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Monks Remote View the Aliens Coming

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posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 05:56 AM
reply to post by LoneGunMan

How you are describing your wife is very much like myself and a few other members on my family. I myself am very good at it, but i keep myself drugged up" so to speak. Sometimes i can pull thoughts outta peoples heads. if its a person i know well, they can tell me what they are planning to do, and i will tell them exactly how events will take place, and they always happen exactly as i say. My mom is wonderous in her abilities, but she prefers to use it for reasons that i would not use them for.
Does this lady charge money? If not, could you ask her where my bloodlines are from? (i am uncertain), and ask her what the worst thing that happened to me was, as to proove she is real(if you needed some info on me msg me). If she does charge money, then how much, and whats the number i would have to call
But seriously i would love to talk with someone like you mention. If they are for real, maybe they could help me fix the things i need to to finnish my 'evolution'.

posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 02:33 PM
reply to post by Viendin

Yeah I agree about what you said about how no one should know about what will happen , Yes In fact no one really knows , BUT because there is so much speculation and claims , different possibilities for Evolution. Consciousness is Like a garden it grows. The unbounded mind .....what is mind? there is one mind one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively in many many different forms so that everything is possible , take a look at our Universe for example , so vast teaming with energy and life , it would be foolish not to think so. The geometry of the Pyramids is a smoking gun that we are being guided by stellar civilized Intelligent beings. But we have to grow up, we have to start showing our TRUE nature of the divine beings that we are. Only then we will we evolve to the next level of understanding. Consciously evolve with good intentions then we can interact. We are a team of life helping each other. I am not claiming I have the answers , just expressing how I see it.

And maybe, we will some day understand this wild journey , Personally I would not rule anything out that relates a healthy evolution of a collective growth.

And the monk who didn't give a straight answer is typical of their nature to
respond without absolutes , Their nature is to get you to ask yourself what you believe is true, they are mystical in that respect , an advanced monk will never tell you how it is , discovery is a personal journey , they will show you a way to discover through literature , poems & meditations. They might hint
at things they know , in such a case as this & bearing this magnitude so you dont crumble. But they will never say "YES" or "NO" However how you ask
about what you are seeking could be more reveling. Could you imagine a reporter coming up to a monk with yes or no They don't really operate that way.

Thanks for your post , I dont know if all this relates to the tee , but just for the sake of debate Couldn't help myself! It is a great topic to put it mildly.



posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 08:29 PM
I most definitly disagree with this colmn, the government wouldn't go to such an extent to creat the world into a nuclear war zone because of the extra turestruals living within the human race. A new world order will fall upon earth and humans will be treated as slaves (some say), but the ability of time and space will evolve and humans kind will creat a new eara, and will bring peace to our planet earth. Patience will bring peace. (Gevorg .A.) CA

posted on Jul, 7 2008 @ 02:00 AM

“The things that will destroy us are:

Politics without principle;

Pleasure without conscience;

Wealth without work;

Knowledge without character;

Business without morality;

Science without humanity,

And worship without sacrifice.”

I agree wholeheartedly, more in the notion of these principals as being indicative of our present state of things, and problems that we are accountable for. Although I am not a Buddhist, we share much, *very* much in our appraisal of the current state of humanity. I believe that when the event happens, it will either be that a worm-hole is opened, or that there is a Heavenly "act of congress" (if I may use such a profane allegory) that will show us what has existed alongside us in higher-dimensions all along. Different traditions have their particular flavor, but when the "messianic age" is revealed, it will most likely be thought of as being extra-terrestrial in nature. Let's face it, it WILL be extra-terrestrial to our understanding. If we could only see the entities that surround us at each existential moment, perhaps vibrating at a higher frequency than us, how insane it will make us feel when the veil is lifted. Good post, and 2012 or not, it's going to be like flipping a switch, not a complex "us vs. the UFOs" type of scenario from all of the sacred texts of traditions I have studied.

If we are the generation with which the fate of humanity so delicately hangs in the balance upon, I say "Let's do this thing!" Even though it will probably be the most excruciating thing we can even contemplate. Still, "LET"S DO THIS THING!"


reply to post by siriuslyone

posted on Jul, 7 2008 @ 04:01 AM
reply to post by hexagram23

I completely agree with this attitude! It is saddening that we will only progress spiritually after mass death and war, learning from mistakes and witnessing this "intervention" if it is so to be. Imagine if everyone was open minded and had a similar belief in spiritual progression, karma could prevent everything. Unfortunately we have to witness political tools rip apart our world. If only people knew the true potential inside of them!

posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 06:38 PM
Informative post. There is ample evidence of all:

Politics without principle; Waging war for peace. (Fabricating lies of WMD, Fabricating Saddam's ties to Osama) Then claiming to "liberate" Iraq even though Saddam has been gone for several years. The provocateurs create the illusion that the US can't leave even though they could. Nothing worse would happen (of course I'm only suggesting Iraq on their own could murder over a million people and it would be no worse than the "liberation" the US is claiming to be fighting for. Even Saddam would be hard pressed to kill a million people, -but if done under the banner of democracy, it is well worth it? ) For those of you still grazing in your front yard, read the playbook and watch the SAME plays being executed to fabricate a war with Iran. When you have something that works, stick with it.

Pleasure without conscience; Ah, we almost miss the Clinton years.

Wealth without work; Well how would you define the bailout of the brokerage houses that made fortunes packaging "rat # in the coffee beans" SIVs? Now because people don't like rat # in their coffee the US taxpayer has to bail them out? Why do these guys get paid twice for doing wrong once?

Knowledge without character; The US congress sold the American public out today (again) by passing the FISA bill which provides immunity for the telecoms for the ILLEGAL wire taps they provided and now makes it unneeded to even get a warrant to spy on you. The Congress should know by now that 911 was fabricated to pass the patriot act, yet 2/3rds of them passed this bill. (The Patriot Act was passed within a month of 911 and it was several hundred pages of law which trampled the Constitution.) Therefore the majority of congress does not have courage or character to defend the sleeping public.

Business without morality; Beating a dead horse on the Mortgage industry, but they have successfully been selling debt since the money changers were chased from the church.

Science without humanity, consistent with the "ends justifies the means" there is a law that the US can test chemicals weapons on the US citizens without their consent.

And worship without sacrifice.” The US worships convenience over sacrifice, sound bites over journalism and has developed a suicidal lack of responsibility. The prevailing attitude that "THEY" should do something about that has permeated every segment of society where few, if any, take personal responsibility for anything that their government does.

If you don't like the path that the US is on, at the very minimum write to your congressman. At least create the illusion that they should listen to you. It might stiffen their backbones if they knew that a majority would support them, otherwise why blame them when they sell out to PAC's that give them money.

posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 07:38 PM
I for one believe the world will get zapped by an intense and turbulent series of cosmic rays in 2012 that may alter life as we know it.
Then again, it could be the Mayan Y2K.

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