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What if we're wrong? What if it's not as bad as we think it is?

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posted on Mar, 21 2018 @ 06:09 PM

My thoughts recently have been dark & troubled. I have erred on the side of extreme caution & suspicion of the powers that be, expecting that at any moment 'they' will seek to stomp down on the ever-poorer masses with the jackboot of oppression, flinging us all into work camps to while away our days of toil with no reward, until the blessed relief of death finally takes us away from this evil place..

But what if I'm wrong? What if, despite the evidence before us - that the rich ARE getting richer, at a staggering pace, while the poor (and even the middle classes) are becoming impoverished ever further at equally astounding rates - what if, there is an equalising force, hidden from view, but ever ready to tip the scales of justice back in the favour of the common decency which conscience dictates as true to the heart of each man & woman alive?

Perhaps it is an organising principle of sentient life in the universe - a ratio of good to evil, perhaps? A divine constant which assures us that even in the bleakest time, some fortuitous events will conspire to bring together people of immense mutual inspiration, magnetised as a cohesive visionary force which cannot be defeated by the cold, dark, separatist, blackened hearts of the elite. I am reminded of the familiar 'War in Heaven' of Christian lore, in which a third of all angels rebelled against the bright Heaven from which all had come - but two thirds, did not rebel. No, they remained faithful, and despite great evils upon the earth, hope has never, ever been completely extinguished. Perhaps that is the ration of good to evil which is somehow patterned into the cosmos - after all, it can be said that in a reasonably free & tolerant society, more people work for the common good, within the rules, within common decency & the mutual friendships which arise in such circumstances, far more than those who actively work against the common good, outside the rules, beyond the limits of common decency & without care for the friendship of good & reasonable people.

It is true that persons with psychopathic tendencies, or sympathies towards those with psychopathic tendencies, are more likely to amass resources in any society. Whether they do it openly, brazenly, by the force of their arm & at the price of innocent blood; or whether it is hidden, insidious, devious - white collar, political corruption - the results are similar. However, the time of the jackals, in the context of the ultimate eternity of which we are a part, is short. Much like the devil of Revelation, they know it too. Enlightenment has a way of constantly taking us forward, in general. We are a part of a moving, changing, ceaselessly dancing cosmos, which cannot know stagnation & decay for any longer than the blossoming seeds of new life in the remnants of what has passed. How many months & years that may be at the close of an era, none can say. But if we look at our overall progress over the past thousand years, it is fair to say that in the main, we have moved towards the light, and not away from it. We may well be in a darkening period, a technologically-driven regression away from personal integrity, devotion to knowledge & discipline - but the times are always changing.

So what if we are wrong? What if the craven chattering of the NWO conspirators is nothing but screech owls in the night, reeling at the prospect of the new dawn, when their haunts will be illuminated, and their dark plots exposed, shunned, confronted & defeated by the collaborative agency of a connected, enlightened, aware humanity, which can see its place in the ever-wheeling cycles of change, and can return us back onto the arc of an upward trajectory, making the best use of our super-connective technologies to do so..?

Innovation holds the key, along with awareness, and a sense of community cohesiveness, a willingness to stop playing into their hands by seeking only that which is best for us as individuals, and rather to start thinking seriously about what sort of world we want to prepare for our children, and their children? And the bland, dreary arguments about saving the environment aren't going to cut it any more when it comes to providing the inspiration for this fight. They've become part of the problem! Claim & counter-claim surround poor little climate change, wrapping it up in conspiracy so tightly that its eyes are popping out.

In this era, information, and the spread of certain types of information, hold the keys to change. Fake news, whether the meme developed organically, or as an insidious COINTELPRO maneuver, is here to stay, and so ETHICS, MORALITY, INTEGRITY & REPUTATION are the keywords which define the battleground on which the struggle for our future will be fought. This isn't to say that it should ever involve a return to religiously-inspired inquisition-style moralising, but rather, it indicates a brightened path of the debate of various modes of philosophy which will unlock the power & potential of every person in & of themselves, in community with their fellows, and by connectivity via technology, in communion with the world at large, developing innovative strategies & technologies which will, bit by bit, offer improvements over the system which currently exists. Revolution is neither desirable nor necessary - the answer is a new way of looking at society, and what we wish of it, expect of it, and bring to it.

Utopia is a dangerous ideal; we should aim for PROTOPIA (article on

And so, even if we're right, and there is a dark & powerful cabal which is seeking to concentrate absolute power in its hands, to our downfall - I have a suspicion that a universal constant, a principle of balance (but not the 'good needs evil to be good' new age nonsense) is extant in nature, across the universe, in that life is cooperative more than it is competitive, and particularly this is the case where sentience is found. Throw into the mix that we might have ten million angels walking among us, and I think we'll perhaps see a brighter future sooner than we expect. If the darkness pushes, the bright will push back with the force of Life, and extinguish the petty divisiveness & selfish hoarding which threatens the true established order. That's my current take on it anyway!

posted on Mar, 21 2018 @ 06:19 PM
Wrong or Right...

posted on Mar, 21 2018 @ 06:35 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Excellent Aeon article.

posted on Mar, 21 2018 @ 06:43 PM
The NWO would make us all into pawns and completely regulate how we act and think. We would lose most of our rights and it would be like working on a prison farm. No middle class, just the royal family and the working people. They would force people to abort any kids that were found to be even a little deformed or show any signs of being defective. Except of course the Royals who would have no restrictions. I do not want to go back to working on a farm.

This group would not take care of the elderly, the offspring would be forced to take care of them.

I don't mind being part of a group of mindless pawns, better than being an enforcer hired by the NWO

posted on Mar, 21 2018 @ 07:16 PM
We can't even agree on what Government in the U.S. should do or not bad would it be if we had to all agree on a one world Government and the amount of meddling we would allow them to do in our lives? The idea of some jackwagon in Brussels telling me what to do in Ohio makes my skin crawl.

The entire idea of a 'One World' Government is horrible (at least if you like freedom).

posted on Mar, 21 2018 @ 07:25 PM
It's bad and going to get worse.

Inside China's new credit scoring system.

Life imitates art.

Black Mirror episode Nosedive.

Coming soon to a credit terminal near you.
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posted on Mar, 21 2018 @ 07:31 PM
Great thread .

I wonder a lot about the NWO too ..

I’m not sure exactly how it will unfold , who the major players are and how it will all shape up.

To be perfectly honest I thought we would have seen global unrest , martial law , catastrophic events and a true NWO before Obama was done presidency..

It never happened though obviously and now many are saying it will happen under Trump ..

But so many of these videos I see on the internet claim dates, Divine revelation and their predictions fail miserably.

That being said there are obvious signs there are at least people working from behind the scenes to fore a new world order ,

My question has always been are they using end times biblical prophecy as a blueprint to make this happen ?

Are they being cohereced into following the script ?

Are they trying to make Up their own script ? ( Georgia Guidestones)

This entire world just seems so scripted , so controlled and manipulated ..

It’s very sad . I don’t know why the elite are permitted to have such power over the masses ..

I wonder if their attempts at a NWO will be thwarted or if they will succeed

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