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The Nephilim Children Return

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posted on Nov, 7 2019 @ 01:46 AM
The ship woke me and started thawing me out.
When you are thawing out of stasis you are administered agents which numb the transition. Lots of dopamine, endorphin, and anandamide as well as some ingredients only the watchers know about. My eyes were burning from the immersion fluid. I reached to the top left of the stasis pod and managed to find the rinse system nozzle and hose. It extracted it out of the pod and I rinsed my eyes out. I managed to clear my eyes and then the feed started. Extra protein, extra fats and carbs as well as a phytochemical cocktail To handle the extra radiation of being out of stasis. Once I was fed and hydrated the familiar voice of watcher Ebramel entered my head through the implant. Her typical melodious voice was asking me for my status. Like she needed to ask considering I was within the ship that was under their control. Considering this was for the sake of feedback I replied verbally that I am systems nominal.

I motioned for my helper E203. E folded out of the wall near me and consolidated. Looking shiny as ever I motioned for my cloths. E returned with a rolled up jump suit and lobbed it over to me. I put it on and as I did I unhooked from the stasis pod. I had E check my thermals and then E found some cold spots and used its IR laser to warm them up. Feeling more myself I went to the communication console.

Ebramel report my location in time and space please. Ebramel showed me on the large display and magnified. I was in Earth orbit. The tiny ship was out to about 500 miles from the surface. It was beyond the geosynchronous orbit and North of the equatorial plane by 35 degrees. I ask again. Time relative to my last visit. Ebramel brought up the chronometer and it indicated Nov 1th 2019. Considering I was taken in the summer of 1981 I had been gone for 38 Earth years. Seeing that green glow near my uncles pool house just before the watchers took me from Earth was my last real memory of being here. Physically I looked no more than 19 years old. So much memory they fed me in the training feed seemed so real. All this time had passed for me but it was a kind of illusion. The training for this activation had not taken up as much linear time as I had experienced.

It was the real world inputs of my Earth surrogate and some of the potential future events I was trained to deal with that still filled my mind quite a bit. The question seemed obvious at this point. Ebramel how long has this body been here on this ship in Earth orbit. It took her a little while to respond. 56 Earth years. My chronological age. So this vessel was made ready for me when I was first born on Earth? Yes Michael. It was slowly aged to 19 Earth years and strengthened and trained for this mission. Now a lot of things started making more sense. The memories from a lifetime of my surrogate on Earth, the memories of being in my superposition suspension pod, and the memories of the mission training all began to fall into place. My mind had been constructed and conditioned to deal with the stress of the realization of what I must be.

Now I was searching for the memories of my surrogate to find if they has ended. They were well hidden under this chemical soup in my system. As I searched for it Ebramel spoke up. I will show you Michael. I sat down and let the memories come into view of my mind's eye. First I was at the cave complex. It had been discovered by the humans. They developed the ability to find cave systems from a satellite system used for location of bunkers. The watchers noticed and moved quickly to establish an entryway below the caves while also removing the Watcher technology from the complex. When the humans made entry the superposition suspension pod of Michael had been hidden and power reduced to a minimum. It had to remain even when the Watcher tech was removed because I was able to locate it from anyplace in space or time so it would not be prudent to move it.

Next was the much harder to watch part. My surrogate was discovered when it was badly damaged and tried to transport to my superposition stasis pod to repair itself. Injured and unable to transport away the surrogate was captured. It was then downloaded and terminated painlessly. The cave system was then sealed and abandoned. The humans surmised that my surrogate had entered the prepared entrance so they sealed it not understanding how the watchers and myself actually entered and excited the cave system. My first mission was to meet up with a class one ship and remount another vessel to return and recover my superposition stasis pod and get it to a safe place off world. It no longer needed to be on the Earth since I was no longer a child and knew enough about space I would be able to locate it if the need arises in the future which has been foretold of course.

My little ship arrived just beyond Ceres, the largest object in the asteroid belt, which is composed of rock and ice. It was a regular destination and meeting point for the Earth Watchers. If they keep Ceres between what ever large ships they wish to hide this bright moon like asteroid it makes imaging them impossible from Earth's telescopes. The watchers had no name for their ships. I called this one the Herodotus after the ancient Greek historian who was known as the father of history for his method of organizing historical facts. This is a close approximation for this ships mission in the galaxy.

