPENED - the face of a blonde girl in her 30s with a marilyn monroe style haircut looking at me. It almost looked in two dimensions though, it almost looked like a photograph. It disappeared within seconds.

If you've read all that you already have my thanks, I've been quite lengthy, even though I didn't intend to be., but I wanted to describe everything as best as I could. Has anybody experienced things like this? Anything at all like what I am experiencing? Am I just going mad, is it just my brain that's making me hear and see these things, or is there something else behind? How can I find a way to make out what these people are telling me?? Any opinion, help, or hell, even skepticism are immensely appreciated!

[edit on 17/1/06 by donnie]

posted on Jan, 17 2006 @ 11:54 PM
Hello Donnie
Nice to meet you! I'm new too, but have been viewing ATS for a long time. I decided recently to join, since I wanted very much to offer any help I can to people who are in search for answers or need help. I know I won't be able to help everyone, but if I can help only one, then its all been worth it! Everyone has had their share of lifes experiences, some more, some less. I know one thing for sure, and that is everything is for a reason.
Let me state first, No your not going mad. You are just more sensitive to the things of the spirit world, therefore this being the case - are more prone to both aspects of it. Such as, beings of the Light & the dark! Before you sleep do you pray a prayer of protection? You didn't say what your beliefs are and I respect your personal beliefs in whatever they are. I am just trying to help you gain control of yourself, in your lucid & obe dreaming. You can also regain the power to control the type of dreams you will dream. You need not experience wicked dreams if you care not too! The mind is powerful - so are our thoughts! One thing about us Donnie we do have the power to create good or evil! The Spoken Word aloud is most profound. All things at the Beginning were made with the SPOKEN WORD! Just my beliefs Donnie. Hope this starts to give you some Light into the matter. If you want to know more or have questions - Ask away! A Very Blessed Night To You! Angel

posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 12:40 AM
Hey. Thanks for the kind reply.
I do not pray, because I do not believe in God, at least not in a religious sense. I am not religious, and I think that nowadays, religion and spirituality could never be more different. I have my spirituality, I have my beliefs about what we define as reality, but I don't think it is the case to discuss them. This "experience" I had tonight, it wasn't really a bad one. But it wasn't a good one either. That person - that woman - she sounded like she needed help very very badly, or like she wanted to help me. I really can't decide. I would just want to know - expecially if it is true I'm not going mad - how I can.. train myself to be able to understand what these.. "people" say.

posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 12:51 AM
Gooday to you both and welcome aboard.

Based upon what you have said I will reply with this.

As far as lucid dreaming and oobes are concerned.I call it planeswalking
whether or not these places in which we find ourselves while dreaming exsist within the physical(real world).they exsist within the reality of our minds perception.

Just like we travel from place to place visiting different ralms and places
there are many other different kinds of entities doing the same.Whereas we are focused upon our etheral spirit being elsewhere our physical bodies usually remain vulnerable to spirits and entities.

It sounds like you had an encounter not sure what.when it comes to such things looks are usually never what they seem to be.

posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 01:29 AM
The irony is that I hardly used "looks". I just heard that voice, I only saw that woman, or to be more precise, the face of that woman when I woke up and opened my eyes. I don't trust anybody by default there is only one person in the entire world I fully trust. Anyhow I particularly liked what you said about the fact that it matters not wether such "places" exist phisically or in other ways, because they exist within our own minds and souls. That is something I've always believed in. The matter itself, when we are talking about existing, is that it is your aknowledgement of a fact or place that makes that fact or place exist within you. It's just our limited way of discovering the whole world.

-- Hope that makes sense, I'm really not accustomed to explaining my philosophical reiterations in english.

Anyhow, back on topic: how could I possibly train myself to understand what these "beings" are trying to tell me?

posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 02:13 AM
Welcome to ATS donnie and welcome to the world of Lucid dreaming. It seems you're a bit inexperienced in lucid dreaming. Most of those problems will go away in time. Check out The Lucidity Institute's site. Lots of good information.

posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 04:06 AM
Anyhow, I'm not inexperienced in lucid dreaming, and I'm not inexperienced in OoBEs, I've been having them for a year regularly on a weekly basis. I'm neither afraid nor willing to have OoBEs, I'm not (like most people are) trying so desperately to have one, and I never have - it just happens to me randomly and frequently. I checked out that site, there's lots of nice info, but most of it I already knew. I still would like to figure out how to make the voices at least barely understandable.

posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 11:36 AM
When the body goes into sleep the mind travels within itself it is believed.

Most people suggest that the dreams we have are comprised of information that is stored in the brain within our subconcious.

It is also said that we are actually revcieving information through the receptors in our brains from external sources.Our brain being unconnected or at least less connected to our physical bodies we are more perceptive to travel through these streams of information.

