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Looks like America behind Syrian chemical attacks

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posted on Apr, 13 2018 @ 12:07 PM
I heard that last year after trump tried to empress the Chinese at marlago with his big hands by dropping bombs on Syria that within 2 hrs the airfields were again operational.

This whole argument is silly and childish.

People were killed yesterday and today and guess what is gonna happen tomorrow?

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posted on Apr, 14 2018 @ 10:07 AM

originally posted by: Xcathdra
a reply to: jinni73

WTF... Nothing in that article is reliable.

Saying chemical weapons came from Porton Down is a red flag considering PD was involved with the russia using wmds to try to kill a russian citizen in the UK.

There are no US "chemical weapons officers" in anyone's custody in Syria.

Just as there were no US/UK/Israeli personnel killed by Russian forces last year when the same but slightly different story was pushed by the same sources as the op. Founded by Sean Adl-Tabatabai and Sinclair Treadway in 2014. It has published fake stories, such as "claims that the Queen had threatened to abdicate if the UK voted against Brexit."

VT claims to be an "independent and unaligned" voice. [6] It shares many contributors and news analysts with Iran's Press TV.

Can mods move this to the hoax bin?

Interesting you find the need to swear and straight away,
I put this on here to warn the government not to start a war with the potential outcome of starting a world war that will kill many british people if not all of them as the northern hemisphere is what will be targeted the catholic church and khazarians are hell bent on sacrificing 6.6 billion people, the OP with the points I make and the title of the thread with the word LOOKS at the start means I am not saying it was, but if there is a question mark over the legitimacy of any claims by either side over what goes on in a country where none of us are then an immediate bombing carried out by just a few people who have been proven to of created lies about russia and Skirpal a little while before combined with russias threat to trump if he bombs syria means Theresa may and the british government is without a doubt a threat to the british people and american people

Nothing in this article is reliable,
OH and how do you know what the truth is show me something that you can prove that someone can honestly say is a truth not just shout its a hoax because you want to help psychotic murderers who are trying to reduce the worlds population

you state the websites are unreliable what like the BBC in the UK you do know Jill Dando was investigating a BBC pedophile ring where 50% of the staff were reported to be in this ring then she was executed when she would not stop investigating it after producing evidence to the directors of the BBC or ABC in australia where the royal commision with sydney police tipped off the salvation army and ABC TV because they were going to be raided the next day about the pedophile rings associated with them jeez the ABC is even rumoured to have a pedophile tv channel 40 boxes of pedophile material was stored in the state library in the archives room the night before sydney police raided it. or what about your NBC in america with oppenheim refusing to run the harvey weinstein story in america


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posted on Apr, 14 2018 @ 10:12 AM
UN emergency meeting called by Russia now underway

posted on Apr, 14 2018 @ 10:29 AM
I have read some pretty wild things here on ATS, but this crap takes the cake.


posted on Apr, 14 2018 @ 10:45 AM

originally posted by: fredrodgers1960
I have read some pretty wild things here on ATS, but this crap takes the cake.


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posted on Apr, 14 2018 @ 10:46 AM

originally posted by: Xcathdra
UN emergency meeting called by Russia now underway

Thanks for the link

posted on Apr, 14 2018 @ 10:47 AM
a reply to: howtonhawky

I don't think South Park will start WW3 but cool Cartoon.
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posted on Apr, 14 2018 @ 11:09 AM

originally posted by: BotheLumberJack
a reply to: howtonhawky

I don't think South Park will start WW3 but cool Cartoon.

Those creators are really on the cutting edge.

It was made years ago...

Did you notice the orange

posted on May, 21 2018 @ 07:53 AM
a reply to: fredrodgers1960

If you point out which pieces you do not understand I will provide far greater info.

posted on May, 22 2018 @ 09:01 AM

originally posted by: Miccey
And what if they didnt do it...
And what if russia isnt involved in this OR poisonattack...

Famous guy said: History is written by the survivors.

LOL history is written by the catholic church and that is who all the parties in this scenario are working for.

posted on May, 24 2018 @ 06:53 AM

originally posted by: carewemust
Has Assad said "It wasn't me! I'm innocent this time!" ? You'd think he would be claiming his innocence, if another country was at fault, to save his life.

The thing is these leaders rarely get taken out, think how long saddam hussein was in power even after the 1st gulf war so assad is not worried about being killed. they do not kill their own people they just get moved out of the limelight maybe kill a body double like they did with hussein.

Assad is responsible for the ethnic cleansing of christians in syria, there are a large group of christians that have had to flee to the mountains so this just means assad is working for the catholic church who are trying to wipe out the christians.

