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Starting a secret society

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posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 11:19 PM

Originally posted by Troll
I would like to start a secret society.

Am I the only person who finds it amusing that you posted your desire to start a *secret* society on a *public* message board?

posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 11:29 PM
No, you aren't.
There's fresh popcorn and overly-sweet coke on tap at the concession stand. Grab some junk food and have a seat!

posted on Sep, 14 2005 @ 12:00 AM
The Society of the Unknown Name has been formed and was solidified early this morn in the Great and Greatest Secretive and Sub-Secretive Ceremony of the Grandios Sithus which was then followed by chips, dips, chains, and whips and the Honorable Theme-Song was performed by our very own Unknown Barber-Shop Quartet.

Suitable avatars will be distributed to all founding members prompty at 4:44 on the 14th.

Also remember members! to read up on Section 1 of Chapter 101: "Muddying Things Up As You Go. And So-Forth and So-On. Hi-ho."

[edited for secrecy]

[edit on 14-9-2005 by 2nd Hand Thoughts]

posted on Sep, 15 2005 @ 01:18 PM
Los Angeles California

Dear Troll,

I like what you have to say about starting a secret society. I too always wanted to start one. Mine would also include mystical teaching of magik, and other areas of the occult. I would be interest in helping you in anyway I can. I will be a little busy to the end of the year, but perhaps we can still do some thing to get it started.

About a week ago I set up a My Yahoo named “infinitus_templum” It is just a yahoo address at the moment. The full name was/is to be “Infinitus Templum Ordo” (Infinite Temple Order) I.T.O. Do you have a name for yours yet? Or do you like the name I used?

Also would anyone else in this forum be interested?

See my profile.



posted on Sep, 15 2005 @ 05:04 PM
link entertaining as the notion of running a secret society by committee may be...are you certain that the two of you really make a very good match?

mystical teaching of magik, and other areas of the occult.
Supernatural power? All that be damned.

posted on Sep, 15 2005 @ 05:50 PM
one more post and I'll start thinking that you guys are serious

posted on Sep, 16 2005 @ 11:29 PM
New Brothers of the Society of the Unknown Name: Please note! that the Grandios Sithus of Gotham Lodge #1044-D will be in town for our next Sub-Secrecy Double-Secret Meeting next week. Due to the Double-Secret Meeting status, please only! use the South-Eastern Sliding Door of Enlightened Priviledgency only!

Bob! will perform the Preparement Procedure by illuminating the left-most two windows on the clubhouse's North-most side. Please no one mess it all up by turning on the other light. It will be off on purpose.

Shoes must be removed as it will also be our monthly Floor of Hot Lava Meeting. The Chamber Pot of Special Soup will also be passed at meeting to collect for the annual Sock Hop of Obligated Philanthropy.

EDIT: Please Brothers! don't forget to remove items from the Great Urinal Boards of Upcoming and Seriously Special Events after the posted events have past and/or taken place. Also, please don't cover up Seriously Special Posts when posting. Please also! run the posts by Helpful and Careful Brother Carl so he can record things in the Accepted Logbook of Seriously Special Posts.

AS ALWAYS!: If you ARE NOT a member or Brother of the Society of the Unknown Name then please disregard the above post and forget what you have read as it is most certainly not true at all and you are mostly better off not knowing otherwise as far as you know. The above is a coded message and in way reveals the location of our Great Clubhouse of Confusing Mirrors and Basically Ancient Technologies of Secrecy. Our Clubhouse is no-where near the Catholic church or public library.

[edit on 16-9-2005 by 2nd Hand Thoughts]

[edit on 16-9-2005 by 2nd Hand Thoughts]

posted on Sep, 17 2005 @ 01:15 AM
Woo hoo! We had one more post! The Conspiracy Follwer will now believe that we're serious! Yay! mean...

