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The Black Cube of Saturn

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posted on Dec, 11 2019 @ 05:41 AM

originally posted by: ManyMasks
a reply to: cherokeetroy

So cool, I want those cubes.

Every man and every woman is a star.
Aleister Crowley

Some never made it to stars and are just burned out husks, other have collapsed under their own grotesque gravitational forces and have become black holes , destroying all the light from other stars in the universe

posted on Dec, 11 2019 @ 11:49 AM
a reply to: EndofSaturn

I would like to hear more on the Saturn is falling quote you made, are you saying the new age is here, age of aquarius... Or is the marialistic view of the world changing to a more spiritualistic one.

Interested in your thoughts

posted on Dec, 11 2019 @ 07:48 PM
a reply to: ManyMasks

imo we are nearing a planetary shift of consciousness

it's going to be epic

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posted on Dec, 12 2019 @ 01:34 AM
a reply to: cherokeetroy
Yeah could be but I don't see change in anybody else I know personally unless they are hiding it well. my dreams lately have been weird in that they are about what I'm thinking about before I go to sleep or been doing during the day, of course I have been of the MJ for nearly three weeks now which did suppress my dreams. But now every night I'm having 3 to 4 a night I remember clearly and wake up after each one, 2 nights ago I was dreaming about Dion Fortune after reading psychic self defense and I felt someone was putting a hex on me and I needed to remember not to fear as then I'd lose, I was unable to move and knew I was dreaming so I willed my self to break free of the curse then I jumped straight out my dreaam and awoke by sitting upright in my bed, it was actually quite cool. And felt real.

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posted on Dec, 12 2019 @ 02:01 PM
a reply to: ManyMasks

MJ --are you talking about weed? Yea..I do notice that I can't remember my dreams when I use it (MJ) unless I consistently include other modalities like meditation, intermittent fasting and exercise..also nootropics/mitochondrial support supplements don't hurt. All that combined with taking melatonin before I go to sleep has really intensified the lucidity of my dreams. They are def becoming more vivid, lately and I can clearly remember many of them. I feel like I've traveled to a different place, familiar, yet not..

posted on Dec, 12 2019 @ 02:10 PM

this is what the "Seal of Saturn" is all about. limited vision


Our eyes currently can only detect and translate a very small percentage of the full range electromagnetic spectrum

posted on Dec, 12 2019 @ 03:45 PM
Just food for thought, Amazon a big global company have realeased their new tv streaming gadget. Oh look it's a black cube

posted on Dec, 12 2019 @ 04:28 PM
a reply to: cherokeetroy

Yeah melatonin is something I need to try, hope they sell it in UK.... Off to check, thanks.

posted on Dec, 12 2019 @ 08:34 PM
I like how Doelow breaks it down

posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 02:19 AM
a reply to: cherokeetroy

That dude is brilliant man only caught first 6 mins the now but me and him vibeing on same frequency for sure, I was relating to so much in the first part. I have been talking about numerology and my synchronicities with 3'6'9 93. 27.etc etc my dob adds to 27 which is 2+7=9 or 9x3=27

Lenth of video 27:12. Or. 9:3

Love it
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posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 11:59 PM
a reply to: ManyMasks

I love Doelow, I've learned so much from him. I also resonate with his energy, maybe it's because we're both Aries birthdate--month + day + time + year all add up to 9

posted on Dec, 15 2019 @ 11:36 AM

Add to the list the new Xbox Series X

posted on Dec, 15 2019 @ 04:12 PM

originally posted by: sapien82
a reply to: ManyMasks

grids are what I had , in hexagons form like a shield over my field of vision before being launched at light speed into the other place

it was cool they were translucent and were iridescent and clicked together fast like it was powering up

I used to have sciatic nerve damage. Bicycle riding cured me of it...

There were a couple times years after having (recovered) nerve damage; I'd sit up like I always do and this translucent grid with every color in the rainbow would be as others here have described...with eyes open. I don't scare easily, but it was worrisome while it happened. Too realistic and undeniable.
I associated it with lingering sciatic symptoms, otherwise there was no reason for it. No bright lights which would cause tracers with eyes closed (sensation).

