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Some disturbing facts of islam

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posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 11:31 AM
The facts was not all that suprising. Even more facts at this link;

posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 11:42 AM
Wow. Another reliable and totally bias free site.

Damn this thread is an eye opener, i always assumed that in a group of over one billion people would be mostly decent.

How wrong was i?

This thread has convinced me every Arabs sole aim in life is to kill non muslims.

[edit on 10-8-2005 by Uncle Joe]

posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 11:48 AM

I would like to just ask that members who are angry at the content of this article should please post their criticisms of the article , not other members.

Let's not resort to insulting each other over this. People can do a fine job fighting against something they disagree with without resorting to personal attacks.

In fact quite honestly, your statements weigh more when they aren't adulterated with flames.

Just a small request. Thanks.

posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 11:56 AM
An interesting observation:

It is amazing just how many people in the west blindly believe the Al-qaeda propaganda.
They actually believe that an interpretation of Islam written by an obviously insane individual is correct, and the one written by sane people is not.

They wonder how some muslims fall for it, but at the same time they believe EVERYTHING written for example on the site linked in the first post. They believe that to be the correct interpretation of Islam.

Does anyone else see the absurdity of this?

I have seen it on ATS too, someone posts a link to an obviously extremist site or a propaganda site (source is not important), and draws a conclusion based on that. Isn't that a bit insane?
I mean, if I wanted to know something about how white people see the world, I wouldn't look for information on KKK site, nor would I believe anything they write.
A KKK site shows KKK's perspective on reality, but it does not define the reality itself. No matter how much they want it, white people are not a superior race. It is just that they perceive it as such.
Same goes for any extremist group. What they write is their perception of reality, usualy very much wrong, it is not a credible source on how reality realy is.

Another absurd thing is that various extremists groups keep spreading eachother's propaganda all the time.
Christian extremists will quote on their site an islamic extremist site as a source of information, islamic extremists will quote jewish extremists, hindu extremists will quote islamic extremists and so on.
They criticize eachother and at the same time BELIEVE everything others have written to be true.

Some people really have to take a step back and reevaluate how they perceive the world of today.

The things they believe in, are sometimes extremely absurd.

And as Voltaire said:

"Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities, also has the power to make you commit atrocities"

Keep that in mind the next time you feel like advocating a nuclear holocaust or something. The actions you approve are defined by the belief you hold.

posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 12:17 PM

You have voted paperclip for the Way Above Top Secret award. You have two more votes this month.

- Excellent post paperclip, thought-provoking and rational as per.

posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 01:06 PM
Not only is this site full of emotive techniques to foster regression from objectivity, it's facticity and veracity is utterly disturbing. The sites use of population statistics is a sad attempt to somehow correlate the numbers of muslims which is obviously in a large porportion as a bully card; it's sole purpose is to elicit fear in the reader, nothing more. There is absolutely no reason to believe that 1 billion Muslims pose more of a threat to this planet than 1 billion Catholics and this site furthermore does not empericaly categorize the Muslims of this world into sects, regions, nor other such varience that have dire implications on the point the site is trying to get across: Muslims, in totality, past and present, are an absolute threat to the existence of mankind; and more importantly, as is vehemently mentioned, Israelies.

The introduction to this discourse, if it can be called one by any strech of the imagination, should have allowed readers to digress from any further reading:

In the name of Allah, Most Merciful and Compassionate(???)
Go Out and Kill Jews, Christians, Buddhists and Hindus!

This is a quote created by the site itself, no doubt in purpose of attracting readers to the murderous rage of Muslims against anyone that does not practice thier doctrine; however, it should be noted, theologicaly, the Qu'ran makes no mention of Buddhist and Hindu's, nor does it take facticity of Jews and Christians being considered people of the book -- a very, if not fundamentaly, important fact that has been pertinent in Islamic history for centuries.


This is fear mongering and holds absolutely no reason of believability. In the past 100 years, Muslims, some sumplanted, while most immigrated, to various parts of the world, and I've hardly seen any conflicts which elicit one to believe the formerly stated postulation of infiltrate, overwhelm, subjugate, and then devour.

What an oxymoron! Since when IS barbarism called civilization?
Islam is an anti-civilization cult par excellence. It destroyed every civilization it touched
and brought misery, poverty, ignorance and war in every country that it invaded!

Once again, poor historicity and research; though, I doubt any was done in regards, as it was a sketchy accumulation of half-truths and verses taken out of context and time.

I would like members of this site who duly noted this above fact to take onus and prove it, for the oath above decided to waver such ventures. A good research should be done in regards to the Moghuls who invaded India a great deal many times, some violent and opressive, yet others passive and tolerant; both, however, through imperialism and warfare, brough famine, poverty, and ignorance --though ignorance is a pyschological state which cannot be brought upon, as it can be begotten and nurtured.


Today? What exactly consititutes as today? I would prefer to state this last century upuntill now, and under this premise, we can assertain that it was the European and Slavic nations that begotten 2 World Wars, and the Soviets and Americans which created the rift of Cold War; not too mention, the plethora of trifles in South America and Africa; South Korea and North Korea, and lastly, China.

1.4 BILLION Muslims in the World
280 Million Americans
5½ Million Israelis Surrounded by 350 Million Arab Muslims!!!

A nonsensical fact that alludes to an utter bigoted stance. 1.4 billion Muslims are not at war with America, nor are they with Isreal.

The State of Israel is the Jewish Peoples' last reservoir and stronghold against
the end of a five thousand year history! Sadly, over the last fifty years,
the world Jewish population has DECREASED by 4%

Damn those Condoms !!

