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OP/ED Corporate Involvement in Domestic Law Enforcement

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posted on Sep, 16 2005 @ 07:35 AM
Below is an article I wrote this morning concerning a topic that's been on my mind for a few days, private corporate involvement with domestic civilian law enforcement. I have always been opposed to this and have recently seen quite a few examples of it in action. This article is woefully short considering all that may be discussed in regards to the topic but it serves the purpose of portraying my opinion.

The Implications of Private Corporate Involvement With Civilian Law Enforcement.
by N.E. Wood

Traffic had turned the highway into a parking lot as the day came to a close, commuters wishing for an expediant ride home found themselves in a quagmire caused by the UN Meeting. Driving into Manhatten from the Queensborro Bridge it was clear that somthign was going on. Helicopters hovered in holding positions over the east side while others circled the surrounding areas trying to get the best shot for the evening news. Gently floating through the fall air a few blocks downtown from the UN was a common sight, the FujiFilm blimp, only this is not the anachronistic marketing device we're used to seeing. It is an advance surveillance platform employing the latest in imaging technology developed by FujiFilm and the whole package is on loan to the New York Police Department. The problem here is not the insideousnous of Big Brother masquerading as a seemingly innocent part of the New York skyline but it is the fact that an element of the police force is now under private corporate control. This problem is not an isolated event, the United Sates Government has been open about it's use of Private Military Corporations such as BlackWater, whose operatives are called "contactors" by the mainstream media, both in Iraq and New Orleans. The use of such private firms opens a new resource of highly trained, experienced, battle hardened professional personnal who are readily familiar with even the most modern battle technology such as the UAVs and are a valuable resource in any international conflict. However the domestic use of such private security firms should be an issue of worry among the American people.

The 21st century has shown us new heights of corporate profits never before imagined by the robber barons of years past. Companies such as Microsoft claim financial worth in numbers that did not exist in monetary amounts only a few decades ago. Although many of these corporations hold little land their power and influence is palpable with an economic influence exceeding that of many small countries and employment numbers on par with major cities. It is plain, to even the illiterate, that the sole purpose of a corporation is the accumulation of wealth for the elite and priveledged few at the top, generally at the cost of those below. America has become a nation ruled by two governments, one justly and legally created by the people for the direct purpose of serving the people, the other has come to power through force, influence, and intimidation. This problem would be easily rectified if not for the fact that the corporate has seeped it's way into the governmental, occupying positions of power at every level. This new corporate influence brings with it a corporate mind set, one of profit and control, which has caused even those free of corporate interest to view things from an economic standpoint. A legislative or executive act that once was measured in societal reaction is now measured in profit margins and candle stick charts. This new marriage of the corporate and the federal has created a new set of moral standards vastly different than that of a few decades ago and has facilitated the creation of a new form of law enforcement.

The American system of law enforcement has served us well for near 300 years and was created to protect the law abiding citizens from those of ill repute and malevolent desires. For the most part our laws, and the means by which they are enforced, have been governed by the opinion of the majority and cases to the contrary were not long lived. Our law enforcement officers were the interface between the judiciary and the citizenry and more over they were our friends, our allies, they were people we told our children to trust in. As the 21st century rolls on they have taken on a different role, they have become the means by which the government enforces rules and actions not always accepted or agreed upon by the citizens. A police officer is now a figure of authority, granted the ability to use even deadly force at his or her discretion, whose word is not to be questioned nor his order disobeyed. The transition was a quiet one, like a thief in the night the modern era of fear stole away our friendly neighborhood beat cop and replaced him with an armored, almost military force whose new objective seems to be protecting the corporate and federal from the plebian citizens. The ever watchful eye of the law has turned away from corruption and organized crime and has set it's sights on the most dangerous of all enemies, a disgruntled and disinfranchised populace. Domestic surveillance and civilian control is the name of the game and staying on top of the terrorists-to-be will require new technology, which in turn will require monetary resources sometimes exceeding the capacity of a local or even state law enforcement budget requiring law enforcement agencies and police departments to turn to the corporations for help.