It can also be said that while our bodies which exsist in a limited amount of dimensions or planes that our brains that exsist within more can explore these other planes.

Dreams are other worlds and places in some theorys.As the person in question becomes more aware of themselves within these places,their minds start to recieve more information resulting in these dreams becoming more real or lucid.Until the point where you actually assume another physical form within these realms and are actually physicaly there

Just my own opinions....Scarecrow

posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 04:47 PM
Hello Donnie
Thank You for your info, like I said I respect everyone's personal beliefs.
My personal experiences with visitors I will call them, made themselves known to me in many ways. At first being fully awake, I heard the whispering, and would only be able to ceitch certain words, not sentences. Of course when this first happened, because of my spiritual beliefs I rebuked any beings of darkness etc. I kept the whispering to myself, and a few days later my Son who visited asked me if I heard that, referring to the whispers. I was relieved to know he heard it too! Then my Daughter who is still living with us, who does not care to hear about things like this, because it totally freaks her out, she came running out of her room and said Mom your not going to believe this, of course she told me about the whispering. I told her to keep her calm that they were most likely her Guardian Angle! So not to get off track to your persistant question you have! I too wanted to know exactly what they were saying. Like I said before after binding any forces of evil, they continued to come, therefore my belief is that they are beings of the light! This is what I did - when I would hear them, and could not understand what they were saying, I verbally told them I cannot understand what you are saying. They immediately spoke louder Donnie. I was so startled I nearly fell off the bed when they did. Let me state my husband who is very skeptical of such things, is always searching for a valid explanation to such occurances . So you can just imagine how he too was completly in awe when heard what the rest of us were hearing. Well there were many many times where I had to say to the light beings, " What are you saying" over & over again. But my persistance paid off! They were coming to me for a very good reason. So my advice to you Donnie is to tell them you can't understand them & to speak louder & clearer! Try that and let me know if it works. But my advice to you is make sure they are not entities of darkness. That could bring a great deal of trouble to you Donnie if they are! Our Words are Power, One does not have to be a believer in God for it to work! Simply commanding any evil presence to leave, if you believe it, they will obey you! After doing so, if you continue to hear the voices/whispering you will know they are beings of light, Angels perhaps, or a departed soul. Just be extra careful for dark entities do come as Angels of Light in order to deceive! So hopefully this little bit I have suggested does in fact help you! A Good Day To You & You too Toraylin Thank You for the Onboard Greeting! Oh one more question do you have a Dog or Cat Donnie? The reason I ask, because they will most times, let their Masters know when evil is present in the home, either by growling, hissing at absolutely nothing before them. If you do, pay close attention to the animals character, they always let us know one way or another what kind of spirit that is visiting! Unless of course, it only happens in your dreams or obe. Angel

posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 06:55 PM
Hello Donnie & Rev GodSlapper
That by the way Rev. was an excellent site referring to The Lucidity Institute. Thank You for the Information. Did you check that out Donnie, it will be of much help I'm sure! It answered many questions I was seeking.
Thanks Again Rev. most appreciated! Good Evening to you both!

posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 07:42 PM
hmm, take the approach that theyre not real and cant hurt you and dont be scared

then just tell them to get lost or something

posted on Jan, 21 2006 @ 11:30 AM
That was a long post, but VERY GOOD.

I wanted to add a few comments, and additons to what AngelWings9999 said.

I agree, you are more perseptive and aware, than most others.

I have a few suggestions for you dreaming next time...

The next time someone says something to you, ASK THEM to repeat it, so that you can hear it.
Something like: I did not understand you, please tell me so that I can understand your message.

Also, if you begin to feel uncomfortable, just try to count to 10 and think/say, I will am in a safe place and nothing can harm me.

ALSO~~ ALWAYS~~Surround yourself with white light.
Visualize the entire body covered in a powerful white light of positive and pure energy (God, if you believe).
And, imagine / visualize a bubble-mirror around you, reflecting all negative energy and harmeful energy from you and allowing only positive and hellpful energies to stay near you.

I had a similiar experience, but with a out right hostile entity and THIS worked for me...

