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Wow it's true, the fire fighters have a training manual for a UFO crash!

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posted on Jul, 16 2005 @ 10:14 AM
In the chapter that they talk about the UFO crash at the school they also make references about bio hazards and possible mind control from any living EBE's.

I think the book was authorized by FEMA if my memory serves me well.

I will look for some links to back that up.

I shall return.

posted on Jul, 16 2005 @ 12:16 PM

Fire Officers guide to disaster control

Guard Against Complacency

It is easy for those of us in North America to consider the possibility of enemy attack as being quite remote. While it is true that this continent has not been visited with the death and destruction accompanying past wars. We have found in each generation that wars are all too common and could indeed at some future date involve our country. Certainly many portions of North America are within easy range of enemy nuclear submarines and we could, at the least expected time, be suddenly involved in a conflict.

The UFO Threat-a Fact

In this chapter we will now turn our attention to the very real threat posed by Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) whether they exist or note The well-documented and highly publicized War of the Worlds radio drama by Orson Wells shows how even a perceived existence to alien creatures can cause very real disaster like conditions and panic among a given populace In addition. if the apparent v visits by alien beings and their space vehicles should pose any type of threat it will. as always be the fire service that is called upon to provide the first line of life-saving defense and disaster mitigation.

On April 25. 1991 radio station KSHE in St. Louis. Missouri was fined $25,000 by the Federal Communications Commission for broadcasting a mock warning of a nuclear attack during the Persian Gulf War The seriousness with which the FCC treated this case is indicative of the very real panic that can be created from even illusionary or fictional phenomena. Certainly if these unexplainable events become more prevalent. the possibility of panic could be even greater: and again. the fire department will be the agency called upon to handle the situation.(35) Hence as we near the year 2000 and move beyond. any comprehensive disaster plan should address the potential for panic and other deleterious effects that might be[ail a populated area when unexplainable phenomena occur. We will see 35 we continue our discussion in this chapter. that widespread blackouts. Communication d.. disruptions and other potentially disastrous conditions have been linked directly to UFO sightings. Hence fire service leaders who want to ensure that their disaster planning is complete will not neglect an appendix to outline those things that could be done in preparation (or the occurrence of such phenomena.

Throughout this book, many of the references to actual events are based on the experiences of both of the authors. However. n this area of UFOs and their potential we are relying largely on the research and experiences of Charles Bahme. Chuck has made a considerable study of this subject and is acquiring many publications and VCR tapes to augment his library on this and related phenomena. His interest in UFOs was greatly heightened when Congress in 1969 adopted a law (14 CFR Ch.. V Part 1211ÑExtraterrestrial Exposure) which gave the NASA Administrator the arbitrary discretion to quarantine under armed guard any object, person, or other form of life which has been extraterrestrially exposed. The very fact that our congressmen believed there was a necessity for such drastic authority made Chuck wonder if they had only our astronauts in mind when they adopted it. Could it be applied to anyone who has had a UFO encounter? Whether it has or not is not likely to be a topic for public dissemination.

UFO Discussion Why Now?

The subject of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) was not included in previous editions of this book. The first edition was the Handbook of Disaster Control which Chuck personally published in 1952 following his release from active naval duty in the Korean War. Although his services in the conflict as Security Coordinator for the Chief of Naval Operations involved the creation of a worldwide disaster control organization for the protection of the physical properties of the Navy it must be admitted that the directives approved for this new organization did not reflect any significant concern for a flying saucer threat to its shore establishment. That was in the 1950s. Now that we are in the 1990s it is doubtful that the UFO potential would be brushed off so lightly by our military security forces. This change of attitude was evidenced as far back as December 24, 1959 when the Inspector General of the Air Force issued the following Operations and Training Order - "Unidentified Flying ObjectsÑsometimes treated lightly by the press and referred to as 'Flying Saucers'Ñmust be rapidly and accurately identified as serious Air Force business...."(36)
There is no uncertainty about the reality of the war between nations on our planet and the disastrous effects of military actions. The 200 sorties flown every hour against Irag In the Persian Gulf provided ample evidence of global wars destructive power. On the other hand, there are many persons who may believe that a discussion of the theoretical harm that could be caused by a real or imaginary invasion of UFOs would be "Far Out!" But this is not so for the thousands of witnesses of unexplained aerial phenomena. To them it is also serious business.

