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Sleep/Wake state Conversations

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posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 01:28 PM
Hi I wanted to post this cause I've been noticing this more and more as of late.. I've always had extreme interest in the other realms that this universe has to offer, anyway I have never been able to AP but wish I could (and am still trying) Anyway on to my question my Great Grandmother died a couple weeks ago and I had been having a pretty hard time to be honest my only way of getting over it is my knowledge and belief in heaven and the like. My faith has also been completely restored but that's another story. Anyway seems when I'm just about to fall asleep (especially re-fall asleep like in the early morning) while I'm in the sleep/wake state I hear what is like immense conversations like my house is having a party and I'm trying to sleep in another room, I've never really been able to pick out conversations cause once I start to hear this I shake myself out of it to make sure no one is actually in my house then tune it out while I try to sleep. So I guess I wanna know am I hearing other dimensions because I have been feeling closer to the other side ever since my Great Grandmothers death?

Thanks in Advance.

posted on Mar, 23 2005 @ 09:31 AM
I'm sure some people here will post saying that you could be hearing things from "another realm." But my opinion would be that you were either dreaming, or having a waking dream (is that the correct term?). I remember one time in the summer it was really hot, and I was awake at 4 AM or something, but there was no AC on. I remember I had a waking dream cause I think i was actually sitting in bed having a conversation with the mayor of my town. I remember telling him I wouldn't vote for him next election if he didn't fix the A/C problem.

One of my friends told me a story of how she woke up, "saw" a snake on the floor and just walked around to go to the bathroom.

I think people just confused when they're tired and perhaps dream elements remain with us in our waking life while we're still in that state.

posted on Mar, 23 2005 @ 09:42 AM
Talkin in the state of sleep is every spy's worst nightmare. It is indeed possible to have a coherent conversation with someone during certain types of sleep. I would assume that communicating with spirits would be even simple than this since the conversation takes place in a different level altogether.

posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 08:29 PM
Yeah it's not a matter of me talking to people here I mean that is incoherent enough as it is, It just seems like I could take that next step and talk with the people I hear in what sounds like a party going on there are just tons of voices talking. I dunno hopefully next time it happens I'll be able to take control and reach out and talk to them.

posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 09:15 PM
Try clearing the mind...close off a thought begins to bubble up, cut it off...I will gaurentee anyone that does this successfully for 3 minutes, will hear voices conversation, music radio tv ect...

Possibly, you are good at clearing and relaxing and this sort of hallucination affects you often. These are common experiences during relaxation.

Some in training for this type of meditation or spiritual practice will be urged to ignore the voices, that it is left over from misc. stimulus or the brain releasing chemicals, and to get to the next level, you must beat the natural phenom from sidetracking your concentration.

Often, If the auditory hallucinations are passed the next stage can involve more vivid and realistic visual hallucinations .

People take these hallucinations for signs or such, and they cant accept it is perfectly natural for the brain to react to a lack of stimulus after it has been bombarded with it all day long.--Or that relaxation can produce a chain reaction that results in a drug like effect.

I think this is a realistic possibility to your noises...After a traumatic experience, They plauged me also and scared me to the point of exhaustion which then brought on countless episodes of sleep paralysis. I was convinced after sleep deprivation, hallucination, and SP that I was either crazy or possessed. Until I studied and read and went thru my own experimentation...10 yrs later I can induces any of these "states", and they arent all that strange anymore.