Mine pulsated from mid to big to disappear after about 20 minutes or so.

Very interesting topic, Thanks NathanD.

posted on Dec, 16 2019 @ 02:33 AM
a reply to: loveguy

Trauma/pain is one of the ingredients that can help you see through the veil.

posted on Dec, 16 2019 @ 05:36 AM
a reply to: Nathan-D

The Black cube was a Black Basalt stone on which the Near Eastern Devil/Habbaby/Babbler was bound within a volcano, in Hurrian myth it was the Black cube itself which Kumarbi/El raises as the basis for an evil new world order, that grows into a huge obelisk, the undermining and toppling of that obelisk represented the toppling of such.

"I have bound Habhaby. I have bound his tongue. I have found the barrier of his teeth. I have bound you on a black stone by the double doors and struck the Sea (tihamatim) with a reed. I have bound you by seven mighty contraptions. I have bound you by the zidanu and amana. I have bound you by the tails of the Sun and by the horns of the Moon.

Seven youths and seven maidens are exalted, and [...] the Star (kabkabu). The bricklayer will lay the bricks by the double doors of Ellil, father of the gods and the Star has established him as representative to Ellil, father of the gods. Ellil, the father of the gods performs the magic. Spell of the Star. [...] I have bound you on Zazaum, O no-good one. [...] O Sun-god! May you lay the bricks and build the house of Ellil the father of the gods. [...] The Star is appointed as the emissary to Ellil the father of the gods. [...]

The earth has confined the serpent (bashanu); O serpent in the sea (ba-tihamat)! [...] So says the magician Dagama [to the serpent]: 'I have smitten thee'. [...] May Hadd fetch the dazzling stone and the triple-garment for the Star [who was appointed to induce Ellil to perform the magic

The translator has translated Kabkabu simply as star, because kb-kb was NW Semitic for star but i think rather the Spell Kabkabu more properly relates to a volcano of that name within the Habur triangle;

Much more appropriate then i think to understand that Haby has been bound within a volcano and that those were seen as that place from which stars are born and return to die, the primeval fire, it would make for a dramatic scenario anyway, were Kawkab volcano becomes the equivalent of Mount Doom in the Land of Mordor....

Kawkab is a volcano in Northeast Syria. It is 534m high and overlooks Hassakah city. There are two basaltic cones in the volcanic field. The second cone is located in the foreground, lower than the main cone(400m).

posted on Dec, 19 2019 @ 10:06 PM

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posted on Dec, 20 2019 @ 01:51 AM
a reply to: Oblique9043

The time has come.

The Nabateans had two principal gods in their pantheon, and a whole range of djinns, personal gods and spirits similar to angels. These deities were Dhu Shara, or Duchares and al-Uzza. Duchares means Lord of Shera (Seir), a local mountain and thunder god who was worshipped at a rock high place as a block of stone frequently squared, in the form of a Ka'aba. Suidas in the tenth century AD described it as a 'cubic' black stone

After so many hours, the first light, the Morning Star, and the rising of the sun announces the birth and the epiphany of Dushara, indicated also by revealing the betyl, which then is carried seven times in a circumambulation aroundthe temple to be presented to all worshippers

The temple of Venus in Elusa andthe festivals around this temple were famous in the Roman period. The sources are important in supporting the assumption that Al-‘Uzzā was the local supreme deity in Elusa and was connected to the birth of Dushara in the winter solstice festival.

Birth of Aeon

posted on Dec, 20 2019 @ 01:13 PM

posted on Dec, 20 2019 @ 05:14 PM

posted on Dec, 25 2019 @ 02:26 PM

originally posted by: Nathan-D
One of most mysterious symbols in our culture today is the black cube, which is commonly referred to as the “black cube of Saturn”. There are monuments of the black cube all around the world (see image below) and even though there are hundreds of articles and posts on the black cube, no-one really appears to know what it represents or what it is. There are suggestions that the black cube is a reference to a synthetic reality that we inhabit and that it is a reference to an illusory reality that has been imposed on creatures of the physical plane of existence. One knowledge person on this subject describes the black cube as “the matrix that is used to bind spirit and consciousness”. The black cube is also often associated with a prison. No-one seems to know why the black cube is connected to Saturn, but in pop-culture Saturn is often associated with it and Saturn supposedly has a hexagon on its pole which is a 2-dimensional representation of a cube. The black Saturn cube is often shown balancing on its edge, as shown below.

