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NEWS: Police Say Girls at Oregon Middle School Traded Sex for Meth

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posted on Dec, 24 2008 @ 08:32 AM
I think that moderation is key for some drugs, and total abstainance is key for others. The fact that people lump pot in with meth just shows how little they know abgout the two!!

posted on Dec, 24 2008 @ 08:35 AM

Originally posted by Legalizer
America has brought this on itself.
The more the government cracks down on cannabis, the more meth labs spring up, the more crank ho's you have.

This is a fact. In 1990, the government wiped out the entire cannabis crop in Hawaii, asian meth rushed into the scene to fill the gap, and has not abated in 15 years.

Recently some redneck sheriff in some mid-western state was bragging about all his pot grow busts last summer, only to finish his statement that meth labs in that state have sprung up faster than they can even keep track of them.

Meth and inhalants are replacing cannabis as the first time, and long term drug of choice of today's youth because weed is too expensive and too hard to get.

You will never prevent kids or adults who want to do drugs from doing drugs. But the drugs available make all the difference in the world.

Guess who profits from meth, OTC, and prescription drug abuse with absolutely no repsonsibility for what is done with their chemicals?

Did you guess corporations? Hey you are pretty smart.

Who would profit if everyone and their mother could grow pot?
Only industrial (Food, fuel, and fiber!) hemp farmers, thats who!

[edit on 11-5-2005 by Legalizer]

it's only cause meth is so cheap. You can get 2 days out of a point a nd a point is 10 bucks. this was in like 02. It's sooo cheap, nothing i've seen around even compares to it. poor man's coke.

posted on Dec, 24 2008 @ 09:08 AM
I lost friends to this drug back in the 80's. It is a terrible drug that does nothing more than make the user waste away right in front of you.

These types of drugs need to be wiped out, although it is probably not possible since any moron can make it. They could stop it by truly cracking down on the manufacturers and dealers of the drug though, with extremely harsh punishment instead of going after the users of the drug. You take one user off the street and ten more replace them. Just another sign that no one really cares until it happens to them and they lose someone to this poison.

The system is designed to arrest the users because it generates more income for the government. You take out the manufacturer and then there is no more income with arrests. Prisons and jail systems are big business.

Just like DWI's. They could almost stop them by enforcing very strict laws, but they choose not to because they generate money for the system.

So, kids like this girl in the OP are just another statistic to the system. Collateral damage to a greedy money making scheme that feeds off of people's weaknesses by making it easier for them to get the drugs. Finding the people making the drugs can not be that hard with the equipment and resources they have available to them.

posted on Dec, 24 2008 @ 09:53 AM
Speaking from a county that has had 45 labs found in the past 3 months, and a former user some 3 years ago, i can say that those girls can not be blamed for their habits. Those men should be beaten repeatedly and made to have sex with other men. Those girls only know that it is new and exciting. Those dealers are scum. Meth is a problem. Marijuana should be legal but that has already been stated with much more conviction. Help the young, don't blame the young. Any dealer that sells meth to kids should be beaten by a mob. I sold meth but who didn't to keep their own supply, but i never sold it to females or kids, and never for sex. I used meth for 5 years and in one scenario i blew 30k in less than a year but that wasn't even the tip of the iceberg from what i witnessed and partook in smoking up. Meth teaches its own lessons, but if you deal and you sell to kids you are a punk and your kids should have to watch you get beaten.

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