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premonatory dream!!!!!

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posted on Jul, 22 2005 @ 03:47 PM
sounds kinda wierd, but i had a premonition in a dream!!!!! nothing big or important, actually, i am surprised i even noticed it, but i was sitting backstage at the theatre during play practice today and i looked over at the part of the set in front of me and realized that i had seen it before, years ago in a dream, i saw the EXACT same scene i was seeing!!at the time of the dream, i had no idea this place even existed. i was so excited that i thought i'd share with all of you here!

posted on Jul, 22 2005 @ 05:43 PM
Well.. This is a common issue with most modern people..
Some people often mistaken this for Deja Vu, but when in fact it is actually something they have seen before..

We live in a society where everything needs to be broken done to a scientific basis.. If we cannot do it, then we impose it to the confines of science.

I personally have seen entire periods of time before hand and seen them happen to the point where I could of stopped an event from happening. It's just all a matter of really openning your mind and WRITING things done.. That is one of the advantage of a dream log.. (EVEN THOUGH I DONT DO IT)..

It allows you to really have a record of events, rather then saying they happened but having no real solid proof..

My best advise.. Keep living and learning.. You will be surprised how you may have more experiences like that.. Share your experience, because in the end.. We all learn from each other..


posted on Jul, 23 2005 @ 10:33 AM
no, no. i considered that.

when i looked at it, i knew i recognized it, so i thought, oh probably just deja vu again (i get deja vu a lot) but nonetheless i kept looking at it and after a minute, i realized that i had seen it before, in a dream. a couple of years ago i had a dream in which i was sitting in the exact same spot as i was at this point. a couple of years ago, before i even knew this place existed. at that time, i hadnt ever even driven past this place much less been inside, backstage, with the set for the show i was just in all set up on stage.

posted on Feb, 5 2006 @ 10:06 PM
Another experience.

"Yarium mentioned something about having dreams that came true. If that's premonatory dreams, and that's what we're talking about, I've had a couple of those. Small, insignificant events. Just tonight I realized that I had another one.

I was at a superbowl party, sitting at a table with 3 women that I didn't know. They were talking. I was staring at a bowl of M&M's and the woman to my left was talking, waving her hands in emphasis of whatever it is she was saying. I was sort of in a trance-like state. When I snapped back, I realized that I had had a dream that this EXACT event had taken place. I remembered the dream, it struck me as odd when I had it because Ididn't recognize any of the women at the table.

The other one was a few months ago, though I had the dream a few years ago.
I was sitting backstage at the dress rehearsal for a play I was in. I was sitting on some stairs, partially behind the set. I looked up and out into the pews where the audience would be sitting the next night. Again, I was in this trance-like state. When I snapped out of it, I realized that I had seen it before, that EXACT same scene. The I remembered the dream. This dream had stuck out at me too, if I remember correctly, though I'm not sure exactly what about it stood out.

Funny how these things happen. Just leads me to believe that we all, as humans, have the power to know things like this in our minds. We just don't know how to use them. "

I posted this in another thread,here thought I'd just paste in the entire post, for clarity. I hope that better explains my first experience as I was a bit excited when I first posted it. Reading over it it doesn't sound very clear to me, heh. Also explains the experience I had tonight.

posted on Feb, 6 2006 @ 04:47 AM
I never know which of my dreams will end up being precognitive until the scene appears later. So they are not prophetic, premonitions, or deja vu, but nonetheless, my concept of time has necessarily had to be drastically revised in order for me to have an acceptable explanation of how this is possible.

