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Legal Weed Is a Reality in America, but Congress Refuses to Admit It

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posted on Aug, 28 2018 @ 08:06 PM
a reply to: Krazysh0t

Home dawg.

This wasn't on his campaign platform.

How about we let Trump complete the 32 pending promises he made, from before he was even President? How much could he really do, if we tell him to go to Stormwind and start an instance, for a quest.

His questlog is full.

Trump Level 120: Class - President - World of Trumpcraft

posted on Aug, 28 2018 @ 08:24 PM
a reply to: Bluntone22

I would bet those disorders stay the same in frequency, though a lot more stressed and depressed patients will medicate themselves with cannabis, for sure, if it becomes legal.

posted on Aug, 28 2018 @ 08:26 PM
a reply to: Bluntone22

Though perhaps you are implying in a dry sense of humor sort of way, that more people will claim to be stressed and depressed just to get a prescription. Hahaha … I did not think of that! If that is the case, the number of 'self claiming' stressed and depressed patients may skyrocket, just to get legal medical cannabis hahahaha

posted on Aug, 29 2018 @ 03:42 AM
a reply to: Krazysh0t

Being the liberals have lived off bribes from big pharm for years,also the liquor industry,my old town Long Beach approved keeping bars open till 4 am,but balked at allowing MJ dispensarys,the atty general in 1934 said government doesn't care about citizens,liquor was poison,but MJ had health related propertys,liberals doing their best

posted on Aug, 29 2018 @ 05:52 PM
It's legal in 30 states in some form or fashion CBD is a different story all fifty however percents are the issue there.

What does that mean? Federal has that 2/3rds rule meaning thirty-four sates to flip into federal law to decide and over rule all state cannabis laws into one cohesive working system...

The states decide has been ongoing; when the federal rolls it over it will be treated like alcohol and tobacco... meaning imports ex-ports etc FDA will move into a more regulatory in processing role as the DEA steps back into a more protect the borders of import and exportation... where then also the treasury department would then take care of the taxes of import and export.

As far as home grown goes I suppose that would be the next states decide issue... most seeing the convenience of purchase over personal growth will likely make that a dead issue so those wanting home growth in all states would really be taking up a a task... after prohibition of alcohol ended so did the gangsters; they really just moved to extortion and protection money on the thing stigmatized/marginalized down the ladder on the off the books and tax code market.

The system also seems to be a take one down and pass it around since tobacco was demonized in the early 90's. So with this take one down and pass it around the focus is on opiates marijuana meant mexicans and blacks were going to rape you and opium meant chinaman was gonna whore you out and muslims were going to harem you.

Scare tactics is what all of that ever has been; not the craving or desire present when one feels dependent on something to live happily which to them personally also means healthy... if a drug is a gateway to moral collapse then religion is a gateway to child abuse. See why causation and correlation is the real issue where statistics are involved?

In the end of anyone's life you to all but some of your family or friends are just a statistic... and one usually made into an excuse to legislate for or against personal freedoms at that. I don't want relatives that died doing what they loved nor friends doing the same used as a statistic to make more laws saying its bad its bad when whatever it was they did? They loved.

See why moralist is not the answer where statistics have been used? This is why ethics has and always will rule the entire mass; not an ideological group or singular entity. This is way dictatorships are torn down mass conglomerates hiding under the banner of parent corporation are torn down in the eyes of a rational public.

Patent/Copyright and Trademark laws are the ONLY allowed monopolies aside from that; that the federal reserve prints that says you have worked off that debt elsewhere.

Where supply cannot meet a demand is where counterfeit happens... but that is what interpol, the UN etc is for. To some shoes are shoes to others form is more important than function and that name sometimes says both... when form does not meet function it is a mere placebo of the masses.

