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Is the "Political Climate" Just a Big Distraction!

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posted on Nov, 10 2019 @ 02:47 AM
Max diameter is 32 meters would likely burn off half if not more and break apart depending on unknown composition on entry with man pieces hitting the ocean and thats if it hits says closest approach Lunar Distance 32.5503692627 LD thats 32 times the average distance from the center of Earth to the center of the Moon.
thats a long way away.

Was reading recently will try and find the source but some astrophysicists believe a star swept through a light year away and pulled many comets asteroids along with it about 5000 years ago

Asteroid 2011 YD29
Absolute Magnitude 26.3000 H
Distance 12,517,907 km
Distance (miles) 7,778,267 mi
Lunar Distance 32.5503692627 LD
Astronomical Distance 0.0836770352 AU
Min. Diameter 14.6068 m
Max. Diameter 32.6618 m
Velocity (km per hour) 32,310 km/h
Velocity (meters per second) 8,975 m/s
Orbiting Body Earth

posted on Nov, 10 2019 @ 07:45 AM

originally posted by: Sabrechucker

Someone please explain why we should not be afraid.

If I stopped the big rock from hitting the Earth, would you feel better?

Kidding, I can't do anything about it. And neither can you. But the good news is, if it happens, it will be really fast for some, and painfully slow for others. So we all can gamble on how quick our end comes.

A smart man once said, “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Or perhaps it was a woman. Naw, kidding, she was in the kitchen making sammiches.

posted on Nov, 10 2019 @ 08:09 AM

originally posted by: Sookiechacha

originally posted by: Sabrechucker
a reply to: Sookiechacha

You fell for the Political aspect of this. Try to be unbiased.

Uh, okay? I was trying to tell you why you should not be afraid...because mankind is resilient.

But, if that's too political for you, I have to ask, "What is it you're afraid of"...that you want me to tell you why not to be afraid? Are you afraid of death?

If so, get used to it, because, one way or another, it's coming for you.

True death comes to everyone. A huge extinction event is inevitable. It has happened in the past and is very likely to happen again in the future, if not guaranteed to happen in the future. Just hope and pray that you and everyone you love is in the direct hit zone so you die as quickly and painlessly as possible.

As to if TPTB should tell us. NO NO NO We need to carry on because advance warning means everything comes to a halt while waiting for it to happen. People quit their jobs in massive numbers, because what's the point. Farms stop producing because what's the point. So before the event happens, people starve, stores close, gas stations have no one operating them, anarchy and hell reign over the world. Better to keep us occupied and the world running until the very end so people have the remaining days in at least the semblance of peace we have now.

As for what is going on with politics as keeping us occupied and our minds on other things. Maybe, it occurred to me that the Democrats 2020 candidates are eating each other alive and destroying any chance they have at winning. It is so bad that Hillary is considering jumping in as the "best" candidate, a two time loser for the Presidency.

We know from reality TV votes that America loves the underdog. By all the major TV outlets, major newspapers, etc. constantly trying to destroy Trump, they have made him appear to be the trampled upon underdog. The progressive/liberal/left have proverbially beat Trump up, bullied him, and trampled on him so badly that it looks like he is so picked on by bullies. Then sympathy is garnered, and Trump becomes the metaphorical underdog of America.

Just look at Sean Spicer as an example, America votes to keep him on DWTS, even though he is the worst dancer on the show. Why? The underdog syndrome, all the major TV outlets despise him and moaned and groaned and tried to get him thrown off the show before it started. He then became the bullied underdog, and no matter how poorly he performed, Americans were adamant that bullies can't win over the underdog.

Look at what the Democratic Party supporters are doing. They, and even their Congresspeople are calling all conservatives racists, sexists, homophobes and any other name they can think of. Yes, some conservative are also name calling, but not as publicly, and certainly Republican congresspeople are not doing it.

The Democratic Party supporters have even physically beaten up over 600 Trump supporters with a MAGA hat on. I don't see the equivalent happening against liberals. The Democrat supporters have rioted and committed violence as ANTIFA to stop conservatives from being allowed to speak, and I haven't seen conservatives do the equivalent. Therefore, my point is the Democratic Party supporters have made conservatives into the bullied underdogs.

Maybe, just maybe for some reason TPTB really want Trump to win again.

