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-@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings -PART- -7W3N7Y-

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posted on Aug, 28 2019 @ 06:14 PM


Nexus, old Roman Law ref; SLAVES


posted on Aug, 28 2019 @ 06:16 PM

originally posted by: Diaspar
Now it's 2 camera's that malfunctioned outside JE's cell.

Yeah, right.
This is in addition to the numerous prison guards who failed to do their jobs and the plethora of other BS they are feeding us...

Two cameras that malfunctioned outside the jail cell where financier Jeffrey Epstein died as he awaited trial on sex-trafficking charges have been sent to an FBI crime lab for examination, a law enforcement source told Reuters.



TWO guards fall asleep.
TWO cameras malfunction.

...ALL at exactly the SAME TIME Epstein dies.

Nothing to see here.

posted on Aug, 28 2019 @ 06:18 PM
a reply to: cherokeetroy

It's funny / synchronicity that you're mentioning James Goldsmith...
He also founded the Referendum Party, single policy party to get a vote to take UK out of the EU.
Later, members left that party after Goldsmith died (just 6 weeks before Diana died btw) to join UKIP under Nigel Farage. All this on the day that Boris prorogued Parliament to (probably) push through a No-Deal Brexit!


posted on Aug, 28 2019 @ 06:20 PM
a reply to: IAMTAT

Nothing to see here.

posted on Aug, 28 2019 @ 06:26 PM
Maybe she is a green witch, basically a nature witch, also evergreen relates and doubles up as a type of tree, double meaning?a reply to: queenofswords

posted on Aug, 28 2019 @ 06:38 PM
a reply to: IAMTAT

For reference AND those who are learning : 17 traffic cameras failed to record when Princess Diana died....
Coincidence ?

17 cameras

When Mohammed Al Fayed's lawyers requested copies of the tapes from 17 cameras that covered the journey of Diana's Mercedes from the Ritz Hotel to the Point d'Alma, they were told by French police that no such tapes existed for those cameras. In fact, French authorities claimed that the cameras were "not recording any images at the time (of the crash). It was noted by NBC that Paris has the "most sophisticated video surveillance system of any city in the world", with all cameras recording to video tape and saved for two days - except on this occasion . . .

You tell me something isn't' going on and I'll tell you , your not paying attention all ..
Just like the CeyeA couldn't find Osama B. Laden ...but CNN did an interview with him.....

Godspeed Q .... Let truth keep marching on !

Loud Proud and Still Free as I can Be be continued...
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posted on Aug, 28 2019 @ 06:39 PM
a reply to: cherokeetroy

Good gracious there's a history he was knighted

Father of the idea of Brexit

Family was a Rothschild enemy at ww2 later to have his daughter marry one and one connected to the Guiness family who Rachel Chandler married into.

Massive ties to China and a pioneer for "environmental" causes.

I just read an old Trump tweet today saying China started the global warming scam.

He pulled all his money conveniently from the market in 1987 before the recession and moved to Mexico and went into the hotel business.

Such a small world.

posted on Aug, 28 2019 @ 06:42 PM

posted on Aug, 28 2019 @ 06:46 PM
a reply to: Diaspar

And Isabel Goldsmith, James's oldest daughter, is listed in Epstein's black book.

Her niece was killed in that quad accident not too long ago.

'He took a phone call... then raced off with his two boys': Moment millionaire financier Ben Goldsmith learned of his tragic teen daughter's fatal quad bike crash while playing cricket match at Charterhouse School

So I wonder how Epstein knew James way back in the 70s, right around the time he started teaching

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posted on Aug, 28 2019 @ 06:50 PM
a reply to: queenofswords

QoS, we know that Comey hides messages/orders in his texts...

The CAPS Only gematria is:

T I I T H W H K = 1144 in Jewish gematria and 108 in simple gematria

Jewish gematria equivalents =

Simple gematria equivalents =

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posted on Aug, 28 2019 @ 06:56 PM
a reply to: cherokeetroy

Goldsmith went to the US in the early 70's looking for business opportunities.
In December 1973 he bought Grand Union.
I can't find a definitive link yet, but it's not too much of a stretch to see him meeting up with "Ace" Greenberg given Goldsmith was a business man and Greenberg was at Bear Stearns.
That could have lead to him being introduced to JE.

I'll keep looking.

posted on Aug, 28 2019 @ 07:06 PM
a reply to: MetalThunder

C'mon 17 cameras was just a coincidence. If it were 18 cameras then would be worth investigating.