Wow, what a waste of my time.


posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 01:36 PM

posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 01:42 PM

Originally posted by XyZeR
LOOK , anybody who blows themselves up is making a POLITICAL statement, not a RELIGIOUS ! It's as simple as that, There are however many smart men who take advantege of less smart people , and who use religion to get poele to do political acts for them.

You obviously don't understand Islam, or those who use Islam as a tool. Are you a Muslim? If yes, tell me where you live, and we can discuss cultural differences.

Originally posted by XyZeR
Anyone who even considers blowing up a human beeing for any cause CANNOT be a muslim, nor christian....nor any religion.
If you would realy inform yourself and talk to some real muslims, you'dd discover that islam is a religion of peace..

The Ulam's do not agree with you, and their voice carries much more weight than yours.

Originally posted by XyZeR
You don't see me making threads named " disturbing facts about christianity" , and then link to an article of American pedophile priests right ?
If i would think in the same ignorant and generalising way as you , then all christians are pedophiles...right ?..

That's because the thread has nothing to do with pedophile's only individuals who blow up civilians in martyrdom. If you're going to compare a religion, then take a religion where the practicioners martyr themselves in some similar fashion. You're comparing pedophile's to suicide bombers. Not logical.

posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 02:14 PM
Paperclip has a great post and it shows great insight. She is definitely right about one thing. There are many post on ATS that are just as bad if not worse than what is on here. Some I read and just turn away in disgust. I am not surprised at all with this posting and I read through info on the link. How can one make an intelligent decision without being exposed to both sides? It only took a second of reading to see that the site was definitely anti-muslem, anyone with a elementary education can see that. But it is also very obvious that the author believes what they are writing. Which brings me to this, if I was taught from an early age that if I died as a martyr
in a holy war, I would automactically acsend into heaven, have 40 virgins, get all I can eat and drink and be comfortable for all eternity then I might be a suicide bomber myself. Especially if I grew up poor and uneducated. Whether it is true or not is unimportant if the individual receiving this message from their Elders, Clerics and Scholars believes it. Suppose this radical thinking was taught to christian children in churches, schools, after school activities. Suppose these christian children heard the same rhetoric at home, on TV, on the radio, at the dinner table and from their peers. Of course they would want to be suicide bombers and who's fault would it be exactly? No matter how hard I try I cannot see how any people can justify
this type of behavior no matter how badly they may think they have been treated. It is evil, it is inhuman, it is beyond contempt and it has no place in
any civilized world, period. Throwing gabs at each other is not the answer.
But facing one's responsiblity is. America did not create radicalism. It grows from dispair and anguist from seeing no future. America did not create the intolerable conditions from whence it was born. Sure we have troops in Saudia Arabia, but we were invited there by the Royal Family. Sure we supported the Shaw of Iran but he was just another petty, two bit dictator that was in power at the time and he was friendly, if Saddam had been friendly he'd still be in power. America did not create the Royal Saud Family, we did not create Saddam, we did not create the Shaw, the King of Jordan or the current Dictator in Syria. America did and does what every other country on this planet does, we deal with whatever flavor jerk is in charge at the time. Perhaps instead of blaming America, Christians and Jews for everthing that is bad in the world. Perhaps it is time for those who support this radical Islamic ideology to step back and take a long look in the mirror.
You might not like what you see.

posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 02:31 PM

Originally posted by Yorga
Which brings me to this, if I was taught from an early age that if I died as a martyr in a holy war, I would automactically acsend into heaven, have 40 virgins, get all I can eat and drink and be comfortable for all eternity then I might be a suicide bomber myself. Especially if I grew up poor and uneducated.

Exactly. We're generally seeing this from our very pampered Western points of view, and we're just not privy to exactly what it's like to grow up in those circumstances, with those beliefs. With so many secular schools in both Afghanistan and Pakistan (just two examples), and with these often being the best option for poorer families in particular, it only stands to reason that a disillusioned and disaffected youth will grow to adopt certain ideals.

No matter how hard I try I cannot see how any people can justify
this type of behavior no matter how badly they may think they have been treated.

Absolutely. But there's a difference between understanding the motivation, and justifying it. If anything, it's our duty to try and understand it, because it's going to prove utterly impossible to stop something we refuse to try and understand; again though, this does not mean we are condoning these acts of terror.

America did not create radicalism..... America did not create the intolerable conditions from whence it was born.....Sure we have troops in Saudia Arabia, but we were invited there by the Royal Family....

No, you're right. America didn't create any of this - but America (as well as many other nations) needs to put it's collective hands up and take at least a modicum of responsibility in contributing to the miserable soup of tragedy that's currently breeding this particular form of terrorism; if nothing else to learn from the mistakes we have made, and try not to repeat these errors.

posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 06:40 PM
What's interesting about the Islamic debates that have emerged since 9/11, is that many people seem to think that it is a new policy enacted by some sort of organized ideology.

The truth is that the views put out by the violent extremist factions of Islam such as Bin Laden and similar, differ quite greatly than the views of the majority of the world's muslim population.

It is not in the interests of the Qu'ran or Mohammed to eradicate all other relgions of the world. But it does provide for acting in self-defense.

But the modern extremist viewpoint takes the self-defense clause and interprets it as meaning that they must eradicate the Western world in order to save themselves, which is patently ridiculous.

The other important thing to think about is that this debate of Christians, Jews and Muslims, has gone on for thousands of years, it's really not a new issue.

It is just that right now it dominates the news because of the changing of world power.

It is also interesting to take perspective of other cultures such as Japan and China, that have not been involved in any of these religious wars. If you talk to a Japanese person, for example, it's very hard for them to understand the motivations of the extremists. Yet at the same time, China and Japan have had rules that were far more brutal than anything Bin Laden would ever dream of.

Clearly we have alot of ignorance in this country, that should be cleared up. It is only recently that our news media is starting to catch on to the religious beat of the balance of world politics.

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