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Atlantis and the Azores Islands?

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posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 12:27 PM
Athanasius Kircher’s Atlantis (source)
Included in the work is this map of Atlantis, placing the lost island (or rather mini-continent) between Spain and America. For some reason, the map is oriented upside down, with the south on top. The main island of Atlantis is accompanied by two smaller, unnamed ones to its right (west).

The Vulcans shown can possible be one of the following Azorean Vulcans:

a) Pico - The volcano is in the south-west of the island of Pico at 38.47 N, 28.40 W. It is a basaltic stratovolcano 2,351 m high with steep sides. The last eruption on the island was in 1963.

b) Santa Barbara - in Terceira island, which comprises the western end of the island and is its highest point at 1,023 m. This stratovolcano is truncated by two calderas, the youngest of which formed about 15,000 years ago. Historical eruptions occurred in 1761 along a fissure on the east side of the volcano, and in 1867 and 1998–2000 from submarine vents off the west coast.

c) Sete Cidades - Sao Miguel Island, The peak area between Sete Cidades and Fogo is a monogenetic volcanic field composed of 270 volcanoes. They are primarily made up of basaltic cones which were formed during Strombolian and Hawaiian-style eruptions. This is the part of the island with most recent volcanic activity. The youngest volcanoes are relatively well dated. It is estimated that 19 eruptions have occurred during the last 3,000 years. Several eruptions have been witnessed and recorded by people. The last one took place in the seventeenth century. The most famous eruption is known as Fogo 2, occurring in 1652.

posted on Mar, 12 2010 @ 02:19 PM

Originally posted by Ribeira
scientist believe Mongolians who are now native Americans travelled over to the Americas by the ice cap my point is if azores is an aboriginal word maybe it was the azores they used when it was a big massive continent.

The Native Americans were never related to Mongolians. If anything, they're the purest descendants of Atlantis, as described by Edgar Cayce in many of his readings, since Atlanteans were "The red race" - one of the five root races that appeared on Earth 10 million years ago. The others being White, Black, Yellow, and Brown. They appeared at the same time, according to Cayce.

My source is The Mysteries of Atlantis Revisited by Edgar Evans Cayce, Gail Cayce Schwartzer, and Douglas G. Richards.

I think the Cayce readings are the best sources we have for information on Atlantis, since we have limited physical evidence. Ten thousand years is a mighty long time.

North America was not the only place Atlanteans fled too, however, since there were migrations taking place thousands of years before, interspersed. Consider the stones of Puma Punku. Granite and diorite cut perfectly by a culture supposedly using stone tools... riiiight.... Atlantean migrants make more sense to me there.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 05:50 AM
reply to post by optimus fett

Hi, the Azores is definately whats left of Atlantas. Its the 7 mountains that formed the sacred heights. Atlantas had an abundance of hot springs as does the Azores. I found this out from a book called Atlantis to the later days by EL EROS which is about 90 years old. About 15 years ago i contacted a scientist who had a website on the mystery of Atlantis and i mentioned Azores and a few other things hoping he would look into it.He said he agreed with everything i had said but he seemed a bit unsure of his own beliefs on the matter, i heard no more.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 05:59 AM
Hawaii and Easter Ilands are the visible signs of the continent Lemuria, It was a huge Continent.

posted on Jul, 15 2011 @ 12:14 PM
reply to post by ArMaP

Hi, I'm new and find this subject very interesting.

In regard of sinking of a large island I would like to mention that there is some evidence of consequent flooding of Northern Africa as far as Egypt. It seems that after the underground shift and breaking up and sinking of the island, that resulted from the volcanic eruptions in the North East of Atlantis, a series of large tidal vaves were created that poured into Mediterranean, flooding North Africa and parts of Egypt.

It also explains why the minority of Atlanteans who escaped fled West, away from centers of civilization, and not East, to Egypt, with who they have cultural links. It makes sense. Europe was covered with snow and would not support agriculture, water was pouring into Gibraltar strait, making it impassible, NW Africa was torn by wars. In this situation Americas would be the most realistic option.