“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”
~ George Orwell

posted on Aug, 28 2019 @ 07:09 PM
a reply to: Diaspar

Epstein was approx 20 yo, Goldsmith around 40. Goldsmith already a prominent, wealthy tycoon, Epstein from an allegedly normal upper middle class background. Not impossible but doesn't seem likely that they would associate. Not much info about their meeting,relationship, can find more about Epstein's connection to Wexner even though that's also vague...

Is it possible Goldsmith was Epstein's handler/programmer

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posted on Aug, 28 2019 @ 07:14 PM
a reply to: queenofswords

Someone needs to smack him upside the head with some righteous 'Higher Loyalty'.

posted on Aug, 28 2019 @ 07:14 PM
a reply to: MetalThunder

MT, synchronicity... I just watched "Diana, 7 days that changed the world".

At the end it covered her burial on an island on Earl Spencer's family estate. It then stated...

"To this day there is no headstone to her grave".

Think about that... the most loved princess in the world for a couple of hundred years has nothing saying, for example, "Here lieth Diana, the princess the whole world loved".

Also Prince Wiliam adamantly refused to walk behind Diana's coffin... until Prince Phillip talked him into it on the morning of the funeral.

Is it possible that she's not actually dead?

posted on Aug, 28 2019 @ 07:19 PM
a reply to: cherokeetroy

Wexner completely bank rolled Epstein in the 80's after he left Bear Sterns (after setting up Giuseppe Tome in sting operation) and avoided jail time for a Ponzi scheme (he let his partner Steven Hoffenberg take the fall, 20 years prison time!).

Goldsmith and Bear Sterns did quite a bit of business together it seems.
This one from 1981, just after JE had left

Only one of its directors is opposing the $400 million takeover of the Diamond International Corporation by Sir James Goldsmith, a British financier, the paper and forest products company said. Diamond said that after careful study of the takeover proposal and consulation with Diamond's investment bankers - Bear, Stearns & Company - the directors had decided the proposal was fair to Diamond shareholders. The one dissenter, who was not identified, has reported ownership of 2.6 percent of Diamond's stock. Sir James and two of his associates sit on Diamond's 14-member board. Under a revised merger proposal, holders of Diamond International shares not already controlled by Sir James would receive $44.50 a share. With about 15.1 million shares outstanding, 40 percent of them controlled by Sir James, the takeover would be worth about $400 million.


It's certain he knew Ace Greenberg and probably very well.
During the 80's he went on to earn a reputation as a "Corporate Raider" - Think Sir Larry Wildman in Wall Street movie 1987. Goldsmith was apparently the inspiration.

Back to the 70's, Greenberg already knows Epstein from teaching at Dalton, perhaps even before that. Greenberg certainly knows Goldsmith around this time.

Seems to me from what i can see that Goldsmith was more an inspiration to Epstein in his business dealings than a handler...

posted on Aug, 28 2019 @ 07:19 PM
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi
I also know there is Uber security around her gravesite...perhaps for making sure nobody is checking..... With the "family" she got into .... Or at least the rumors.. I hope her soul indeed is resting in peace .. the alternative is chilling

posted on Aug, 28 2019 @ 07:23 PM
This may get interesting.

Donald Trump Mentor Roy Cohn Gets 2 Documentaries This Fall, One from Granddaughter of Convicted Spies He Sent to Electric Chair

“Where’s My Roy Cohn?” Matt Tyrnauer’s incendiary film, which debuted at Sundance, lays out the evil path taken by Donald Trump’s mentor and advisor, the same man who became infamous as advisor to Senator Joe McCarthy on his Communist witch hunt of the 1950s.

Now “Bully, Coward, Victim,” her own film about Cohn, is sure to get people talking. After all, Cohn personally oversaw the Rosenberg executions despite Ethel’s innocence and massive public protest.

Ivy Meeropol is the filmmaker granddaughter of convicted and executed spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

posted on Aug, 28 2019 @ 07:31 PM

originally posted by: carewemust

originally posted by: IAMTAT
Breaking: Kirsten Gillibrand just dropped out of the 2020 race.

And TULSI GABBARD has been BANNED from participating in the next debate, because she's in the U.S. Military, and she hit Kamala Harris hard in the last debate, for being a horrible CA prosecutor.

P.S. I'll be glad when we can stop talking about "minor BS" in this Q thread, LOL.

Kind of a shame. Tulsa is a no holds barred type and doesnt hild her tongue well. Very accomplished individual militarily and career.

posted on Aug, 28 2019 @ 07:34 PM

originally posted by: EndtheMadnessNow
a reply to: Sabrechucker

80s tunes. I'm impressed, good choices.

Planned back in 1988.?

Holy cow!

That is one nicely stated reason to not want to run for President with the "unless" because he "is getting tired of people taking advantage of us to live like kings off of us while we don't live like kings. That will change if I am president".... 1988 eh?

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