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President Trump announces TikTok deal through Oracle, WalMart

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posted on Sep, 19 2020 @ 11:11 PM
a reply to: Xtrozero

It is now owned by an American that a bad thing?

20% owned, though I'll give it at least it's going to be domestically hosted and distributed courtesy of Oracle who appears to be getting 12.5%. Again, I don't think it's a big feat, looks more like a show to me, but that's just my opinion.

posted on Sep, 19 2020 @ 11:17 PM

originally posted by: CriticalStinker
Not my monkey, not my circus (tiktok).

Do find it odd that a president is signing off on a business deal though, in this context at least.

While I don't necessarily care about tiktok as I find it cringy, I just hope this doesn't become a precedent.

Have to agree not liking our govt censoring things like this.

In reality our own MSM , fb,twiiteet,snapsh1t, etc,is equal if not more of a threat than tikcrok

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posted on Sep, 20 2020 @ 12:15 AM
the money lenders who rule the world, 'let' the media run by putting ethnocentrically advantaged people with biblical like last names in power in the media, and by letting them run and own all the media.

now here comes tiktok, owned by some chinaman. no biblical last names lmfao.

this is why im shocked trummp is hated by the media. he is doing what the 'powers that be' tell him to do.

they could never ever give up any footing in their control over media aka control over the propagandist agenda they release.
and that is why tiktok was forced to sell.

asians would have been in control of a massive market of 'media' and they cannot let that happen.

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