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posted on Aug, 29 2018 @ 08:54 PM
a reply to: Krazysh0t
The big pharmaceutical companies are lobbying heavily to prevent it. First is ABSOLUTELY has medical qualities far across the spectrum to long to state. They want to corner the market and its distribution. Also it competes with their honey pot in the cancer drug spectrum. Cannabinoids kill cancer. That puts their expensive poisons in peril. Republicans and Democrats alike are getting their palms greased big time!!! But I must add one caveat. I wish I could refer to the study but daily habitual use of cannabis has been shown to cause psychosis. Now do not get me wrong like anything else overuse or abuse has consequences as does alcohol. THIS SHOULD NOT PREVENT LEGALIZATION!!
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posted on Aug, 30 2018 @ 11:58 AM
a reply to: Ansuzrune

Opiates fund the Middle East the same way oil does... Thailand wants people out of the opiate fields, monks go and beg them to stop what they are doing daily. Growing around like the wild flower it is... they know once made into a mass market the enslavement only worsens not only for their populace but world wide. So they lose face and value in what is more important; family and it's upkeep.

Mind you none of that stuff is bad, it is but when it takes center stage in one's life no matter what it to see the issuesis? All else falls... so moderation is the middle or balance. When patients have to wait an extra hour because drug reps are pushing a new brand of sheet rock? Who suffers... we all do.

Thinking in mass then it is easy to see the issues become a game of hot potato or bob for apples so when you raise your head hey you stole my apples while everyone else ran away leaving it bare.

Silly such as that is; and yet this post is just a corpse; digest it think about it then let it go... and tension will leave and so will stress which is different for everything and everyone.

A rock under foot does not find you as stressful as you do it... unless you keep complaining about it.


The more complaints the less one can live the more nets the less fish when the atomic bombs were dropped in the atolls? Birds started nesting underground fish started going out of the water and into the trees... and birds that migrate leave thousands of eggs on the islands not even interested in hatching them out if even fertile.

So of course knowing that sort of thing; we also try to keep such weapons out of the hands of those dumb enough to repeat the same mistakes... a scar on the face of humanity when nature has to evolve in defense leaving a wounded area.

World family, local, family when there are pathways cut off there is a force involved; that force pushed against causes friction and issues... so sitting and letting the why become known? Obvious occurs.

Everything is some sort of medicine; like that bomb mentioned? Medicine to know it was a bad idea those that dont know it was a bad medicine still want to mess with it. Of course live and learn so there is ample room for that; but dragging others into it is ones own bondage not another's; forcing those bonds onto another not oneself is the very definition of evil and shrugging responsibility.

So when someone says join my party or force? No thanks and thats where personal responsibility comes from; the entire mass is the entire mass and idiots abound.

posted on Aug, 30 2018 @ 11:58 AM
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posted on Aug, 30 2018 @ 07:30 PM

originally posted by: Autorico
a reply to: one4all

Hopefully that will happen post Oct 17 here in Canada when it's legalised.

It will never happen until we FORCE IT TO HAPPEN via group-speak education of more and more people about the true medical anti-parasitic primary benefit of cannabis....the Canadian government is as rotten as any in the world.....they know very well what MJ is and what it does....they are trying to fiscalise it like they did alcohol which is another medicine that was used best as a daily anti-parasitic …..had they SUPPORTED AND DEFINED AND VALIDATED THE MEDICAL MJ STATUS AND STANDARDS IN CANADA then we could discuss a positive direction but the Canadian Government has done nothing but stonewall the COURTROOM VALIDATION OF THE SCIENTIFICLLY PROVEN ANTI-PARASITIC BENEFITS OF MJ....even the MJ Medical legislation has been grey-area and non-committal.....

Legalising MJ was supposed to REDUCE LAW ENFORCEMENT COSTS AND N MANY CASES ERADICTE THEM ENTIRELY and by proxy allowing for a higher level of community ^policing to happen in other more critical areas.....instead we got......massive volumes in the hundreds of millions of dollars being siphoned off of the public sectors tax money and re-instituted into the Civic systems....this is pure BS....we are seeing tens of millions spent on some kind of BS they are calling aw enforcement crap....for crists sakes they have had generations of experience dealing with MJ and now they are sucking our money for un-needed re-trainng.

