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-@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings -PART- -23-

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posted on Jan, 22 2020 @ 04:49 PM
a reply to: PioneerFigureSkating

EYE ON THE BALL in Q posts... appears on lines 10, 1 and 18 giving JAR (May refer to US marine = JARhead?):


Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: bb2ba6 No.1764829 📁
Jun 15 2018 19:28:59 (EST)

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: bb2ba6 No.1764595 📁
Jun 15 2018 19:16:54 (EST)
Have you IDEN other person?
Search Hussein admin.
No facial hair.
Obtain name.
Cross FBI sec clearance?

Why are Hussein records sealed?
Why did 42 Hussein admin staff obtain FBI bypass (no background check)?
IT scandal Awan.
Access to classified emails / summary sec meeting notes/briefings etc with NO FBI background check or clearance.
Paki leak?
MB infiltration?
IG report on HRC email handling means LITTLE.
Keep your eyes on the ball.
POTUS is not going through this for nothing.
Watch the vid again if you need clarity (‘speech that will get POTUS elected’).
There is so much evil and corruption it’s horrifying.
We owe it to our children!


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 32989a No.3715238 📁
Nov 3 2018 13:16:38 (EST)
Keep your eye on the ball.
Midterms & Memes.
[ ]
Remember, POTUS already ordered the DECLAS.
-[RR] pushed back hard
-OIG tasked to review [determine 'sensitive info']
-OIG works w/ HUBER (important to remember)
-HUBER reports 'directly' to SESSIONS (important to remember)
Was the DECLAS already cleared for release?
Was the gambit played by [RR] to stall & delay post election banking on [D's win House]?
POTUS AF1 [RR] > An enemy who feels safe [& in control] is an enemy who…..
POTUS AF1 [RR] > Mueller END
[Important to remember]
How do you navigate around installed BLOCKADE?
[MUELLER] designed to take-in evidence needed to ‘expose’ DS [DOJ block re: Mueller ‘evidence’ ongoing investigation].
[MUELLER] designed to limit POTUS’ ability to maneuver.
[MUELLER] designed to ‘stall-for-time’ until MIDTERM ELECTIONS to TERMINATE all HOUSE / SENATE ongoing investigations.
[MUELLER] designed to ‘safeguard’ D_PARTY_BASE false narrative re: RUSSIA COLLUSION [POTUS CHEATED – EVIL – SKY FALLING] in effort to DIVIDE and MOBILIZE for future protests, riots, threats, violence, FF’s, etc.
[MUELLER] designed to provide FAKE NEWS w/ ammunition to sway public opinion, obstruct foreign + domestic agenda, fuel impeachment/removal, fuel anti-POTUS [DIVISION] [prevent UNITY], etc..
[MUELLER] designed to demonstrate to foreign players that OLD GUARD still pulls strings.
[MUELLER] designed to mobilize D_PARTY for MIDTERM VOTE WIN.
[MUELLER] designed to push D_PARTY backers to DONATE [GOFUNDME – D_PARTY].
[MUELLER] designed as PUBLIC OUTCRY EXCUSE should criminal charges be brought against them [‘we are being ‘politically’ attacked because MUELLER…].
How do you REMOVE installed BLOCKADE?
How do you navigate around installed corrupt [FBI][DOJ]?


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 25df41 No.5926054 📁
Mar 27 2019 15:39:15 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 651cbd No.5925866 📁
Mar 27 2019 15:29:26 (EST)
Q-Digging on MAGA Coalition shows obvious fraud. Also those associated are non-stop attacking and obviously coordinated. Why would a PAC attack us? This in itself shows its FAKE. This PAC also engages known shills/frauds. Do we still dig? Many reported to the IRS.

Some organizations do not have good intentions.
Due diligence required.
We highlighted this particular organization as one example.📁📁📁
Follow the money.
Track donations vs. expenses.
Admin, fundraising, strategy & research, etc etc expenses highly inflated?
Monthly installment payments made to ‘names’ who can attract ‘more donations’? (the “wheel”)
How much ‘donated’ money was actually spent promoting MAGA / PRO_MAGA candidates (indirectly) vs. internal costs or ‘wheel’ costs?
When you offer ‘better’ goods and services for free there is no longer a need to ‘donate’ ‘purchase’ and/or ‘follow’ those who would use such platforms to enrich themselves. (hence the ‘attacks’)
Logical thinking always wins.
Attempts to ‘divide’ the movement draws LIGHT to their TRUE INTENTIONS.
This is about the survival of our Nation (our World) – not funding scams.
Keep your eye on the ball.

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posted on Jan, 22 2020 @ 04:51 PM
Seth Rich's Parents filed an amended complaint today against Fox, reporters Zimmerman and Butowski. HERE

Same day as Gabbard files a suit against HRC.

@brunoBarking has a thread going suggesting two key things to be observed. TG from 537 = Tulsi Gabbard (not Trey Gowdy). AND "The Servers" may refer to Process Servers serving Lawsuits.

Good dig.

posted on Jan, 22 2020 @ 04:55 PM

originally posted by: queenofswords
POTUS received another soccer ball at the WEF.

He's got a nice little collection started, doesn't he?

Their going to stay at the Y M C A a

posted on Jan, 22 2020 @ 04:55 PM
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi


So again, like yesterday we get four related drops that may be meant to be bundled as a packet. The last one, Qdrop 3222, the line just above "eye on the ball" says, "end of topic."

Could be off base here, but that's the way it looks to me. Thanks again!

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