Once aboard the Herodotus I first noticed that Ebramel was aboard. She curtly bowed and greeted me and ushered me to a life energy center. These are kind of a mix of a recreation and health center. It is irradiated with multi-spectral inputs that are energizing and restful simultaneously. We sat and talked during our getting this energy bath. She cued me up to what was happening in real time. Caught up now I had some questions. If my surrogate was no longer active what role would have on Earth at this time. She looked at me and motioned to the transport hub. These are short range but are all over the ship. The Herodotus did not have conventional hallways and elevators or even crawl spaces. Every part of the ship was a synthesis of biological and full synthetic. It largely repaired and maintained itself as it had been evolved to do over the eons of its existence. The Watchers were similarly constructed so they were more like parts of the ship than separate entities. We touched the control which looks like a crystal door knob and were instantly transported to the ship's bay. There she showed me my ship. It was about the physical dimensions of a large yacht. Ebramel ushered me on board. I was then jacked into the ship to begin familiarizing myself with its systems. Ebramel sent me a briefing with a gesture. As the briefing entered the neuronal link system I started looking at it while checking out this sweet little ship.

Ebramel gave me a little time then started picking off my questions as I mentally postulated them which was her modus operandi. This ship was simply called the Earth Area of Operations ship 24 by the Watchers. So I called her EAOS for short. Her mission and mine were to go to the cave system on Earth. Enter out of phase and retrieve my superposition suspension pod and return to rendezvous back on the far aide of Ceres. The pod would then be relocated in a cave network on Ceres and I would then take up my mission on Earth once again. Now I was fully recharged and briefed and ready for the recovery mission.

posted on Nov, 7 2019 @ 10:58 AM
I believe I have been "mentally postulated" reading this.

Very nice. More to come ?

posted on Nov, 7 2019 @ 12:49 PM
a reply to: SIEGE

Yes. This was just a chapter in a book series I am writing.

posted on Nov, 7 2019 @ 02:26 PM
S&F with a side of constructive criticism: you need a copy editor. Yes, I am a professional grammar Nazi, but I say this so that you may have a better finished product. Mistakes in grammar become distracting at a certain point, which dilutes the flow and power of the story. Writers should not be hung up on grammar, since they need to focus on theme, plot, et cetera, but even after author revision an editor will still be necessary. Do not try to do it yourself. I hope to read the finished work some day, so keep going! The world needs more writers!

Best Wishes,


posted on Nov, 7 2019 @ 03:28 PM
I'm interested to see where this goes. Nice start. S+F.

posted on Nov, 7 2019 @ 05:14 PM
a reply to: MisterMcKill

The first book in the series is with the editor now. I know I need an editor as I find mistakes every time I would read it. I know I got to a point in the first book where I could not read it again. When I get to that point I send it to my editor. I lost the first editor when she died of complications from surgery. The second editor knew me very well and liked working on it but now has her first grandchild keeping her busy while her mother works so she didn't have time to put in any work. I am hopeful this latest editor can finish up before the end of the year. I will need to focus on book sales for a while before I have this one ready for the editor. Professional editors are not free by definition but they get the work done in a timely manner most of the time.

posted on Nov, 7 2019 @ 06:37 PM
a reply to: machineintelligence
The children were wiped out in the flood that is where we get demons today. Their parents are held in chains in Tartus hell.

posted on Nov, 7 2019 @ 08:32 PM
a reply to: machineintelligence

Right on! Nobody ever said that writing was easy. Heck, being an editor is just as hard as being a writer. The English language is a cruel mistress lol.

posted on Nov, 7 2019 @ 09:51 PM
We dialed for phasic separation which is a kind of ship to ship handshake to leave the confines of the mother ship. Eaos turned to Earth and re-materialized within the caves on Earth. We quickly moved to recover my superposition suspension pod. Eaos was in a high alert mode. When we were close to the cave in area that concealed my SSP I translated out of the ship and was perched atop the rubble pile. I took out a portable matter mover and cleared the debris from the pod. As I was translating back aboard the ship Eaos notified me that my presence was picked up in a sensor sweep. It looks like it was not an entirely abandoned cave complex. The humans it seems had DNA sensors set up and had transmitted that information some place off sight. I got myself back aboard the Eaos and we headed back to Ceres.

The information that the Eaos gathered from the scan which was quantum entangled and quantum communicated out of the mountain cave complex terminated in the s-4 operations area. It clearly contained my DNA. Now the humans would know of my returning to the cave complex.
I was just returning to Earth orbit aboard the Eaos. I knew I had much to do in preparation for my continued mission. I decided to return to the Earth in a state of Quantum cognition. I needed to input more into the human part of my mind that was clear to me. Eaos produced an Einstein-Rosen Bridge to produce a Quantum cognition state. The input variables included the information relayed by the download of my surrogate. The training simulations derived from possible future timelines as well as the current data of Earth fed by sensors from around the Earth operated by the watchers. I kept the Eaos in Earth orbit and out of phase. The emotional data of my surrogate who was called Kevin was the hardest data to process. I had to stay in the quantum cognition state until the emotions were processed. I could feel the tears streaming down my face and my heart ached for this suffering he indured. I know why this part of the data is held back until other mostly sensory inputs are processed. Thoughts, dreams, desires and of course relationships were processed. Kevin was a remarkable surrogate by any measure. He had a double expression of the nephelim dna activated. He was indeed closer to me than any other living being in this galaxy that was certain. That work being done I focused my attention on my superposition stasis pod.