How about the BS with the so-called roadside test...we all know it is impossible but the beestards go ahead and make a sub-par machine that they know very well wont work and then they INSTITUTE IT ARBITRARILY....this is the beginning of an illegal action....they are trying to RE-CRIMINALISE MJ....for cripes sakes it is sickening....they are trying to REPLACE THE COURT ROOM TRAFFIC we reduced with legalisation with IMPAIRED TYPE CHARGES that keep the prison system running and fed AND CIVIL BY-LAW TYPE CHARGES that keep feeding communitys money.

We were looking to remove criminal records from being attatched to MJ by legalising it but already the global bloodsucking cabal has begun to fiscalise the entire issue to feed itself and its many governments and civil coffers.

They want to control the MJ market totally and then they plan on GMOing out the beneficial parts of natures plant....

Face it...they will NEVER ADMIT IN A COURT OF LAW THAT MJ CAN CURE ANYTHING...EVER.....and until we see this specific truth embedded into our court systems we are supporting a global cabal LIE and in many ways we are supporting their continued manipulation and bastardisation of our global communities.

posted on Aug, 30 2018 @ 08:14 PM
a reply to: BEBOG
Sorry I am trying to figure out how your response relates to what I said. Are you ok? Or am I crazy?

posted on Aug, 30 2018 @ 10:34 PM
It will be illegal to grow. Watch your rights dwindle while corporations gain power. Now that it's taxed, non-permited players are a bigger target than ever. And getting permits will be a million dollar racket itself. The American way. Anheuser-Kush, Marlborough Greens here we come .. Oh boy..

posted on Sep, 1 2018 @ 09:44 AM
a reply to: Ansuzrune

Federal to make "United States" law, requires 2/3rds of the states to approve of the SAME legislation. Thirty states have said YES or Yea(h) on their ballots. Thirty four states are required for that sweeping federal "Yea" or approval. So that means four states short of any federal mandates except easing the current states foothold in dragging out any suffering due to those saying "Nay".

Well with thirty states with the Yea's it is only a matter of time before the sweeping Yea... which means treated like alcohol and tobacco in all of the states.

Clear enough? I hope so...

Of course Trump could write an executive order undoing the legislation that demonized cannabis to begin with... Nixon decided to make it public enemy number one while in office. He was under a lot of pressure from the silent majority at the time called the "religious right". Why because bands like Elvis etc. were sweeping the nation and the young adult children were being "influenced" later he made "Elvis" into a drug czar even though Elvis was a pill popper thanks to the burgeoning or budding "new" pharmaceutical industry.

So the stripping and ripping of plants meant all herbs were off the table as medicine due to that old "snake oil" business where they would rather see a shoe shine setup than a bottled herb salesman. Wanting to clear the sidewalks of people hawking their wares? That was what they saw as a privatized corporate industry which has grown into what many see as a huge monster.

Some corporations have no head whatsoever meaning absolutely no one to prosecute an empty seat at the top; that all others watch from the ground up and from the other two seats down... thats what a true "pyramid scheme" looks like.

No one to hold accountable although accounts are held... is the oxymoron of such business as that; if you read into this post: it means to speed up the process out of that 2/3rds state majority since all 50 states have a constitution of their own. Those with fringe on their flag means they are still under martial law from the civil war and war of independence... commonly referred to as the "several states" the first established by the British royal crown or currency (gold) under or backed by it.

The federalists were the first bankers pulling a heist on the Whig party or the one's that supported the crown or Britain but NOT the CHURCH thereof. This is why separation of church and state is written into Federal Law any state unduly influenced by church was seen to be handing the US over back to the crown... instead of the newly established federal dollar or reserve note.

Reserve note meant the army or soldiers paid to fight against invasion... that later turned into the national guard instead of militia and minutemen. That note meant the country was indebted to the soldiers and the families for fighting those domestic wars... fighting in WW1 was voluntary. Fighting in WW2 was as well still backing Britain and most of Europe for the advance out of unwilling slavery... however seeing the amount of money that could be made off of war? It became compulsory as in the draft. As the UN mandated that larger 1st world civilizations protect 3rd world civilizations... or else the world would continue to fall into unrest from tribalism and resulting culture shock... so of course cultural exchange was initiated... to aid in the peace process.