I'm tired of hearing all this nonsense about some alleged Society of the Unknown Name. There's no such thing. Why don't you show me some proof? You can't, because there isn't any. So for the last time, there IS NO Society of the Unknown Name. Why don't you idiots go pursue REAL conspiracies instead of wasting the time of everyone here on ATS.

And to all my bretheren: Shuka hail cosmo naridun!

posted on Sep, 17 2005 @ 04:09 PM

Originally posted by Troll
I would like to start a secret society.

The problems in the world seem insurmountable. And people do not seem willing to change. It is becoming more and more obvious that people are driven, not by rational thought, but more complex things. However, people can be swayed and are swayed by the media and religious institutions, and cultural identity, etc. There is also too much information. For every argument for something there is an equal amount of information against. And so no one really knows for sure.

And so I thought, what might save us from ourselves? What might be the answer? Then it dawned on me. We need an organization, like no other organization every conceived of. We need an organization that might exist, free from outside influence, for centuries and millenia. An organization that might collect information and be a storehouse of all human knowledge. An organization that might be so forward-thinking as to have no timeframe, so forward-thinking as to plan centuries ahead. An organization with the primary purpose to direct human thought, through subtle influences, without anyone even being aware of it's existence, in order to ensure the survival of our species. An organization that would create religions and orchestrate popular thought.

But what would such an under-taking really mean? What would it require? Well it would require an enormous initial investment, with no hopes of a return since the organization would have to remain impartial and without outside influence. And so it could not be funded from the outside. It would have to be entirely self-sustaining.

It would require a large facility in a secret location, mostly underground and built to withstand any event or natural disaster. (Just like the organization, architecture of this magnitude has never been attempted.) A building designed to withstand time and to exist without the benefit of being maintained by outsiders. In addition, such a building would have to grow it's own food, supply it's own power, and be large enough to store vast amounts of information. As such it would need a computer system of sorts, though such a computer system would have to be entirely re-designed since computers today need constant upgrade and maintenance. Such a computer would need to be long-lasting, durable and simplistic, with few parts; and only parts which could be easily replaced.

And such an organization would need a group of people committed to the cause, so much so that they would be willing to not only commit their own lives to it, but also the lives of all of their future generations, since the organization cannot take on new recruits for fear of being influenced or exposed. They could send people out into the world but could never accept outsiders.

And those people would be more willing to commit if they believed that their organization was one which has existed since the beginning of time. One which has a history and a legacy. Without that they might be vulnerable to doubt and uncertainty. And so such an organization would have to invent a plausible history, under the guise of another pre-existing, or thought to exist - secret society. It would have to be rich with symbolism and meaning, and have artifacts that could withstand some scrutiny.

And so what might such a secret society look like? What might it be called? What kind of history might it have?

What do you think?


[edit on 12-9-2005 by Troll]

One important thing You should keep your plans secret.

posted on Sep, 17 2005 @ 07:28 PM
Lordbucket is right. As far as anyone knows there is no Society of the Unknown Name as far as most people should be concerned. If in fact we do exist, we are in no way involved in secrecy. Our meetings are held in the Non-Existent Chamber of Shadeful and Dampful Darkness only to save on air-conditioning bills at the Lodge on the Medium-Sized Hill of Jumping Magic Beans.

If you care that much to know then print out the application from our Mostly Public Website of Public Relationships and join following a driving record and credit report background check.

Remember our motto: "Bees at the bottom buzz around the Sacred Bottom Steps and trust He Who Lives In The Lighthouse of Goodness and Supremeness aka The Most Trustworthy Ancient Truth-Teller of Non-Secret Knowledge That Some-How Must Remain Cloaked in Double-Speak

And our second motto:

"4.5 million served and shrinking."

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 10:54 AM
reply to post by Troll

Have you ever seen the X-Files? I think such organizations probably do exist. Your problem is the same problem I have, I want to be a part of such an organization but their all too high brow for the likes of me. So, the only way to get into one is to create it. I for my part am going to try to get into one that's already established, but I'm not hedging my bets.

All the luck to you though!


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