I do believe Naitive Americans are descendants of Atlanteans. They have legents to support that as well.

posted on Jan, 26 2013 @ 01:12 PM
Hawaii is aid to sit atop a thermal plume rising from the deep mantal and creating the vulcanism that is the reason it exist's, there are many lost hawaiian isalnds now deep beneath the ocean in a line were the crust has moved over the thermal plume, without the magmatic pressure they have sunk beneath the ocean and some are now merely bumps on the sea bed, it coupled with yellowstone national park in the usa are one of the reason's charles hapgood's earth crust displacement theory (despite it's mechanical possabillity)may be wrong meaning we have to look at other causative effect's and as for Lemuria or Mu it may have some anecdotal evidence in the existance of Lemur of variouse sub-species scattered around a large area of the pacific, they can't swim and are quite shy, although some people's eat them they are not likely to have been spread by human's so it indicate's a possible originating land mass that may have been linked to these island's at some point, work out the genetic drift rate between the variouse lemur specie's and you have a time frame to work by.

Much further back in time it is possible that compensating geological pressure opposite to the supercontinents pangea or gondwanaland would have allowed a much smaller basaltic pseudo-continent to have existed in the central pacific or world ocean at that time.
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posted on Jan, 26 2013 @ 01:12 PM
I have just read your comment's on the possabillity of Atlantis and would like to add some observation's based on several theory's,. during the last Ice age which ended sometime around 10000 years bc there were and are still ongoing geological activity's resulting from the depression of the crust beneath 2 to 4 miles of ice such as the still ongoing uplift of northern norway or the sinking and simultaneouse uplift of the british isle's,.

Whilest I do not know if Plato's atlantis actually exist'ed I Do frimly believe that there are million's of square mile's of former land mass that are now lost beneath the ocean, coupled with the build up of ice during the last ice age the sea level being as much as 265 feet lower globally due to the reduced liquid water in the ocean's and the magmatic subcrustal displacement of semi fluid extreme high viscocity mantal and sucrustal material caused by the continent sized amount's of ice depressing the high lands of the continent's and the northern hemisphere, the equator would likely have had a pronounced bulge greater than that is currently doese pushing many of the island's and even continent's south of the area depressed by the ice upward and exposing vastly more land mass.

the midatlantic ridge formed according to plate techtonic theory when the continent's began to drift apart but this is a vast over simplification as it actually pushed them apart, it is likely if you could see the world when is began to exert this presure and create basaltic spread that formed the atlantic sea bed it would at first have looked like a range of massively towering himalayan like volcanoe's and the upthrust would have pushed the western sea board of amarica and the eastern sea board of africa and asia downward like a bulge in the middle of a soggy sandwich, the magma hardened to basaltic deposit's and being heavyer that the granitic continental rock (that one theory proposes is actually the remain's of another planetoid or moon that soft impacted the early earth after it's orbit decayed-explaing it's incomplete coverage of the earth surface and it's lower chemical density than the other crustal rock's) and under it's own weight without the continental rock to support it sank under it's own weight to form the early atlantic ocean, meaning the eastern sea borad of the Americans and the west of africa and europe were actually high above water. Now what if this continued for a very long time even into ancestral memory followed by a great cataclysmic event that nearly destroyed the entire human race and all then extant civilisation.


North west of cuba a sunken city 1065 feet under water, on the bolivian altiplana high in the andes are the ruin's of Tia huanaco and Puma Punku, in the nearby fresh water lake Titikaka are flora and fauna that have been forced to adapt to a geological uplift and are nearly genetically and physically identical (but stunted) to flora and fauna found off the coast of bolivia most are not found in the rivers that drain the lake so colonisation from the sea can be almost ruled out, you may know a theory that this is atlantis, I for one do not but do believe it to be over twelve thousand 700 years old and to have been a coastal city and part of a lost civilisation.

All around the atlantic there are flood story's and legends of drowned land's but Imagine if you will a scenario were the mid atlantic ridge lika tire losing it's air deflated at the end of the last ice age and reduced vulcanism in the area caused it to suddenly collapse removing the sub crustal pressure that boyed the south american eastern seaboard up tilting the entire south american continent and uplifting tiahuanaco about 12600 to 16000 years ago while also taking that city north west of cuba down along with many other land masses and people's with there entire culture's followed by a vast unprecedented super tidal surge of the ocean thousands of feet high that like a terrible tsunami swept over africa and europe as far as asia that also raced around the globe and caused smaller surge's in the pacific, flowed back over the america's, coupled with the ice flood's at the end of the ice age, global famine and climate change including the redirection of the gulf stream with it's resultant weather pattern alteration's and warming of the ice sheet's.

Of course were your atlantis is thought to have been would most certainly have been above sea level and peopled as they were not living were the ice was and that is were we are now but it was not the only great land mass or the greatest that was then lost.