Eaos like most smaller watcher ships can not fold space while it was out of phase but Earth space was full of multispectral telescopes and was bristling with lasers, rail guns, and space stations so it was not prudent to traverse Earth space in phase. Humans could detect ships that simply bent light to cloak themselves. It is simply not possible to bend light and not emit some light at some wavelength. I would have to return to Ceres out of phase cut thrusters and drift into the cave complex go back into phase and deliver my SSP to its new resting site. Now that my SSP was delivered and set up and brought up to operating power levels I longed to enter into it. I informed Eaos that I would be entering superposition for a little while. Ebramel piped up and said she would retrieve me from my SSP in about 1 Earth hour. Time means very little while you are in superposition. You can spend 1 minute or one hour in linear time within it and you can't tell the difference. It was also the fastest and easiest way to return to source.

I cycled into my SSP. I immediately found that release from the matter realm. In superposition a person connects with source immediately. In a blink I was in unpolarized space. I zipped through the unpolarized center of the Sun. Then I was through the unpolarized center of the blackhole near the galaxy center. I then watched as the galaxies whipped by. I stopped for a moment at the I Am gate. Then I was transported into the central superuniverse. I was then attracted to the center of all and was in the warm embrace of the Agape you feel when within the presence of the I Am. This renewal is very much the key to the success of missions to the matter realm. A person can not bring it all back with them when they return to the polarized matter realm but they retain enough of that creator force and attention to sustain them for quite some time and stay focused on the mission. I cycled back out of my SSP and kind of enjoyed moving around in the light gravity of Ceres. Having just returned from source I did not require any tech to navigate the ice caves on Ceres. In the light gravity I could move about with my will and attention alone. I returned to the Eaos and met up again with Ebramel. I knew that for a time I would be visible to the Archeons having just returned from source. The Annunaki are a selfish bunch of creatures. They do not have the type of emotional development needed to return to source so they consider themselves to be as gods. The leadership are fully possessions of the Archeons. Chief among them is Azazyal. This being caused his surrogate Kevin much suffering and frustration in his 56 years on Earth. Being a watcher Ebramel had longer and better sight within all of the realms. She joined the neuronal link with Michael and they scanned for Archeon energy. She cloaked Michael within her attention so that the Archeons would be less likely to sense him. Watchers are always scanning the universe so the Archeons and their hosts in turn pretty much ignore these scans.
Then she spotted Azazyal on a harvester ship. He didn't find that Michael had returned to this galaxy as their ships were occupied harvesting a metal rich star system some 350LY away. I ask Ebramel to show me the progression of the harvester ships for the last 10,000 Earth years. It was clear to me now what source has decided with regard to his creation here. In less than 50 Earth years the Annunaki scout ships would arrive in Earth space. Within 100 years Earth time the Harvester ships could arrive. Earth humans needed to be directed more into space exploration and exploiting this system's vast resources before the scout ships arrived. The Elohim had advanced them quickly before and that did not turn out as well as needed. This time the Annunaki would be expecting a vast haul of metals. They would take the cities first since they represent the greatest concentrations of metals for the harvester ships. Human technology must be molded quickly into advancing development of off world metal processing and diverse but cooperative colonies across the solar system. Anything that could be done to achieve this future must be directed quickly and successfully.

Many obstacles of terrestrial origin must be overcome first. These obstacles are not just going to require technology transfer but will also require a transfer of philosophy, awareness, and perspective in order to overcome them in only 50 years. I guess the timing of my host and surrogate Kevin's demise and my new body being 19 years old was not an accident as the possible futures simulations had also indicated this. I ask Ebramel to join me for my trip back to Earth. She indicated a no. She would do a neuron cluster exchange with me so I would have secure and instant communication with her. This is one of the reasons for calling Watchers like Ebramel she. They are built differently much like a maternal watcher or paternal watcher. They had different roles and specialties. The maternal ones could exchange a neuron cluster with a humans.

posted on Nov, 7 2019 @ 10:04 PM
This was not unusual in humans for instance where the mother absorbs and hosts some of their baby's neurons providing for quantum communication between mother and child. Maternal watchers can do this at will and with more than just a few humans or nephalim. There is no better way to watch the universe than through the senses of countless neuron connected children. The paternal watchers were more like the mechanics of the universe spanning domain of the Elohim. The Watchers had never been bred. The Elohim had not had to build many new ones for many 100's of 1,000's of Earth years. They are self repairing like all life but are connected to the Elohim and to source so they just do not experience anything like death.