The impeachment fiasco that has been ongoing for 3 years, lately over nothing, if you read the actual transcript of the call. With the Democrats publicly and obviously ignoring that Biden actually did what they are accusing Trump of. Yet the Democrats appear to be putting Biden through as their #1 candidate. Doing this really makes Trump look like the bullied underdog.

Just a theory I've recently come to consider as a real possibility. But one must remember that the world isn't consumed with US politics, the rest of the world needs a distraction too IF the extinction event is coming. OR I should say when an extinction event is coming.

Weird thought I know, but no weirder than the Democratic Party championing Biden who actually did what they accuse Trump of and worse, because Biden's son directly profited from it in a huge way. While Trump gives all profits at his hotels from diplomatic stays back to the US treasury and his salary back to the US treasury.

To me the entire situation is so bizarre, that maybe, just maybe, TPTB have orchestrated things so the current President can do what he has been doing, quietly improving the US economy, which much of the world depends on, certainly China depends on because they sell so much to the US.

Maybe it has been TPTB design for the Democrats to do nothing but bully conservatives for 3-4 years, get zero accomplished that has any positive value - that too is weird. Maybe this was done to let a real CEO correct the damage done by professional politicians over the past decades by pandering to politics in their decision making, rather than making real and rational decisions that improve the US.

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posted on Nov, 10 2019 @ 08:32 AM
a reply to: The2Billies

The progressive/liberal/left have proverbially beat Trump up, bullied him, and trampled on him so badly that it looks like he is so picked on by bullies. Then sympathy is garnered, and Trump becomes the metaphorical underdog of America.


Well stated.


posted on Nov, 10 2019 @ 08:40 AM
a reply to: Sabrechucker

I don't think anyone knows or will know of any wayward asteroids anytime soon. We're still at the point where if it happens, it'll be a surprise.

I think we're more likely to see a glaciation (which may be predictable based on a combination/confluence of cyclical factors), or that those "in the know" are aware of when "others" will be returning.

But a known impactor event, I don't think is likely. The tech required to analyze all variables to the degree necessary to accurately predict is probably more advanced than the tech to shield/divert successfully.

posted on Nov, 10 2019 @ 08:44 AM
I believe the political climate IS absolutely just a distraction. But not from an asteroid. I mean, I suppose it COULD BE but I don't think it is. I don't know what they're trying to distract us from. Or even if we'd notice it if we weren't so distracted. It could be that the word "distraction" is not really all that accurate and is just a vaguely accurate term for whatever it is.

I think I would prefer to use the term "bread and circuses". Or, to put it more bluntly.....entertainment. It's kinda like shopping music. Shopping music isn't necessarily there to distract you from anything. It's just there to keep certain parts of your brain from getting bored while you shop. Otherwise, you might stop and think to yourself that you have been shopping for a long time.

You know? If they weren't doing something entertaining, we might all stop and wonder just why it is that there really isn't very much in the news that actually matters. I mean, how can it be that there is an entire world of STUFF going on and the only thing the media wants us to know is what Trump posted on Twitter or how mad the Democrats are at him or that Russia was trying to interfere with an election (weren't they always doing that, BTW?)?

So if you took all the POINTLESS DRAMA out of the news, what would be left? The US is a big place (to say nothing of the whole planet) and this is all the media is telling us about what's going on. Hmmmmm.
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posted on Nov, 10 2019 @ 09:37 AM

originally posted by: cherokeetroy
I agree, keeping us divided is one of the most effective weapons they use against us and it's worked really, really well. that's why I don't do party politics

This country is perfectly ripe for the greatest fascist dictatorship the World has ever seen. Our dear leader was cheered in Alabama where the cost of his breakfast is more than the people cheering him make in a year. And the opposition party gives up and turns away as many people say "I don't do party politics" which seals our country's fate.

The asteroid hit when the country elected a centrist in 1992. We've been marching towards the Fourth Reich ever since. My fellow Romans, the Fourth Reich will soon be upon us.

People will always kneel to STRONG leadership:

The people of the United States were made to be ruled.

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posted on Nov, 10 2019 @ 11:12 AM
a reply to: dfnj2015

In some ways you are correct. The media is preparing the US for the sort of thing that happened to Venezuela.

Democratic Politicians are promising exactly what Chavez promised the people. The media is staunchly behind socialism. The left and the leftist media are staunchly against freedom of speech for those who oppose their ideology and even have ANTIFA to beat those who try.