posted on Feb, 14 2006 @ 04:37 AM
Many of these types of dreams occure when we are children. Some are in such a way, you don't realize it's a premonition. For instance, when I was young, I would say around 10 or 11 years old, I had a dream that we were visiting my great aunt and uncle. I was riding my bike on this paved path in their in garden. In real life, they didn't have a paved path. I was riding up this little hill and when I got to the top, instead of going down on the other side, I just kept going up. The faster I pedaled, the higher I would get. I finally figured out it was the pedaling that was making me go up and if I put the brakes on, I would stop. Big mistake. As soon as I stopped pedaling, I started to fall. The gound was coming faster and faster so I stated to pedal again, but no matter how fast I pedaled, I wouldn't stop falling. Just before I hit the gound, I woke up.
I didn't think about that dream until a few years later when we were visiting my great aunt and uncle. They lived near the river as we did, but when you got down to their's, there is a very high cliff enbankment. My brother's and I always played this game called, "bet you can't follow us".
It isn't easy being the second oldest but the runt in the family. You always feel you have something to prove, lol.
Well, as we, my brother's, sister and I, are passing the cliff enbankment on the path to the river, one of my brother's shouted, "bet you can't follow us", and they started to climb the cliff. My sister didn't want to climb, but I couldn't let them think I was a chicken, so up I went. They were pretty far ahead of me, but I thought I was putting my hands and feet in the same places as they had done, up until I was faced with the bolder. I knew my brother's had used it to pull themselves up higher, so I started to use it too.
It didn't appreciate that too much and it dislodged. As it rolled from underneath me, both the boulder and I had an interesting race to see who would hit bottom first. I won. The boulder gave up the chase and I ended up about 2 feet from the bottom.
Since then, I've had odd dreams of things that would happen in the future but more recent are those events that already happened and most deal in the death of children, such as Jon Benett Ramsey, and 3 missing children, not from the same family or at the same time. The three were separate insadences. Which is why I'm an insomniac to this day.
Of course, I've had good dreams of friends who are about to get pregnant, or a family member. The last two times I had a dream about a family member, one was my mom and it so up set me I had to call her and ask if she was okay. I told her about the dream I had and I felt she needed to go doctor, but with her it was when it's her time to go, then it's her time. The other was about my sister. I dreamt she was pregnant with twins. I figured that must be one of those off the wall kind of dreams because I knew her new husband didn't want any kids and my mom told me had been snipped.
A few months later, my mom told my sister miscarried. My first thought was she miscarried a twin. She's still pregnant. 4 months later she told her husband she looked like she was still pregnant, wasn't that strange? He told her she better go see a doctor and guess what? She was still pregnant. So now, I have a 3 year old Nephew, lol.

posted on Feb, 14 2006 @ 05:34 PM
Precognitive dream then, thanks for the correction

Anyhow, I've discovered 2 more. One of them was at the dinner table last night. I was eating spaghetti and Mum was saying there was more on the stove.

And the other was in class. I was taking notes in Physics

Nothing remarkable, not so exciting when you discover the fourth one. Just thought to report it.


posted on Feb, 21 2006 @ 03:28 AM
Sounds like the classic deja vu stuff. I get it all the time, no joke. Not one day goes by where I don't look back and see a certain aspect of that day in a dream. If you could remember every detail of every dream, I'll bet that you would see a lot of stuff that was predicted in a dream. I used to have dreams of tsunami waves, before the disaster happened, for about three or four years. I figured it was just some inner fear of drowning in the ocean. The weird thing was, that the dreams stopped a month or so after the disaster. I'm not claiming anything hear, other than a few weird dreams...

More recently, I had a really weird and ongoing experiance. It starts off with you typical abduction nonsense. I don't believe it at all, but it seems way to similar to others experiances. I refuse to mention this in the alien forum, because I think that stuff is all a sham for the most part. I'd rather have someone anylise my experiance in a dream sense.

I was laying in my bed asleep sometime in the late morning around 8 am. I supose, I was begining to wake, because I was not dreaming. All of the sudden I awoke(out of sleep) to a very loud bang/rumbling like tunder or a sonic boom. I remember feeling the house shaking! I jumped half way up and yelled, what the #!, lol, I could still here the rumbling. At that exact moment my mother was in my door way telling me it was just a airplain, and not to worry. A split second later I hear the sound change into an airplane and fade off into the distance. I looked at the clock, layed back down, and went back to sleep for another hour, without thinking about the situation.

That night i started having very weird dreams. The first one was bizzare to say the least. I don't remember much, but what I do remember was shocking. I remember looking out of my window just before sunrise and seeing a very large meteorite coming through the atmosphere. It was very real. The whole sky was lit up and there was smoke and fire with little bits trailing off. The location of the vision, for those who would like to know, was looking east from my home in PA, towards NJ. It appeared as if the metoerite was heading for central Jersey or NYC from south to north. I awoke shortly after I realized what I was about to witness. Scary dream to say the least and very real. I don't think the image will ever leave my mind(dream or not).