I returned soon after this to the Earth. I hovered over the world for about 3 days just formulating a plan of action. We thought about what to bring for money to get this mission funded. We discided on bringing one ton of Palladium which at the time was selling for about $1,750 USD per ounce. This would take up about 2 cubic feet of cargo space. It would in all fetch about 75,000,000 USD if it was simply sold.

I would only sell enough palladium to purchase a place large enough for a plating business and with room for expansion. I would set up plating for cathodes for fuel cells. Then work into the space industry and then into space mining. This seemed like the path of least resistance and one that put me on track to influence the space mining industry.

By the time the Annunaki scout ships arrive the human race should be diverse, disbursed, and have a resilient culture if all goes right. No plan survives the first engagement.

posted on Nov, 11 2019 @ 04:47 PM
One of the first things I needed to do was to find a place for Eaos. The ship was 350' in length x 98' beam. The cargo space was able to handle the construction of anything within the build space which was about 90' long and 60' wide. Eaos had an abundance of materials on board and the capacity to recover more materials as needed by detection using onboard sensors.
Right now I needed to set up protected network access. For that I would need to make a few changes to the data network satellites. Eaos produced quantum entangled communication nodes that would fit into the service ports of a rather large data satellite network. That of course was only the start. I would need to find ways to get a distributed network connected to it so that no single recipient for the data could be determined by the satellite network operators. I needed at this point to get to ground on the Earth.

I used a small trickle of data from several of the satellites. Not that they could do much about it but I certainly didn't want them to send up a space plane to check on those satellites either. I did some searches and found Kevin's sister Donna was still around. She was in her 60's now but was alive and doing well. She was a grandmother now and when I saw her profile pictures I was saddened to see her memorial for her younger brother Kevin. My surrogate never married because he knew his mission in his short life here on Earth would be much harder and less likely to succeed had he chosen that path. He had become close to his sister. Michael descided he wanted to figure out some way to connect with her. After all Kevin was not his clone and while he did bear some resemblance he was the right age to perhaps be a son of Kevin.

Once Michael had studied all the public information about Kevin's sister Donna he found a buyer for some palladium not that far from where she lived. Michael now had to take a bit of a risk. While the Eaos could stay hidden while it was out of phase it would need to be close to the buyer. The hard part here was to enter and exit the ship undetected and arrange the sale online to be followed up with an in person exchange for cash. For the purpose of the sale Eaos would print palladium coins of matching purity of these investment instruments. For now I would only sell 10 coins weighting 10 ounces. This would provide the $17,500 needed to get a toe hold on this planet. After much searching and emailing Michael finally found the place that would and could buy his 10 ounces of palladium. It ended up being a rare coin shop in Dallas near Forest Ln and Inwood Rd. Better still there was a field on the South West corner near the strip mall where the coin shop was located. It was long enough and empty and had tree cover on all sides so the chances of someone spotting him leaving or entering his ship would be minimal. Michael put this plan of action to Ebramel. She said it was workable and gave the go ahead.

Michael brought the Eaos to rest in that field at about 5:00AM in the morning. He sifted through a lot of clothing for the period and thought he needed a classy suit and an expensive looking one at that. Then he thought about it and realized he also needed a case to bring in the metal and bring out the cash from the coin buyer. As Eaos printed these items out Michael still felt not at ease at all. He was missing something crucial he was sure. In scanning his memories from the download of his surrogate he realized what he was missing. Even though he was close by he simply could not be seen to walk up to that coin store off the street. He had to have a ride. He was going to be walking out if everything went right with about $17,500. He would have to look the part of someone who would have something like this to sell. Eaos and Michael discussed this and did some research. They settled to copy the look of the BMW iNext electric car. Outwardly it would closely match the iNext. Inside it would be all watcher technology. The car would of course have features not ever seen on Earth but its outward appearance will still appear within reason if very expensive. Once the design was settled on Eaos began printing out the car. Time estimated for finished construction was about 1 Earth hour. It would put him ready for his first mission at about 7:30 in the morning. The coin store would open at nine so Michael would fill the time doing some practice driving his new ride. Michael also had Eaos print out a device resembling a high end smart phone that would have high speed connectivity to the internet. Michael had already arranged for a voip phone number to be active on the phone and sent the number along with his email to the coin store verifying his arrival shortly after nine given traffic and the description of his car and a picture of him with the car. Michael had set up a number of profiles with his images of himself, his car and other details so that anyone checking him out in a casual search would be satisfied.
Thinking about his departure from Eaos was now on his mind. He had oriented the ship so that the bay end of the ship was close to a driveway that led off the property and on to Forest Ln about 260 feet from the intersection of Inwood Rd. There was a doughnut shop just off of Inwood on the West side of the shopping center and the coin shop faced East to a big parking lot. Michael called and left a message with the owner and sent a follow up email letting him know that he would be at the near by doughnut shop having breakfast and web surfing and checking messages and news-feeds. Michael then mounted up in the watcher technology hybrid iNext look alike car and hit the road. He managed to translate the car out of the Eaos and on to the pavement and make his turn onto Forest Ln. He then crossed going to his left or North on Inwood and arrived at the doughnut shop. The shop had lots of customers and few tables. It had a narrow shelf around the walls and 18 bar stools positioned in front of them. There was only 6 tables with seating for 24 more patrons. The shop had a ticket dispenser and the display behind the main counter showed they were taking the order for #37. Michael took a ticket which was showing the #42, this made him smile. He remembered from the download of Kevin's memory the Douglas Adams book he had read. “The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is 42.” Michael thought to himself I have to keep this ticket. When the number came up he had slipped the ticket into his vest pocket. Having looked over the menu on the wall behind the serving counter he decided on a blueberry bagel with butter and a black coffee. Having gathered his purchases he gave the checker 4 of the dollar coins and told the person serving to keep the change which was about 75 cents. Michael took a seat near the door to focus on eating and drinking his coffee and working from his communications pad. It looked like many of the large display smart phones people had out as they had their breakfast. The difference is this unit did not operate on RF frequencies. It only communicated to the Eaos through a quantum entangled quantum communications link. The Eaos siphoned off internet from the similar communications nodes he had planted in the satellite internet network.