Mao was who designated the 1st and 3rd world... as his idea in those talks of what were and some still see as world super powers as in holding most of the wealth and technological advance and advantage. One has to remember that many island groups were still tribal or "cargo cults" waiting to be discovered or taken over for some advantage on the world stage... on the world stage? Meant a foothold to move around... Hawaii was still one such place and contested between the US, Britain, and Japan. This was in the nineteen thirties; as US was establishing a base? War broke out and pearl harbor ceased to be a place to dive for pearls.

Basically world heritage sites mean who lived there first? Chasing down genetics meant and means stronger bloodlines against retro viruses or those born out of 3rd world conditions... who gets malaria these days? The medical branch of the UN means no one. US last I read give more to the UN like 2/3rds the budget than any other country. So of course things are falling apart at the seems and countries are closing or tightening their borders.

Globalism means trade and well free trade means "good neighbor" rough trade is the fighting for what is in demand and who or how is it going to be supplied?

Conservatism means not everyone needs a closet full of shoes; supporting first world means YES you do and that is consumerism... communism means family instead of corporation or passing work out to a third party... so of course this is where child labor is concerned... some say such a thing in a first world country without an allowance is child abuse, especially with compulsory(required by law) school and study.

So what is the issue? Some countries have no jobs and too many citizens... meaning under worked or developed. The Arab Spring came in the late 60's early 70's when OPEC played price fixing to see what would happen if supply did not meet demand. The US came to a grinding halt as cars lined up... this ushered in plastic and took foreign sand or glass supply off of the market as a thumb to the nose as in not dependent due to technological advance on "sand". So that house built on it? Fell. The idea of sanctions arose after this... meaning cutting off supply to demand means unrest to all of those workers and families that would coup a government without war.

As in handle your own business... if you can. Those that sit back like to say hey you are too fat and lazy enter random country name... when tribalism strikes. Doesn't matter the ideology to some it is still "church" when that influences state? What kind of mind does it put you into? When politicians like Nixon were backed by "church" their hands feel tied... and in a fit to be untied? Bend to the will or pressure applied by the masses or "status quo" the status quo means those ready willing and able that do and can work... that support the entire economies of the country, from the ground up and well the ground below as mining goes as well.

There is a global economy called online... the boom meant buying up as much space of it as humanly possible like those old islands that are now like cargo cults. So the Internet is a globalist tool for trade and open borders... it is the new battle ground and has been for some time. The older generations just don't get it or understand it so the new generation is who they have become dependent on; however we've gotten the top down treatment where the components of silicon valley do not want to work or agree with each other... due to held patent or monopoly.

So it takes "white hatters and black hatters" as a community to keep that ball rolling on a daily basis despite all of the clustering and nonsense of the new demagogues trying to cease the global wheels from turning. A thirst for knowledge becomes dangerous to political propaganda... if a church placed you in that political seat then you have to wear that banner...

Think of politicians as race car drivers; sponsor tags all over their suit and vehicle...

posted on Sep, 1 2018 @ 09:49 AM

originally posted by: Bluntone22
When medical use marijuana is legalized federally, does anyone want to take bets on the amount stress and depression disorders goes up?


I don't doubt that at all. However, it is already illegal in some states to buy firearms or ammo if you are using medical marijuana for depression. You get the weed but lose your 2A rights.

posted on Sep, 1 2018 @ 11:13 AM
a reply to: Vroomfondel

With that crimanlization/decriminalization going on? That is a GOOD thing as white market/black market are in a gray area... guns and drugs go hand in hand were above the board of taxes and banks are NOT involved.

When that occurs? No streets or homes are safe...

So that legislation is a public health and safety net; not a slap in the face unless you want border checkpoints at every single highway or road in and out of a state... see how stupid that is Vs. the no gun for you legislation? As that means muling it across borders for that illegal trade with firearms to boot puts many in a dangerous situation.

