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I hate this world!!

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posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 12:14 AM
i have a 222 meg version of Conspiracy of Silence. Send me a u2u if you would like a link to download it. the quality isnt the best. but it works.

I agree with ya Oni, the world is full of Fracked up People. But IF they get put in jail, theres justice waiting for them.

Cons that harm children dont last long in prison, they are raped, beaten and very often killed within a few months of being in. I was outraged at that judge letting that guy on probation because he wouldnt last long in prison being 5'1". BIG FRAKIN DEAL, how long did those 2 children last against his twice as big stature.

Theres a petition going around to be sent to the judges council or whatever governing body they have. the lady that started it i heard on newstalk the other morning.

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 08:26 AM
For this I wouldn’t blame their hormones of anything like that. It is the society they live in.
They either live in a big house all on their own (usually a small house which makes matters worse) they live in a place where there is much crime and no one gives a crap about it. They are brought up in a crazy place where everyone is a looser and nobody cares about anyone. Rich people are ignorant and vain, poor people are un-motivated and probebly bullied and pushed around so they do the same to other less fortunates. Both rich and not so are no different. They all live in a world of ignorance and only those selves matter.
Such things will make a person oblivious to anyone else’s feelings so things like rape, molesting and assault sprout from their moldy, dark souls.

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posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 08:37 AM
ahh, good ol' misanthropy.

this is what i'm trying to escape from.

i agree, however...a large percentage of humanity needs cleansing.

i'm praying for those spears of fire...

posted on Jun, 19 2006 @ 03:41 AM
having a baby daughter, this hits really,really hard....

if any one ever harmed a hair on her head i would remove them from this planet in the most painfull and violent way i could think of, that probably makes me a sicko?..ask me if i care.

bring back the death penalty for child abusers and sex offenders.

posted on Jun, 29 2006 @ 08:10 AM
Fett, it is crazy isnt it.

The thing that gets me is some pedo's have children themselfs and sometimes they abuse them. How could someone do that to a child they made. :shk:

Sicky people. I would kill them but these stupid human rights laws!

Oni xx

posted on Jun, 29 2006 @ 10:01 AM
All this child abuse really gets me thinking of violent things to do the people who do it. I have thought of many, some gross and horrible, some not so. I think they deserve it and if I were to be arrested I would say that I did not commit murder because murder involves killing a human and these pedo's are not at all human IMO.

also an 8 year old girl was raped and killed NEAR where I like just a few days ago!!!!!

An eight-year-old girl allegedly murdered in a Perth shopping centre was attacked while her uncle and brother were just metres away, knocking on the door of the disabled toilet where she died, police believe.

A 21-year-old man was charged Tuesday over the death of Sofia Rodrigez-Urrutia-Shu, who police believe was snatched at random before allegedly being sexually assaulted and killed at the Livingstone Market shopping centre in suburban Canning Vale.

The schoolgirl, from the neighbouring suburb of Banjup, left her uncle, 14-year-old brother and 11-year-old sister to go to a toilet in the shopping centre at about 4pm (WST) Monday, police said.
Full story

They caught the guy and in the news paper he looks really menacing. But still, in a car it would take less than 5 minutes to reach the place where she was murdered. There is a massive memorial service as well. 10's of thousands of people are morning her death. They think it was the same guy who tortured and gruesomely killed a two year old in England some time back.

posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 04:24 AM
There will always be sick wicked people in the world, and the strangest thing is that the law in some countries seem to be protecting these people while punishing the innocent. Justice being blind is not a good thing.....

posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 04:40 AM
If it's any consulation to those who've had loved ones molested, or even themselves. I watched a very good MSNBC Dateline this morning, and they set up a whole surveilance system in this house, and busted 29 would be sex offenders.

It was about a fake 14 year old boy in online chat rooms meeting men who wanted to have sex with this boy. It was great. The offenders would drive up to the house, and let themselves in. The boy would say "I'll be right there", then the next thing you know...I'm drawing a blank on the reporter/anchors name. But he would come out and ask these would be offenders some questions to what they were doing. Turns out that some of these people were married, had kids, and were in upper ages of 18., One man was 61!

I just have to say I am glad to see some of our taxpaying money goes to some of the goods things you want to see it spent on. Molesters are one of the most sickening crimes I can ever imagine, and hopefully the judicial system will crack down on the sentecing!!!

Bless all the children, and burn all the predators!


posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 05:41 AM

Originally posted by TheCrystalSword
What I find ironic is, years down the road, when your victims become the pedophiles and child rapists, you will treat them with the same hatred and loathing.
Nobody sees past their blinding rage and desire for blood to see that it is a cycle.

I understand what you are saying but... Is it a cycle? I can see cycles of abuse happening in family units, yes, and that abuse can be sexual, mental and physical. But predatory paedophiles, ones who got out of their way to harm children, the ones watch and participate in child porn, are you sure that is a cycle? Were they victims of porn themselves too? How far does this cycle go back? the internet hasnt been around long and nor has video taping.

The whole "cycle of abuse" is only appropiate in some cases and should not be used as any watering down of the crimes against humanity.

It would be an interesting statistic to see how many pedophiles were preyed upon as children too. How many paedophiles can say, "Hey look at my life records, I was abducted and raped when I was 5, give me a break!" I have a feeling that there wont be that many.

It is also ironic that this sheer white hatred is reserved for people that might otherwise be helped if society did not want to make them suffer eternal torment or draw and quarter them.

People complain that punishment isnt enough, that in our western society we are being lenient, ie 20-25 years for money fruad verses 6 months-5 years for child rape etc. Our law system is failing us when money is held in higher esteem than human life. And you seem to be saying that these paedophiles can be helped and it is our fault that they prey on our children (because thay havnt been helped). These people are adults and they know what they desire is against societies rules.

People who need to be put down are people who can never stop what they do, cannot be helped, and cannot be cured. The insane, the psychopaths, the serial killers.

The insane? Thats a bit heavy handed! I must admit that I have met a few 'crazies' in my life but to put them down? And psychopaths, you know they are not all killers right? Many psychopaths do not kill and abuse people, the same with sociopaths and the like.

Of course, its hard to determine who can be helped and who can't. However, it isn't hard to see that nobody wants to help these people, they want them killed.

And sometimes its dead easy to see whats what. We have something called repeat offenders, its people who do the same crime again and again. We get this alot in the paedophile world, so by your admission they need to be put down!

So lets think about this, someone is sexually abused as a child, they grow up feeling sort of dirty and a part of them somehow learned that this was normal, or perhaps they feel that it eases their own pain to share it somehow... so they sexually abuse a child, and not only are they treated by society as if they are dirty, they aren't treated as a human when it comes out. The Cycle repeats.

And Im sure many many children who were abused also grew up feeling angry and that it wasnt normal and share their pain with friends/loved ones/counsellors/God etc. This cycle you talk about only really happens when in seclusion. When the child is brought up away from outside influences and grows up believing in its normalacy. Most children today have this outside influence and know what has been done to them is a crime. Social services, media and communities play a role in this. There are endless adverts on the TV for the NSPCC (a charity for children that are abused).

Feel free to blast me, I felt the need to rant on this particular topic since everyone sees only one side of the issue.

Well, Im not anrgy or anything so this doesnt count as a blasting, only making points againts your points. I believe the most anger comes from the justice system, not dealing with these people correctly and having them 'loose' within our societies when they are obviously still a menace.

posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 10:04 PM
They should be publicly should be such a severe penalty, that people would fear for their lives if they even thought of doing it.

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