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The number 13 everywhere.

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posted on Jul, 24 2005 @ 07:49 PM
Type NYC in webdings and wingdings1 on microsoft word an see what you think.



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posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 06:21 PM
3-7-2005 is when I last wrote this thread.

I have not seen 13 for a long time now, there was a spate of it, but its gone now. But do admit another number keeps coming up now lately.

13 is hidden in logos and symbols too.

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 08:13 PM
I see 13 on my clocks whenever spontaneously glance at them without thinking of that number. I see it in addresses unexpectedly when setting appts. with clients. Sometimes when reading a book and I have to remember what page I'm on before putting it down, it is 13. My fiances was born on the 13th of July. I have many more but I can't remember all of them because I didn't TRY to find them. They just keep popping up. And no I am not forcing this to happen. I have always noticed numbers and sequences, but nothing to this magnitude.
when I figure out what it means, I may or may not let someone know.

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 08:38 PM
The number 13 is important in the occult due to Venus and it has to do with Venus' orbital relation to earth (Venus is central in a lot of stuff).

Let me try to explain (I'm gonna snip a little from Wikipedia for convenience) -

There are five inferiour conjunctions of Venus that repeats in a precessing pentagram. The relationship is a 13:8 orbital resonance, the Earth orbits nearly 8 times for every 13 orbits of Venus.

So this is where you get the pentagram (5), the number 13 and 8.

Venus represents the morning star. The morning star is referred to as lucifer (which is latin for "morning star" - Phosphoros in Greek). This is why these numbers and this deity is important in the occult. Simply put here though.

And of course, 13 is extra important to freemasons as their knight templars where raided friday October the 13th in 1307 (and is why, some say, friday 13th is considered a day for bad luck still to day - well, take this with a grain - there are more explinations for the friday 13th..).

Some references:
Friday 13th

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posted on Dec, 2 2008 @ 06:21 PM
I don't do any math, but I still see it everywhere. 13. Just like that. Example: visiting a there park. There's a basketball hoop game. It displays 13 as the high score.

Example: Clocks. I don't look at them alot. But more that half the time when I do, 7:13, or 5:13.

I've tried not looking for it. I've tried noticing other numbers. But 13 is still the one that is everwhere. It's been maybe 3 months since it started happening, and I've grown used to it. But it's still there.

Please don't say I'm crazy or insane...
I'm not, not in the most vague sense of the words.
I'm just trying to find someone who can tell me something, anything really...
I probably won't find this site again, so I'm giving out my email adress.
This one I use for spam sites and random email requests, so I'm confidant about giving it out.

Someone please respond...

posted on Dec, 2 2008 @ 07:29 PM
you see what you are looking for!
or what has grabbed your attention and made an impression on you.
many many things are recycled around us daily but we only notice the few we have observed...

i will tell you a harder one!

10:10 or
11:11 or
23:23 !!!

Most of the time this happens is a few days in a raw and after a while... again!

u2u me since i don t think i ll be back here.
...having second thoughts ...... maybe i post a thread too!

posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 06:57 PM
All the digits in my birthday add up to 13

posted on Feb, 4 2009 @ 01:03 AM
13 isnt the number you should be focusing on......33 is the one, I see it everywhere and even got it tatooed on my back. why? I do not has such a profounding importance to me that I dont truly fully understand it....anyone else know what I am talking about?

posted on May, 19 2009 @ 03:41 PM
What I have noticed is that these numbers come up in clusters, maybe it takes a few months or years till they stop and the another cluster of number patterns come up. I have noticed something different recently and like other people here they too experience numbers that repeat but only they see it. Maybe you notice it once you keep watch for it maybe its the other way round it keeps you alert made for you to notice.

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 06:49 AM
For me 13 was my baseball number, also my name begin's with a
B and when you write the 1 & 3 real close it makes a B..and just like Loserkages i pack my ciggs 13 times as well plus i'm Italian and it is our lucky number....

Also in Da Vinci's last supper there are 13 people at the table 12 deciples plus jesus christ

posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 08:31 AM
Now it is 2009...

So if you watch the News long enough, would the number 13 pop up more often than let's say the number 15 or 7 o something?

13 were killed at Fort hood, maybe 14 if you include pregnant woman.
Maybe this is something not to do with the occult but of a spiritual nature, something in the lines of certain numbers having a negative outcome.

Fort Hood Killings 'Not A Terrorist Plot'

A terrorist plot was not behind the Texas army massacre that left 13 people dead, including a pregnant woman, detectives have said.
Text 911215444031?f=rss

13 killed in immigration centre massacre
Killer opened fire in Binghamton, New York State, before shooting himself
By Stephen Foley in New York

A 42-year-old man barricaded the back door to a centre for immigrants, then walked in through the front, firing two handguns, killing 13 people, and adding the name of Binghamton, New York, to America's grim roll-call of small towns afflicted by its plague of gun massacres.

13 killed in Italy train explosion

(30 June 2009)

At least 13 people were killed and 50 injured after a freight train carrying liquid gas exploded in northern Italy last night.

13 killed in Mexico 'drug state'

About 5,000 people are said to have died in drug violence this year
The bodies of 13 people have been found on a dirt road in Mexico's Sinaloa state, home to one of the country's most violent drug cartels.

Thirteen dead in Azeri college shooting
Thu Apr 30, 2009 8:08am EDT

13 x 3 for same type of accident this year.

