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Lyrics to songs you can't un-hear

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posted on Aug, 16 2020 @ 06:58 AM
A cool tune is now ruined forever for me, after a strange evening spent at youtube while drinking beer

"Fear of the duck... Fear of the duuuuuuuck!"

posted on Aug, 16 2020 @ 08:22 AM

originally posted by: Vector99

originally posted by: new_here
I'll just leave this right here...

I hate you, no wait I love you.

Im, confused and flustered.

I already gave out the internet award before you posted, though you put me in a tough situation, I'm calling Steve Harvey right now to see how to deal with this....

Crackin me up, dude!
Here, have another...

posted on Aug, 16 2020 @ 08:22 AM
Street lights - Randy Crawford

posted on Aug, 16 2020 @ 09:17 AM
Since Carl Orff's O Fortuna and Eiffel 65's Blue were already mentioned, I give thee the Skyrim main theme -- Dragonborn Comes.

I saw a really freaking hilarious misheard lyrics video for Dragonborn Comes a few years ago, but I went dumb & never saved it -- now I can't find it. This is the next best thing, not quite as funny, but it works damn well.

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posted on Aug, 16 2020 @ 10:15 AM
La Isle....yep, i study her often on you tube.....her voice.....and her hair is perfect......

Lady version of .....WHEN THE LEVEE BREAKS.......17 million hits ....Zeparrella, girl drummer trying to punch a hole in the drum head.....and Angels joining in....till they clue of how Clementine the drummer , and Anna the vocals and blowin harmonica like a seasoned powerfully talented they are, I study their perfect hair....
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posted on Aug, 16 2020 @ 10:30 AM
a reply to: Vector99

I can't believe no one put Manfred Mann up signing Red up like a douche...

Then there's Louie Louie. I have no idea what they are singing about...

posted on Aug, 16 2020 @ 10:35 AM
A topical one:

"My Corona" by The Knack...M M M My corona!

And this one always cracked me up,Its a cover version of Thriller by some Indian dude,with subtitles which sound like the indian words hes singing,sort of.

Nippley man I met stole my motorboat,pure class!

posted on Aug, 16 2020 @ 11:02 AM
Bad that is funny I don't care who says what...he he

.The Catholic parishioners are going in thr Rapture but they are taught not be so sure of yourself.....oh they had to invent the place ya go to purge awhile....ROF JUST ROF

a reply to: GBP/JPY

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posted on Aug, 16 2020 @ 11:15 AM
While im on the subject of Michael Jackson cover versions,I thought I should mention this one by the dude who made a career out of mis heard song lyrics,the mighty Wierd Al:

Your table manners are a cryin' shame
You're playin' with your food, this ain't some kind of game
Now, if you starve to death, you'll just have yourself to blame
So eat it, just eat it

You better listen, better do what you're told
You haven't even touched your tuna casserole
You better chow down or it's gonna get cold
So eat it

I don't care if you're full
Just eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it
Open up your mouth and feed it
Have some more yogurt, have some more spam
It doesn't matter if it's fresh or canned just eat it!

Such a good song,I memorised it years back,and sang it at a karaoke bar in Asia which got me lots of attention from some hot girls at the bar,so thanks Weird AL,I owe you buddy!

posted on Aug, 16 2020 @ 11:19 AM
Unfortunately my brain went the other way with this topic....

It started in a discussion at work about our inaudible fire alarm. It was immediately decided the best way to clear the building was play Adele's "Hello" on the loudspeakers instead.

Which lead to this...
I can't hear anything but this. What version by Adele? Even alone in the car if the radio plays "Hello" I'm singing this....

posted on Aug, 16 2020 @ 04:20 PM
a reply to: NightFlight

I feel like an idiot for forgetting Blinded By The Light there. It's a classic for a reason, AND one of my top favorites, yeesh!

I do know what Louie Louie is about though! My grandmother had insisted my entire life that it's about a guy hopping in his boat to go see his lady in Jamaica. And this is evidently very true, that's what the original R & B songwriter had in mind (yes, the original version is an R & B song)

No s#, I'm not kidding. I looked it up many years ago and was picking my jaw up off the floor, I bought into the hidden obscenities claim, but it wasn't true, lol. They just sung it borderline unintelligibly to attract attention based on suspicion of obscenities (which worked, talk about a well-played gamble)

posted on Aug, 16 2020 @ 05:10 PM
a reply to: Silcone Synapse

You just reminded of this song, a fantastic parody of My Sharona, 9 Coronas....

Always funny with people that haven't heard it before.

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