Chuck's interest in UFOs commenced during the early morning hours of August 26, 1942 while he was roller skating from his house to the nearest fire station a few blocks away; the wail of sirens had signaled his recall to fire duty, and with the stringent blackout orders in effect, driving was not wise; besides, it was much more exciting to be out in the open where he could see the spectacular aerial "fireworks" that filled the heavens all around him. Few residents of the U.S. had ever experienced a real or imaginary invasion of UFOs like that which occurred in what has become known as "The Los Angeles Air Raid of 1942." The Army announced the approach of hostile aircraft and the city's air raid warning system went into effect for the first time in World War II. The defense to this "attack" is described in dramatic terms in the opening paragraph of this chapter.

But what enemy had been routed? No one ever knew. All the fire fighters saw in the sky were the 15 or 20 moving 'things' which seemed to change course at great speed apparently unaffected by the flak from bursting shells all around them. Rumors that one had been shot down were never verified nor was the explanation that these zig zagging invaders were weather balloons ever taken seriously. In any event, For Chuck. that unforgettable episode aroused a continuing interest in UFOs, rivaling his professional fields of law and fire protection. The fact that he subsequently was a member of a group whose sighting of a flight of UFOs was authenticated by airport radar helped to sustain that interest.

I believed in you the whole time man

forgot to post link first time

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posted on Jul, 16 2005 @ 01:36 PM

Originally posted by Cabanman

Originally posted by xxKrisxx
But it must not be too popular, Well not around here anyhow. My husband is A New York fire Chief, and has been an officer 8 1/2 years, I just asked him--He never heard of it. He just called another chief.--He has not yet read it in his 10 years of being an officer. Maybe this is standard op ......someplace else.

By the way...the closest certification he aquired to this subject is Aircraft Crash and Rescue, but the mock victims were of the human species, sorry.


Ma'am... I don't make up stories, I hate conspiracies, and more than anything I hate unsolved mysteries. This is true(chapter#13 UfOs), no mystery, not fake, and not any other excuse people can think of. I am willing to bet $500 dollars and be kicked off this site for good, If what I am saying is not 100% true.

I will give out the title of the book, year and who wrote it. I will provide the ISBN number and where it was published. Give this to your husband and have him look it up, I guarantee that he will find it. When you find it, it would be a good idea to call that store and ask the attendant to open it and look into chapter#13. I guarantee that the words that you'll hear every time will be " Enemy Attack and UFO Potential".

"Fire Officer's Guide To Disaster Control" 1992, second edition.
By William M. Kramer, Ph.D.
and Charles W. Bahme, J.D.

Publishing company:
Fire Engineering Books and Videos Park 80 West, Plaza Two, 7th floor, Saddle Brooks, NJ 07662


Look the title up in google and you'll see that its sold.
Use the ISBN number at ebay or and it will pull it up. Use it at most book stores(including Barnes and Noble) and it should do the same. Also, this book was featured in the documentary made by the History Channel "When UFOs Land" Where Leslie kean (professional reporter) and Richard dollan had the chance to present it and talk about the impact it has on the current UFO researchers.

So please, before you say that it's not true, look it up, ask the employees at the book store to open the book, and have them read you chapter #13
You'll freak out when you hear what hes is going to say.

I never said its not a true. I call noone a liar. I said its not popular around here. I said it may be standard op somewhere else. All I did was ask 2 chiefs with combined experience of 25 years as firefighters/officers in NY city area. . One of which was also a NYC police officer. I just assumed if this was "standard" training material, there would be certifications in this subject, as is for firefighters in Hazmat incident command, Aircraft crash/ recsue, ice rescue and a multide of others. The closest matter detailed in any of their training was was aircraft crash and rescue which includes securing a hasmat scene.--But never once identified alien craft as a threat in formal training.

OH by the way I just found out the other Chief is a NYS fire instructor

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posted on Jul, 17 2005 @ 09:12 PM
I wonder If the police have a similar one? If the fire fighters have one, then most definatelly there must be some sort of plan for the U.S. armed forces. Any military people want to share their thoughts?

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posted on Jul, 17 2005 @ 10:13 PM
link girlfriend's parents are both fire fighters (her dad is a fire chief). Next time they call here I will ask if they read (or teached) about UFO related events.

It may be a book, but I am skeptical, as always. The best source is the source itself, remember that.

posted on Jul, 18 2005 @ 11:04 AM

WARNING: "Near approaches of UFOs can be hazardous to human beings. Do not stand under a UFO that is hovering at low altitude. Do not touch or attempt to touch a UFO that has landed. In either case, the best thing to do is to get away from there very quickly and let the military take over. There is a possibility of radiation danger and there are known cases where persons have been burned by rays emanating from UFOs. Don't take chances with UFOs!"

I believe this is the best piece of advice ever given to a person, but sadly you would have to work at a firestation in order to know it. And to the rest of us... the Government says touch the UFO and die!!!

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