Hopefully Im right

By the way, mine began soon after my grandmothers death,,,and soon after that I had my first AP....spontaneous..I beleive it is because we are suddenly "more aware"...It is ALL about awareness'

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posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 02:04 AM
I have been fortunate enough to not have had such a close death in my family up until my great grandmother everyone handled it very well and the closeness of my family really made things and the mourning process go by as healthily as possible. I hope all of my younger cousins have been able to come to grips with the death and aren't experiences they don't understand. As far as the voices they're not music nor tv it sounds like when you're downstairs and there's a party or alot of people upstairs but I'm just zoned out and not listening so it sounds like white noise. I notice that I'm not even near a conciouse state when I hear these because it takes alot of energy to pull myself back and I sometimes have to shake my head really hard to get myself back in order to open my eyes, which is really weird because when they occur it is like I am laying in my bed with my eyes open and then I hear the voices wonder what the heck is going on and then it goes black and I start feeling myself coming back then I wake up sometimes with a shake and it's the same scene but no voices cuse now I'm awake. I don't know if they're a response to stimuli but I will try to ignore all thoughts from now on as I try to relax in bed.

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 03:05 AM

Originally posted by JamesBlonde
Talkin in the state of sleep is every spy's worst nightmare. It is indeed possible to have a coherent conversation with someone during certain types of sleep. I would assume that communicating with spirits would be even simple than this since the conversation takes place in a different level altogether.

conversation is definatly possible when asleep. a couple of freinds used to pump me for info when i was asleep. they have stated that they have had some rather interesting conversations with me. i have no memory of these conversations but i was presented with informatioon i know i didn't tell them earlyer.

one thing they told me about that realy freaked me out though, was in camp one summer i had gone to bed early as i was tired. aparently i was haveing a nightmare when they walked in. i was aprently in as far as they can tell vietnam. i was useing military speach, calleing out orders, calling for ammo and a artillery strike, aparently it was a big battle. i was only about 7-9? years old at the time. at that time i did not even have a tv at home my parrents did not replace it when it died when i was about 5 or so. ( we did not have a tv untill we got a comadore 64 and needed a moniter. even then we didn't have cable. fun wow when teachers at school expected us to watch certain progams that i did not get, lol they wouldn't even believe it when i told them i did not have cable). anyway my friends told me about what happened and asked what certain words meant, i had no clue. in fact we had to ask an adult who was shocked to hear that i had said these words in my sleep.

where did i get this dream from? no one i had known at that time had been in vietnam, i'm in canada. how would i use words aparently properly and vebalize about a battle useing terms and aparently tactics i had no way of knowing? i was not into war at this time infact far from it. i have since had dreams of war vietnam, ww2, and some i suspect would be the revolution or the war of 1812. i normaly don't remember much when i wake up and what i do remember seems to fade as i am awake. other dreams i seem to retain longer.

i have been told over time that you don't dream untill you have been asleep awile. i have found that i tend to have dreams (any type of dream) almost as soon as i fall asleep . i will remember about haveing a dream often even if i had been asleep only a couple of minutes. i even wake up due to a dream sometimes. people say that we dream only in black and white, well the dreams i remember tend to be full colour. i have full sences in my dreams sight,smell, hearing even feel. there are some dreams i have (noteably not about war). in which i remember thinking this is not real life even going so far sometimes to be able to mentaly shape what happens. thoes ones realy tend to freak me out and wake me up.

as amusing as it sounds sometimes i have woken up thought i want to go back and finish the dream. sometimes i do. i have even been known to be asleep in class or talking to friends, get asked a question, wake up and give the correct answer. taht one realy drove a couple of teachers nuts. unfortunately i find that if i am listening to someone and get bored i fall asleep. i have even been know to run the sound systom at church falling asleep but wakeing up just before i need to change a setting or just before there is a problem.

i also seem to have problems falling asleep at night quite often. i once was awake for a week because i would only get to the point of falling asleep right before i needed to get up for work. but then be fully awake untill the same time the next morning. (thank god i had a job where being a virtual zombi did not matter). i remember my boss telling me at the end of the week i had three days off in a row and that he did not want me to tell him i had been awake for it. (we had becopme friends). it was aparently quite obvious i was sleep deprived. amuseingly even trying to make myself bored does not work at night. my mind will just not shut down. in the past i have found that smokeing weed would sometimes work to put me to sleep (to be honest it was passing out i think),but even that did not always work.

i have often wondered why i tend to have such stange dreams. and why i can't sleep at night propperly.

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