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Madigan Military Hosptial...Unusual place?...

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posted on Apr, 5 2005 @ 01:47 PM
After surfing the 'net on related topics, I've recently found this an interesting topic- though I've never heard of this place before.
It seems that this is somewhat related to the 'legends & stories' of the infamous Dulce, NM base due to circulating rumor of alien technology exchanges going on in secret facilities.
While doing a cursory search on this topic here on ATS, I only got 1 single topic posted about this...and it didn't have much in the way of useful content. Besides, it was kind of an old post I'm going to repost the subject- this time with a little more content becuse I feel that it is a valid & interesting topic.

From the site:

"A Very Unusual Place"

In June of 1992 Val Valerian released the following information through his Newsletter:

"ALIEN INFILTRATION OF THE MILITARY MEDICAL SYSTEM: MADIGAN HOSPITAL IN WASHINGTON -- Many of you will recall the film 'They Live' that came out several years ago, in which human society was portrayed as having been thoroughly infused with alien humanoids. The movie dealt with this topic rather well, and included the additional viewpoint that humans have been manipulated to the point where even the idea of alien manipulation of human society would be viewed as impossible. For this to even occur, there would have to be an ongoing relationship between various alien humanoid species and covert elements of the government. This concept is usually met with some degree of disbelief - surely nothing like this could ever happen - we would know about it, wouldn't we? Or would we? How do you go about proving to the satisfaction of empirical rationalists that such a thing could in fact be the case? Since a significant percentage of humans view even the possibility of alien life as ridiculous, it is no easy task to breach the barrier of human ignorance, superstition, and unconsciousness.

"Despite the general condition of human ignorance, there is a significant body of information that has accumulated over the past decade that indicates that there have been many scenarios in which human covert factions have more or less reluctantly cooperated with various alien species, due to overlapping transitional purposes. Much of this information has been forthcoming because of the nature of the LE Group and its function as a major focal point for worldwide networking. A lot of information has been coming our way for a long time.

"About a year ago, we ran into SEVERAL PEOPLE who stated that they 'had heard' that 'REPTILIAN HUMANOIDS WERE WORKING AT A U.S. ARMY HOSPITAL' NEAR FORT LEWIS, WASHINGTON. At that point, these statements were simply filed away in 'rumor' status, pending the arrival of something more substantial. Descriptions of the nature of and appearance of alien humanoid forms that could be termed 'REPTILIAN' vary widely. REPTILIAN HUMANOIDS HAVE BEEN DESCRIBED IN ITALY AS LOOKING VERY LIZARD-LIKE, EVEN WITH TAILS. Pictures showing some of these entities were published in an ITALIAN magazine and eventually ended up in the United States in The Leading Edge. Logic would seem to tell us that if alien humanoids were in fact in collusion with military medical personnel at a hospital, they would not in fact have the appearance of anything other than humans, or be close enough to humans to blend in. About a month ago, the nature of synchronicity brought me to an espresso bar, where I chanced to engage a lady in her early 50's in some small conversation about an entirely unrelated matter. She had been a nurse for some twenty years, and sixteen of those twenty years had been spent working for the U.S. Army. She retired from the service and was now job hunting in the local area. She was very professional, and seemed to know a lot about the nursing field. Gradually, her conversation got around to a 'very unusual place', Madigan Military Hospital, which is located on Route 5 south of Seattle.

"She had applied for work at the hospital and noticed that it was indeed a hospital unlike any she had ever seen before. Madigan is a brand new $150 million dollar facility, built about a year or so ago. From her description, there are small R2D2-type robots that shuttle prescriptions between floors, all the equipment is prototype 'one-of-a-kind', like laser x-rays and a lot of equipment that was extremely high tech. It was not this alone which peaked my interest, but a comment she made later.

