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Legal Weed Is a Reality in America, but Congress Refuses to Admit It

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posted on Sep, 1 2018 @ 04:21 PM

originally posted by: BEBOG
a reply to: namehere

Oh there has been actually the most scientifically studied plant world wide... not enough is the heel dragging excuse.

Why? Cracking it is like cracking the Atom... in parts it can become poison; as it is a Delta with 9 chains or atomic bonds. Pharma has tried for decades to crack it... all they have managed to do is separate the high into two. As in high or not at all... Marinol high as # not medicinal benefit CBD? Denatured of the previous... being a long chain amino acid? It is for human consumption.

The brain has even evolved receptors for it... using a dirty key in those locks is why it has been made into street poison; instead of the Auryvedic medicine is has been since we evolved from hairy and into using simple tools status... it was a large part of our diet for millions of years and poof ignorance said no.

Same way apples fueled America with cider as wells were few and far between? Brought on Molly with her hatchet... when there were wells? That hatchet went to cannabis when it could replace logging.

With every action there is an effect... making a natural medicine that helped pull us out of "ape" hood evil has only devolved us further where we keep monkeying around with nature thinking "we so smart."

Rising above nature means space... and yet; to get there? Is still... nature... having been there? Just look at the mess we have made of it. Millions of satellites poised to fall on our collective heads at any time.

So is a sarcastic; WOOT! in order... or is it really a call that we can do better?

Yes...yes...MJ is one of natures best all-round anti-parasitics….parasite have killed more humans that ALL WARS COMBINED...parasites are what TPTB are using for population conrol and to farm us like animals for their fiscal model....the truth need to be told...alcohol is also a lesser daily dose anti-parasitic....lies have been told and society has been manipulated...lets set the record straight about MJs MEDICAL ANTI-PARASITIC truths IN LEGAL COURTS OF LAW where the GOOD PEOPLE can accept the data as truth.
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posted on Sep, 1 2018 @ 06:40 PM
a reply to: BEBOG
It still does not address the federal level. You the people don't have an ass chance in hell if the drug companies pump lobby money into congress. MONEY TALKS and that is all I was referring to. I did not need a 25 minute oration on the subject. Jesus holy Christ. Sorry I triggered you.

posted on Sep, 1 2018 @ 09:05 PM
a reply to: Ansuzrune

I'm an independent and non partisan I think both sides legal and illegal have caused humanity considerable damage on the issue of medicine natural and adulterated.

The UN lists all drugs for all human health directly on their page known to work tried and true... all the others? Hype, bloat and funding for more human misery... I have been a "beta fish" for drug testing and it is horrible; I am lucky to still have my liver. Millions of others could say the same thing...

Of course not thinking of liver? Where is it all other times... lol.

That of course does not mean I support myself of others a guinea pigs not even guinea pigs... as the mirror suggests the pig lay in the other wanting and desiring that who is not self.

We didn't start the fire is the excuse... putting it out? Means evict it not their house not their body so why let speech or mind of them try to dwell there that essentially does no good except pass a virus from one ear to another as a communicable disease?

Are those thoughts yours? If so cool... if not lay them down... but not as a flaming bag of poop on someones door step.

This limited form while awake is in constant pain asleep? Like the dead... only to arise same as countless suns yesterday and counted moons tomorrow.

When there is no medicine? Become the peacock with a thousand eyes at your back to keep that sort of non healthy spit off of it. Bad news only makes a bad day even worse... best to not watch a constant poison called such as that when it is not good it is the same as stare at this sink of gunk until it drains.

The doing something about it? The better news... those that armchair and complain about others... always fail to clear see themself.

Yeah pharma and science advance... but the bloat is apparent and so is the waste, much of it in so much demand it is placebo gypsum or coated sheet rock with absolutely no medicine at all in it... and yet paying as if it was what you think it is.

As far as violent criminals and repeat offenders? Bars have always worked... and I dont mean the sort people get drunk at although thats typically where one grows a tail... as they rub their hands together; it's only a matter of time. Traffic and street cams are upon you...

lol anyways welcome to public health and safety.

Wrong vocation to even speak of with my personal choice of belief/faith/truth; much less to work as such as that... however I am not the one perpetuating the illusion and delusion that seems to persist any longer these days.

Having seen the illegal and legal side though and how it is treated on both accounts means my opinion on the subject has value. Personally no thanks not even interested... out of compassion for others? Take the poison off the streets and put it in line with the alcohol and tobacco. Too many health issues have arisen with the cons being played on both sides of the law in legal not legal.

Yes in a near constant pain as mentioned; however I do not want anything for it nor do I feel the need for anything for it... to me striving forward without such chemical crutches? Builds strength and a grace unmatched in those heedless that want to wallow and not rise who are fully able to do so...

So hey when all that wallow feels like it is on one's back? No need to struggle as it is not one's own to fight against... thats just simply being; despite the arising and passing of various whatever in the field of experience often called manure. Simply because of the suffering that it is... and brings with it.

Take care

posted on Sep, 2 2018 @ 09:37 AM
a reply to: Krazysh0t

I'm agreeing with you for once!

posted on Sep, 2 2018 @ 01:33 PM
a reply to: Ansuzrune

TLDR any post you feel like... thats what freewill means.

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