13 killed in German coach crash

13 killed as bus plunges into valley in China

13 Killed in Texas Bus Crash
A charter bus carrying Vietnamese worshippers on a pilgrimage ran off a highway overpass north of Dallas and plunged onto a roadway below early Friday, killing at least 13 people.

RSS | Mobile Newspaper | NewsletterWorld

13 killed as suicide bombers attack Pakistani police station

Read more:

Is it spookey or does it have a hidden numerical meaning.

The number 13 in the Bible signifies the number of rebellion, so are these acts of 13 part of an unseen order of rebellion, was Fort Hood the secret random number of rebellion?

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posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 09:23 AM
The number 13 has long been a sacred number for many cultures and people. There are various reasons for this; in sacred geometry the number 13 was central to many traditions, reflecting a pattern recognized in nature. In a solar year there are 13 lunar cycles, (13 full moons), the moon travels 13 degrees across the sky every day, and in there are 13 major joints in the human body. The number 13 tends to represent the attracting center by which elements gravitate towards, those elements often represented by 12. For example, 12 tribes to the one God, or 12 Apostles to Jesus, or 12 knights to King Arthur or 12 major constellations to our one sun.

The number 13 plays so significantly in the symbolism of the Great Seal of the United States because so many of that nations founders were Masons who find the number 13 sacred as well. There were 13 colonies that rebelled against England so the the 13 levels on the pyramid, the 13 arrows and 13 leaves on the olive branch are all representative of the 13 states that initially formed The United States.

The association with the number 13 being an unlucky number is usually attributed to the day in which the Knights Templar were arrested and condemned by the Seneschal's of Philippe IV, King of France. That fateful date was Friday, October 13th of 1307. It is further theorized that the number 13th has become so demonized by efforts of the Catholic church precisely because of its sacred value to "pagans" of pre-christian days. For some it is a taboo and unlucky number that will illicit fear and dread and for others it is a sacred number revered for its power.

That the number 13 can be recognized as a distinct pattern seen often is demonstrated by various examples. The Fibonacci sequence, for example, begins; that sequence works is the first two numbers are zero and one and each number that follows is the sum of the the previous two. Another sequence; 1-4-7-10-13...can be ascertained by adding the number 3 to each number. They are patterns and patterns are what we as humans tend to recognize in the world around us. For some those patterns will demonstrate a proclivity towards the number 13 and for others it will demonstrate a proclivity towards a different number as in the movie The Number 23. Whether the ability to recognize patterns is a biological phenomenon found in humans use of oscillatory associative memory networks or a more spiritual non biological phenomenon it is distinctly human to recognize patterns.

posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 01:56 PM
Maybe 13 is more somethig to do with events on a larger scale, something that effects the nation as a whole. Numbers in the Bible have more to do with how they relate to God and obviously some numbers like 13 is against God, it is a rebellious number. Maybe there is this universal order in which heaven and earth translates, some say it is the matrix some could say it is spiritual. But 12 is political order on the grand scale of matters which has an opposite effect to 13.

But I have seen through some quick research that the Muslim world usually have more 12 killed by explosions and war at one time than let's say what the west does. 13 to us is bad luck as 12 to maybe non Christian countries is worse off for them.

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posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 04:08 PM
Anyway I need to wake up this thread again as most of the action is going on now, so I hope more people look into my last two posts.

posted on Jan, 15 2010 @ 05:01 AM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

I have had the exact same thing with the number 13 happen to me for a long time now. But it's not just me, it's my partner too, and it only started when we met, almost 13 years ago.
It appears on clocks, number plates, buildings, plane flight numbers, receipts, everything. And it comes in waves that can last anywhere from a few months to years. When it happens, it's everytime we happen to glance at a clock, after not looking for hours, or....everything, it's everywhere when it starts.
I have noticed it seems to start when there is a particually bad time about to begin, when life's walls begin to crumble around you, and there's nothing you can do to stop it.
This time, it started a few weeks before my Mum was diognosed with cancer, and has intensified just before our latest news that she is terminal.
Like I said, it happens randomly, when we don't look for it, we never do, it is like it just sits and waits for us to see it. I try to notice other numbers, but when I look 13 seems to be there.
An answer would be really good, though I doubt I'll ever get one, but for those that know what I'm talking about, it really does get to the stage when it can't be ignored.

posted on Jan, 15 2010 @ 04:38 PM
Sometimes some things have to be a certain number, it can not be avoided, what does one do, spend all their lives avoiding a number? If it comes up it comes up , why try and avoid it unless of course it has a personal effect on ones life. If for example it was the 13th day of the month and I wanted to join ATS that day, do I avoid it?

posted on Jan, 15 2010 @ 05:47 PM

posted on Jan, 15 2010 @ 06:21 PM
It's the coming date of October 28, 2011. 13 Ahau on the Mayan Calendar

posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 10:05 PM
Peace, We are not the only people who see numbers. In our case it's the number 13, however many people see different numbers such as 11,22,33,
23,32,7,11:11. Had it not been for the creation of the Internet, we would have not none that others were experiencing the same thing. It would have been a personal experience looked aside by others. But, the fact that it's happening to so many people is amazing. For everyone who experience this phenomenon, we know that it is mathematically improbable the amount of time these numbers appear in our everyday life
for it to be pure chance. SO, the question is who is doing this to us? Why are they doing it? And what are the trying to say? My number is 33!

posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 10:15 PM
Below are two obvious ones. The Budweiser "B" and the Animal Planet's new logo. The Animal Planet logo is hard to see anything but 13.

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