"She made the statement that when she entered a specific lab in the hospital, she noticed that all the personnel were extremely absorbed in their work - nothing too uncommon about that. But then she stated that she had the thought that some of the equipment looked quite 'alien', AND TWO MEN WHO LOOKED EXACTLY ALIKE TURNED AND LOOKED AT HER IN RESPONSE TO HER THOUGHT. She said that THE EYES OF THESE TWO MEN WERE QUITE PENETRATING AND THAT THEY BOTH MOVED IN UNISON. That got my interest. She then stated that during the tour of the facility, the individual who was escorting her said that the top floor of the hospital AND TWO OF THE SUB-BASEMENT FLOORS were Top Secret R&D areas and were off limits to both military and civilian personnel. That really got my attention.

"Subsequently, I ran into a cable repairman who was installing cable TV in a nearby town, and decided on a hunch to mention to him about the strange nature of Madigan. The hunch paid off. He said he has been involved in the installation of fiber optic networks between the floors of the hospital when it was in its construction stage, and that there was a three foot space in between the floors where the optics ran.

"Since these observations were the result of her (the nurse's) preliminary interview, I talked to her about the idea of getting more information, since she would be going back at least one more time. She agreed to make some tapes of her observations. The transcript of these tapes is as follows:

"`VISIT TO MADIGAN HOSPITAL - The entrance to Madigan hospital is off of Interstate 5 past Olympia, Washington. The exit is marked as Madigan Hospital, Camp Murray Exit. As you enter the area the hospital sits to the right - a massive white structure. As you enter the parking lot, there is a pond and sunken area that runs through a bridge which connects the 'medical mall' area to a three story building that serves as the main core of the hospital, where the services like x-ray, nuclear medicine and other services are performed.

"`The three story complex is connected to an eight-story tower dubbed "the nursing tower." The tower has a floor that is closed off, and I could find no access to it.

"`I entered the front of the hospital, and the lobby was very typical, but not typical of a hospital of this size. I then went to the information desk and was greeted by an oriental Specialist 4th Class, who was seated. He seemed very low key and laid back. I was directed to Human Resources.

"`As I walked through the corridors, I noticed how beautiful and calm I was beginning to feel. The colors are very soft and conducive to feeling mellow.

"`The military personnel WERE VERY SLOW-MOVING (which has not been my experience in the past, having served five years as an Army nurse) and LOW KEY. I went to the Human Resources and asked about an application, and was directed to a Master Sergeant - director of personnel.

"`Having been a medical technologist for the better part of 25 years, the equipment I saw at the hospital was far beyond anything I have ever seen. I was shown an area where there was a long room with computer banks on both sides where both civilian and military personnel were working. Before entering the room, I was asked to stand in front of the door, where I was scanned by some beam-like light. I was told that my thermal pattern was being recorded in order to permit my entry to the room.

"`Off this room was another room where procedures were conducted on patients, and I noticed that a patient walked over and climbed on an exam table. The procedure they were doing always requires that the patient must be sedated, HOWEVER I NOTICED THAT THE PHYSICIAN LEANED OVER THE PATIENT AND TOUCHED THE PATIENT IN THE CENTER OF THE FOREHEAD WITH HIS INDEX AND MIDDLE FINGER OF ONE HAND. IMMEDIATELY, THE PATIENT FELL INTO A STATE OF SEDATION AND THE PROCEDURE WAS STARTED. What kind of doctor can touch a patient in that way and sedate him?

"`I looked around at the other personnel in the room at this time. There were two, a Private First Class and a Specialist 4th Class at opposite ends of the room from where I was standing. BOTH OF THESE MEN WERE THE SAME SIZE, HAD THE SAME SKIN COLOR, AND MOVED IN A VERY DELIBERATE MANNER. I was talking with the Sergeant and happened to say something to myself very softly while having the thought how strange these people seemed. BOTH OTHER MEN TURNED AND LOOKED AT ME ALMOST AS IF TO STARE AT ME. I GOT THIS STRANGE FEELING. I had heard before from a friend whose brother had made the uncharacteristic comment that "ALIENS WORKED AT MADIGAN". ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE ROOM AND THE MILITARY PERSONNEL IN GENERAL THAT I HAD SEEN IN THE HOSPITAL SEEMED TO MOVE VERY VERY SLOWLY, ALMOST IN SLOW MOTION. I left the area and went back to the Sergeant's office.