posted on Nov, 11 2019 @ 04:49 PM
Remembering some details about Kevin's life he realized he did have a the url and username and password to a bitcoin wallet. Michael decided to check this out but he would need to access a dynamic IP address. Then he remembered his former host also had paid up subscription to a hosting service with a static IP and he could use it for any web transactions he needed to do. Michael routed through that proxy and everything checked out. Eaos could not find any surveillance on the system so he got into his bitcoin wallet and checked on his balance. His coin miners at the data center had produced enough bitcoin to keep his wallet active. He found he had 450 bitcoin at his disposal it seems. Taking his nose away from the screen for a little while he noticed a table with 3 women sitting and chatting and looking at their phones. They were eyeing him and seemed to be directing one of their group who had been looking at her phone to check him out. I was using peripheral vision to observe this and the sun glasses I was wearing were 24k gold covered lenses of the aviator style so they could not see my eyes. I turned away from them and looked at my reflection in the window. I had on a white 3 piece suit a light blue shirt and a dark blue tie. My hair was fairly long and curly but pulled back and I was sporting a mustache and goatee. I guess they considered me attractive. For a guy who had spent 56 years in a stasis pod I looked pretty good I guess.

My pad vibrated alerting me to an incoming call. I spoke to the coin shop owner. Tim was his name. He told me to come on over when I was ready. I took care of my trash and headed out the door. I looked back and took my sunglasses down a bit and looking over them I smiled and looked over the ladies. They all flushed and giggled and I turned and left the shop and headed for the car. As I walked back to the car I was thinking I should give the car a name. It did have a Qlink to the Eaos but had its own computer as well after all. When I got into the car and the systems were lit up I ask the car “what should I call you.” The car answered me in my Qlink ear bud in a female sounding voice. She answered with “my designation is terrestrial excursion device 1.” I thought about this for a moment and replied I am going to designate you as Teddy. Confirmed she replied. I brought the satellite image up of the parking lot on the HUD and found a spot fairly close to the door to the coin shop. I motioned to the spot. Take us here Teddy. Confirmed she said and we were off. It was just a few seconds to get to the parking spot and I gathered the case with the coins and headed into the coin shop. Tim buzzed me into his shop and met me at in the shop near the door. He had got up from a desk behind the counter and greeted me. I took off my sunglasses and putting them into my coat pocket I shook his hand. He looked to be of Persian lineage. He sized me up as we shook hands and greeted each other and he glanced over and was checking out Teddy. Nice ride my friend he says to me. I said thanks and when the pleasantries were done with he ushered me to a vault room. He nodded to his helper who looked like she could be his adult daughter. From this angle I could see Teddy on the lower left monitor at his desk. He had the camera dialed in to give her a close look. Likely he had been observing my approach.

