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Are the world leaders greatest weakness their arrogance?

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posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 04:59 AM
Ok well I know some of you here believe there was at least some kind of coverup to do with 9/11 and possibly 7/7 etc.

Some of the quotes from Bush, Cheney, Rumpie etc from before 9/11 just completely continue to amaze me.

As some of you may have read the bush team published a paper on rebuilding the american defense force etc. as part of Project for a New American Century..

Their plan called for a huge boost in defense spending, full spectrum dominance over all nations and regions (including outer space), long term petro-resource control with permanent Middle East bases, and a preemptive war policy against recalcitrant states. However, they openly conceded that such a huge "transformation" would take forever "absent some cataclysmic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor."

then there is this quote from Bush's former ghost writer, Mickey Herskowitz. He quotes bush as saying..

"One of the keys to being seen as a great leader is to be seen as a commander-in-chief. My father had all this political capital built up when he drove the Iraqis out of Kuwait and he wasted it. If I have a chance to invade... if I had that much capital, I'm not going to waste it. I'm going to get everything passed that I want to get passed."

And lastly.. Bush's former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill recounted that at their first Cabinet meeting in January, 2001, Iraq oil concession maps were circulated and discussed and that Bush baldly told them to "find me a way" to take Iraq.


Anyway, my question is.. Is their arrogange their greatest weakness? Weather they orchestrated it, or simply took advantage of what they knew was to happen, it sure seems to me like they don't think that enough people will catch them out.

I think their arrogance is their greatest weakness, and it is a weakness we must pray upon if we are to beat them.

posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 07:07 AM
That's quite a small circle of supposed arrogant leaders you have selected. What I notice about such topics is they usually revolve around the same old sinister characters from the same old countries. I belive this is because there is no clear understanding of of the Middle East or the role they play in the SCHEME of thing's. 3000 people died in New York and 50 just got killed in London with 300 injured. Now you can say these are reactionary situations because of the war on terrorism, but then again you were not killed or injured by any of these dopes who were never capable of killing people until Bush came about. You should vist the Middle East someday and learn the true meaning of Arrogance. Either way, this war will be won by free people. Choose your side.

posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 03:14 PM
Oh thee good 'ol middle east, whose life is it anyway? I am not going into events before the 1890's because it will take more than just this web site to explain every piece of the puzzle, but I will go into as much depth my fingertips can handle, from the 1890's to 2005.

First, the Ottoman Turkish Empire ruled a vast portion of the middle east and parts of southeastern Europe for centuries. In the 1890's, the Arabs turned to the British for aide, but at that time, the British turned them down. So a movement entitled, the Arab National Movement rose as a result of Ottoman oppression, persecution and domination of the Arab People (also known as the Damascus Protocol).

The founding of the Qahtani Society in 1909 called for dividing the Ottoman Empire into two parts to be linked in a federation. The society wished to see the creation of a unified kingdom, to include Arab states.

Another society rose in Paris, 1911 entitled, Arab Fateh Society, it called for a national life, the struggle against occupation, Arab rights under the Ottoman state, the necessity for reform regarding centralization and immigration from and to Syria (a little on this later). Again, Britain turned a deaf ear.

So in Istanbul, 1913, another society was founded entitled, Al-Ahd Society which called for Arab officers preparing plans for independence via revolt. This time, Britain was on the course of entering into a world war, so the mutual interests of the Arabs and Britain, in working against the Turks (Ottoman Turkish Empire) was their motive for an alliance. (((drum roll please......but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)))) The Jewish zionists also was on the course to developing a Jewish Homeland (really, Jewish Statehood), and the zionists turned to who, yes, the British for aide. Big Conflict!!!

Now if you know anything about Britain's international connections and developments around 1913 (funny how 1913 was also the same year, the 16th US Amendment was passed, and the Federal Reserve System...but this is for another time
, one would know that situations in the middle east were shaping up for a serious showdown (and it was not going to be over tea and triskets).

