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Solar Sail launches in 22 hrs

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posted on Jun, 23 2005 @ 10:49 PM
for the Nasa Solar sail Project, Goog le

for the Russia-Us coloborative missile design I cant find the link however, assuming that you are a person who is reading a conspiracy forum, you can maybe form a picture in your mind about it from the following links.

Putin urges voters to back Bush

Russia Seriously Considering Sending 40,000 Troops to Iraq

Russia Developing New Nuclear Missile that will make the Us missile defense shield obsolete

President Vladimir Putin proposed a joint U.S.-NATO-Russian missile defense system to protect Europe.

Pentagon: We have A Limited capability to Intercept a Missile Fired From North Korea

Russian Defense Chief - No Defense Shield Will stop New Russian Nukes

Bush moves towards Star Wars missile defense

Iran and Russia Agree on second Nuclear Reactor

Bush Warns Iran After Uranium Processing Reports

Iran Claims Ready to Prove No NUke Weapons

Bush Wont Rule Out Military Action Against Iran Over Nukes


They are like different hands of the same body, one of them pours the water and the other drinks it and vice versa. I know its like a soup opera. and I guess I passed quite beyond the "offtopic" limit. so Im done with this. and if you dont see what I see, than note that you dont have to.

it is really bad the solar sail couldnt suceed, since they could be the first to prove that solar sails can be used as a controllable means of propulsion (in practice).

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posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 04:11 AM

Originally posted by xu
for the Nasa Solar sail Project, Goog le

Thats what I had assumed you were refering to...If you would of took a closer look at what you posted you would see that its a TEST in a VACUUM CHAMBER, not an actual deployment in space.

As I said earlier...Nasa currently has no plans of using a solar sails in space.


posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 04:35 AM

its a TEST in a VACUUM CHAMBER, not an actual deployment in space.

so you are still here, defending that NASA has no ongoing solar sail program? I mean wow. they must be testing all those 20 meter minature solar sails, in building sized vacuum chambers just for fun at the office.

"NASA, the European Space Agency, Japan, and Russia all have developed solar sails, but none has yet tried to prove that the sails can propel a spacecraft under controlled flight." Cosmos 1 could do that. actually Japan deployed 2 in space but not functional in this sense.

and I repeat my statement for the last time.

NASA will launch a solar sail program.

they are not doing all those simulated experiments for nothing. "simulation" as in testing how something would act in the real environment, like space?, or Im being creative maybe deploying a solar sail in space?
if you carry on beyond the first link you will see that NASA has put some serious work on this project for years. and note that these last tests NASA has done are very recent one in April and the other one is in June.

for the good of humanity you must accept that NASA will launch a solar sail program. it is inevitable. just accept it.

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 01:13 PM
You try and make me sound as if i'm against solar sails, I like them...who doesn't like propellantless space travel.

Of course Nasa is spending money on learning about it...but as of now, they have no solar sail in there agenda. They put money into all sorts of space transportation...Nuclear, chemical, RTG, Ions, and even space Elevators. SO just because there doing test doesn't mean there going to launch a mission within the decade.

now wait for a few months for the sail which belongs to NASA write history. as in beagle.

- I'm still puzzled by what you meant, since Nasa is only doing vacuum chamber test. and are you talking about the European Mars landing called Beagle?, If so...what about it.

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 03:47 PM
The PS people should have used the Pegasus or Sea Launch. I'm sure they could have gotten some more bucks somewhere to have a better launch platform. Hell, they probably could have piggybacked on a Soviet shoot for the IIS - as they seem pretty reliable and the satellite only weighed 100kg...


posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 11:55 PM
I mean wow, they are constructing solar sails, they are conducting tests of its deployment in vacuum, simulating space, they have scientists just working on this project, dont forget the amount of work they did for past years, this project is funded. and you are still saying that NASA has no solar-sail program.

I thought google would cover your qts, yet it seems it didnt so;

An Overview Of NASA's Solar Sail Propulsion Project from NASA.GOV dated spring 2003

for beagle-2 its about conspiracy and I dont feel a discussion about it will prove useful since it is a theory and you will most probably demand proof of practice of this theory which if someone ever had it, it wouldnt be a conspiracy to begin with. briefly beagle-2 was designed to search for life on mars, while the rovers were not. NASAs next mars project will do what beagle-2 would if it was succesfully landed on Mars.

you stated your opinion, I stated my opinion, we are all good. I feel like this is becoming a monolog so Im out, for more questions you have, there is always google.

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