When we got into the vault room Tim motioned me to the large stainless steel table in the center of the room. I sensed there were numerous cameras in here. He was pretty quick about it but Tim did a quick look up at one as I was putting the case down. I opened the case revealing the 10 one ounce palladium coins. They were all individually displayed in coin air tight polymer coin cases. The hard case I carried them had the look made of brushed titanium and was foam lined. Tim had a slight smile on his face and I could tell he was thinking how to get the best deal he could. I reached into my vest pocket and produced an Osage nation driver license. Eaos had printed one out for me and updated their records. I was now Michael Wolfechild on their database. Tim smiled and took the license and went to the vault doorway and motioned over his assistant. She came over and took the license and went back to her computer behind the display. Tim then reached for a pair of folded white gloves and put on a paper filter mask. He picked up one of the coins and took it out of its case and put a satin cloth down on his scale and then turned it on. He then placed the palladium coin on the scale on top of the scale and got the weight. It was exactly 1 ounce. I thought to myself this was a nice scale. Tim then took the coin off the scale and put it back into its case. He repeated this process for each coin. By this time his helper had returned to the doorway to the vault and handed back my license to me. She smiled at me then nodded the okay to Tim and returned to her desk. Tim took off his mask now that the coins had been checked out. He took out a handheld x-ray spectrometer and placed it over each coin. The device had a display that showed the purity of the metal and recorded each spectrum and it overlay on an imaged stored to a memory card in the meter. Satisfied they were the real deal he took off his gloves and put them in a receptacle. He turned and ask me how much I wanted. I pulled up the spot price for today Nov 5th and the one month chart. I told Ted, well it looks like the price over the month has legs under it at $1,750. How about We agree to that so $17,500 for the lot of them. He nodded approval since numismatics typically had a bit of a premium on them and the price today was at $1,755.00 and headed up. He extended his hand and we shook on it. Ted then went to the doorway to the vault room and motioned for his assistant. She hurried over and he told her softly in Farsi to print out a cash receipt for $17,500. She returned to her desk and got to work. Tim went over to a row of lock boxes, took out a key from around his neck and opened one of the boxes. Once opened there was a fingerprint sensor in the center of another door. Tim put his right index finger on the sensor, then he said aloud “Theodor Armand”then a green LED lit up and he took his index finger away and the inner door popped open. Tim slid out a steel box from the lock box and moved to the center table with it. As he set the box down I went around to the other side of the table and removed the foam insert with the coins in it placing it on the table. Tim took out 2 wrapped stacks of $100 notes. He then pulled out $2,500 and returned it to the box. Then he slid the cash over to me. I slipped the band off the shorter stack and laid the bills out in rows of ten and one row of 5. Satisfied I flipped through the stack of bills in the banded stack and took one out at random and examined it. It was good so I returned it and placed the stacks of bills into the hard case. He nodded his approval and scooped the coins and foam insert up and put it in a larger safe.

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posted on Nov, 11 2019 @ 04:56 PM
With both parties happy with the transaction Tim ask me if there was anything else he could do for me today. I decided to ask him if he could recommend any bitcoin buyers who paid cash for bitcoin. His eyes kind of lit up and he motioned me to his desk. I took a seat and he pulled up his bit coin account. I smiled and said this seems to be a one stop shop for me today.His assistant came over to his desk and handed him the receipt printout. He checked it and put an X at the bottom left of the receipt, then he signed it under his name on the authorization area on the form and handed it to me and offered me a nice gold plated Cross pen and indicated for me to sign on the line near the X. Once I had signed it he gave me the yellow copy and handed his assistant the other 2 copies. She returned to her desk to file them and he started opening up his bitcoin account wallet on his computer. He pulled up today's price and it was at $9,349 per bitcoin. He looked at me and I was pulling up my bitcoin wallet as well and we both could see the current price. As we were both checking the trends on bitcoin we could both see that it had hit as low as $7,430 within the last month but the average for the month was $9,100 per bitcoin. We agreed on $9,000 each and I offered him 5 coins. If he cashed them out today he would clear around $1,745 profit. I qued up 5 coins in my wallet and ask him to input the wallet id he wanted them sent to. After he had done this I added my name and his business name the sale amount and the notation for the cash terms. I showed him and he smiled and I sent the coins to him. His wallet made a ding within a minute or less. He checked the screen and could see that he had received the bitcoins in his wallet. He printed out a receipt from his computer and he and I returned to the vault room. He got into another box and took out 5 stacks of banded $100 notes and split one in half laying them side by side. He then slipped the $5,000 back into the box and returned it to the locking cabinet while I inspected the bills and put them also into the hard case and locked the case. We went back to his desk where his assistant had brought out the new receipt and he took out his pen and I signed it after he signed it. He offered me back the pen and noted it was engraved with his company information. Please take the pen he said and if there is anything else I can do for you please do not hesitate to ask.

