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The plan to thwart Brexit - This makes so much sense - The Telegraph

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posted on Apr, 17 2019 @ 05:03 PM

originally posted by: 11SK1180
What happens if these slimeballs get a second referendum and people choose leave again?
We keep going untill they get the answer they want.

i'll tell you what i'd like to happen.

i'd like to see all those mp's who voted for the withdrawl act

and then voted to kill march 29th wto terms default to be

escorted off the premises and be held liable for a proportional amount of wasted money and resources.

any and all connections to that place to be severed and a permanent ban from encroaching within 100 yards

of parliament.

I would like for the register of members interests to be updated twice daily along with a complete bar

on the consumption of any alcohol whatsoever.

I would like daily mandatory drug testing with custodial penalties for those in office.

a rigid houses-wide financial audit for all who have sitting title. this to be scrutinised to at least 2008 but i'm open

for further back. all to be public domain.

whether the privy council have had a hand in this I really don't know, however, I won't forgive and I won't forget

the affluent fookwits who have caused misery and suffering only to scheme and destroy a winning decision then do sloppy

seconds by de-frocking lady justice and hijacking parliament.

we seem to have a problem with terror ists on the inside with no oversight.

perhaps operation mistletoe needs rebooting!


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