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posted on Jan, 26 2013 @ 01:12 PM
Internet lag sorry I triple clicked the mouse
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As you may know an infamouse think tank once advised the us government to keep knowledge of alien's or more advance specie's out of the public domein through the belief, misguided or otherwise, it would cause social collapse and religeouse collapse, is it not possible the same idot's are keeping infromation on this subject due in part ot the possabillity that previouse age's may have been far in advance of us from the public and actively silencing information source's.

why have we not heard more from Paulina Zalitsky and in the 1950's to the 1970's why were several prominent researcher's into atlantis found dead from supposed suicide but in highly suspiciouse circumstance's.

I'm not saying anybody wanted to keep control of certain patent's or deny better energy source's to the public as that would have eroded there control over us but we would be fool's to overlook the likelyhood that this is the case, for instance. I invent a calculating chip and somebody find's a near identical design'ed piece of hardware in ancient ruin's it become's public domein due to the fact I then did not invent it but Reinvented it and it is no longer my concept but is historic human domein, no LEGAL patent court could then uphold my claim that my chip was origainal and therefore I owned the right's.

I for one have heard of more than one instance of archeological dig's being closed by military authority's in the state's and eslewere,.
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posted on Jan, 29 2013 @ 03:42 PM
reply to post by LABTECH767

Another cause for the reduction of equatorial geothermal pressure is the reducing gravitational influance of the moon as it slowly move's into higher orbit it is also slowly accelerating away from us and it may have about the same time as this cataclysm happened have passed beyond a point were it's gravitational influance dropped sufficiantly to remove the subcrustal swell that would also have maintained higher vulcanism nearer or at the equatorial region's.

posted on Jan, 30 2013 @ 03:35 PM
One other thing that may have caused the tilting of the south american continental plate along with the submergence of extremely large area's of land in the atlantic is the forced movement of the lighter aluminium rich continental rock over the heavy'er iron rich basaltic plate, assuming that a basaltic continent may have existed it is reasonable to assume that it would have been much thicker than the normal basalt plate's of the ocean bed and this would have meant that as the western side of the america's moved over it they would have been pushed upward as evidenced by the formation of the ande's mountain's and coinciding with this large island masses or even microcontinent's of basaltic formation may have been submerged in the pacific.

When I was much younger I used to watch the german television channel's at night as they used to screen film of the earth as taken by the astronaught's from the shuttle and this was uncencored as it was not spy camera footage I also recorded it to VHS, Having been interested in this subject for a very long time I noticed on one shot (I watched it score's of time's to be certain) of the south american amazon jungle a very, very large crescent shaped marking thickened in the centre of it's ark in a heavily forested valled with a river running through it, upstream but offset to the right of the view were eight pyramid like formation's west of it toward the ande's which were clearly visible on the frame making the stucture's mountatin sized, now I would say hydroelectric dam and power plant's but huge the only problem was the dam was oriented the wrong way, the hydro plant's if that is what they were were pushed of centre to the centre of the dam's outflow or were the outflow would be and would have been more suitable to dam a very large heading west, if this was what it looked like to me it's sheer size would have made it unrecognizable on the ground and it's age would predate the uplift of the ande's, but it may have merely been the eagle eye'd join the dot's mentality of a young boy, still I have a clear memory of it but in today's air brushed satellite view world I doubt it would still be visible as if it was that visible to me the cencor's would have spotted it. The valley appeared to be realitvely flat so it was silted over or infilled as well and more like ground discolouration but on an epic scale, the arc was facing away from the mountain's were a modern dam as well as being much smaller would face toward them to use the inherent strength of the arched structure to bear the load of the dammed water and transferre it to the valley wall's unless as I said it was a river that flowed west before the ande's were upthrust,.

The isthmus of Gibralter,.

The ancient greek story's such as the odysee tell of the piller's of hercules were there is the silla (a terrible serpant or current ) and Caribdis ( a whirlpool ) now though the disaster that most geologist's assumed happened 5 million year's ago which breached the isthmus and allowed the atlantic to flood into the mediteranean valley was supposed to have happend before humanity there is a large, massive circular crater indentation that may have been formed by a unbelievably large wirlpool (or an anti matter/plasma bomb or tunguska like event) called the Abyssal sump on the mediteranean side of the isthmus and entire mountain's were washed away by the flow of the flood, sound's earily like the odysee does'nt it.

I believe the Atlantis of legend was not the first or highest achievement of intelligence on earth but would be a pale shadow to some of these even earlier epoch's.

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