The FujiFilm blimp is a perfect example of this shift in our concept of law enforcement. At one time it was a fundemental American beliefe that all are equal in the eyes of the law, granted this has not always been the case but it had been an ideal of perfection we were driven to acheive. All people of this great nation, whether rich or poor, were meant to recieve the same just and righteous treatment. This beliefe in equality was the main reason for law enforcement to be controlled and operated by state and local governments, as they are the laws of the state it is only logical that the state enforce those laws. What we are seeing is just the begining of a new era for the American people as the corporations begin to control not only the law makers, but those who enforce the laws. If it is the rich alone who control the making and enforcing of laws then it is surely the poor who will be imprisoned. Private corporate sponsership of law enforcement as we see in the blimp example is somthing wrriten of in countless dystopian sci-fi novels and is the death of equal consideration in the eyes of the law. More importantly it may spell the end for our current concept of law and legality, if the persuit, apprehension and detainment of people deemed suspects is outsourced to privately owned corporations the longevity of our Bill of Rights is called into question. There are currently no regulations or laws concerning the private assistance in civil law enforcemnet except those created as company policy to avoid legal action. More often then not litigation against a major corporation is less than useless and it seems money is the only thing these people will listen to.

If corporate participation in civilian law enforcement continues things may get bad for us citizens. As I have stated before it is the main purpose of any corporation to earn a profit, and if a profit is not being made every effort is put into "getting in the green". More importantly if a corporation is making a substantial profit it will double it's efforts in that field seeking to extend it's power of monopoly as far as is possible before other corporations infiltrate that market. But if that market is the surveillance, persuit, apprehension and even imprisonment of those suspected of illegal activity it is a fair assumption to say that we will witness a rapid growth in (anti) civilian security. Given the resources of mega corporations such as Fuji or Microsoft technological advancements and their subsequent deployment in the field will no longer be a lengthy process bogged down by beauracratic tape. Their ability to create new surveillance and enforcement technology will grow exponentially as their researchers gain real world experience in the law enforcement market. Their power and influence will grow with each succesful apprehension until it becomes illogical for states to budget an obsolete law enforcement department leaving us citizens at the mercy of money hungry executives.

As the strength and influence of private law enforcement grows the corporate beast will branch out into other fields thusly creating private jails, private judges and private laws. If the transition is gentle enough and quiet enought the populace will accept it without question. The corporate controlled major media sources, the source of information for most of the country, will portray the private expansion into law enforcement as a much needed evelutionary step to eliminate out dated technologies, alleiviate heavy government debt, and above all else will serve to better protect the citizens from the unseen enemy. The people will only recieve one view point, that of the corporations, and in our era of the PATRIOT Act I fear some may even support it.

The private corporate take over of our law enforcement has already begun and threatens to destroy everything this country stands for. If we give the power of law enforcement over to corporations run by the megalomaniacal, money hungry elite so often guilty of illegal activity themselves we have effectively lost our legal equality. Our law enforcement should be carried out solely by the people and their elected officials, disobediance of society's laws is society's problem. As a society we must face our problems together and not resort to the inhuman corporate tactics of outsourcing and downsizing. As citizens we are expected to follow the laws of this country lest we face the punishment of this country but never should the breaking of a law place you in the control of a corporation who's only alleigance is to profit. These corporations are not American, they are in almost every sense a seperate independant country. Our laws are meant to be guidlines by which the American society will perpetuate and flourish they should never be a means to furthering the wealth and power of corporate executives. Corporate investments serve corporate interests, law enforcement is supposed to serve the people "and never the twain shall meet" as they say. The selling of American morals and institutions to corrupt criminal corporations must stop before we have lost control entirely and find ourselves subjects of America Inc. If the government is no longer able to protect the people it is the duty of the people to protect themselves but never should we look to the morally bankrupt rich for protection.

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posted on Sep, 16 2005 @ 08:11 AM
Very interesting article, I knew that they have been hired for NO, but I have not idea that they may be spilling over other areas.