The black cube is also a symbol in Freemasonry as shown here (referred to as the rough and perfect ashlar). Quote: “In speculative Freemasonry, the rough ashlar is an allegory to uninitiated Freemasons prior to discovering enlightenment [whereas] a perfect ashlar is an allegory to a Freemason who, through Masonic education, works to achieve an upstanding life, and diligently strives to obtain enlightenment”. Below are pop-culture references to the black cube, just to show how pervasive this symbol is.

Below is the OMEN gaming computer.

The image below is from the cinematically-stunning video Eric Vs Chvrches Tether and displays the cube throughout various environments on Earth, and these environments are projected and reflected from the cube, suggesting the Earth itself were in the cube.

The movie Shorts features a black cube which they refer to as the Black Box.

Below is an image from St. Vincent’s “New York” music video.

Below is the movie Black Hollow Cage which is based around a black cube.

The music group “Lost Souls of Saturn” video.

The movie Unknown: 2036 that was on Netflix which is based around a black cube. In this movie, a mysterious cube of unknown origin is discovered on Mars. The protagonist, Mack, initially refers to the cube as a “cold, black monolith” — which is probably a reference to 2001: Space Odyssey. After a series of events, it’s revealed that Mack is a construct in a simulation, created as part of a test. In an ambiguous ending, Mack is apparently revealed to have been inside the cube the whole time, in which she had experienced the simulated reality that had been run by an A.I. (ARTI) akin to The Matrix.

The movie Kill Switch which is based around a black cube and alternate dimensions.

From the Doctor Who TV series (The Power of Three).

The Monolith from 2001: Space Odyssey. The Monolith was originally designed as a cube. Quote: “Among the new Smithsonian holdings are an early draft of the novel 2001: Space Odyssey. The two of them, director (Stanley Kubrick) and novelist (Clarke), are conspiring to make what Kubrick describes in a letter to Clarke as a “really good science fiction movie,” because they both know that there is no such thing; not yet. As they worked together — conjuring up both the novel and the film — correspondence reveals a preoccupation with “The Cube” (later transmuted into the Monolith)”.

The image below is from the movie Infinity Chamber. This movie has black cube symbolism with themes of imprisonment and illusory reality.

The movie Avarice is based around a mysterious black cube.

Obviously we have The Cube movies with people trapped in cube-like environments.

In ancient Egypt there was a god called Iah, who was associated and identified with the god Khonsu (also known as Khons). Iah was considered an “adult” version of Khonsu. He was associated with the Moon and was the god of time. His Greek equivalent was Kronos as they both ruled over time. Quote: “A’ah: An early Moon god who evolved into Iah (also known as Yah) and, eventually, Khonsu (Khons). Most, if not all, of the ancient religions had Saturn in their pantheon of gods. As “Saturn” to the Romans, he was “Kronos/Chronos” to the Greeks. To the Egyptians, he was alternately “Khons” and “Osiris”. The Babylonians named him “Ninus” while to Assyrians he was known as Bel, Bal or Belus. The Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Canaanites referred to Saturn as Baal or Baalim. Below is a figurine of Iah/Khonsu/Khons/Saturn holding what appears to be a square or cube in their hand. Iah became assimilated with Osiris who fused with Ptah. Ptah was the creator god or Memphis Demiurge who brought himself into existence”. The cube is often portrayed as something humans reside within.

From the 2019 movie Escape Room.

The image below is from the movie Cabin.

Image below is from the movie Transformers.

The cube from the movie Justice League.

The cube from the TV series Sherwood which is essentially a giant underwater prison.

Below is an image from the TV series The OA.

The cube from the Intel commercial.

The cube from the Northlane Singularity cover.

The cube from the HellRaiser movies.

The cube from the Hunger Games.

The black cube from the music video Southern Sun.

The cube from the Marvel Universe which is basically a giant prison.

You forgot the Borg cube. I believe it passes near Saturn on it's way to earth after Picard is assimilated.

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