"`A month later, I returned to Madigan with a friend to see, without telling her anything of my experience, if she saw and felt the same things I did. She is very sensitive to variations in electromagnetic fields, and eventually had a headache and became nauseated.

"`There are many other things about this place. Between the floors there are spaces where small robots move to deliver supplies to all the wards and other areas in the hospital, according to the Sergeant. I was told that there is no reason for personnel to go into these areas - that the robots do all that. I did see one of the robot devices. It looked like the R2D2 character on 'star wars'.

"`My friend and I entered through what is known as the clinic mall. This area houses the outpatient clinic. THERE WERE VERY FEW PEOPLE THERE FOR SUCH A LARGE CLINIC. We were told that THERE ARE THREE FLOORS BENEATH THE HOSPITAL and one floor above that are off limits to all personnel, military and civilian, and that these areas were classified Top Secret and were research and development areas. THERE ARE VERY UNUSUAL ANTENNAS ON TOP OF THE HOSPITAL.

"`The three-story main service area has a complex on top of it THAT APPEARS TO HAVE NO ENTRANCE AND NO WINDOWS. Judging from the way the hospital is built, there are a lot of 'DEAD AREAS' that comprise spaces THAT CANNOT BE ACCESSED FROM THE MAIN SERVICE AREA.

"`The personal feeling we both got being in the hospital WAS THAT WE STARTED TO FEEL VERY DRAINED, AND WE BOTH EXPERIENCED GETTING A DULL HEADACHE. It wasn't until we had driven SEVERAL MILES from the facility that we started to feel better.'"

Also check out the 'official Madigan Army Medical Center' website:

Also, here is a sub-contractor's 'case study' webpage about it's involvment in the construction of the facility:


Madigan Army Medical Center

Knauf Called to Duty for Army Operation
When the Army ordered precision and performance for its ultimate medical facility, the Army ordered Knauf.
Project Profile

The Site: Madigan Army Medical Center, Fort Lewis, WA., a 1.2-million-square-foot high-tech 414-bed teaching hospital. One of the Army's eight Regional Medical Centers.

Engineer: Army Corps of Engineers

Design: John Graham, Seattle, WA. Sherlock, Smith and Adams

General Contractor: Blount Brothers Corp.

Mechanical Contractor: Pease & Sons

Insulation Contractor: Brower Company

Knauf Product: Approximately 1,750,000 square feet of Knauf Fiber Glass Duct Wrap (FSK); 450,000 linear feet ASJ-SSL Knauf Pipe Insulation; 150,000 square feet of 3" Knauf Insulation Board with ASJ and 300,000 board feet of 2" I.B.

In 1981, the Army Corps of Engineers began the replacement of a sprawling, antiquated hospital at Fort Lewis, Washington, with the ultimate structure. They enlisted an elite corps of contractors and manufacturers to provide their best materials for the ultra high-tech, ultra high-quality, and ultra high-performance Madigan Army Medical Center.

Knauf was recruited to supply the full line of air handling and mechanical insulation: 1,750,000 square feet of Knauf Duct Wrap; over 85 miles of Knauf Pipe Insulation; and 200,000 square feet of Knauf Insulation Board.

The demand for absolute quality and the huge size of the job made it a highly unusual project.

Madigan Army Medical Centers a 1.2-million-square-foot state-of-the art 414-bed teaching hospital, and is one of the Army's eight Regional Medical Centers. It serves five Pacific Northwest states and approximately 150,000 service people and their families.

The new facility includes a 9-story nursing tower designed for future expansion to 12 stories; a 4-story hospital section with 19 surgical suites, 14 emergency rooms, 30 radiology rooms, a burn center; a 3-story outpatient clinic that includes immunization, dietetics, dermatology, oncology, family practice, pediatrics, and other specialities; and a separate 1-story logistic support building that houses the energy plant and control center.

