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NEWS: Bush Supports Move of Iran's Uranium Enrichment Program to Russia

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posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 02:01 PM
President Bush told Russia's president, Vladimir V. Putin, that he would support a plan move Iran's uranium enrichment program to Russia. Unfortunately, Iran has rejected this approach, but hope is still being held out that Iran will eventually agree to the compromise. Britian, France and Germany are also in agreement with the plan.

President Bush told President Vladimir V. Putin today that the United States was willing to accept a nuclear compromise - rejected by Tehran in recent days - that would move all of Iran's enrichment of uranium to Russia.

"We hope that over time Iran will see the virtue of this approach, and it may provide a way out," Mr. Bush's national security adviser, Stephen Hadley, told reporters here today, after the two leaders met.

Just hours later, the International Atomic Energy Agency issued a new report about Iran to its board, detailing new documents the country has turned over that give details, for the first time, about technology that Iran was offered in 1987 by Abdul Qadeer Khan, the Pakistani head of the world's largest black-market nuclear network.

According to the report, included in the engineering drawings and other technology offered to the Iranians were diagrams about how to form uranium metal into what the report called "hemispherical spheres," a description that could suggest the basic steps toward creating bomb cores. While the report did not make any reference to weaponry, and gave no indication that Iran did anything with the information about how to form the uranium metal, it made clear that Iran understood the potential significance of the finding.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Iran has been caught lying about its program in the past and threats to haul them before the International Atomic Energy Agency, a move opposed by Russia and China, has softened them up just a bit. Moreover, even Russia is losing patience with Iran over their reluctance to go along with the plan.

This seems like a win/win situation for both Iran and Russia. Iran gets to keep their enrichment program and Russia benefits financially from the deal. One would think that Iran would agree to such a compromise, if there intentions were as benign as they have insisted that they are. Perhaps, the Iranians are up to more than just the generation of electricity.

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