I have a close relative who left Venezuela when Chavez began because he could see what was happening. Totalitarian authoritarianism and a form of fascism was coming. He is now a LEGAL US citizen.

He says he sees the progressive/left in the US espousing the same rhetoric that Chavez did and promising the same unsustainable freebies that Chavez promised to give away. Chavez kept his promises and quickly bankrupted the country which is now starving (even the upper middle class and middle class are starving with regular blackouts and censored news). Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world some say, and yet due to the socialist policies and tons of the exact same freebies many of the 2020 Democrats are promising to give away - has a nation of starving, hopeless and helpless people.

Yep, the US is ripe for this, backed by CNN, MSNBC, NY TImes, etc. I can guarantee you the US won't do any better than Venezuela did.

What will end up happening with the next Democratic President is exactly what happened in Venezuela because today's Democrats are even more radical than Chavez. When the people begin to rebel, the Democratic President will do what Obama said he wanted to do - be like the "President" of China, so he could do what he thought was best for the country.

Yep, we are quite ripe.

Perhaps this is what the rest of the world wants and powerful people around the world are attempting to do through the Democratic Party. Destroy the US because the Democrats have convinced the rest of the world that the USA is the most evil, rotten to the core, nation that ever existed on the face of the planet. At least that is what the Democratic Party seems to believe through what they say and how they talk about the USA.

This is another theory I have been batting around in my head. I agree something is going on and politics is the distraction. Whatever it is probably has to do with a push for a one world government. In which case the world has to decide whether to keep the US an economic powerhouse to buy the stuff the world produces (in a previous post I wrote) OR destroy the US and bring it down completely so it begs to join a one world government because the people will be thoroughly convinced of the totally depraved nation the US is said to be by liberalism.

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posted on Nov, 10 2019 @ 11:28 AM
It could be a distraction, sure. There’s a number of very real historical examples of false flags or disinformation campaigns. Said another way, part of the Fed Govs job is to keep order/society from collapsing - which frankly they’re still doing - and they haven’t always accomplished that in an above board way.

Could it be a distraction from an asteroid? ET issues? Something’s wrong with the Earth? Sure. It could be.

My sense though is the whole “distraction” element is just Trump’s style and an attempt by entrenched politicians to stay entrenched.. He gives the press rabbits to chase and trolls the dems. This keeps them busy playing defense or spinning their wheels on false flags so people don’t look into real issues/what’s actually being accomplished. The same is then done by the press in the sense they don’t actually report anything good, demonize anything Trump/Republican and try to push the leftist agenda.

That’s where the distractions become an attempt to stop the swamp from being drained. We have to keep people busy looking at manufactured/hyperbolic problems to avoid talking about the real issues. Look at the impeachment discussion - Trump is basically saying “go for it, and I’ll bring down a bunch of you with me”. Career politicians aren’t used to that. So to maintain status quo they have to play defense in the form of confusion.

The left is coming apart at the seams and doubling down on anything to keep the spotlight off of them. Look at how many threads have been started on ATS in the past couple of years where the OP days “the msm isn’t talking about this/won’t talk about this” or “this is a big story no one follows or reports on”.

The distraction is just to keep the entrenched politicians entrenched. It’s probably that simple.

posted on Nov, 10 2019 @ 11:47 AM
a reply to: The2Billies

Fair points and I largely buy that train of thought.

But this makes me wonder if we are the ones coming down on the wrong side of history? Perhaps we’re wrong? I don’t think so but I have to leave room for that.

That said, the current climate will burn voters and people out. They’ll either yield and basically say “I’m so exhausted by this, just do whatever you want” which will probably be your leftist voters or they’ll say “remove them all” and we end up in more of a civil war situation (which I’m pretty sure would result in the right overtaking the left).

The other reason I say that the current climate isn’t sustainable is the Dems will ultimately turn on themselves. Lib Dems aren’t unified. They have unrealistic ideas. They burn each other down. Why? The current Dem party is probably as fractured as it has ever been. They don’t have principals, they have rhetoric and emotions. They keep eating their own until there’s nothing left.

If I were running a 2020 campaign I’d do everything in my power to turn the dem candidates against each other. Let them burn from the inside out and then go full bore against whomever the weakened/remaining candidate is. This is a tried and true method to use when you have a fractured set of adversaries (think about our Middle East foreign policy....) ...

posted on Nov, 10 2019 @ 11:52 AM
A divided populace is a manageable populace.