A state-of-the-art HVAC system, incorporating a unique cooling pond, provides for the extensive air conditioning and heating needs of the facility. Equipment is located throughout the complex in 61 mechanical rooms, and piping and ductwork run through a maze of interstitial specs.

These interstitial spaces - "floors" between the regular floors - cover approximately a million square feet. They house an intricate arrangement of air handling, mechanical and medical systems, steam lines, ducts, pipes for medical gases, and a computerized transport system. Locating these services between floors simplifies maintenance and minimizes interruptions to patient care - but it complicated installation of the mechanical systems - including insulation.

Required: High-Tech Everything

Product performance and rigid spec compliance were absolute requirements. For example, the Army specs required every pin in the insulation board to be exactly 4" from the edge and 12" on center. No exceptions. Copper pipes are used throughout, from ½" to 6". The walls are all 1¼" sheet rock (fire-rated).

Domestic water is heated with a high-tech energy-efficient trace system. A self-regulating tape varies the heat output along the length of the hot water pipes, increasing the temperature as needed.

A sophisticated computer-controlled communications system and three transportation systems also run through the interstitial spaces. A 6" pneumatic tube system with 53 stations carries small items through the facility and includes a drive-up window at the pharmacy. The Automatic Box Carrier (ABC) System has 225 boxes that travel on a track to 48 stations, carrying samples, supplies, and files. The Automatic Transport System (ATS) is a fully coordinated automatic system for transporting clean and soiled materials in robotic carts that run on a grid path. Nine dedicated vertical lifts are provided for this automatic system.

The entire facility is designed to survive earthquakes or other disasters.

Everything about the Madigan Army Medical Center is state-of-the-art, but not experimental. To be included in the project, every product and every system had to be proven to work and work well.

The Insulation Had to Be the Best

Every aspect of the Madigan project was demanding, and only the best insulation would be right for the job. Knauf products offered the combination of thermal properties, consistency and performance the project demanded.

Successful Installation Depended on Quality Materials and Reliable On-Site Service

Material handling, durability, and consistency of product were vital to the installing contractors. Excellent service was essential in order to keep large amounts of insulation arriving on demand over the four-year project. The ability to meet needs reliably for the duration of the project was as critical as the quality of the material used.

The unusual conditions at the job site and its massive size complicated the project installation and made the need for quality materials essential. The interstitials were full of piping, conduits and other systems, and insulation was just one of the many products being installed in a tight space on a tight timetable. Interstitial headspace was limited and the area was cramped, which meant that the installer could be working for days in a half-bent position. In many cases, the insulation had to be carried one section at a time to where it was installed, because there was no room to maneuver with larger bundles.

What was needed was insulation that helped, not hindered, this challenging process. There was no tolerance for extra hassles.

The Answer: Knauf Insulation Installed by Brower Company

On a job as demanding as the Madigan Army Medical Center, the quality of the people doing the work is as important as the quality of the products used. Every detail has to be right, and that takes people with a commitment to doing a long, difficult job well.

Brower Company won the mechanical insulation contract, and Brower chose Knauf because of service as well as quality.

Knauf supplied 1,750,000 square feet of Knauf Duct Wrap (FSK); over 85 miles of Knauf Pipe Insulation for steam, condensate, domestic water and hot water lines; and 200,000 square feet of ASJ-faced Knauf Insulation Board in 1½" or 2" thicknesses.

Installation crews on the Madigan project included 72 full-time people, including 5 foremen.

Easy of handling and reliable delivery became major considerations because of limited storage space and the great difficulty of moving material on site, especially on the interstitial floors where space was minimal. The reliability and handling qualities of the Knauf products minimized the difficulties and helped to eliminate some of the frustration caused by the unusual working conditions.

Brower Company foreman Norman Cruz gives much credit to the quality of the Knauf products for making the job successful, citing the material itself and the consistency of the size and shape. For pipe insulation, he says, the consistent wall thickness and concentricity are major benefits that he doesn't see in competing products.