Basic rule of thumb for you to gauge what is going on in this world is if they are killing christians/the real jews, then they are working for evil. this is the reason the roman empire was created in 753bc as a vehicle for this evil plan to flourish
virtually all evil is funneled through this one organisation

People who believe in the Adam & Eve religions seem to be unable to comprehend the perfectly valid point that the devil could of wrote their bible.
gods law is 3 commandments where as satanic law is ten commandments, alberto rivera points out that the catholic church IS a trap to harvest our souls for the devil or in truth saturnalian deities.

Certain super rich families are fully involved within this partnership with the catholics they use a myriad of ways to attack us through the control of all our companies through share control or venture capitalist funds,
governments are infiltrated by pedophile groups,
the police and military are controlled by a heirarchal system that is controlled by privately educated children all of whom forge friendships at these schools and plot how they will keep the lower middle and upper classes suppressed.

the constant faliures in the jimmy saville case will give you a prime understanding now that we have hindsight, 10 separate complaints by members of our society 10 separate cover ups by the various police forces and then the queen makes him a sir the royal family would be best judged on the book empty cradles with the book proving that the queen and her father stole 25 thousand children between 1950-70 by getting charities and hospitals to tell the parents that new born babies had died at birth just to populate australia.

The intense poisoning that we are subjected to is astounding our bodies are so strong to withstand the barrage that the ruling classes force us to put into our bodies,
The WHO says its OK to leave 70 thousand chemicals in our tap water
the WHO guidelines are completely misleading and do not take into consideration the combining effects of the chemicals, our payment of the utility bills both water and electricity should be minimal yet many of the poor are kept completely screwed over by these corporations charging us money for something that is ours in the first place

corporations are not spending our money on infrastructure repairs or improving the quality of the water, south london is subsiding chronically and macquarie bank owners of thames water have leveraged 80% of future payment of bills on derivatives or some financial maneuvering, we could just stop paying our bills and then take our illegally sold companies back and run them correctly away from government and private hands,
it is illegal to sell off our public companies and maggie thatcher with her advisor nathan rothschild were caught subliminally brainwashing the population through the TV and then we agreed to sell our utilities to the rich families and now more then ever our population is becoming poorer with crime only set to go up and life expectancy to drop below the 68 years we get today by the age of 40 90% of the population will be suffering from fluoride poisoning and he first stage of arthritis
the catholics took control of england by giving a few families enough gold to fund the bank of england although the official story was that these families found the gold on a sunken spanish ship we can see with the constant changing of ownership of comapnies with the rothschilds rockerfellers jp morgans then later on we have joe lewis being involved with black wednesday around 1815 when the rothschilds took control of every UK comapny in england it has got worse
over the decades they have gradually siphoned off our businesses and changed our constitution they have also been responsible for stealing british pensioners investments leaving a big number of english destitute

supermarket directors/owners receive payments from cancer companies to put cancer causing chemicals into all supermarket food genetically modified grains are designed to cause diabetes and scitzophrenia

Even the regular announcement that churches are being used as centres for child abuse if you look at the 30 chilean catholic bishops and the popes refusal to even condemn them have a careful look at the popes letter especially this line

Following these days of prayer and reflection, I give you a mandate to continue building a prophetic Church capable of giving pride-of-place to what is most important: Service to the Lord in the hungry, the prisoner, the migrant, and the abused.

So 30 priests have been raping unknown amounts of children and the pope gives his backing to it stating we are working for the lord. these PR exercises of raping children and then telling the congregation is giving the bad karma onto its believers because they keep going into the churches or donating money

even the people of the countries that give the catholic church a tithe through the tax contributions are getting the karma that the catholics and their many subsidiaries carry out freemasons, illumnati, nazi party, anglican church, salvation army some of the 177 countries that are possibly linked through the jus cogens law (maybe not sure on this) america, uk ,china, russia, australia israel they are all catholic controlled countries.

alcohol is another of the primary weapons, we see the story of jesus providing wine, alcohol kills our brain cells as that is where it is detoxified when we ingest it so what god would give us a poison
the loaves have opioids in them so again what type of god are we really dealing with and why does this all stem from the catholic church when it is clearly a religion that is doing & telling us some extremely crazy things.

the british government have even teamed up with stella artois to allow them to be the only company that puts an enzyme into their beer in order to make people fight if they have a certain gene
all this is to cause children to become mentally ill through abuse whether that be alcohol induced where the parents beat the children, previous abuse by the perpetrator maybe they have been to chile 1 pedophile will abuse 117 children

the call to all catholics to kill christians has never been rescinded anyone can confirm this with some simple research starting with the council of lateran in 1215 now look at assad or muslims or what about the onslaught by super rich families to bring pedophilia into as many organisations as possible.
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