First, a brief history of Palestine: Palestine came into existence as a political entity separate from the Turkish Empire, as a territory placed under the political jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. The Arabs did not have sovereign right (before or after the Balfour Declaration - which represented the Jewish zionist cause for a Jewish Homeland/Jewish Statehood - Lord Balfour were friends and a political statesman with Lord Rothschilds who was involved with the immigration and settlement of towns for Jewish immigrants from the 1880's onward...I hope we are getting the drift), the Arabs were not given the basic right of members of a state, the right to determine who and how many others could become members of its community. Yet Arab nationalists believed that the Arab nation should be excluse and/or the predominant national identity in Palestine - and so did the Jewish zionists. The tide rises.

Also falling into the conflict were Arab international agreements and commitments like the one between Sir Henry McMahon and Sherif Hussein of Makkah (Mecca); the Wingate telegrams; the Hagarth assurance; General Allenby's communication to Prince Feisal; the Bassel letter; Declaration to the Seven)...the tide rises further, because in a couple of years, all these commitments will be broken.

Sharif/Sherif Hussein of the Hejaz negotiated with the British on the basis of the Damascus Protocol whose terms were set by Arab nationalists from Syria and Mesopatamia. In responses, dated October 24th, 1915 to December 23, 1915, McMahon agreed to recognize and uphold the independence of the Arabs in regions which excluded some Arab areas such as Aleppo, Beirut, Adam, but not Palestine. On this basis of these understandings, the Arab revolt began against the Ottoman Turkish Empire. And then, as usual with British alliances, wham!!!!

The Sykes-Picot Agreement of May 16, 1916 dividing the Arab world into French and British administered areas and zones of influence as well as internationalized Palestine contradicted the Hussein-McMahon correspondence. And how did Hussein learn of this Agreement, would you believe, that he learned of this secret treaty when it was published by the Bolsheviks in December 1917. Furthermore, the pledges and commitments were not endorsed by the League of Nations, yet the pledge in the Balfour Declaration was.

Turkey transferred Palestine to the British control with the Lausanne Agreement that followed world war one. And after 1920, riots broke out between the Jewish zionists and the Arabs. I do hope my first point is made, how the conflict started with the Arabs between Jewish zionists, the British elite and Islam (Ottoman Turkish Empire aka Islam).

So I do not have to go into the next 25 years (for it will take another decade to do so), I will skip to the United Nations (formerly League of Nations...and just for a tidbit of info, oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia in 1938, another thing tha triggered further conflict in the middle east...btw, let's learn a little Arabic: ish-sharq il-awsat (middle east)...I know, now look who's being arrogant
, but I just thought it's sometimes good to learn about it from its own point of view, anyway.....on November 29, 1947, the United Nations passed Resolution 181 which gave 56.6% of the Palestine land to the Jewish zionists, 1% for an internationalization zone (Jerusalem), and the rest to the Arabs. Well beings the Arabs were 70% of the population in the region, what do you expect, the offer was turned down. After May 15, 1948, when US President Truman supported the proclamation of the State of Israel, May 16, 1948, the Arabs started a war against Israel.

And reeling in the years, George W. Bush (Freemason), the Syrian President is Freemason; the Bushes have done many finanicial deals with the Bin Laden family and the Saudi Arabian royalty; Dick Cheney former CEO/Chairman of Halliburton from 1995 to 2000 worked hand in hand with Saudi Basio Industries Inc. (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), Mitsubishi Corporation (Tokyo, Japan); the UN oil-for-food program pumped $24 billion in lucrative ties with Cheney's company and Dresser Rand and Ingersoll-Dresser Pump...and oh the list goes on............

And so what all this mean, it means simply, there is a serious conflict between those who implement Islaamic terror to fight the injustice, and those who are the top serious negotiators, planners, engineers and/pr profitteers of all the pledges, commitments, agreements and/or deals that fly in, out and over the middle east. Arrogance? No, this is the real deal. Only a few really see it for what it is - this web site, ATS helps to open the lines of communication so such suppression of vital information finds its way to readers, like you and me, that may and will attempt to change the course of this new world order. Arrogance? No, their power is real, and very far reaching (as you read), its taken generations, time, money and serious organization for them to get to the point where they are as of now, but can it be stopped? Yes, but again, it takes serious time and organization to make sure one thing and one thing only gets across real well to the movers and shakers (the elite), that we do not fear them. For fear is the key, and once the fear is unravelled, then and only then, will their entire plan for a new world will come undone.

