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Become one with Big Brother and fly faster!

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posted on Nov, 5 2005 @ 03:00 AM
Guess what?
If you don't mind paying a fee, having a background check done on you and providing fingerprints, you can skip past the pat downs the next time you fly!

Come on, it is totally painless, and it'll speed up your trip - to 1984!

Don't mind me, though, I'm just paranoid. And they're putting the pieces together. You know who they are; don't play stupid anymore.

posted on Nov, 5 2005 @ 03:10 AM
Come to think of it, I wonder if the airlines can actually tell the gov't to "shove it" and not have to do all those security checks and simplify the situation for better customer service. (inclucing security)

From what I've read so far it just seems to me that all this homeland defense hoop-lah is just too expensive and ineffective. I really think all these memos and news reports of "terrorist plots foiled" and things like that are most, if not all, fabricated.

I dunno, just ranting...

posted on Nov, 5 2005 @ 03:16 AM
I don't know if I'd go for that...

I sort of look forward to the pat downs at the airport.

posted on Nov, 5 2005 @ 07:10 AM
The scary part is that it will work. Many people will jump at this opportunity. Probably business travellers first as they may be required to do so by their company.

Problem-Reaction-Solution ... works every time.

posted on Nov, 5 2005 @ 07:27 AM

The program, tested at five airports for more than a year, would allow most people to avoid random pat-downs if they pay a fee, clear a voluntary background check and provide some form of biometric identification, such as a fingerprint.
To encourage participation, Hawley said the agency is considering adding benefits such as letting registered travelers keep their shoes and jackets on, or setting up special screening lanes for registered travelers. There will be occasional random pat-downs to make sure terrorists do not try to beat the system, Hawley said.

Do I have this right? I pay $80, give my fingerprint, they do a background check, so I can bypass the whole random pat down thing, Then, they let me keep my shoes on, but still do occasional random pat downs to to make sure terrorists do not try to beat the system.

So, in essence, I'm paying $80 to give them a bunch of personal information (sure they don't inject me with special 'good flyer juice'?) so I can keep my shoes on?

They STILL do random pat-downs. Well pat me down, honey!

And what's the fee for? They have to do less work. What exactly am I paying for?

The program is intended to let frequent air passengers avoid delays and to free up security screeners to focus on other travelers.

This is ridiculous! I hope I never have an occasion to fly again. I haven't flown for years and I don't plan to. I'll drive, thank you.

posted on Nov, 5 2005 @ 07:35 AM

Originally posted by jsobecky
I don't know if I'd go for that...

I sort of look forward to the pat downs at the airport.


I don't know what the fuss is really, I have been through many "random" (ha!) and extra security checks at American airports for the last few years as a foreigner and they really don't take that long nor do most of the customs officers pay any real attention to what they are doing or looking at ... most of the males are just trying to get my phone number

If people are giving up their info this easily, and paying to do so, they have reached a whole new level of stupidity IMO

[edit on 5-11-2005 by ImJaded]

posted on Nov, 5 2005 @ 08:02 AM
here's the funny thing: i inquired about this, and even though i am a federal employee who already holds a security clearance, i would still have to pay the fee and submit to the background checks.

what exactly is the point folks? money, pure and simple.

posted on Nov, 5 2005 @ 08:19 AM
One less check if you are a non-convicted narcotics transporter...

Not sure how background checks are going to be sufficient. It is possible to commit a wrong doing without having any previous convictions.

Possibility of plane hijackers having not had a previous record and conforming to the checks that would be in place.

This is most irresponsible.

posted on Nov, 5 2005 @ 09:21 AM
Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls....welcome to "THE GOVERNMENT'S NOT ALL BAD" on the Anti-terror televison network.

In news tonight the government announces an all new way to pay tolls and to stop the annoying "STOP HERE TO PAY" lane.

Simply pay the government a one time (ok maybe monthly) $85 fee and they will implant your right temple with a special HIWAY ACCESS chip that will be read at various locations through out the United States, and the amount of the toll will be deducted from your checking account.

This is actually better than car tags, because you can use it in whatever vehicle you happen to be traveling in.

Our reporter Hugh G. Waste caught up with the director of the new program, and asked him why this program will work?

"Cause we can catch terrorists with this"

Hugh "But you can track ALL of America this way will this stop criminals?"

"UHHHHH....cause we can catch terrorists with this!"

There you have it folks, that makes it all worth while...we can catch terrorists! Quick run out and get tagged it for it for the kids!

- One Man Short

[edit on 5-11-2005 by One Man Short of Manhood]

posted on Nov, 5 2005 @ 09:31 AM
At this point what difference does it make other than holding on to whatever dignity we have left? Your information is already theirs and you aren't hiding anything as much as you believe you may be. You already have nothing to hide so might as well fly faster eh?

posted on Nov, 5 2005 @ 09:56 AM

Originally posted by I See You
You already have nothing to hide so might as well fly faster eh?

They're counting on that attitude. Congratulations for standing up for freedom!

One Man Short - Excellent! Most excellent!

posted on Nov, 5 2005 @ 11:05 AM
The Reporter Hugh G. Waste is certainly sniffing down the right trail, I believe. Whatever is done is with the next step in the process already in mind.
I can't walk past an airport without being the victim of an anal probe by airport security perverts. I really don't like the whole "taking the cows to the market" experience of air travel so I usually have a bit of a scowl on my face when staggering forward in the lines, and I ALWAYS forget to remove my shades before getting in line. The combination always insures I'll be targeted for the works.
Regardless, I'm not paying Jack for the privilege of possibly missing the patdown.
Funny, I know of bars where people have to pay what the security guys in airports are expected to do!

posted on Nov, 5 2005 @ 11:18 AM
Another site with details states the following:

The proposal also would allow ice picks, throwing stars and bows and arrows on flights. Allowing those items was suggested after a risk evaluation was conducted about which items posed the most danger.

Airline Security

Surely they can't be serious?!?!

posted on Nov, 5 2005 @ 11:29 AM
If I was conspiracy minded, I could see this as a way to create animosity between the classes. The rich speed through the lines, passing the poor who can't afford the fee, or just don't fly enough to justify the charge.

posted on Nov, 13 2005 @ 03:40 PM

Originally posted by jsobecky
I don't know if I'd go for that...

I sort of look forward to the pat downs at the airport.

I think what your looking for is just a little to the right..

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