I do not believe in doomsday, wormwood, or fire and brimstone. This dream was very different from my normal dreams.

The next day a thought crossed my mind while thinking about the dream I had. I remembered the loud rumbling/booming from the morning before. I had completely forgoten about it, and thinking about the meteorite dream triggered my memories of the noise. I realized that at the time of the occurance/dream/noise my mother wasn't even home at the time, she drops off my little bro just after 8am every morning(I even confirmed it with her). This thought almost put me into a panic attack. I thought, 'well if that wasn't my mother, then who was it'. I came very close to panicing when I thought about possible alien abduction. I quickly reasured myself that I was not abducted and managed to clear my mind. Honestly I don't really believe it, but as soon as I thought about it for the first time fear hit me like a brick(it almost seemed pre-programed).

That night, I had another weird dream. I dreamed that I was a some sort of music festival without the music, basicaly just a tent city for miles. There were lots of people around me some of them sick and some dieing. A lot of people were fighting over things and fighting in general. Thats about all I can remember. It actualy just came back to me, I had forgoten about it a day ago. Again, it was as if I was actualy there.

Just last night I had a dream that was way too real. The wierdest part about the dream was that I could go back to it once I woke up. The dream was so intense that I woke up two or three times that night. Every time I went back to sleep, I was in the same exact spot and circumstances. The basic theme of the dream was a future battle field type situation. It seemed as if it was a few years from now after an apparent NWO takeover(another subject which I don't really believe in). The dream was of me and many other militant combatants fighting house to house in my town. The town was all bombed out and deserted. It was basicaly like pictures from WWII, but up to date suroundings. The dream lasted all night long and seemed to go on for days. It seemed real to say the least, real pain, real smells, real tastes, and real thoughts.

I have had dreams like these before, but never three nights in a row. The whole situation seems shifty to me, I'm not sure what to think. If the dreams continue in this manner I'm going to see a sleep therapist or start keeping a dream log. Sorry for such the long post, but I had to type this somewhere; and I didn't want to start a thread. This thread on premonitions seemed like the right place to me. It was either type this out or... start

posted on Feb, 21 2006 @ 04:54 AM
'...i had seen it before, years ago in a dream, i saw the EXACT same scene i was seeing!!at the time of the dream, i had no idea this place even existed.' Kitsunegari

'I personally have seen entire periods of time before hand and seen them happen to the point where I could of stopped an event from happening. It's just all a matter of really openning your mind and WRITING things done.. That is one of the advantage of a dream log.. (EVEN THOUGH I DONT DO IT)..' Jago

I am sure glad that others have had these precognitive dreams. I have had maybe 8 - 10 in my life. As Kitsunegari said, they are exact, like a video or a photo. And as Jago said, in at least two of mine, I knew what was happening next, but didn't change it. I did tell a couple of them to others before the event happened in real life, when I thought they were just normal, but vivid, dreams. Something in common, I too have seen the value of a log for years, but I rarely write them down. Still, even if I did, I doubt that skeptics would believe me anyway. They would say I could have written it the day of the occurence, and just back dated it. I have learned to not care if I am not believed, after 35 years, I should hope so.
Here are some of them which I have posted elsewhere.