Apathy balanced with anxiety is encouraged.

Corporate media including the internet is the main vector for this programming.


posted on Nov, 10 2019 @ 12:43 PM
Politics is a distraction, no doubt about that but so is most everything else that holds our attention in the external realm. 99.9% of the activities that occupy our time from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep can be considered a distraction.

The goal of this system or game is to keep our minds busy and preoccupied and focused on anything external..anything that will keep us from creating a void or an empty space of time in order to quiet our minds, sojourn within and discover who we truly are

Anything you do can be labeled 'distraction ' if you're doing it in survival mode..or you're doing it out of fear, anxiety, rage, guilt or depression

Education is a distraction
Religion is a distraction
Even sex is a distraction if you're primarily doing it just to get off

They throw the stick and we chase it..whatever it is. Because it keeps us from the truth, but that time is coming to an end

The entire system is outdated and antiquated. Identity politics is a silly game. We've been trapped in survival mode for eons..the bottom level of this game

It's time to level up from survival mode to a broader more enlightened perspective
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posted on Nov, 10 2019 @ 01:17 PM

originally posted by: Sabrechucker

What if we knew, what they know?

Exactly, but we do know. Those who want to at least.

There's a quote that's been around decades now, I've seen it as far back as 2009 but there's really no confirmation of it's exact date due to so much recent disinformation.

Either way, there are two versions;

"If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched."

"If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts."

It's attributed to GHWB but who knows any more...

Point is, politicians know if we the people ever find out they are and have been collaboratively corrupt and willingly so, by choice and coercion ie, the same dirty tactics they use to smear.

They know their time is getting close to being up.
Once they lose control of the reigns it's game F'n over for them.

Are they scared, damn right they are, look at how desperate today's swamp is acting. They are terrified Trump's administration will uncover every thing. Why else are they doubling down on going full retarded every time. Seriously.

Also there's always the acknowledgement of what was said above;

Again, the corrupt career parasites know their time is running out. Why else are they so desperately in denial...

Denial that American voters interests are not socialist, communist or leftist in any way. Never was never will be.

You want socialist government, move to one that already exists. Don't destroy the Nation because of petty ego.

There's a reason we can't have anything nice...

posted on Nov, 10 2019 @ 01:51 PM

originally posted by: Gryphon66
A divided populace is a manageable populace.

Apathy balanced with anxiety is encouraged.

Corporate media including the internet is the main vector for this programming.


Jesus dude, I never thought we could agree on something, based on the earlier encounter we have had. However on this statement, I agree with you.

Bread and circuses... divide and conquer.

Perhaps we don't see every thing the same, but certainly some things.

I didn't even realize it was you when I gave that 3rd star, but after I saw who, I figured I'd comment and say as much.

I don't expect this happen often, let alone again however.

posted on Nov, 10 2019 @ 06:03 PM
This IS Hell !
you are all ways going to Die in a horrible way.

But you never will. no end.
just to do it again. fear....

You can Not die.
only those around you.

posted on Nov, 10 2019 @ 08:15 PM
a reply to: putnam6

What do you make of.. Comet C/2019 Q4 Borisov

I believe I heard this was the first "Interstellar" Comet detected?

posted on Nov, 10 2019 @ 08:31 PM
a reply to: ADVISOR

Great post, not much to add.

I do wonder, what consequences we would face "from them" if TPTB "let it slip"?.

So many possible scenarios. It blows my mind that people look at the stars every night, and convince themselves it's all for our viewing pleasure.

posted on Nov, 10 2019 @ 08:37 PM
a reply to: buddha

Here's a theory I've had for a while.

What if this is Hell?, and we have it backwards?.

I've had a decent life..lots of heartache and loss but, who hasn't?.

Most believe we start in heaven, and work our way towards hell.

I believe we start off in Hell and prove our worth to go to heaven.

posted on Nov, 10 2019 @ 08:42 PM
a reply to: Gryphon66

Agreed. I have no agenda here but, I am still helping their push simply by making it a topic. Lose Lose or a Win Win?

posted on Nov, 11 2019 @ 01:54 AM
a reply to: Sabrechucker Yes it's a big joke and the leasers all know this,they have these ass clowns running for office,media is a bought off NWO tool,they are not honest,none of them possibly Venezuela but still suspect,presidents are appointed the election a mere facade,wake up we are fugged

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