I put my sunglasses back on and headed back out to Teddy. So now I had $82,500 in cash and 445 bitcoins. About $4,0050,000 worth of bitcoin at today's value. I had no idea Kevin's bitcoin holding had grown so much. I was not sure if it was a memory gap or if his bitcoin mine had simply done very well since his passing. I decided I would meditate on this later and perhaps have Ebramel help me to fill in the gaps I seem to have. I instructed Teddy to return to the Eaos. I buckled in and off we went. We got back to the driveway where the Eaos was parked in the field and there was some traffic. I decided to pass on by. I pulled back on to Forest Ln. Then I took a right on the next street which was Forest Ln Circle. I drove to the back of the cul-de-sac and parked for a minute. I instructed Teddy to make us some Osage Nation plates for the car a vanity plate TED1. I had Eaos enter this information into the system for me. Now I was unlikely to get pulled over. I pulled back out to Forest Ln and was still noticing some traffic. I had Eaos send the data on this place on the HUD inside Teddy. It was called The Lamplighter School. They had a bit over 400 students enrolled in that private school at that time. Being a Tuesday it would likely be busy all day. I figured I should make the best use of the day so I headed back to the coin shop. When I got there I called and Tim answered and I told him I had some questions he might be able to help me with. He buzzed me back in and greeted me at the door and shook my hand again. I guessed he had already made some money off our last transactions. We went back over to his desk and I told him my business for the day was postponed and I was trying to make good use of my day. He shook his head affirming me and I told him what I needed.

I would like to find an affordable industrial space that was large with good highway access to the East of Dallas outside the heavy traffic areas. He thought this over for a minute then said “what sort of industry and how much space do you think you might need.” I told Tim I needed about 10,000 sqft and it needs to be largely warehouse space with some office space, bathrooms and a break room. He got on his phone and made a call. I heard him talking to his cousin Benham in Farsi.
He indicated the space was available and if I prepaid a 1 year lease he would do the deal for 8 bit coin. I could come and see it today. I nodded indicating the affirmative and Tim arranged the meeting. He sent me the listing, and I looked up the satellite images and pulled up the street view. It had been sitting empty for a year but was a strong building off of W. Commerce St about 2 minutes drive time to I-30. I had hoped to be on the East side of Dallas but this location gave me some advantages and I could pay for a year with 8 bitcoin and have a bit over 10K sqft to work from. This transaction also gave my new friend Tim some more money in his family network. We had about 1 hour to kill until the meeting. As we struck up a conversation I learned that his family had come to the US in the early 1970's from Lebanon. They were Christians and were believed by the PLO to be spies for Mossad. Their entire family as many as they could get to the US emigrated here. They sold their homes, markets and cars and such and started a new life in an apartment complex owned by a family member who had moved to Texas years before working as a petroleum engineer evaluating potential yields for properties for International Western Oil. He didn't ask me many questions about myself but he did ask what sort of business I would be doing in his cousin's warehouse. I told tim I had been working with technology startups and was interested in fuel cells. He liked the high technology discussion and soon our time was up. I ask if he would like to go to the meeting with me and we could go in my car. He had been admiring Teddy so he called in another family member to help with the shop while we were gone. We got to the car and he wanted to take an image on his phone of the 2 of us standing in front of the car.
I complied and he took the image and sent a copy to his cousin Benham informing him by text that we would both be there and he seemed very pleased to get to take a ride with me.

Tim took a few minutes to look over the car. He noticed right away that while it had the basic design elements of the iNext it didn't have the BMW logo anywhere on it. I told him this was a prototype designed with more advanced features than the iNext concept car. Those would not go into production until 2021 at least. He went to the passenger side door and I said Teddy open the passenger side door. The door slowly swung open and Tim looked like a school boy he was so enamored by the car. I had Teddy open my door as well and got in and then said Teddy close doors. The doors closed and when they sealed there was a noticeable change in air pressure.