What is wrong with our on local police enforcement.

I am also aware that private security is been used in bases around I have seen them in the main gates in Fort Benning.

This is something we need to look into.

posted on Sep, 16 2005 @ 08:19 AM
I think that this is a fairly obvious attempt at usurping the Constitution. Posse Comitatus prevents the U.S. Military from policing it's citizens. By privitizing this several things occur simultaneously that all contribute to the ultimate goals of the NWO... More corporate control over the population, better pay for the most highly trained and dangerous servicepersons, the ability to hide this spending deep in the budget and it is a LEGAL maneuver on the part of the oligarchy in their attempt to establish their own private military. I am an American citizen and I am DEEPLY DISTURBED to witness this evolution.

Rest assured, I have exercised ALL of my Constitutional protections to ensure the freedom of my family. Let the REVOLUTION begin!

posted on Sep, 16 2005 @ 08:27 AM
One thing I don't get is how we the people are allowing this to happen, I knew about the bases and the NO.

But I guess I saw it as what the government said a necessity, because our troops are in Iraq, so they need them to take over, but that is what the national guard and reservist are.

I remember "Them" taking over during the first gulf war.

But now they are also gone to Iraq.

When are we going to wake up? when the next time the police stops us we notice that is not a police at all?

But a private guard from an unknown private services firm, telling me about my rights?

Under what? the constitution? or their version of it as by corporate security laws?

Has anybody informed us that this will be happening beside the obvious conspiracy believers?

I find this very scary.

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posted on Sep, 16 2005 @ 08:35 AM
Good work.

The Constitution is being shredded before our eyes. Time to wake up. No doubt about it.

...and thanks for that reference to "Posse Comitatus" - I have been searching for 'Posse Comitas."

posted on Sep, 16 2005 @ 08:48 AM
I will like to point out this here.

Our laws are meant to be guidlines by which the American society will perpetuate and flourish.

I agree that was the purpose of our constitution and the mind of the people that wrote it.

they should never be a means to furthering the wealth and power of corporate executives.

The only reason the corporate power is running rampant is because we the people has not taken into our hands to put a stop at it.

Corporate investments serve corporate interests, law enforcement is supposed to serve the people "and never the twain shall meet" as they say.

Corporate investments server also the elite that supports them and they will protect each other and being in the government as now they will favor themselves over the people.

The selling of American morals and institutions to corrupt criminal corporations must stop before we have lost control entirely and find ourselves subjects of America Inc. If the government is no longer able to protect the people it is the duty of the people to protect themselves but never should we look to the morally bankrupt rich for protection.

That’s was the intention of our founding fathers, the right to bear guns is not only to protect your family and property but also to protect our country from the corruption of governments and corporate power.

Our founding fathers were very smart when it came to the power of the elite they knew that if they took hold of the government the result would have been what we have seen happening lately.

That is why they gave us the right in the constitution to make sure that we kept the government at bay when it was not longer for the people and by the people.

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posted on Sep, 16 2005 @ 08:57 AM
Are we really so surprised at the erosion of the Constitution? In all actuality the government has very little interest in our constitutional rights as they are constructed to protect us from tyrannical government intrusion into our life, liberty and persuit of happiness. The only purpose the government has in allowing us these rights is to perpetuate the farce of freedom that seems to keep the masses at bay. But the fact of the matter is that the government doesn't "allow" us to have rights but we do allow it to take them away. The corporate invasion of the American political system has reached such a point that it's only natural and logical for them to move into the security and law enforcement fields. Sadly, as law enforcement is the most public of all governmental operations, the fact that they are openly letting us see the corporate involvement means they are secure enough in their positions of power and don't believe we will oppose them. I have ready many posts stating that the American people will never stand and fight, that they have grown fat and compalcent. I say to you, beware the man who is slow to anger for his wrath is as strong as his patience. When the times comes, stand and fight and I will be there next to you. We the people are America, not the government, and we must seek to preserve our way of life regardless of who the enemy is.

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