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TERRORISM: Israeli Finance Minister Warned To Remain At Hotel

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posted on Jul, 14 2005 @ 06:09 AM
From the "source" Seekerof quoted from.

George Galloway, Saddam Hussein’s paid agent in British politics,

As this has been shown to be untrue how can you possibly claim that this source is more reliable than any other ? You only let yourself down by giving credence to such drivle.

Horses for courses.

What amazes me is that people criticise the right for this thread to have a place. The report was genuine and it's right it should be looked at.

It may very well turn out to be a misunderstanding about timing when there was much understandable confusion. That is my current view.

I have always thought that Islamic terrorists carried out the attack on 9/11 and yes it is true that many jews did die that day but there are also serious anomolies and to deny those anomolies or to airbrush them out of history is to not be objective.

What I resent is the idea that anyone who even raises an issue that criticises Israel must have questionable motives or worse is an anti-semite.

posted on Jul, 14 2005 @ 06:38 AM
Great points, John Bull 1.
Here is what I resent:
1) the "a" typical" conspiracy script that runs like this since prior to 911:
* Israel knew.
* Israel did it.

I have no problem whatsoever with anyone, including you, wanting to talk about MOSSAD or Israel. There are a number of Israel related topics that you will find absolutely nothing from me on. What I do find ironic is that all this drivel that comes out against Israel and then gets thumped down in ATS as concrete proof for the masses, is coming from the likes of infowars, conspiracyplanet, indymedia, rense, etc. Then people and members wonder why some simply rebuke and refut such sourcings and their mentions? Pretty self-evident to me.

Yep, ATS is a conpsiracy site, but you know, we have a motto which decrees: Deny Ignorance. As such, ATS sets itself apart from those other conpsiracy related forums, boards, and alternative news sourcings because we do not simply swallow each and everything that gets spewed out by those conspiracy related alternative news sites that I have mentioned above, among many more.

You, or anyone else, wants to point the finger at MOSSAD or Israel, do so, I have no beef with it at all. What I do have a beef with is the "a" typical defence given when the few of us that do not buy into all that mumbo-jumbo assertions and claims pulled from the likes of the sourcings I mentioned above decide to call bluff.


posted on Jul, 14 2005 @ 08:10 AM

Originally posted by Seekerof
Laughing is always cool, subz, I like doing it myself.

Be assured, this source is 10x more credible than the likes of propagandamatrix, conspiracyplanet, indymedia, etc.
One needs to really consider who is getting the last laugh.

Btw, if the article was read from their site, links to sourcing are present within the article.

Have a good one.

You were being serious? Damn, I thought you were being sarcastic with posting that utter dross. Sorry, but I misinterpreted your reasons for posting that. If I knew you were seriously attributing merit to it I wouldnt of laughed at it

Also my source was an AFP article hosted on Its not even remotely a left-wing conspiracy theory source. Ive noticed some blanket gripes from you lately and am struggling to understand whether or not im included in it. Is everything ok? If you have problems with some British ATSNN members you should refer to them by name

[edit on 14/7/05 by subz]

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