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To Serve Man

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posted on Dec, 18 2005 @ 09:59 AM
Hi all

thanks for the vote AlphaOfTheOmega, thank you very much, i'm glad ppl found my post interesting, I do like to wonder sometimes, what i find interesting is that know matter how crazy such a theory may sound, you can always find a ring of truth to it, enough to ponder or speculate with at least, and like Relentless said!

quoted by Relentless
I can't imagine any alien would be stupid enough to ingest us considering the garbage we are loaded up with.
That would be as bad as us loading our cattle with all kinds of adulteration to fatten them up for us to eat. Oh, wait a minute.......

you can see the simalaritys in the farming technics used

Also its true that inactivity is a problem, Society has become very sedentary. Television, computer and video games contribute to our inactive
lifestyles, and it seem's as though junk food and these technologies all tend to promote each other, and the obisity promblem will rise within the next few years, and by 2012, there will be billions of ripe humans sitting around, all ready to be plucked by the farming aliens,
What we need to do

1, Close down the junk food production line
2, Ban advertising
3, Eat them before they eat you
Some good recipies, but i cant see you getting much meat out of a Gray

posted on Jan, 3 2006 @ 09:14 AM
24 hour Fitness club in controvacy back in 1999!

The ad depicts an alien's emotionless red face in closeup with the company's logo superimposed on one giant staring eyeball. In the background, a second alien figure looms behind a misty haze. The stark headline reads, "WHEN THEY COME THEY'LL EAT THE FAT ONES FIRST."

A group of overweight advocates protested a 24 Hour Fitness billboard that depicted an alien and read, "When they come, they'll eat the fat ones first."

Lynn McAfee, director of advocacy at the Council of Size and Weight Discrimination based in Philadelphia, says that San Francisco's legislation is the strongest. The law was born out of a 1999 controversy at a 24-Hour Fitness Gym, which displayed a poster with an alien creature and the words, "They'll eat the fat people first." In 2000, after organized protests and pressure on government officials, San Francisco County added "weight" onto their anti-discrimination ordinance.

"Eat me!" the 30-some protesters in front of 24 Hour Fitness at Van Ness Avenue and Post Street chanted as they held an aerobics class and waved signs that read, "Bite My Fat Alien Butt," and "I'm Yummy." Some handed out lollipops.


Uncompelling words from a fat kid as he struggles to make use of the #ty skeleton he got for Christmas instead of the Easy Bake Oven he wanted.
Read this funny stereotype article about it

It seems as though this add with the message: "WHEN THEY COME THEY'LL EAT THE FAT ONES FIRST" has made a big difference in the law of human rights and made it illegal to discriminate against people who are overweight.

All the best... ian

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