"Knauf consistency simplifies the repairs that are an inevitable part of any long project," says Cruz. "Once done, repairs are invisible because there is no lopsidedness or mismatch from one piece of insulation to the next, even after months -- or years", he adds.

Since most of the insulation is exposed to view, appearance is an important reflection on workmanship.

Knauf Service Is as Good as Knauf Products

Knauf met every requirement, from stringent specs and product performance to planning and reliable delivery over a four-year period.

How Big is Big?

The Madigan Army Medical Center is the largest ever built at one time by the Army Corps of Engineers. Everything about it is the best and most advanced available.

* The footprint of the building alone would cover 10 football fields.
* There are 61 mechanical rooms in the facility.
* There are 116 air handlers ranging up to 40,000 cfm. The smallest air handler serves one surgery room. The largest one serves a mall/atrium area.
* The main contractor had 450 workers and 70 managers on site at one time, over a period of 4 years.
* 40 design engineers worked on Madigan nearly 4 years and filled 18 books with 4,500 drawings and specifications.
* There are 2.4 million linear feet (450 miles) of electrical wire and 257,000 linear feet (50 miles) of telephone wire.
* There are 4,018 rooms and 15 miles of corridors.

One-Of-A-Kind Cooling System

The cooling wells and filtration pond form a $30-million water-cooling system based on geothermal principles. On-site wells pump 55°F water to a common header and into the hospital building. Centrifugal and absorption chillers in the Madigan complex use the water to cool the indoor air.

Another header pumps the discharged water from the chillers to the pond in the courtyard. There a creek, a waterfall, and the pond itself cool the water. Storm water from the roof collects in separate drains and enters the pond system, too.

Water from the cooling wells is also used to cool emergency generators, as well as to irrigate trees, shrubs, lawns and ground cover during the dry summer months, and as a source of fire protection. In case of disaster, well water could be used to provide domestic water.

Another interesting (but difficult to read in yellow font) website about the possible 'Alien' connection between the Madigan medical facility & Dulce,

Hmmm...Interesting, I thought. Comments??

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posted on Apr, 5 2005 @ 02:42 PM
That place sounds crazy...has anyone else ever been there??

posted on Apr, 5 2005 @ 03:27 PM
Thanks for the links! The hospital and underground facility seems very similar to the Dulce thing, but I have never personally heard of this place myself.

posted on Apr, 5 2005 @ 04:57 PM
The robotic transport systems sound really neato. Kinda makes ya wanna break your leg, eh!

As for the similar looking people who looked at the lady every time she thought something, I think that is a case of severe paranoia. No wonder she didn't get the job!


posted on Jun, 16 2006 @ 05:10 PM
Sorry to bump such an old thread but i´m curious about if anynoe has strafed across more information about this story?

I remember reading about this first time some 3 - 5 years ago and found it very interesting. I don´t know, somehow it makes a weired kind of sense that if there is such a thing as a joint project in medical research between government/aliens then a hightech hospital would be a good spot.

Also...i can´t recall reading the part about the "one finger sedation" is possible that the story has been tampered with at a further point simply for adding more drama?!

posted on Jun, 16 2006 @ 07:22 PM
I had surgery there before I left the Navy. I didn't notice anything strange. However, it is a very large complex so I didn't tour the whole place. The people seemed normal to me.

posted on Jun, 16 2006 @ 08:49 PM
Ive been to Madigan visitng a friend of mine who was there a few years ago. Sorry, I don't remember seeing any lizards or aliens or anything there.

However, I have heard ALOT of rumors and speculation about facilities underneath Ft. Lewis and the possibility of secret instalations there. A couple guys who I knew that were stationed there said that there are periods of weird activity, but unfortunately, they didn't specify. Ive heard everything from a secret bio weapons testing facility to labs and human experimentation. Who knows.

