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NEWS: Medan Indonesia Air Crash - Over 100 Dead

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posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 01:15 AM
An Indonesian Boeing 737-200 Has crashed into a residential area in Medan, North Sumatra killing over 100 people, some of which were residents on the ground. So far there is no reports of any survivors and the death toll is likely to rise significantly. Live pictures show flames as well as cars and homes on fire after the plane crashed into a row of houses and landed on the road.
The plane, operated by local carrier Mandala Airlines, had a total of 117 people on board, the airline said.

Hospital officials in Medan, capital of North Sumatra province, said some of the dead were residents on the ground.

Edi Sofyan, a spokesman for the North Sumatra Government, said there were no reports yet of any survivors. He said the governor of the province was on board the doomed flight.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Yet another plane crash and this time in Indonesia. It is frightful that in this day and age airplane travel is not yet safe mostly due to poor maintainence of planes.

posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 01:24 AM
Well it didn't take long for my conspiracy sensors to zoom in. Yet another crash of "Government Officials"

and ACEH has been in the news over rebels and aid for weeks now

El-Shinta radio said several senior government officials were believed to be on the plane including North Sumatra province governor Rizal Nurdin, who was heading to the capital for talks with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

The acting governor of tsunami-hit Aceh province, Azwar Abubakar, was also believed to be on board, the radio said.

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posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 01:25 AM
It makes no sense that we allow airplanes to fly over our homes.

I can build a barrier to stop suicide car bombers. I cant do much versus incoming airplanes. Unless I rebuild my home underground.

I think the government should compensate us to do so.

posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 01:50 AM
Where else are they going to fly? The airports are near where we lie, because we like the convenience of that, so the planes are going to have to fly over our homes a some point in the flight.

posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 02:14 AM
That is why I would think that if we want to keep airline paths over residential neighborhoods, we should facilititate the people who live there with protection. Or at least give them the option of having a no fly zone around their homes.

posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 03:33 AM
There's not a lot of physical protection that can be offered. When a plane comes down, it's pretty much going down and there's not a lot you can do to stop it. As far as the no fly zone, as long as most people want the convenience of a close airport you won't ever see a no fly zone near an airport. There really haven't been as many plane crashes as you think in residential areas, it's just that the ones that are tend to cause a lot of damage, and get publicized really big in the media.

posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 03:36 AM
Im sure the residents of New Orleans said that, "New Orleans has never flooded before". Look where it got them, many perished.

It can and will happen. And there are ways to protect yourself, as in build your home as a bunker. They take less money to heat anyways. And can save you in the event of a nuclear or biological disaster, and in cases of civil unrest. Which is why I think the FED's can spend billions of dollars building people homes that are safe from airplanes (which they let fly over their homes potentially setting them up for disaster).

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posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 04:32 AM
This is not really a Katrina or New Orleans thread.

There are conflicting reports about whether any of the 117 passengers on board a plane survived after it crashed in a crowded neighbourhood in the Indonesian city of Medan.
The two main hospitals reported that 137 bodies had been received from the crash site.
The plane crashed just outside the airport's perimeter shortly after take-off.
A spokesman for the airline said several passengers survived the crash of the Boeing 737-200 in the city.
The official Antara news agency put the number of survivors at six.
The head of Medan's Search and Rescue Agency said all 117 people on board the flight had died, along with 30 bystanders on the ground.

posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 05:39 AM

AT least 137 people are dead after a Boeing 737-200 airliner crashed into a densely populated suburb of the northern Indonesian city of Medan and burst into flames shortly after take-off today.
The Mandala Airlines jet bound for Jakarta was carrying 117 passengers and crew when it slammed into the ground just outside the perimeter of Medan's Polonia airport early this morning.

The state Antara news agency said the Indonesian Government believed all on board had been killed, but the Search and Rescue Agency later said at least nine passengers had survived.

Officials at the two main hospitals in Medan said 137 bodies had been recovered from the scene, where firefighters battled giant flames leaping from the smoking wreckage, which was scattered over hundreds of metres.

