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What doesn't kill you makes you stronger?

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posted on Sep, 21 2018 @ 11:16 PM
a reply to: halfoldman

Yeah I don't get it OP.

Everyone always compares the worst experience to the end of your life

Well it ain't gonna kill ya! You'll be fine!

Living physically maimed, emotionally traumatized, and socially isolated is definitely not very fun and doesn't make one feel very strong in any sense of the word!

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posted on Sep, 21 2018 @ 11:21 PM
That crazy saying is nothing but social engineering. I had some side effects from some meds that almost killed me, and I did not get stronger from the near death experience. I still have very undesirable changes to my kidneys and damage to my gut from those and it is ten years now since I last took them.

The people selling us a load of crap want us to believe that we get stronger from being drained from their stupid actions. Running a lot causes knee and hip degeneration in the majority of people long term, they were trying to tell us that is healthy not many years back. If we are programmed to think it will make us stronger, we will not sue the people who misled us down the wrong path.

posted on Sep, 21 2018 @ 11:32 PM
a reply to: halfoldman

Who is right?

You are.

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posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 12:31 AM
a reply to: halfoldman

What doesnt kill me lowers my deductable....

posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 12:45 AM
The concept is optimistic. If one can overcome overwhelming adversity, they truly are winners in their soul and many times to those looking up to them.

Despite all the naysayers here who wish to use physical harm, I think this was meant to determine mental toughness over any adversity-either mental, emotional, situational or physical.

Quite often the tradeoff of triumph over adversity means giving up a part of oneself to achieve higher greatness.

It is a fine and worthy saying.

posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 01:00 AM
what doesnt kill you makes you resemble itself too. which is a sad thing if there isnt any other exterior influence.

posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 01:09 AM

posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 02:02 AM
a reply to: halfoldman

Hmm i wonder how much stronger dementia or alzheimer makes you.

It looked quite the opposite of strong..

posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 02:23 AM
brain damage .... will never make you stronger

like most idioms they dont work literaly

posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 03:39 AM
a reply to: markovian

it doesnt matter.what doesnt kill you is meek anyway.

posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 04:06 AM

originally posted by: knowledgehunter0986
a reply to: halfoldman

Mental strength greatly outweighs physical strength.

Our bodies naturally degrade over time anyway, but there is no limitation to how far you can take your mind.

So in essence, you are incorrect.

But Alzheimer... And schizophrenia?


posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 05:36 AM
I don't believe it. Many people have lived through things that have nearly killed them and have suffered loses physically as well as mentally. They are not made stronger by a brush with death. If it came close to killing you, you are first and foremost a survivor. I imagine that, if after you came close to death and still had the mental capacity to learn from the experience, you may gain strength of character.

Since I've come to believe that, I've adapter the saying to, "Whatever doesn't kill you leaves you a survivor".

I also don't believe that anyone is "lucky to be alive" after a horrible accident. I'd consider you very unlucky to suffer like that. The truly lucky person would never have such a horrible accident to begin with.

posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 06:03 AM
Sounds like motivational SEAL slogan. See examples below.

1. “The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday.”

Meaning: Every day you will need to work harder than the last. But when you work hard every day and see what you’re now capable of — yesterday seems easy.
2. “Be Someone Special.”

Meaning: (Posted above the PT podium at BUD/S) Some people take this to mean, “If I become a SEAL, I’ll be special!” WRONG!The real meaning is that if you become a Navy SEAL, you’ll need to work every day to be someone special.​
3. “Hooyah!”

Meaning: Multiple meanings, depending on tone used:
a. I’m so damn motivated; I need to let some out of my mouth!
b. Yes!
c. I understand.
d. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, but I don’t want to do any more push-ups, so I’ll do it.
e. F#@K You!
4. “Pain Is Weakness Leaving The Body.”

Meaning: Training to be a Navy SEAL is painful. But as you get stronger you don’t feel as much pain.
5. “Pays To Be A Winner.”

Meaning: If you work together as a team and put out as hard as you can for a short period of time, you’ll get to rest while everyone else pays for not working so hard.

Meaning: You did something wrong and now need to increase the size of your chest muscles through push-ups. (Minimum of twenty before asking permission to recover.)
7. “Say Goodnight To The Sun.”

Meaning: Lined up on the beach during sunset, Hellweek students get to say goodnight to the sun and hello to the drop in temperature each night.
8. “If You Ain’t Cheating, You Ain’t Trying.”

Meaning: In combat, the larger force dictates the rules and Navy SEALs are always the smaller group. To win, you need to break the rules. (It is understood that you should also not get caught.)
9. “Hit The Surf.”

Meaning: You did something wrong and there is a body of water nearby. Mission failure has consequences. (It is implied in the order that you will return fully wet and sandy, also known as a Sugar-Cookie.)
10. “The More You Sweat In Training, The Less You Bleed In Combat.”

Meaning: You need to train harder and longer than your enemies to survive. It’s not luck that makes Navy SEALs the most elite combat unit in the world. It’s hard work on a daily basis.

My all time favorite is, If you want to change the world make your bed.

posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 08:03 AM

originally posted by: projectvxn
What doesn't kill you gives you unhealthy coping mechanisms and a dark sense of humor.

You say with a smirk....
Although , I am proof that is true....

posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 12:09 PM
By that logic I should be strong as Superman.
I'm going to go kick a grizzly square in the nuts.

posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 12:11 PM
Is it not strange how English idioms sometimes contradict each other?

Too many cooks spoil the broth, but many hands make the work lighter?

Now which idiom must I believe?
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posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 12:51 PM

originally posted by: skunkape23
By that logic I should be strong as Superman.
I'm going to go kick a grizzly square in the nuts.

If the you are victorious, you will become stronger.

posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 01:27 PM
One good thing the socialists have done.

In South Africa it is now totally legal to smoke at home.
And sweeties, guess where I am?

posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 01:44 PM
Is that medicinal or recreational?

Well, it's pretty groovy either way.

posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 03:56 PM
OK, me being me.

What's happening?

Europe mobilizing for civil war.

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