1.) I dreamt I was driving with Paul McCartney and Wings in an old beater car up through a narrow, winding valley. Around two weeks later, I was sent to a job at a place called Ryder Lake, I had never been there. As I started to enter the valley, I noticed that the steep sides and the flat low overcast cloud made it seem like I was indoors, exactly like my dream, no Wings though. I was alone. I was amazed how exactly the same it looked and said to myself out loud, well if this is the same, I should come around a corner to the right and see a big white farmhouse with a wrap around veranda.....about two or three turns later, I came around a corner to the right and burst out laughing.....there it was. Many years later, I met a man who knew the lady who lived in that house, he recognized it when I told him the story.
2.) I was in San Francisco with my ex. and we were just leaving fishermans wharf when I stopped dead in my tracks. She said what? I was standing exactly where I had been in a dream, on a boardwalk beside a white landscapers pickup full of rakes and shovels etc. It was parked on an angle in the middle of the boardwalk, not lined up with anything, and was exactly the same as a scene in a dream from a few weeks earlier. I live in Canada, and when I had the dream, I thought nothing of it, never even thought it might be SanFran, or precognitive till that moment.
3.) When I was in grade two, I had a dream that a boy in my class was kidnapped and taken to a cave. the kidnappers broke a window of my classroom to get in. When I was having breakfast and telling my brother (who was in grade one) about it, he swore he had the same dream. My mom, who was in the kitchen too, said she had the same dream too. Well, I got to school, and the window was broken and the boy was not in class. He never did come back. I assume that his family just moved away or something, but dream was right about him being gone, and the window being broken.
4.) Back in 1983, my best friend's girlfriend was in a dream I had, and I told him about it, she and I were kissing, it did not go over well, so I shut up. They broke up a month or so later, she moved out of her parents and into a basement suite, and I was over there one night, and just as we started to kiss I realized it was the basement suite in my dream, exactly the same. When I had the dream she was dating him, living at home. Within a couple of months of the dream, they split up, she moved into a basement suite, and one night as we kissed, I remembered the dream and looked around. The couch and tv were in the same place, the carpet was chocolate brown, and the couch, beige, the same colour, and there were a couple of sheets of writing paper lying on the floor in front of the tv in the same place and orientation as in my dream. It was unmistakable that it was the same scene I dreamt of months earlier.
5.) When I was about 20 I had a dream I was in my car, and it was spinning, but even though I wanted it to stop, I was unable to control it, and I didn’t understand why. Christmas eve, which was within a few days later, I had too many festive brews at a friends house, and his dad drove me home in my own car. He lived on a cul-de-sac and as he drove around the circular turn around at the end of the street, the motion was slightly nauseating for me, and as I sat there, I recalled the dream, and felt that I now knew why I wasn’t able to stop the spinning.

posted on Feb, 24 2006 @ 10:05 AM
I get those feelings all the time. The strongest was when I was in the Military. I was in Korea and I had the strongest feeling I have been here before. Now from time to time I just have the feeling I have been here before, seen this, and it hasnt been in dreams either. Very strange

posted on Apr, 8 2006 @ 01:00 PM
First of all, I want to stress the fact that I'm NOT talking about Deja Vu. I'm talking about precognitive dreams. Seeing something in a dream, and having that something happen later in real life. Deja Vu is just, in my experience, a strange feeling of "I've been here before". I'm talking about actually remembeing having a dream about a specific event. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but to the best of my knowledge, this is not Deja Vu.

Anyway, I discovered another one. This time I was in Algebra and we were playing a game. I was sitting on the floor in front of a desk and looking up at the back of a picture frame.


posted on Apr, 22 2006 @ 01:50 PM
I had another one. This time was slightly different, I guess. I was emailng a friend back and forth, trying to calm him down. I was in the middle of typing "everything will be okay soon," when I cought myself. In the dream, that was the only line I could read on the screen, everything else was blurred. I can't usually read anything at all in my dreams, so this caught my attention, but I eventually brushed it off.

Thinking about it, this happens every time, but I just noticed it this time. As I was typing, I looked up at the screen and realized what was going on, and it felt like time slowed down as the dream sequence in my head played out, perfectly synchronized with the events playing out in front of me. As usual, I didn't stop what I was doing or change anything. Just let the dream guide me. It was almost as if I wasn't the one controlling my own actions.

[EDIT] Another little coincidence I just noticed, the first time I discovered one of these "precognitive dreams" was on the same day as my one year anniversary at ATS.


[edit on 22/4/2006 by Kitsunegari]

posted on Apr, 24 2006 @ 08:23 PM
I know what you mean Kit. My first precog dream was when I was in grade two, and it definitely was not deja vu, as it was in no way vague, and I knew exactly where I had seen the scene before. I have had maybe ten in my whole life, but in at least two of them I was able to predict what was ahead in real life because of recognizing the events from the dream. The scenes are never more than a minute or two, but they are exact in my dreams in every detail except one. For some reason, many of these dreams included a celebrity, whereas in normal dreams I don't recall seeing celebrities.
I have had the feeling of deja vu before, but precog dreams are a whole different level. Mine were of insignificant things, but still, ten of them over 35 years was enough to lead me to find it necessary to re-evaluate my concepts and perception of the nature of time.

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