Australian consular officials were attempting to get a passenger list to determine if any Australians were aboard the airliner.

posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 09:43 AM

nice i would like to know why a 25 year old plane is still flying.they need to make the 10 year cut off point for planes.another boeing again gee when will this stop.....

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posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 03:22 PM
The particular airline is owned by the Indonesian Military.......

posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 06:27 PM
I would have voted 'no' on this submission as it is poorly written with facts added way after the original story was posted. There are no links provided by the author except the one from Austalia.

Plkease try to do better research and support your 'news' stories with proper supporting links.

posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 06:29 PM
Chuck Stevenson, in the case of breaking news which Mayet is great at posting it is hard to get more than one source for it.

I'd rather see it than have to wait two three or more hours before a network picks it up...this is also kind of the point of ATSNN.

Has anyone else noticed that planes are dropping out of the air at the moment? We've had what 8 crashes in the last 3months?

posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 06:36 PM
Mr. Stevenson, do you have anything to add to the topic?

A contributor with two submissions telling an expert with over 150 how to do it? Oh the irony!

Please discuss the plane crash.

A plane crash involving political figures? Interesting.

posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 07:51 PM
Facts are added after the item is submitted is due to updates. I care about my news threads and like to see them updated with events as they happen.

The director of the airline involved in yesterday's deadly plane crash in the Indonesian city of Medan says foul play is unlikely.
A Mandala Airlines Boeing 737-200 crashed in a busy residential area just after take-off, killing 102 people aboard and 47 local residents in an inferno on the ground.
Officials say 15 passengers in the tail section of the plane, including a toddler under the age of two, survived the crash.
Mandala director Asril Tanjung says the cause of the crash is being investigated.
He says the plane was built in 1981 and was fit for eight more years of flying.

Gools, yes there were many gov officials on the plane including the governor of North Sumatra and his predessor. They were on their way to a meeting with the president of Indonesia according to first reports.

The airline is partially owned by the Indonesian Military. I also find it odd that so many other officials have been very quick to say they do not suspect foul play. Too quick perhaps.

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posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 08:07 PM
JAKARTA (Antara): Below are the names of passengers of the Mandala Airlines plane that crashed on Monday in a crowded residential neighborhood in Medan minutes after takeoff from Polonia Airport in Medan, North Sumatra:

Jamaliah, Rohana, Masih Dalimunte, Apda Harahap, Lukman Hakim, M. Said Ritonga, Toguria Simbolon, Gulo Talianjaro, Fira, Jeni, Thomas Tendean, Amir Ardinal, Saiban Hasan, I Wayan Kondo, Kartini, Liong Shui, Yuswanto, Marianto Toto, Malik Antarini, Lauren Sibarani, Suryani Helda, Freddy Ismail, Andi Asmara, Ani, Namcuk, Didik, Erlian Ivander, Noviandri Erik, Iskandar Hariyanto, Welman, Chuanti Teon, Monang Alfa, Bahari, Ferry Eksaputra, Pislam, Fitiryani, Maramos, Mariyati, Mio, Sabar, Setiawardi Bahari.

Maris Sirait, Rizal, Inah, Ranu Sudarto, Suwardi, Aliyah, Miftah, Anggelita Erizani, Partiati Sitorus, Miftah, Rusdi, Evan Sinaga, Feri Sinoriat, Aldi Pahhairan, Suwarni Bakar, Oloan Harahap, Siahaan, Silvia, Busli Tambunan, Asnawi, Hadijah Win Difa, Harfian, Heni.

Hayat, Putra Namkaruna, Murtono, Rohimah, Widodo, Mauli, Huat Tek, Jef Johanes, Nur Hidayah, Sakdiah Siahaan, Weng Chun, Tien Chun, Hamzah Fuad, Layanto, Fahmi Nasution, Salamudin, Sihombing, Sri Sartika, Suryati, Suwarni, Muriyana Aida, Barosa, HendraLaksono, Tobing.

Agus Shahputra, Andreas Barus, Pemto Panjaitan, Togar Panjaitan, Benjamin Tarigan, Jemry Tarigan, Kusumo Wilson, Sri Hartanti Arif, Faisal, Baihaki, Riza, Rohadi Sitepu, Ariyadi, Irwadi, Mariha, Rahmat Purba, Tengku Rizal Nurdin (North Sumatra governor), Rosidah, Saiful, dan Raja Inal Siregar (former NorthSumatra governor).