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The air pressure is slightly higher inside of the car and it is quite waterproof and has added oxygen is moisture balanced and the air is purified and smelled of negative ions and a hint of lavender and sandalwood in the air. I gestured for the HUD which then came up. Tim gasped in excitement. I pulled up our destination on my pad. I then gestured sending the address and other data to Teddy. I said aloud, “Teddy plot a route to this location. Avoid tolls but the fastest way possible and take us there. Teddy came in on my Qlink and confirmed. I ask her to converse audibly. She then repeated “destination confirmed 15 minutes estimated drive time. She engaged the drive system and pulled the steering column back to give me more room. Tim looked surprised at this but said he had heard that the iNext would be mostly autonomous. He ask me “do you trust this system” with my life I replied. I helped design it. He nodded his approval and we continued our conversation as we headed to W Commerce St to his cousin's warehouse. I then ask Teddy to display any traffic cameras between where we were and our destination. 6 traffic cams came up on the HUD. They were numbered from 1 to 6 to indicate which ones we would pass by in numerical order. Tim was very pleased with display of technology. Nothing more advanced then what was possible with human derived technology. As we passed by each traffic cam it would show us then cut off expanding the view of the remaining cams. While Tim was watching this show I was on my pad checking out some ideas. As we approached I said Teddy controls please. The steering column came back down and I navigated us into the parking lot of the warehouse. Benham had arrived and had the front gate opened. I drove to the front door facing part of the parking area and pulled up to Benham's SUV. He was driving a black BMW X7. It was quite a bit bigger than my iNext look alike. We parked and I had the doors open up and close after we exited. Tim and Benham spoke to each other in Farsi about the car, also he ask for 1 bitcoin for arranging this deal. They haggled for a moment then Benham motioned us inside and shook my hand. We went in and the place was comfortable. It was clean and well kept but looked to have been built in the late 60's. I looked around and found it had ample space both inside and out. I discussed briefly what I wanted to do with the space. Benham seemed pleased to find a well funded renter. We arranged the bitcoin transaction and I signed the lease and he gave me the keys and told me he would leave the utilities on in his name for the remainder of the month to give me time to move in and set up the utilities in my name. I used Tim's pen he had given me to sign the lease. When Benham noticed this he and Tim walked off a bit and conversed in Farsi again As I read over the lease and it's boiler plate wording. I heard Tim mention our deals, and he talked about the car. He said he thought I might be some tech millionaire. It was turning out to be a rather fruitful day. After the transaction was completed Benham gave me his card and the keys. He mentioned that I should have the locks changed before I start moving stuff in here. I agreed and he and Tim left after saying their goodbyes.

Once they had left I closed the gate and got on the Qlink to the Eaos. I gave the Eaos our location and told her to park in the parking lot towards the back for now. Eaos complied and was there in just a few minutes. I pulled Teddy into the first roll up door which has a ramp on it. The other 2 roll up doors had loading docks. I was looking around my new commercial space and thinking about Kevin's life when he lived and worked in this area. Kevin had a close friend who lived near by. This friend was named Miguel Stephan Vargas. They were good friends for many years. He would now be in his late 50's but he knew that he and Kevin had shared some connection. Reviewing this connection Michael found that one of his ancestors in Kevin's line had a relationship with one of Miguel's great great grand mothers. They had both sensed this connection. Kevin confided a lot with Miguel. Miguel knew that Kevin was an experiment. That he had been gene manipulated to bring out dormant nephilim traits in a government program in the early 60's. He checked the web and found a linked-in profile for Miguel. He was still working as a contractor doing cyber security for homeland security. He knew it was a risk but he knew the area and his house was out in the country near Flower Mound. He decided to go and check him out. Michael spent the afternoon having the Eaos print out some things for his new work space. He set up a Qlinked sensor grid around the property. He had the Eaos move close to the door with the ramp and set up a ramp from the ship to the door. The Eaos would cycle him in and out and would cycle out any equipment that was moved inside. From the air or even up close it would be hard to see what was going on other than the roll up door was partly opened. Michael had Eaos make new locks for the doors. These were watcher tech bio-signature type. They would only open for him for now. Once this was done it was still fairly early. His office set up and the sensor grid up and the locks changed he decided to introduce himself to the neighbors. While getting into Teddy he sent the Eaos to Miguel's house to monitor it and collect data for him. Michael first drove to his closest neighbor. This was a family owned plumbing and general contractor. The owners were Hispanic as were most of their employees. I drove up to the front door and went inside. The lady behind a window on my left looked at me as I entered. I said in Spanish is the owner here or a manager and I introduced myself as their new neighbor that was taking over the property next door. She smiled and went to the back office. She was updating the owner who was a simply dressed man in his late 50's I would guess. He introduced himself as Bento Agave. I said like the cactus? He nodded and did a drinking gesture indicating the connection between Agave and tequila. I said I prefer Mescal, he smiled and nodded his approval. We took a few minutes to get to know each other a bit. I told him I would need some plumbing work in my shop area for some process equipment for plating processes. He indicated an interest and I ask what format he would require for the plans. They work with Auto CAD he said. He gave me his card and I sent him a text message to his phone to give him my number. We said our goodbyes and he went back to work. I got back into Teddy and took the wheel and we went to the other neighbor. This place sold stainless steel stock of different sorts. It was a corporate outfit with warehouses in several states. My sense was that the owner would likely not be here this late. By this time it was almost 4:00PM.

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I was right on this. I went inside and was greeted by a very professional looking lady who was nicely dressed. I told her who I was and what I was planning to do next door and she took all the information in and made a call. She had the Texas area manager on speaker phone and we exchanged pleasantries. I took the time to ask him if he could recommend anyone who could work with stainless steel to custom build some process equipment for me. This pleased him very much I could tell. He told his office manager Katrina to give me Stanley's contact information. He also indicated that since I was his neighbor he would match or beat any quote I got for the stainless steel for my process equipment.

I then headed out to get a bite to eat.

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