Best Wishes....

posted on Jan, 21 2006 @ 05:18 PM
Hello Isis
Very good point you made. I love how each and every one of us has pieces to the puzzle! My occurrences happen almost on a daily basis and sometimes I'm still having difficulty understanding them. Me having a dishwasher sound in my ears that I've had for about 6 years now, doesn't help the matter. Doctors rule out tetnitus etc. Sometimes I have no problem making out what they are saying after making myself very clear to them - "What Are You Saying." Like you also stated Isis. But also I find that when my Son is visiting and we Both Ask them to clarify more clearly, it seems that we always are able to hear them much more clearly. Weather or not having Two of us present makes the difference for everyone, that I'm not sure. It's not just me and my ears lol, because if my Son is alone here, he too has dificulty making out what they say! But I would like to find that out for sure Donnie & Isis if it works for you. Good experiment for us to all have, & find out if having Two people present makes the difference! Let me know please. My Husband and I do a lot of House Calls for people who have Paranormal Activites etc in their home. When we go together we always have more positive results after ridding the house of spirits, entities etc. than when and if we go alone! So my belief is strong in having Two or even better, Three present when it comes to the things of the Spirit! Just my opinion though, hope this helps! Have you been able to make out what they are saying yet Donnie?
Thanks again Angel

posted on Jan, 21 2006 @ 05:30 PM
Does time stop when ur dreaming cos i can have a lenghty dream in the space of 5 minutes wen i wake up 4 school then go back to sleep

posted on Jan, 21 2006 @ 05:35 PM
oh and if u have an oobe u should no about it cos its as real as life very clear and u remember all of it

posted on Jan, 22 2006 @ 02:05 AM
Hello everyone, and thanks for the nice replies!
The idea of actually "asking" these "visitors" to make themselves more clear is not a bad one at all. I think I definitely will try to as soon as something like this happens again.. It's just that I'm not at all sure I can actually speak while having a lucid dream, I've always kept my mouth shut, knowing it's a dream and knowing there was no reason at all to talk since it.. wasn't real. And rest assured I can't say anything at all while having an oobe..! So do you think this is going to work even if I'm just.. thinking about it very intensely??

To answer that pet question:

Yes, I do have a cat, and a lovable one at that too. My mother and I always joke about what kind of spirits must inhabitate your home when we see him running away from nothing all of a sudden - he is one of those shy cats, you know those that if you're a stranger you can't even get close to him because he'll run away - I guess that's the same with the "visitors", he runs away and after a while you can see him hiding under something and looking at what seems to be absolutely nothing very intensely. Anyhow I really don't think I'm getting any evil thing get close to me.. I don't really even believe in evil itself, I'm just not made that way..

posted on Jan, 22 2006 @ 02:16 AM
And about the time "stopping", here's my two cents:

I know exactly what you're talking about, it happens quite often to me too. The thing is that time itself is nothing but a variable in the big construct of what we can and can't perceive, reality. But when you go to sleep, time is different than it is in normal life, it always is, no matter what you do, except if you have an oobe. Just think about when your dreams takes place in more than a day or things like that. Most important is that once you wake up what you remember about your dream (again unless it was a lucid dream or an oobe) is generally not much, and your memories of the dream can overlay with other memories, time, at least in the dream world, is very relative. I've had dreams that looked like ages actually last a few minutes, and I've also had dreams that looked like seconds actually last hours. It's all a perception of your mind, which in the dream wordl, has the control it does not have in real life over time itself. Only it's your subconscious that has that control, so unless you're having a lucid dream (where time looks as it does in normal life because of your conscious part of the mind being aware and in control of the dream) or an oobe (which is a totally different matter, to be honest) time in a dream is always somewhat distorted of it's real essence. But my other guess is that while all this happens, some small part of you - or your mind if you prefer - is also aware of the time outside of your mental world, some sort of biological clock that keeps track of time. It happens all the time, if you're used to waking up at a certain hour, chances have it that you're going to wake up at that hour even without your usual alarm clock booming you off your bed. I guess the same would apply in your subconscious during the entire day, and even while sleeping. My very own biological clock can be damn accurate sometimes.

P.S. - Oh my, that was damn right lengthy - sorry!! Uhmm.. lengthy and twisted too!

posted on Jan, 22 2006 @ 02:20 AM
Also (triple post! My bad) I thought it was of importance that I do not control the amount of time I'm given to either have a lucid dream/oobe nor the time I have to actually speak to these entities. And the times they actually spoke to me I always woke up seconds later. Sorry for the triple posting, but I really thought it to be of help since I'm going to ask these visitors to repeat themselves more clearly - what if I "run out of time"??

posted on Jan, 22 2006 @ 07:59 PM
Hello Donnie
Thanks for the reply & the insights to your expereinces. To answer your question about " What if you run out of time" are you asking what if your dreams stop and you awake. If that is what your asking, and you have more time to sleep, than you can do or try what I do. Which is, I tell myself out loud, " I want to continue where I was in the dream I just had" And upon falling to sleep I immediately start the dream right where I left off! It's Believing and also a Knowing with Assurance that I have the Control to do, be, whatever or where ever I want! Using this positive control, also has even allowed me to stop my dreams from ending when I sensed they were going to. Hopefully this answers your question Donnie, Let me know.

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