The Mandala crew were Pilot Askar Timur, 34, co-pilot Daufir Effendy, 32, flight attendants Novy Maulana, 21, Dewi Setiasih, 25 and Agnes Retnaning Lestari, 31.(*)

Aljazeera learned that the governor of northern Sumatra province, some of his aides and a parliament representative from Medan were all killed in the crash.
Foul play was highly unlikely, said the airline's managing director Asril Tanjung, adding that human error or technical failure may have been to blame.
Mandala, which is partly owned by the military, has recently slashed the number of flights it operates to stay in business amid aggressive competition by newer airlines.
Many of its planes are more than 10 years old.

AKARTA (Antara): Speaker of the Regional Representatives Council (DPD) Ginandjar Kartasasmita has confirmed that two DPD members, Raja Inal Siregar and Abdul Halim, were killed in the Mandala Airlines plane crash in Medan on Monday.
He said the two DPD members had been on their way to Jakarta to attend a series of DPD meetings.
Raja Inal was a former governor of North Sumatra.
He said that Abdul Halim read a prayer during the DPD plenary meeting attended by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Aug 23.
Jakarta Post

Edi Sofyan, a spokesman for the North Sumatra government, said North Sumatra Governor Rizal Nurdin and a former North Sumatra governor, Raja Inal Siregar, were on the flight.

They were heading to the capital for talks with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

The spokesman said he had received a report that the acting governor of the tusnami-ravaged province of Aceh was also on board the flight.
Islam Online

posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 11:02 PM

Originally posted by Gools
Mr. Stevenson, do you have anything to add to the topic?

A contributor with two submissions telling an expert with over 150 how to do it? Oh the irony!

Please discuss the plane crash.

A plane crash involving political figures? Interesting.

You want my professional writing credits?

Or maybe I should just lurk on the local news outlets and then post their stuff immediately?

Or maybe most of us should just STOP POSTING completely so that 'Experts' can have all the credit?

[edit on 5-9-2005 by Chuck Stevenson]

posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 11:07 PM
I heard on the radio about 4:30pm e.s.t. that around 16 people survied in the tail section area.

I dont know how true this is, I think it was the Sean(sp?) Hannity show I was listening to at the time.. Talk radio.


sorry Mayet you beat me to it..

I have been maying attention to the Katrina aftermath.. sorry about that..

[edit on 9/5/2005 by ThichHeaded]

posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 11:46 PM

Print-friendy versionPrint Email this storyEmail
Last Update: Tuesday, September 6, 2005. 2:25pm (AEST)
Indonesian plane crash toll hits 150

The death toll in the crash of an Indonesian passenger jet has risen to 150, officials said.

A total of 103 crew and passengers died in Monday's disaster involving a Jakarta-bound Mandala Airlines plane, while 14 others survived, an official from the airline's crisis centre said.

Transport Minister Hatta Rajasa was quoted by the state Antara news agency as saying late on Monday from the scene that 47 people on the ground had also died.

The victims included North Sumatra Governor Rizal Nurdin, who was heading to the capital to attend a meeting with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

The crash, just seconds after the plane took off from Medan's Polonia airport, killed 102 people aboard the airliner and 47 others in an inferno on the ground.

Today, dozens of soldiers combed the crash site for human remains and a strong stench of burning hung in the air.

Miraculously, 15 passengers in the tail section of the Boeing 737-200, including a child under the age of two years, survived the crash and were being treated at a Medan hospital.

"I heard a bang then I looked up (to the ceiling) and there were balls of fire and then my son and daughter-in-law came to get me," Mariam, a 73-year-old grandmother said from the blackened wreckage of her house.

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posted on Sep, 6 2005 @ 08:35 AM

Originally posted by Chuck Stevenson

You want my professional writing credits?

Or maybe I should just lurk on the local news outlets and then post their stuff immediately?

Or maybe most of us should just STOP POSTING completely so that 'Experts' can have all the credit?

We don't want you professional credits. Either add to the discussion, or don't post. Period.

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