Illegal only cares about the money not the damage. If they think their "product" is inferior to some other dealers they like to "trash" it up and anything under the kitchen sink will do when some just dont care about their personal health due to suffering... to them it is the same thing as a razor blade as a cry for help out of the situation.

So those that dont care meet and whatever it is gets a bad rap; and if jailed or imprisoned? So do you.

Medical means medical not is this scouring powder safe to snort; is this formaldehyde safe to smoke as stupid additions to add weight and or bank? Not caring about the socio politico damage by those not caring...

The difference between legal and illegal is night and day.

I do not use any drugs stronger than caffeine and nicotine... having been dealt the dirty hand in the 90's I learned my lesson early to what additive poisons from the black market can do to the mind and body.

It takes a long time for poisons added to that street market; to leave the body... even those legal by patient label pharmas with their liver life spans.

Lets just say to those suffering? Toxic situation and toxic drugs do not mix and never will. It leads to a bad destination... so do not go there; absorb yourself in your work and or art of life instead... good books; exercise, meditation, martial arts to channel that energy into something positive.

Place it into something you love and the cup always flows over and ceases to stagnate... flowing toxic into toxic and it is the same as hate vs. hate; best to just walk away any way possible to get out of it or create balance. Friends in addiction means no friend to you this even includes alcohol... those locals at the bar? Not your friends, or rarely so; usually they are predators and addicts. Looking to exploit one's weakness.

So hey smart does not only apply to street where wise is concerned...

I am glad for all the rough education I got; it is irreplaceable; however those clinging to past as not a good lesson learned and that I have moved on from it decades ago still try to apply the same old shackles and that to be honest is what I find most irritating... like someone saying hey you cant act get back to that band you started with.

When everyone's a critic? Keep going with self compassion; the tides will change... the same as everything else as a universal law.

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posted on Sep, 1 2018 @ 12:02 PM
the problem is that not enough states have the same legal status for it, so it can't even be put up for congress to vote on yet. if all those states legalized it the same way then things would be different, its close but not enough yet to become fully legal.

honestly though the way people talk about it, it's like they're expecting some miracle when not enough proper research has even been done to even suggest any real benefit, by a neutral research institute or university with no connection to the marijuana industry.

posted on Sep, 1 2018 @ 12:18 PM
a reply to: namehere

Oh there has been actually the most scientifically studied plant world wide... not enough is the heel dragging excuse.

Why? Cracking it is like cracking the Atom... in parts it can become poison; as it is a Delta with 9 chains or atomic bonds. Pharma has tried for decades to crack it... all they have managed to do is separate the high into two. As in high or not at all... Marinol high as # not medicinal benefit CBD? Denatured of the previous... being a long chain amino acid? It is for human consumption.

The brain has even evolved receptors for it... using a dirty key in those locks is why it has been made into street poison; instead of the Auryvedic medicine is has been since we evolved from hairy and into using simple tools status... it was a large part of our diet for millions of years and poof ignorance said no.

Same way apples fueled America with cider as wells were few and far between? Brought on Molly with her hatchet... when there were wells? That hatchet went to cannabis when it could replace logging.

With every action there is an effect... making a natural medicine that helped pull us out of "ape" hood evil has only devolved us further where we keep monkeying around with nature thinking "we so smart."

Rising above nature means space... and yet; to get there? Is still... nature... having been there? Just look at the mess we have made of it. Millions of satellites poised to fall on our collective heads at any time.

So is a sarcastic; WOOT! in order... or is it really a call that we can do better?

posted on Sep, 1 2018 @ 12:22 PM
Even with favorable conditions, at least 6 more years to wait.

posted on Sep, 1 2018 @ 12:32 PM
a reply to: roadgravel

Don't worry that school bus will eventually arrive... until then six miles uphill in a snowstorm.

At least there's a nice view from where you are not sitting.

posted on Sep, 1 2018 @ 12:43 PM

originally posted by: BEBOG
a reply to: roadgravel

At least there's a nice view from where you are not sitting.

Not sure what that means.

posted on Sep, 1 2018 @ 01:20 PM
a reply to: roadgravel


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