But Madigan wasn't any worse than other military hospitals Ive been in. In fact, in alot ways, it was alot nicer.

posted on Jun, 18 2006 @ 01:12 AM
hmm - it seems a classic case of dammed if they do , dammed if they dont

if Magidan was not such a huge hi tech , hi capacity state of the art hospital -- the headline would be :

" evil NWO abandons wounded US service personel , facilities at decaying hospital dickensian "

before asserting that a given facility is overun with reptillian humanoid hybrids -- it would be nice to have some evidence that such creatures ACTUALY exist , not just take it as a given


posted on Jun, 18 2006 @ 10:04 AM
I used Madigan's facilities a few times when i still lived in Washington. No noticeable reptilian's running about. Although one of the orderlies attending me had the facial features resembling a rat, minus the whiskers.

A nice hospital, one of the nicer military hospital's i've experienced over the past 26 yrs.

I guess it could be considered unusual in that it had a caring, competent, professional medical staff.

[edit on 18-6-2006 by bg_socalif]

posted on Jun, 19 2006 @ 12:15 AM
I was there after my second tour in nam and was healing up. I was later stationed there for 2 years and although I never saw anything unusual there were rumors about bug people and lizard people that lived underground. This place is huge and there are areas that are restricted. But who really knows as yet.

posted on Jun, 19 2006 @ 12:17 AM
This was before the new one that is mentioned here was built. The old one was smaller but just as wierd. I've been there once in the last 5 years for testing and saw nothing wierd.

posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 09:22 PM
i firmly believe that everything within this article is true to a certain degree... the Madigan center will remain as mysterious as ever

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 07:27 PM
I know some folks that work / have worked there. They love hearing about the lizard people! I myself had knee surgery there. Big place, to be sure. Seems like they've went through periods of construction a few times.

As for little robots, yeah, for the automated delivery system (on the surface, at least). They ARE kind of cutesy. for folks looking alike. It IS the military, and everyone w/ a military haircut in ACU's or Whites do tend to favor each other.

There is so much room at that place, they really could have dept's that are Super-Secret-Squirrel.

To be certain, there have been 'off-the-record' activities there. The public isn't privy to the normal activities, unless you're stationed there, or in their coverage area, many folks wouldn't know of it's existence at all.

It is a nice place, but have no doubts, they are prepared for any kind of bio/ecological outbreaks. There are thousands of soldiers there, and since their (MAMC) mission is constant, they tend to stay on the more prepared side. + 2 INF Brigades, 2d Ranger BN, and 1st SF Group are all right there.

The possibilities are endless.....

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 10:26 PM
reply to post by New.dawn0fman

You realize you dug up a 4 year old post? LOL. But anyways, I was born at the Madigan, the old one before it was tore down and the new one built. I was young (born in '84) but don't remember anything wierd when I went there for various shots and things and one stiching when my dad was stationed at neighboring McChord AFB.

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 01:59 PM
I was there in the middle of 1994 and everything seemed normal...was there for a month

posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 10:35 PM
I am dusting off this old thread as I have just come across it from another forum and found the information quite an enjoyable read. What really surprised me were the posts by older members here who have had some varied experiences at the hospital which also makes for a great read.

So go ahead and read the op and the story about the hospital and lets see if there is any new news to be shared.

posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 11:28 PM
I have not been to this particular hospital but have encountered the robots that deliver medicine.

I was visiting my grandson who had severe injuries from a 4-wheeler accident.

After leaving his room I was walking down the hall to the elevators.

All of a sudden this robot that was taller than me was coming down the hall.

It said to keep away and stand back.

WOW I immediately hugged the wall and waited for it to go by. I don't mind telling you I was a bit startled and somewhat frightened.

Even after several encounters with the robots I gave them a wide path.

The hospital was University Hospital in Charleston, SC.

I did notice the patients there were in very serious condition

One young lady had the right side of her brain removed while I was there.

Very strange experience.

posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 12:00 AM
SO,if this place is run by those creatures. They are on our side? this place helps tons of people.

posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 07:03 PM
I know someone who worked their in 1967 before the renovations....She was working on one of the lower day she was wandering around and came upon something know the movie "Stargate" she saw a huge opening with a sealed door very similar to the one in "Stargate". She just stood and stared at it...some personnel came along and told her never to enter that part of the hospital again.

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