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SEE how much the vaccine industry is going to be worth now

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posted on Nov, 23 2020 @ 04:03 AM
Take a look at these figures for the world worth of the vaccine industry. Firstly, pre Covid:

It was set to be worth "nearly 60 Billion U.S Dollars" anually and rising consistently year to year.

Appreciate how, even before Covid, the vaccine industry was steadily rising in worth. An international 60 billion dollar industry is itself something that a man like Mr Gates would immediately warm to. Warren Buffet is lovin' it too now:

The Wall Street Journal informs us:

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is betting on some of the largest firms chasing a Covid-19 vaccine. The Omaha, Neb., conglomerate recently made new investments in large pharmaceutical companies Merck & Co., Bristol Myers Squibb Co. and AbbVie Inc., investing between $1.8 billion and $1.9 billion in each, according to public filings. Berkshire also made a new, smaller investment in Pfizer Inc. of $136 million.

We already know Bill Gates has been prepping and grooming the vaccine market for many years. Nooo, people, he was never going to cull you! He only wants to exploit you and give you vaccines by the billion so he can make yet more dollar for he and his billionaire buddies. Covid is a gift horse, asi if by magic, come at the end of the grooming process to blast the industry into orbit.

Now take a look how much anually at the very least the Covid vaccines are going to make for Bill, Warren and the other billionaire investors betting on and investing in the vaccine industry:

Covid-19 vaccine market worth $10bn a year, analysts say Regular vaccine boosters could generate bumper revenues for pharmaceutical groups

To conclude, pre Covid the market was worth about $60 billion dollars. Post Covid we can add another $10 billion to that anually. So for every year the Covid threat can be held over us the investors can guarantee $10 billion anually.

100 Billion of sales, $40 billion profit. As a world industry this is one of the most lucrative to be investing in. That is just for starters too. Now we see how the viruses are the investors' very best friends and will generate lots of cash for them as we are played with like little cash generating batteries.

I woulkd rather DIE of Covid than please them and let them make money out of me like this. It disgusts me to the core. I will fight them now until my dying day for doing this to us.

They are loving the virus, are loving lockdown. These investors are treating us as bad as Hitler's lot treated the Jews. At least Hitler did not make money out of gassing them like these guys are with all 7 Billion plus of us.

The worst of it is these billionaires let us pay for it as customers through our health services. Even national health services still make people pay for it in their taxes and the interest we have to pay to the bankers lending us the money.

For them it is win, win, win: Win for the bankers lending money to struggling governments and economies put into lockdown; win for Warren and Bill and their friends as they reap the profits from the vaccine industry. It is the ultimate USURY, the ultimate exploit upon the people of planet earth.

If there was any true philanthropy, any true care and compassion in this world there would have been some kind of amnesty and profit objectives thrown to one side for a while so we may recover. We have been "mismanaged with great skill" as an American poet once wrote.

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posted on Nov, 23 2020 @ 04:20 AM
Money is not going to do any good in the near future unless one has political connections. Just like it is in China today.

I know someone wealthy, not so rich, rich but wealthy and that person could easily pay all expenses for my family to visit overseas, but we can't. See my connection here.

We are doomed unless you fall into a circle of influence.

Ex. is being on a no fly list
can't leave America if you wanted too

posted on Nov, 23 2020 @ 04:24 AM
a reply to: musicismagic

I appreciate what you say about our movements being controlled, but China think of nothing else except the Yuan and Renminbi. Money is god on this earth. As with everything watch the money then you will have your answers as to who is doing what and why.

Curiously the Chinese have 3 currencies: They have the Hong Kong Dollar, the Yuan and the Renmimbi:

They are much more clever economists than we. Seems they are making the Rothschilds even look like regular bank clerks. We are seriously screwed and, as you say, will be dragged along the Chinese way of doing business and economics. It is what our investors now demand of us because it is so good at making money for the richest and squashing and keeping in check the pesky masses.

Marx was wrong: Totalitarian and Authoriatarian non democracy is the true opium of the people. Religion is a trouble maker and interferes with getting the maximum power out of the people batteries.

The future is looking very frightening for those of us who have a memory of how much better life was before China rose like a dragon from the abyss.

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posted on Nov, 23 2020 @ 04:36 AM
If I were you i'd get those bass turds back by buying some stock in said companies. That'll teach em good!

I wonder how many peeps 401k's will benefit???

posted on Nov, 23 2020 @ 04:44 AM
Effectively they have created an economic boom out of the virus, but this time only for them. This time the middle classes have been sacrificed too as well as the working classes. It's strictly a billionaire's boom. The worst of it is that the middle class is still blinded by the "woke trance". They are being the hench "people" and policing this latest heist upon the masses as they are just about to be hit with huge tax rises to pay the loans back.

So wipe that smug woke expression from your face! You are getting some of what the working class has been getting for forty plus years:

“All that is solid melts into air,” wrote Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto. He meant that the sheer, revolutionary power of capitalism had wrenched larger and larger parts of the world out of its feudal or tribal doze, and sent it running round the track of modernization, smashing down habits, customs, faiths as it went. The agents of this wrenching change: the middle classes, or as he would have it, the bourgeoisie, the new class which grew in the womb of feudalism, and then destroyed it. And they would, he prophesied, be destroyed in their turn.

I am watching the middle class being torn to pieces in the UK. I know it is happening all over the West. There are some serious "infestations" happening. I kind of had a soft spot for the middle classes here. Have you not seen how even the international popstars have slowly been destroyed? There is no longevity in music and movies now. Nobody will get to be a John Wayne. Everything is a commodity. It doesn't count unless it sells (to quote that American poet again). They destroy careers in front of our eyes and the witch hunting "wokers" tear their character and legacy to pieces in the comments sections, from De Montfort to Johnny Depp. The working classes see it as revenge and a bitter blessing as they are jealous of all they have and have no mercy. The middle class think it is a good thing to exterminate all counter "woke" actions and expressions with the fervour and radicalization of Maoist or ISIS executioners. Just the other day Suzanne Moore, a journalsit of 25 years career with a certain newspaper, was bullied and witch hunted out of her position just for calling trans identity a "feeling".

Do you not see how extreme we have become? Is that nature or is it a forced thing upon us? It is not evolution and it is not helping us. It is putting us in a deep dungeon. It is lockdown upon our lives. We may as well call it the end if they continue so "wrecklessly" down this path as it will be the start of a very short and ugly period, but ultimately those who are benefitting most by locking us down in a woke trance will be the losers of such a battle. I am sure of that.

Why do you think "The Communist Manifesto" and "1984" are so relevant to what is happening now? They have something to teach us about what not to do and that what should not be done is starting to be done. I always said Marx was a friend to humans. He started a process off. He has taught me by his mistakes and observations. He was useless at inventing any kind of useful political system. By banning religion alone he destroyed his own vision. He was an utter genius at observing trends and making predictions though. He knew the human state very well in all its struggling and suffering under its own prejudices and exploits. He gave us skills of analysis and capitalists a plan. He helped his enemies much and us little though in terms of system generating ideology and structure. We could say the same about many inventors. They bring us blessings and curses. Marx was like a political angel pouring out a wrath upon us all, forced progress.

This is all real folks, for those of us who want to be that aware. The more aware we are the better our rights will be. The more we are prepared to voice our concerns the less we shall be used and abused. It is worth it when you got nothing to lose. They have taken away my whole life from me. I got nothing to lose.

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posted on Nov, 23 2020 @ 05:00 PM
Lots of money to make from medicines.

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