Arrogance? Not at all. These people are very powerful, very influential, very clever...but there is one thing they count on, and that is fear, And if the masses (billions of people around the globe) begin and sustain a no fear campaign against the powers that be, then and only then, will this master slave mentality they have, will turn back to the People. Until then, more of the same...but I do hope, and I do believe, it will happen, their vision of a new world order will slowly become unraveled before their very own eyes. Time my friend, time..............

posted on Aug, 6 2005 @ 12:34 AM
Applause my friend, you are a true historian. My I wish I could have put it so eloquently and consice, you have taught me a thing or two and I thought I knew a lot.

Taking away the fear card they have so deftly laid out is most assurdly the key to all of this. The only thing I worry about is the race between getting the masses informed and the NWO making a terror incident that will make the people shut down and ask for martial law. The race is on. May the good prevail.

I must love making typos, because I do it all the time!

[edit on 6-8-2005 by LoneGunMan]

posted on Aug, 6 2005 @ 12:52 AM

It seems John D. was observing the production line one day when he counted the number of drops of solder being used to seal finished cans of oil, making the suggestion that 39 drops be used instead of 40. With 38 drops the cans leaked, but with 39 they were perfect, and several thousand dollars were saved.

That name "39 drops of solder" really sums it up. Well thought out, you are very well informed and quite creative!

posted on Aug, 6 2005 @ 07:44 AM
39 drops of soldier

Bullcrap. It's pathetic to instill the inablity of the Middle East into a collection of fools who for some odd reason need Britain to help them form their own societies. It's a good thing you started where you did, because taking a look further down the historic roads would have devoured your self pity that people like you tend to use against the west ( usually while living in the west ). Maybe one day we can get around to the stats of Middle Eastern warmongers who wreaked as much havoc as the rest of the globe. I'm not Jewish but even I can read your bitter hatred of the jews by the reference to them you use. If Islamic countries are so great then why do the best of the flock alway's leave their culture for a better culture in Europe or America ? I suppose capitalism and free room and board complete with medical pity gives some people the whole day to dwell on self pity eh ? Now let's get down to money, why all of the German high class cars in Saudi Arabia to go with all of those very high towers of gold in which the Saudis conduct business in luxury ? I believe that oil which everybody pretends is being stolen is actually not being stolen but being purchased at the going rate of 68 buck's a barrel. You think America set that price ? This whole conspiracy crap is just that. You form your debate around a specific country or countries, I form mine on every country. Perhaps one day I'll paste up some real links that will shut down this BS tour once and for all. Till then, good luck searching for zionists.

posted on Aug, 6 2005 @ 08:25 AM
Blubber said:
Maybe one day we can get around to the stats of Middle Eastern warmongers who wreaked as much havoc as the rest of the globe

Who said Middle Eastern warmongers are seperate from the NWO folks(Anglo Saxon Euro or whoever they are)?
Remember Oklahoma City Bombing: Neo Nazi type Timmy McVeigh and John Doe(supposedly middle eastern)

Lets read the symbolism they left behind....Madrid Bombing happened 911 days after 9-11-01

The targets in London on 7/7 near
Shepherd Bush, Warren St., Oval (Bush, Warren Commission, Oval Office)????

See how the occultic stuff shows up?

Watch the animated version of events unfold:
The co-ordinated attacks hit the transport system as the morning rush hour drew to a close.

Three bombs went off at 0850 BST on underground trains just outside Liverpool Street and Edgware Road stations, and on another travelling between King's Cross and Russell Square.

The final explosion was around an hour later on a double-decker bus in Tavistock Square, not far from King's Cross.
Notice how in the final moments the trains start at Kings Cross and branch out in triangular formation (pyramid) in animation 3 of 6 and 4 of 6. 3 Bombs explode at 8:50BST (8+5+0="13")
4th Bomb goes off 47 minutes later near "Tavistock" (4+7="11") there is the popular # 11 in occult design again.
Blood splatter on the front door and no damage to the clinic.

Some like to call it coincidence or Fnords...Im willing to call it repetitive coincidence liking almost to "design"

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